I'm Missing this Giant Crab!

I know, right this very moment I'm wishing that I get to have this for lunch...

And look how really big it was!

This is the highlight of our family day a couple of months ago. The food! Aaaah, wish I could go back though. Yes, right.this.very.moment! Aaargh!


Sharing a Song this SUNDAY: Can't Stop This Feeling from Trolls' Movie

A Cup of Cappuccino, Anyone?

Yes, this is actually the highlight of my day today. And I'm thankful that it is starting right.

This is heavenly!

Aaaaah, weekend, Saturday, I'm so happy you finally arrived! (*grin*) Now, what to do with the weekend? We'll see!

How about you? What are your plans for this weekend?

Ramen on this HOT Summer Day? Why not!

I know, lunch break has just ended but I'm still craving for something. I want another bowl of Ramen, just like this!

Yum, yum! Now I'm thinking if there any chance I would be at the mall later? Hmmm, We'll see!

How about you? What is your go to food this HOT summer day?

Coca-Cola LIFE, What is my Verdict?

Well, first of all I'm not really a coke / softdrink drinker so I'm not so sure if this review is accurate.

Anyway, the drink is "healthy" as they've described but tasty. I agree on the tasty part. It's a bit too-sweet for my taste but this is definitely better than Coke Zero nor Coke Light because they used a healthy and natural sweetener on this type of Coca Cola drink.

Would I recommend it? For those who love softdrinks, YES, this is the best alternative out there!

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. Another Getaway this time with Siblings (will reveal soon!)
2. Beautiful and Uplifting Songs ♥♥♥
3. Gift of Family
4. God's Love and Blessings!
5. Friends from CFC Community
6. Travels and Adventures
7. Household Help
8. Inlaws
9. Summer Vacation ♥
10. More adventures soon!

To know how this started and credits of the header, click here.

Nachos, Anyone?

Summer means family bonding, beach, late night movies, long weekends and of course, food trip! And one of our discovery was this uber good plate of nachos in a coffee shop that we go to every weekends. ♥♥♥

This is so good! I can eat it everyday!

This is what I love about S.U.M.M.E.R.! We are all laid back. We sleep late. Kids are in relax mode! Make it longer, please!

Small Things...

Sharing a Song this SUNDAY: Get Back Up Again from Troll's Movie

OH did I say that this movie is so, so cute!? Here's another fave song...

Let's not give up TODAY! (*wink*)