Reminiscing the ANNIE Play at Resorts World Manila. ♥

I miss watching plays so I decided to reminisce on the last play we watched last 2016. It was Annie. ♥♥♥

The kids are so, so, so excited for this! And us adults, looked forward to this for months too!

It was a great play and I can't wait to watch another one soon! (*wink*)

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. Long Weekend ♥
2. Movie Night
3. Soccer Time (this time we got to play!)
4. PL App to Capture Memories
5. Planning Trips and Getaways
6. Blogging
7. More Online Tasks
8. Online Chats and Viber
9. Freshly Brewed Coffee
10. Bonding over Breakfasts on Weekends ♥♥♥

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First Time at Ramen Nagi and We're Definitely Going Back!

A couple of months ago we were invited by my BIL to try his favorite Ramen in the Metro -- Ramen Nagi!

It was his treat so off we went...

And we were so lucky because he was right, it was one of the BEST indeed!

The thing is, this Ramen is VERY TASTY yet NOT SALTY. I love, love it!

Plus this Bailey's ice cream dessert, our meal at Ramen Nagi was PEFECT!

Will we ever go back? Oh yes, DEFINITELY!

For reservations, you can check out the following information...
Address: 12 ADB Ave, San Antonio, Mandaluyong, 1605 Metro Manila, Philippines
Hours: Opens from 10AM to 10PM
Phone: +63 2 696 5875

Why you Need to Keep your Thoughts Positive...

Sharing a Song this SUNDAY: Runaway (U & I)....

REPOSTING: Jumpstart your kid’s saving skills by

Here's another article worth posting for us parents. Saving skills are skills that our kids will benefit for the rest of their lives. It's nice to stumble upon an article that will help us teach them how to do it. ♥♥♥

Jumpstart your kid’s saving skills by

Parents, when do you start teaching your kids the value of money? At what age do you begin giving them allowances? When they want to buy something high-value, do you buy it for them or let them save up?

Among many important values, I think being money-wise is something parents should teach their kids early.

With our kids returning to school in a few days, allowances and budgeting are some of the concerns we and our kids will be dealing with. Here are some tips on how to help your kids learn the value of saving.

1. Teach them the concept of saving early on with piggy banks. What my kids and I do is start a piggy bank account at the beginning of the year and use the savings for something they want for themselves during Christmas. This way, they will learn in a tangible way that saving money has its rewards.

2. Give older children allowances. My two daughters started receiving a weekly allowance when they got to Grade 3. Hub and I decided to give the allowance weekly instead of daily to teach them how to budget. If they used up the allowance before the week was over, sorry – they’ll have to do better next time.

I also encourage my kids to set aside a small amount from their allowances – a few coins each day will do. Last Christmas, Patch told me she wanted to give gifts to her classmates. I told her I only had little budget for that, and if she wanted to spend more, she will have to save for it. And so she saved from her allowances.

An allowance gives kids some feeling of empowerment, as well as a sense of responsibility. As they master their spending and budgeting skills, they become more confident.

3. Live by example. The kids must see how you yourselves as their parents are saving and budgeting. We can’t tell them “no, that’s too expensive” when they see us splurging on unnecessary luxuries, can we? When I buy groceries, I compare prices and stick to the ones I know are cheaper but with comparable quality. My kids have seen me whip out the calculator in the supermarket and compare, say, toilet paper prices per roll. LOL. I think my kids have absorbed the price-conscious attitude.

4. Let them spend their money. On the opposite end of saving is spending. I think it is not good to be too stingy to the point of Scrooge-ness. It’s good to let your kids enjoy the fruits of their savings once in a while. Spend and save in moderation – I think that’s a good guide. (My Chinese Hub would say “always save more than what you spend.”)

Guide your child as he/she decides on the purchase. Sometimes, letting your child make a mistake is a good learning experience that he/she will remember for a long time. This is something I learned from Hub – don’t be afraid to let the kids make mistakes because that’s how they learn.

5. Open a savings account. Again, a good time to do this would be after Christmas and New Year when they have gotten ang paos (red envelop) or money gifts from angkong and ama, titos and titas, or ninongs and ninangs.


Quick Dinner at Maginhawa St.

We had dinner at Maginhawa Street a couple of months ago, but unfortunately I couldn't remember the name of the restaurant. ACK!

The place was a bit small though but, the food was cheap and good.

Any ideas what is the name of this restaurant?

I would love to go back here again!

Our First Breakfast at Denny's. YUM!

My favorite breakfast place just opened a couple of months ago in BGC and of course, I made sure to try it as soon as possible! I couldn't wait for the Husband to try it too!

First things first, coffee...

Unfortunately the coffee was not THAT GOOD. I'm hoping they have better coffee next time!

But, the omelette! They are unforgettable!

And the husband was pretty happy with their big breakfast.

Now, I miss the States! Hope I could go back there one of these days. (*wink*)

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. Happy and Relaxing Weekend
2. Father's Day
3. Lunch at Gloria Maris
4. Dimsum
5. Blogging and Saving Memories
6. Project Life
7. Soccer
8. School
9. Friends
10. Households

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2016 Bonding in Beijing: Quick Breakfast + Wangfujing Catholic Church + Saying Goodbye to Beijing

It is our last day in Beijing and what we decided to do was have a quick breakfast, visit the Church and thank the Lord for all these blessings, including being able to visit China.

So first, breakfast. It was really quick. Won't blog about it that much anymore since the food was just ok. We didn't even get the dimsum that we've been craving for days. LOL!

Next stop, the Wangfujing Catholic Church.

Located at Wangfujing Street in Beijing, the East Church (also known as Wangfujing Catholic Church) is the most conspicuous cathedral in Beijing. It was the second Catholic Church which was built only after the South Cathedral. It was originally named after Joseph, the father of Jesus Christ, as ‘Saint Joseph’s Church’. After several restorations in recent years, it has become not only an important venue of Catholics, but also a cultural site with unique features in the Wangfujing Area. SOURCE.

Its architectural style is Romanesque with Chinese architectural features. The whole building is of gray brick and wood structure. It is a typical model of the fusion of Chinese and western architecture style.

After the original surrounding walls were removed, the European-gray-spire building takes off its mysterious coat and comes into the sight of tourists. SOURCE.

The Catholic Church is situated in the middle of the East Church, facing the west. The church sits on a bluestone base. There are three crosses on the top, among which the middle one is bigger than the side ones. The hall is supported by 18 round brick columns. The diameter of each column is 65 cm (2 feet) and the base of each column is square. On both sides of the hall hang many oil paintings like Crucifixion of Jesus or Passion of the Christ. Besides, many precious religious paintings drawn by Giuseppe Castiglione are preserved.

The square in front of the church, covering over 8,000 square meters ( 8,6000 square feet), is now completed. The square is surrounded by trees and on both sides there are benches for pedestrians. Now, it is not only a convenient mass center for the catholic, but also a place for visitors to explore the religious culture and even a popular scene for some youths in Beijing to take wedding photos.

1.Take Bus 103, 102, 104, 803, 814, 808 and get off at Dong’anmen Market, then head north about 300yd (270m).
2. Take Subway Line 5 and get down at the Dengshikou, then head toward Cypress Hutong for about 300yd (270m) SOURCE.

Visit this Church! It is a must!

Our trip to Beijing was indeed interesting. A bit challenging to move from one place to another, but still, it was memorable and an experience that we will never forget. (*wink*)