2014 Year in Review: February

February, the month of looove sure is another memorable for us, thanks to the times we spent as a family. We also had a couple of get together with friends too.

Get Together with College Friends

It's been awhile since I last saw my college friends, good thing we agreed to meet for dinner and beer afterwards. We all had a blast!

More Food Trip for Hubby and I to Celebrate our 9th Anniv

We had breakfast at Wildflour Cafe, went to Nuvali for a quick getaway, had breakfast there and then had lunch at Cecil's Cafe in Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

Our Valentine's Day

For our VDay, my girls and I got super pretty flowers. Yey, soooo happy! Thank you so much, hon! ♥♥♥

Household Valentine's Dinner

Thanks to our friends, we were able to pull off a Valentine's dinner with our household. Food was great, the stories exchanged were even greater. (*wink*) Thank you, Agui's!

Watched WICKED the Musical Play

Ah, this was so surreal! My sister treated me to Wicked the Musical Play. One of the best! ♥♥♥

Tagaytay Day trip for Massage and Lunch

This is probably the highlight of my month, my Mom, sister and I went to Tagaytay to have our massage at Nurture Spa and then we had lunch at Pamana Restaurant.

Dad's Arrival and Dinner at Early Bird Breakfast Club

My Dad arrived this month too and it only means one thing - dinner!

I just realized now that our February was kind of busy. From get togethers to family bondings to food trip. It may be busy but we sure had a grand, grand time. Thank you, February!

Sharing a Song this SUNDAY: Tell Me if You Wanna Go Home

Yes, another nice song from Begin Again movie soundtrack. So loving it!

Let's all dance the STRESS away. My favorite day is almost here - Christmas! Let's celebrate!

2014 Year in Review: January

Since we only have a few more days before the year 2014 ends, I'm taking this opportunity to have a year in review and post the highlights of our year. 2014 has been a very challenging year for us budget and health wise but going back to our adventures made me realized that we indeed had a great year after all.


Hennessy Artistry Event with Friends

We started the year with a BANG. We went to our friend's Hennessy Artistry event a few weeks before January started. It was a fun night with friends and lots and lots and lots of drinks. (*grin*)

The Kids' Field Demonstration

We were so happy to see the kids' field demonstration for the school year. They did great! Good job, kids!

My Sister's Birthday Celebration

For my sister's birthday celeb, we tried Zarzuela for lunch and then transferred to Gigi's Cupcakes for dessert. YUM! Thanks dear sistah!

My kid was asked to be a flower girl! We went to Tagaytay for my cousin's wedding. It was sooo cold (especially during night time) but her wedding was so beautiful and definitely memorable just by looking at my little girl walking down the aisle. ♥♥♥

Right before the year ended,  Hubby and I celebrated our 9th anniversary. We did what we do best - food trip! We also went out to watch a movie. It was just a simple celebration but we definitely both had a great time. ♥♥♥

Europe 2014: The Vatican City

Our last stop of our trip and probably the highlight, the Vatican City!

Encircled by a 2-mile border with Italy, Vatican City is an independent city-state that covers just over 100 acres, making it one-eighth the size of New York’s Central Park. Vatican City is governed as an absolute monarchy with the pope at its head. The Vatican mints its own euros, prints its own stamps, issues passports and license plates, operates media outlets and has its own flag and anthem. One government function it lacks: taxation. Museum admission fees, stamp and souvenir sales, and contributions generate the Vatican’s revenue. SOURCE.

This may be the smallest country, but it has one of the biggest museum in the world - the Vatican Museum.

I was so blessed to be able to visit this museum. Will just let you see the photos and see what I meant!

The Vatican Museums contain masterpieces of painting, sculpture and other works of art collected by the popes through the centuries. The Museums include several monumental works of art, such as the Sistine Chapel, the Chapel of Beato Angelico, the Raphael Rooms and Loggia and the Borgia Apartment. SOURCE.

And look at this amazing view!

Wherever I looked, I see a beautiful sculpture, painting or a tapestry. It is a museum full of beautiful things, ALL of it!

And the walls are wonderful too!

I think the half day we spent in this museum is not enough, wish we could stay longer but I guess it would be "information overload" already.

One day we will be back here and hopefully we get to spend MORE time in this wonderful museum.

Goodbye, Rome! Goodbye, EUROPE!

Europe 2014: Piazza Navona

Piazza Navona as our tour guide described, is one of the most popular piazza in Rome.

Originally built as a stadium in the first century for athletic contests and chariot races,
Piazza Navona is lined with luxurious cafes and Baroque palaces and is the home to three lavish fountains. It was laid out in the 15th century on the ruins of the stadium. From 1650 to the late 19th century the square was sometimes flooded in summer and used for aquatic games and staged naval battles. The square still retains its oval shape. The obelisk at the far end of the picture came from Egypt and was originally in the Circus of Maxentius but later moved to Piazza Navona. SOURCE.

Possibly the square that better represents the 'bombastic' Baroque Epoch in Rome.
Fountain of Four Rivers, Piazza Navona It was built exactly at the same place where the Domiziano Stadium was located, in 86 bc (the Roman ruins are still visible in the crypt of Sant' Agnese in Agone Church).

Piazza Navona, which is a pedestrian area now, has 3 baroque fountains and the central one (Fountain of Four Rivers) designed by Bernini.
Opposite to the piazza Navona fountain, we can find Sant' Agnese in Agone Church, which facade (by Borromini) is one of the most famous baroque masterpieces of Rome.

Piazza Navona is a lively place with plenty of stylish restaurants, gelato (ice-cream) bars, and everyday musical or artistic performance. SOURCE.

Too bad we just literally dropped by here and didn't stay for coffee or something. OH well, at least the next time we will be in Rome, we will definitely stay!

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. More Christmas parties this weekend
2. Gifts, gifts, gifts
3. Fun times with CFC friends
4. Coffee
5. Passport Renewal, DONE!
6. Happy thoughts
7. Chocolates
8. Quick dinner with the kids
9. Gift of Family
10. Gift of Friends

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Imagination will take you Everywhere...

"You have been given the ability to create the life you want through a law that says you are worthy of receiving anything you can possibly imagine. The law of attraction is unlimited - and so isn't it time to stop limiting what you imagine is possible? Make a promise to yourself that this year is the year you will take the brakes off your thinking and your imagination - and that instead you will believe that everything you can imagine is possible. Because it is!"


Europe 2014: The Pantheon

Another favorite of mine in Rome - the Pantheon.

The Roman Pantheon is the most preserved and influential building of ancient Rome. It is a Roman temple dedicated to all the gods of pagan Rome. As the brick stamps on the side of the building reveal it was built and dedicated between A.D 118 and 125.
The emperor Hadrian (A.D 117-138) built the Pantheon to replace Augustus’ friend and Commander Marcus Agrippa’s Pantheon of 27 B.C. which burnt to the ground in 80 A.D.
When approaching the front of the Pantheon one can see the inscription above still reads in Latin the original dedication by Marcus Agrippa. The inscription reads:

“Marcus Agrippa son of Lucius, having been consul three times made it”. SOURCE.

Probably one of the most fascinating features of the Pantheon is the Architecture. The structure of the Pantheon is comprised of a series of intersecting arches. The arches rest on eight piers which support eight round-headed arches which run through the drum from its inner to its outer face. The arches correspond to the eight bays on the floor level that house statues.
The dome itself is supported by a series of arches that run horizontally round. Romans had perfected the use of arches which helped sustain the weight of their magnanimous buildings. SOURCE.

The Romans were aware of the heavy nature of their building materials. So they used lighter materials toward the top of the dome. \ On the lowest level travertine, the heaviest material was used, then a mixture of travertine and tufa, then tufa and brick, then all brick was used around the drum section of the dome, and finally pumice, the lightest and most porous of materials on the ceiling of the dome.SOURCE.

This use of lighter materials on top alleviated the immense weight of the dome. The Roman Pantheon was probably constructed by using an elaborate setup of wooden scaffolding, which in itself would have been costly. The elegant coffers on the dome were likely struck with a device that was exacted from floor level.
The detail of this building is extraordinary. If the dome of the rotundra were flipped upside down it would fit perfectly inside the rotunda. When approaching the Pantheon from the outside it appears rectangular in shape. But it is only the first small room (cella) that has corners. The rotunda is completely round. The small entry room would have been entered by climbing a staircase that is now entirely under modern ground level. SOURCE.

Aside from this beautiful structure/building, did you know what was my most favorite in this area? There's a coffee shop very near this place and the coffee is soooo good!

Now I'm Wishing I brought more! Sigh. The Pantheon is definitely ♥♥♥!

Sharing a Song this SUNDAY: A Step You Can't Take Back

I told you I'm so loving the Begin Again movie OST. Here's another song by Kiera Knightley.

Funny yet, moving. Have a nice Sunday, everyone!

Better Enjoy it While It's Happening...

Here's a nice message I found online...

Keep in mind that nothing lasts forever so enjoy it while it's happening! Like this today, FRIDAY and the upcoming weekend, better enjoy it folks because in a few days it's going to be MONDAY again! (*grin*)