Sharing a Song this SUNDAY: If I Lose Myself

Another dance song for today...

♪♪ If I lose myself tonight, it would be by your side. I lose myself tonight...♪♪

Learn From Your Tears by BO Sanchez

I know I've been posting a lot of articles by BO Sanchez. He's so far my favorite author. Here's another nice article from him... Happy Friday, everyone!

Learn From Your Tears by BO Sanchez

I was in Grade Five.

One of my teachers was young and pretty, and I thought she liked me too. Why did she look at me every time I looked at her?

After extensive research in the faculty room, I found out that she was only twenty-four. Aha! Can she wait for me until I grew older? I was only eleven, but what was thirteen years if our fierce love would conquer all that stood between us?

She still had problems remembering my name, but I figured this tiny problem would be solved once my name was inscribed on her wedding ring.

But later on, I realized it was rather silly for me to fall in love with a teacher.

Especially if she kept giving me low grades.

That was when I met Cedz and Dina…

Cedz was nice. She was the brightest in our class, and she had the cutest dimples.

And Dina giggled a lot, and had the longest eyelashes in the world.

Now the big question: Whom should I marry? Dimples or lashes?

Well, my problem was finally solved when I met Tintin.

Oh yes, I was wrong the last time. I was young then. Those were childish crushes. But now, this was true love. I was fifteen now. Tintin and I were totally meant for each other. How did I know? I loved the way she covered her mouth when she laughed…

Europe 2014: The Biggest Duomo in Florence - Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral

Yes, this is definitely the highlight of Florence, Italy. The Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral. Florence's cathedral is the 4th largest in the world, after St. Peter's in Rome, St. Paul's in London and the Duomo in Milan. And it is simply breathtaking!

Florence's cathedral stands tall over the city with its magnificent Renaissance dome designed by Filippo Brunelleschi. The cathedral named in honor of Santa Maria del Fiore is a vast Gothic structure built on the site of the 7th century church of Santa Reparata, the remains of which can be seen in the crypt. SOURCE.

The cathedral was begun at the end of the 13th century by Arnolfo di Cambio, and the dome, which dominates the exterior, was added in the 15th century on a design of Filippo Brunelleschi. A statue to each of these important architects can be found outside to the right of the cathedral, both admiring their work for the rest of eternity. SOURCE.

The church was consecrated as soon as the dome was in place although the fa├žade (front of the church) was only half finished by then. It was just decoration, and thus remained unfinished up until the 19th century. At that point, it was actually redone by the likes of the time and finally finished!

The exterior is covered in a decorative mix of pink, white and green marble. The interior, by contrast, is pretty stark and plain but quite enjoyable on warm summer days since the temperature inside tends to be cooler. The mosaic pavements are certainly its main attraction within. SOURCE.

Entrance into Florence's cathedral remains free and for this reason you'll at times find a long line to get in. Don't worry, the line moves pretty quickly! But in an effort to reduce the line, the cathedral administration is trying to increase the number of visitors allowed at any one time into the church as long as noise level remains low. The solution has been to require any group of over 4 visitors to rent either the radio or audio guides (cost is 2-2,50 euro per person) so that the level of noise inside the church remains low and larger amounts of people can be allowed inside at any one time. Large groups of students will receive 50% discount on the cost of the audio guide. If you're with a tour group, you'll likely already have the earphones and don't have to worry about this recent change. SOURCE.

Tourists swarm to this Cathedral everyday. Good thing we had our photo taken in front.

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. Relaxing Weekend
2. I'm better now after a few days of FLU
3. The kid's field trip. It was FUN!
4. Pinocchio
5. Chocolates
6. Hello Kitty Loots from a party
7. The other kid is better now
8. Talks/Good speaker in YouTube
9. Pictures/Memories
10. McDonald's

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Europe 2014: Hello Florence (Italy)!

After our trip to The Mall (outlet), we went straight to Florence. I didn't what to expect of this city, but I was surprised that it was a beautiful one.

And very clean too. It was an unforgettable city with history and past that was etched in every building that we saw.

And here's a sneak peek of the Duomo, probably the highlight of Florence.

I promise, I will post more photos about it. And I mean, MOOOORE photos, soon! (*wink*)

Disney's Cinderella is Coming in 2015.

Oh look parents, our kids will definitely get excited once they learned about this...

Disney's Cinderella is coming very soon! Well, not that soon but hopefully early next year!

I can't wait! (*wink*)

Europe 2014: Shopping at The Mall Outlet

I've been looking forward to this day because we are dropping by The Mall Outlet for a quick shopping!

I've heard a lot of good things about this outlet, and there were mostly right. Almost all the designer stores that I like were there.

Did I buy anything? ALMOST! But the purse that I really, really like wasn't there so I didn't settle for the second best. Oh well, maybe next time.

BUT, I got the biggest pizza for lunch, anyway!

Definitely one of the BEST pizza! ♥♥

Sharing a Song this SUNDAY: Counting Stars

Feel like dancing today? Let's go!

I love this song by OneRepublic - Counting Stars. Have a good one, guys! (*wink*)

The Kids Super Shoes Sale

Itching to shop today? SM is having a kids super shoes sale...

It looks like this is going to be a FUN weekend. See you there! (*wink*)

Happy People...

Here's a nice thought to think about this Friday...

"Happy people focus on what they have...Unhappy people focus on what's missing."

Weekend is just around the corner. I'm so, so looking forward to it so I could spend more time with my family. Weekends are days that we can talk more, watch more and play more. Aah, fast forward please! Happy Friday, peeps! (*wink*)