2014 Palawan Getaway: Isn't this a Beauty?

This is our view on our first day in Puerto Princesa...

Aaaah, wish we could be back soon!

(**Watch out for nore photos and stories about our trip soon!**)

June 2015 Monthly Roundup

What books and/or magazines did I read this month?
- The Heir (Selection Series Book 4) by Kiera Cass
- Tempest by Julie Cross
- One Hundred Names by Cecelia Ahern
- Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella
- Here's Looking at You by Mhairi McFarlane
- Currently Reading: The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella
- Currently Reading: The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith

What movies and/or TV shows did I watch this month?
- Home
- She's Dating a Gangster
- Maybe This Time
- Tinkerbell and Pirate Fairy
- You're My Boss
- Tinkerbell and the Neverbeast

What special days did I celebrate and how?
- First day of school!
- Rapha's Birthday
- Father's Day
- Our friend Dicky's 40th

What illnesses or health concerns did I have?
- A couple of allergies as the weather changed

What fun things did I do with my friends and/or family?
- Japanese Dinner/Karaoke Night with our old Household
- Watched the LiveLoud concert
- Father's Day
- Family Day
- Went to Dicky's 40th Birthday party!

What new foods, recipes or restaurants did I try this month?
- Japanese food
- Ate thrice at Pancake House this month, our comfort food (wow!)
- Apartment 1B
- Gloria Maris

What special or unusual purchases did I make?
- I'm planning to purchase a pair of sandals (*wink*)

What have you learned this month?
- I learned how much I'm blessed to be in a community where I gained a lot of friends and a support group. ♥♥♥
- Do NOT focus on the negatives. Focus on WHAT YOU WANT.
- God is good. Very, very, very good! #blessed and #thankful

The Presence of Christ Always, No Matter What...

Something to think about this Monday...

Have a good one, peeps! (*wink*)

Sharing a Song this SUNDAY: Fidelity

Another song by Regina Spektor...

Have a nice day, everyone! (*wink*)

OOTD in 2014 Palawan Getaway: NAIA Airport On the Way to Puerto Princesa

As much as possible I would want a comfortable outfit even if it is just a one-hour flight so this is my OOTD at the airport...

A white button down shirt would always do the trick! Plus a statement necklace I was comfortable and ready for the adventures!

2014 Palawan Getaway: Welcome to Puerto Princesa!

After months of dreaming of the beach, fresh air, seafoods and time to bond with family, we finally arrived the airport of Puerto Princesa, Palawan.

Hubby and I went here already a couple of years ago but we were excited this time because we were with the whole family!

And, this time, we stayed at Microtel Hotel within the city.

So yes, our December vacation has officially started!

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. Online tasks
2. Friends who are with us for years! ♥
3. Unexpected blessings. Thank you Lord!
4. Kids adjusting well in the new SY
5. Happy weekend with family
6. Father's Day breakfast date
7. Sleep
8. Estrel's Caramel Cake
9. Coffee
10. Dunkin Donuts' Muffin

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The Best Guitar for the Best Father

I know Father's Day is over but who said that we stop giving gifts as well? Well, I found this beautiful 1968 les paul that the Husband would love. I'm thinking of buying it for him. As a member of a music ministry he loves to play the guitar and he would definitely appreciate a guitar that has distinctive style and sound. He's been into musical instruments for years now and a new guitar would be appreciated.

It features the trademark split diamond headstock, block inlays, and triple-bound body. The shop has taken this already luxurious guitar and added a carved, AAA figured maple top with a nitrocellulose triburst finish and a ’60s slim-taper neck. Oh yeah, definitely a dream guitar for the Hubby. Would he like it? I'm definitely, definitely sure about this!

Where We Went Last December?

A preview of my next posts...

Where do you think we went?

Yes, from one of the beautiful islands in the Philippines - PALAWAN! Watch out for my posts soon! (*wink*)

Keep Yourself Busy!

Here's a nice thought to start the week right...

Have a good one, peeps! Happy MONDAY!

Sharing a Song this SUNDAY: Samson

Here's a nice song by Regina Spektor - Samson.

Have a great Sunday, peeps!

Hello, FRIDAY!

I wish I could say, hello weekend but yes I still have one more day before the weekend officially starts. So for the meantime, will just enjoy these yummy candies from my sister who got home from a quick business trip in the US.

Now, which one to try first?

Shoe Shopping with the Birthday Girl at H&M

A couple of months ago I went out with kid #2 and look what we did...

We went on a shoe shopping and look at these cute pair of shoes from H&M. She couldn't decide which one to get!

Aaargh, will you help us? Which one is the best pair for her? (*wink*)

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. Long weekend!
2. Kid's successful first day of school
3. Blessings
4. New Books! ♥♥♥
5. New schoolyear, new things to learn, new challenges!
6. Opportunity to serve
7. Sharing
8. Households
9. Chocolates
10. Pictures and Memories

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Sharing a Song this SUNDAY: Summer Breeze

Making the most out of summer? Here's a nice remix by Robin Schulz.

I can't believe summer is over. But hey, there are more things to look forward to this school year. So we are welcoming it with wide open arms.

Our SY 2015-2016 has officially started. (*wink*)

21 Valuable Lessons We Learned From Our Mothers

Here's a very nice article that is worth sharing here...

They cleaned our scraped knees, shuttled us from school to play dates to after-school activities, and made sure the bills were paid. Most importantly, many of us were lucky enough to benefit from the little slices of knowledge our moms shared with us that helped shape the women we are today. We asked our Facebook audience for the most important advice their mothers gave them. Here's what they learned from Mom's words of wisdom.

1. "Always treat everyone the same whether they are the housekeeper or the CEO." —Melissa Sagonas Madden

2. "We got locked in a bathroom when we were very young. We were scared, so while our parents worked to get the door open my mom slid a chocolate bar under the door and that stopped our crying. When we finally got out, she looked at us and said, 'Chocolate is better than a band-aid every time.'" —Julie and Lisa, Bite Me More

3. "If they do not pay your rent or mortgage, who cares what they think about you." —Blanqui Alvarado

4. "My mom told me I needed to try hard to get a B. I had always gotten straight As and stressed myself out because I was a perfectionist. After my first B in college, my mom took me out to lunch to celebrate and my perspective shifted. Now, I am able to stress less and relax more in life, without trying to get everything exactly right." —Dani Norris Parsell

5. "Never make decisions when you are angry." —Tara Swatek

​6. "My mother taught me at a young age to moisturize. I am 74, and I thank her everyday for my good skin." —Maureen Hess Sully

7. "When it comes to a home improvement task or project, my mom always said not to rely on a man to do the job. Now I am very handy, just like my mom, and don't rely on my husband to do the fixing around the house. I do it." —Kris Goorsky

8. "To do a couple loads of laundry throughout the week, so you never spend a precious weekend day devoted to the dreaded task." —Rebecca Scott

9. "Ask yourself, 'Will it matter 100 years from now?'" —Jodi MacNeal

10. "You can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar... Meaning you can accomplish more by being kind to people than by having a sour disposition." —Lori Johnson

11. "My mom passed away on January 31 of this year. The best advice she ever gave me wasn't in words, and frankly, it wasn't advice I even realized she'd given me until I attended the funeral. She lived her life in such a way as to be best version of herself. She didn't try to be anyone other than herself, but she made sure that she worked to be the best version of that person every day. She has been, and always will be, a wonderful example to me." —Kaelyn Phillips

12."Never travel without your bathing suit." —Karen Agard Meyer Brill

13. "I asked my mom when my girls were little 'when does it get easier?' She told me it doesn't, it just changes to different challenges." —Mary Musgrave

​14. "Always put a little money away that no one knows about. You never know when you might need it in a difficult situation." —Renee Boudon

15. "You don't have to attend every argument you're invited to." —Deidré Bump

16. "My dad actually gave me the best advice: 'Get a good mattress and a job you enjoy because you spend eight hours sleeping and eight hours working. At least, during that time, you'll be happy.'"​ —Ira Martin Mogollon

​17. "If you are not happy, make a change. Whether it's a job, relationship, friendship, or body image, life's too short to remain in a place of unhappiness." —Brittany Wilson​

18. "My mom worked in a nursing home as a teen and learned a very valuable lesson. 'Everything washes off.' I still say it when I'm doing something gross." —Carley Bushart

19. "My mother says, 'Never take advice from someone you would not want to trade places with.'" —Dina DeSocio

​20. "My grandmother who raised me always said, 'All things in moderation.' I find it applies to everything.​" —Julie Boltz

21. "Before my first 50-yard dash in elementary school, my mom told me to keep my eyes on the string at the end. 'Don't look to see who's beside you, and don't look back to see who might be catching up. That will just slow you down. Run just as fast as you can toward the string!' I won many races using that strategy and learned the advice also has many applications outside of the 50-yard dash. I try to keep my focus on my own goals and not compare myself to others.​" —Linda Detherage Smith

To all the mothers, cheers to all of you!

Our Tim Ho Wan Dinner with the Kids

It has been months since we last ate in Tim Ho Wan but I couldn't forget how the kids rave over the food there. Yes, they definitely love Tim Ho Wan!

So, yes I guess lining up for the food was well worth it! One of their fave - the rice meals!

Now, I'm craving again for the Pork Buns. I wonder when we will be back there. Hopefully, soon!

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. Fun weekend
2. Japanese Dinner/Karaoke Night with CFC friends
3. Movie
4. Time for Excercise
5. Pizza!
6. Coffee
7. Kids having a great time
8. Pancake House comfort food
9. Last few days of summer
10. Royce Potato Chip covered in Chocolate. YUM!

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Excited for this...

Thanks to my BIL, I already got a snack today...

A little something from his trip to Hongkong. Woot, woot! Thanks, Kuya! ♥♥♥

Craving for Sumo-Sam!

Yes this early. I really am craving for this...

That crunchy and melts in your mouth tonkatsu plus Japanese rice. Aaaaah, lunch time, PLEASE COME SOON!

Sharing a Song this SUNDAY: Stay with Me

Stay with Me by Sam Smith, I heard he was operated. I hope he gets well the soonest. His voice is very beautiful.

Looking forward to more songs from him.

Good morning!

Weekend is Play Time!

Helloooo Friday!

Since this is the last weekend before the school starts again, we are dedicating this weekend to playtime! And, this is the toy of the weekend for the kids.

The pinypons are going malling this weekend! ♥♥♥

Happy weekend, peeps!

BPI's Travel Madness Expo!

To all the travellers out there, this is a huge announcement, The 2015 Travel Madness Expo 4 (TME) will be on July 03 - 05, 2015!

Here are the event guidelines:

1. The 2015 Travel Madness Expo 4 (TME) is from July 03 - 05, 2015 at the SMX Convention Center Halls 1- 4, SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City. Halls will be open to public from 9am-8pm on July 3 & 4 and 9am – 7pm on July 5.

2. This event is open to all. Fee of P50 will be paid at the entrance.

3. The following promos will be offered exclusively to all BPI Cardholders during the said event:

a. BPI Credit Cards

i. Special Installment Plans (with add-on rate)

ii. Real 0% (for selected exhibitors)

iii. Buy Now, Pay Later

iv. 100% Bonus Madness limit

5. Bring photocopies of your Passport and any valid Government Issued ID's.

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. Weekend spent with family
2. Movie date with the kids - Tomorrowland!
3. Laughters and Smiles
4. BBQ Popcorn
5. Kisses and Hugs
6. New eBooks
7. Coffee
8. Gong Cha Milk Tea
9. School is about to start soon. New Schoolyear!
10. Blessings that never end :)

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Starting my Tuesday Right.

...with prayers, good thoughts and gratefulness.

How I wish I can have this creme brulee coffee too!

Aaaaah, maybe soon. ♥♥♥

Happy Tuesday!

God's Blessings...

I'm starting the week (and the month) right by being thankful for all the blessings.

"God's blessings go far beyond anything we could ever dream."