Alex' Birthday Pictures by Ken Go at Iba Pa...

I just would like to share the "official" photos of Alex' birthday party by Ken Go here. Enjoy! :)


I haven't posted in awhile (probably a week). It's been a busy week and not to mention very HOT too! Whew!

We will be transferring to our home in a month (or more) so Hubby and I are preparing some stuff. On weekends we'd just stay at home (particularly in the room) with Alex, turned on the aircon and try to sleep the whole day! Of course we weren't able to do it since Alex just wants to go out (of the room) and explore! I guess she's in the stage that she doesn't want to be carried anymore (if she's not sleepy). She just knows now that she can walk on her own and well she thought that she could do anything (?). Haaaay, I just can't imagine when she turns 2. Whew!


Hope everyone's doing great and having fun this SUMMER! And speaking of summer, here's my March LO that proves that summer is here! Thanks for looking! :D

March 2007

***Update: Click on the LO for the credits.

How Big is your Small?

Have you ever had your most embarrassing moments? Well, last night was one of mine. LOL!

Hubby, Alex, and I went out because it was way too hot in the house! So we decided to go to The Fort City Center and look for a nice place to just hang out. We decided to go to Coffee Bean. When we were ordering, here was our conversation:

Me: I'm gonna have a Chai Tea.
Barista: What size Ma'am?
Me: Small...uhmmmm...Medium....uhmmm, wait, How big is your small?
Hubby: What!?! How big is your small!?!?! Hahahaha!

LOL!!! Surprisingly, the barista didn't even dare to laugh even if Hubby and I were laughing! LOL!! Anyway, I was supposed to ask "Gaano ba ka-laki ang small nyo!?". Funny huh?

Another embarrassing moment happened December, 2004 (i still can't forget this because my family would still tease me!). My family and I went to Pancake House, Tagaytay for lunch to celebrate Christmas.

Me: I'm gonna have steak.
Waiter: How would like your steak Ma'am?
Me: uhmmmm, Medium Well-done
Everybody: Bwahahahahahahhhahahahahah!

LOL! :D Well, I guess all of us have this kind of moments right? What is your most embarrassing moment? I would love to hear it! (*wink*)

Alex's First Year Album

I'm so happy I finished Alex's First Year album just right after her birthday! :) I started working on this since I think September and I'm hooked with Digiscrapping. Here are the LOs of her from birth to 11 months. Click on the picture to view the entire LO and credits. Thanks for looking! ;)

Newborn Newborn
Welcome to the World!

Newborn Bringing Home Baby Alex
Bringing Home Baby Alex

Alex is 1month Alex is 1month (Tagaytay)
Baby Alex is 1 month old!

Alex's Baptism Alex's Baptism
Baby Alex's Baptism at Christ the King

Alex's Baptism Alex's Baptism
Celebrating Baby Alex's Baptism at Something Fishy

Alex is 2mos Alex is  2mos
Baby Alex is 2 months old!

Alex is 3mos Alex is 3mos
Baby Alex is 3 months old!

Alex is 4mos Alex is 4mos
Baby Alex is 4 months old!

Alex is 5mos Alex is 5mos
Baby Alex is 5 months old!

Alex is 6mos Alex is 6mos
Baby Alex is 6 months old!

Alex is 7 mos Alex is 7 mos (Lakeshore Pampanga)
Baby Alex is 7 months old and a trip to Lakeshore Pampanga!

Trick or Treat! Trick or Treat
Trick or Treating at 7 months old!

Bicol, 2006 Bicol, 2006
Enjoying Bicol at 7 months old!

Alex is 8mos Alex is 8mos
Baby Alex is 8 months old!

Alex is 9mos Alex is 10mos
Baby Alex is 9 months old (and a trip to Macau) and 10 months old!

Alex is 11mos Alex is 11mos
Baby Alex is 11 months old!

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, everybody! This is the time of the year that is worth celebrating because it's the time that God affirms how much HE loves us.


I took a few days off (Wed - Fri) this Holy Week and spent it in Bicol. All the while I was thinking of REST, REST, and REST, but, boy, I was wrong! We literally drove around Sorsogon and Legazpi and were soo tired after, but we definitely had a wonderful time!

Here are the places that we've been to, that you may want to check out too:
  • Cagsaua Ruins - well, this is my third time here. I posted some pictures of this place too. Kind of depressing here since the all of the houses surrounding this place were wiped out by the typhoon.

    A little cloudy here
  • CWC (CamSur Watersports Complex) - do you want to try wakeboarding? Oh, this is definitely the place! Cheap pa. :)

    Wakeboarding anyone?

  • Butanding Encounter at Donsol - I thought the boat was a little expensive, but, when we got to encounter a butanding (whale shark), wow, it was definitely worth it pala! Butandings were huge! I screamed when I first saw it. We weren't able to take a picture of it (while in the water) since our camera (which is supposedly "water-proof" didn't turn on). Haaaay.

    A Butanding!

  • Rizal Beach at Irosin, Sorsogon - Nothing special here. But better than what we have in Bacon. Oh, we found out that Alex hates the sand. :(

    Rizal Beach
  • Bulusan Lake - it's an hour away from Rizal Beach. Nice place for trekking and kayak.

    Bulusan Lake
  • Sanbinon Hot and Cold Springs - This place was really crowded! It was as if, all the people from Sorsogon were here! LOL!
  • Satellite Market - for shopping native bags and stuff, this place is highly recommended! We went here twice! LOL!

    Native Bags anyone?
  • DJC Halo-halo - located in front of the Pacific Mall. Oh, the best Halo-halo I've ever tasted!
  • Gasthof - Our fave resto in Boracay is now in Daraga. I love their Baby Back Ribs!
  • Daraga Church - located on top of a mountain, when you get here, you'll see the whole Legazpi. Sayang, we got here around 7pm already so we weren't able to take some pictures.

Well, we've been to a lot of places considering that we only had 3 days (Wed, Thurs, and Sat). I've been to Bicol for the 3rd time already but, this is the only time that I get to discover and love the place more.

March Monthly Roundup

I couldn't believe it! It's the end of the month again! Time flies so fast! Anyway, here's my monthly (March) roundup.

What books and/or magazines did I read this month?
- Small Miracles 2
- Just started reading the "At-home Motherhood" by Cindy Tolliver. I like it, I can really relate to some of the stories. I hope I get to learn more from this book.

What movies and/or tv shows did I watch this month?
- 300

What special days did I celebrate and how?
- It was Alex's first birthday and we celebrated it twice!
- Migoy Aurellado's 7th birthday at Loyola
- Macky & Anami's Wedding (Woohooo!)

What gifts did I give and/or receive?
- We gave Migoy a pokemon toy. :)

What illnesses or health concerns did I have?
- Headache and Backache

What fun things did I do with my friends and/or family?
- With my family : we went to EK!
- Hubby and I went out on a date - had dinner and watched 300
- My cousin Cheryl and Hubby with Marcelo visited Manila (they are from LA). We had dinner with them right before they left.
- Our CFC household had fellowship in the middle of March. Girls get to drink and the guys get to try Speedzone. Hubby loved it so much!
- We also spent the Monthly Family Day with the Magbags
- We get to meet Mage's (S2B) Hubby!

What new foods, recipes or restaurants did I try this month?
- Arya (Persian food), we loved it!

What special or unusual purchases did I make?
- We bought our own digicam (Olympus). Finally!
- I bought havaianas for myself and Alex. :D

What were this month's disappointments?
- None. Praise GOD. :)

What were my accomplishments this month?
- I was able to finish Alex first album! Woohoo! Will post about it next time.
- Househelp arrived 2nd week of March. :D