May Monthly Roundup

What books and/or magazines did I read this month?
- Eat. Pray. Love.

What movies and/or TV shows did I watch this month?
- Brothers and Sisters Season 2

What special days did I celebrate and how?
- Mother's Day
- In-laws' Anniversary
- Hubby's Nephew Alex (and Jill)'s Wedding
- Alex's Graduation in Summer School

What gifts did I give and/or receive?
- Alex gave a nice necklace for her classmate

What illnesses or health concerns did I have?
- Alex had cough
- I had colds and headache

What fun things did I do with my friends and/or family?
- We went to Tagaytay twice:
1. With my family during the Labor Day Weekend
2. With the MBAPs at Tagaytay Highlands for our Summer getaway
- We celebrated Mother's Day by eating out the whole day!
- We had breakfast with our old CFC household as a despedida for one couple who is going to Singapore

What new foods, recipes or restaurants did I try this month?
- Tender Bob's Steak and Pasta
- Chelsea's Baby Back Ribs and Scallops Pasta
- Pizza Hut's Viva Lasagna
- Bag O'Beans Tagaytay
- Highlands Country Club Buffet lunch

What special or unusual purchases did I make?
- I shopped a lot of clothes this month :D

What were this month's disappointments?
- Our all around help went on vacation and we weren't able to hire a reliever. She was on vacation for 3 whole weeks!

What were my accomplishments this month?
- We survived the whole 3 weeks. This means eating take out food everyday, no naps, no ME time, it was very, very tiring but I'm proud to say that we survived without getting sick.

2 More Days to go...

...and then our all-around help and Andie's Yaya will be back! Yey! I can't wait! You see, it's been 3 weeks since she had a vacation. I know, too long, but she has been really good and reliable ever since I gave birth to Andie so she deserves it. The house is a mess while she's gone. I've been struggling work, kids, and house everyday for 3 weeks that I feel very tired.

As I posted a few days back, I'm going to have a spa. I promised myself that once our help is back I will definitely go to The Spa alone and have that 90 minutes pampering. I will spend my "me" time. Catch up on my reading. Sleep if I can. And make the most out of it.

I can't wait. But for the meantime, will have to do some stuff on insurance lead generation, monitor Alex's cough, take care of Andie, and buy take out food.

2 more days to go...then we can say that we have survived! (*wink*)

MBAP Summer Getaway at TH (Basketball and Swimming)

Part 1: MBAP Summer Getaway at TH (Animal Farm)
Part 3: Our Whole Day of Fun at the Highlands
Part 4: Alex's First Cable Car Ride

Two things that the Daddies looked forward to this event: Basketball and Swimming (with the kids).

We, the Mommies actually planned this so that we will have our time to chat and catch up while the Daddies play basketball, swim (and take care of the kids). Yes, we had a hidden agenda. LOL! But of course we wanted to them to bond too and have a great time of course. As expected they had so much fun in their one-hour game.

This is the photo of the Daddies (and Alex) after the game. Grabbed from Alpha. Thanks girl!

Jon (of Jane), Ico (Jacqui's son), Mike (of Thea), My Hubby (with Alex), Edil (of Aggie), Howell (of Abie), Gelo (of Peachy), Jojo (of Alpha), Mike (of Jacqui), Dicky (of Jody), Sherwin (of Joy), and Adrian (of Apple)

Good thing my Hubby was still energized that he still was able to join Alex in the pool. I tell you those pools were really inviting! Too bad I didn't bring my swimsuit with me.

Alex was soo insistent in going to swim. She started bugging me while we were still in the basketball court. I thought that she was just whiny because she woke up too early. I realized that she really wanted to swim badly. So, before our sumptuous lunch, Alex and her Dada swam with a whole lot of sunblock on their skin! My gosh, it was 12NN and it was too hot!! But what can I do? Alex was just super excited! Yes, that was my term - SUPER EXCITED!

A few photos taken by myself! (*wink*)

IMG_6414 IMG_6423



While Hubby and Alex were swimming, I had the opportunity to eat at my own pace. The food was great! Check out more here.

It was nice seeing you again MBAPs! I can't wait for another get together soon! (*wink*)

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. Tagaytay Highlands getaway with the MBAPs
2. In-laws's 41st anniversary
3. Alex had fun swimming the whole weekend!
4. Good food and great company at the highlands
5. Andie turns 6 months old!
6. Surviving without our all-around help/Andie's yaya
7. Alex's graduation - she was the most obedient!
8. Yummy burger at Burger Ave.
9. 2-hour nap
10. Andie started eating solids!

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MBAP Summer Getaway at TH (Animal Farm)

When some of the MBAPs (Joy, Peachy, Thea, and Abie) decided to arrive Tagaytay Highlands (TH) at 8AM, I decided to set the same time of our arrival too - 8AM! I was thinking this is crazy. With a toddler and an almost-6 mos old baby, will we ever reach higlands at 8AM?

I realized that this saying is true - "If there's a will, there's a way!". LOL!

We made it to TH at 8AM! We went straight to the clubhouse to get the guest card then expressed milk for Andie for 15 minutes then we made it to the Animal Farm at around 8:45AM. Considering that Hubby and I slept around 1AM already. It just shows how much I was excited because at exactly 5AM I was awake. LOL!

Alex loves animals that's why we decided to go there. We weren't able to take a lot of photos though because it was getting hot. And besides, Hubby was carrying Alex, I was carrying Andie. And our yaya was carrying our stuff. We were fully loaded.

Here are some of the photos.

IMG_6410 IMG_6385
IMG_6378 IMG_6382
IMG_6393 IMG_6398

There weren't much animals in the animal farm (as I expected) but the zoo was pretty clean and has just enough size. Alex loves the fishes in the aquarium, the gorilla, and the tiger. :)

Coming up next, our lunch, swimming and cable car in the highlands!

A Preview.

This is a preview of our getaway with the MBAPs (and families) last Saturday at Tagaytay Highlands. I'm posting one pic only because I'm currently updating the rest of it. And also, I need to finish some tasks online too. So please bear with me.

Thanks to Kathy of for this photo!

Our getaway was FUN! The Mommies, Daddies (especially) and kids had so much fun. Mommies had fun having chika. Daddies had fun playing basketball and swimming. Kids had fun swimming. And Alex had the biggest smile ever when she was in the cable car! While I was really, really nervous. LOL! More stories and photos soon.

Body Care Treatments

I have mentioned earlier that I want a spa in June. So I went to The Spa's website and found several body care treatments that I want to try. Ok, note that I will choose only one because that's I can only afford one treatment, budget and time-wise. LOL!

Javanese Royal Bath
The Javanese Lulur has been practiced in the palaces of Central Java since the 17th century and was used by Javanese brides as a purifying ritual before marriage. This treatment begins with a soothing massage followed by a Lulur scrub, an exfoliating clay which has unique cleansing properties. A cool slathering of milk calms and nourishes the skin. A floral bath will complete your royalty experience.
Price: p2,100

Coffee Rub
Coffee acts as a gentle yet stimulating exfoliant, improving circulation and breaking up fatty deposits which cause cellulites. Coffee bean has built up a favorable reputation due to its ability to heal, soothe and revitalize skin cells. A full body massage will finish this treatment for a complete experience.
Price: p1,900

Honey Body Polish
Honey - the nectar of the Gods - This treatment begins with a salt scrub exfoliation to slough off dead skin cells followed by hydrating your skin with all-natural ingredients such as pure honey and milk. Soak in a warm bath and take relaxation to a whole new level!
Price: p1,500

This red wine body treatment is said to be the secret to eternal youth. It boosts circulation while you soak up vital antioxidants that help fight free radicals in the body and slow down the ageing process. The journey begins with a bubbling red wine bath, leaving your skin supple and mind relaxed. A detoxifying full body exfoliation using grape extract and apricot scrub which smoothes and replenishes the skin follows and a mineral-rich firming body envelopment concludes this remarkable experience.
Price: p1,900

Now, I'm confused. At least I still got 2 weeks to decide. :)

A Good Investment

Hubby and I are always thinking of what is the best way to invest. There are lots of ways actually but most of it entails huge capital. The only thing that is possible is investing in MDC or Monex Deposit Company (MDC). They allow you to purchase silver and gold bullion, and other precious metals and coins. The cool thing about this company is that they can personally deliver these things or better yet, arrange for convenient and safe storage at an independent bank or depository. They have been in the industry for over 30 years and the Monex companies have been the America’s gold, silver and precious metals investment leader. Definitely a company to trust.

Andie is 6 months old today!

I couldn't believe it!

I didn't realize that Andie is really 6 months old. It's just only this morning that it sunk in that she is really 6 months old because I needed to give her her first solid food. :)

How time flies. I couldn't believe that I have reached my goal of having to express milk for 6 months too. And now I'm planning of hopefully extending it to two more months. I hope I can do that, with all the stress and workload, I pray that I can still do that.

Anyway, here's a preview of how Andie looks like now (I will post more updates and photos in my other blog).


I Need a Spa!

I don't know if I have blogged about this but our all around help/yaya of Andie took a vacation last May 8. She will be back on the 31st. That's the reason why I've been busy at home and (for some reason) I got tons of things to do at work too! So, we've been stressed out lately that I badly need a SPA.

So this is my plan, when our all around help is back, I will go to The Spa and spend alone time there. Now, I'm checking their website on the packages that I might get. (*wink*)

The Beach Wedding.

...of Judy Ann and Ryan Agoncillo that is! LOL! Well, it wasn't really a beach wedding because the ceremony was held at a Church somewhere in Batangas. This is what I want. One of the destination weddings, where it is held out of town. Guests will have to travel very far just to attend your wedding. There is this heavenly place in Riviera Maya where weddings can be held. They described it as - a world of sensuality and seclusion On the White-Sand Beaches of Riviera Maya. Aaaaah, sounds heavenly indeed. When I got married, I would always consider the comfort of our guests that's why we opted to have it in Manila. But when I think about it now, I wish we could have done it somewhere far instead since both Hubby and I love to travel!

She was the MOST OBEDIENT!

IMG_6311 2

Alex, that is! I didn't expect that she will get that award in her graduation this morning. LOL! But when I saw her, she was just seating the whole time! She followed everything the teacher said. She was really obedient! I really really hope that she is like that when she is at home.

More here.

Our Tagaytay Getaway

Breakfast at Bag O'Beans

During the Labor Day weekend, my family and I decided to head to Tagaytay to spend two nights there. We were thankful that it didn't rain the whole weekend. The weather was just perfect!

We left Manila at 4PM Friday, May 1. Just right after my work. The traffic was not too bad. We got to Tagaytay before 6PM and headed straight to the market. My Mom brought food for dinner so we didn't have to cook. Which was a great idea since we were too tired from the trip!

The next day, we had breasfast at Bag O' Beans. Check out our yummy breakfast at my travel blog here. Here are some of our photos.

IMG_5882 IMG_5870

IMG_5902 IMG_5909

IMG_5914 IMG_5916

We loved the place and the food so much!

We had a late lunch at home since we were too full from breakfast. Alex dropped by (with Lola, Tita Trish and Tito E.) at the playground before we had lunch.


IMG_5955 IMG_5963

IMG_6022 2

We took a nap after lunch then headed to Sonya's Garden for dinner.

I was surprised how it looked at night! I didn't realize that the place was beautiful. I remember when we were there two years ago, the place was just so-so.

The food was still the same. Unlimited refills of salad, pasta, chocolate cake, and dalandan juice. We were so full afterwards but it was ok since the food was really healthy. The salad was superb! I didn't like the pasta sauces offered though. It was too sweet and dry for me.

We were too hungry that we weren't able to take some photos of the food. But Hubby was able to take OUR photos. LOL!

IMG_6050 IMG_6051

IMG_6061 IMG_6072

IMG_6057 IMG_6082

We will have another Tagaytay getaway soon! So watch our for it! (*wink, wink*)

All About Wheel Chairs

When my grandmother was alive, she used to depend on a wheelchair. She didn't really want one at first because it was not convenient. But she didn't have a choice. When she started to accept the reality, she started to feel the benefits of using one. Allegro Medical is one of the largest and most technologically advanced independently owned online retailers of life enhancing products in the United States. These are according to categories that include children, diabetes, exercise/fitness, maternity care, wound care and more. They are now serving more than 1 million customers and I can say that their lives have been improved inspite of their illnesses.

Mother's Day.

Hi Mommies!

Happy Mother's day to you all.

So, how did you spend this special day? As for us, we had dinner with my Mom and family Saturday night. We then had lunch in a Chinese restaurant in Timog with my in-laws. For dinner, we went to Eastwood and had Vietnamese food!

It was all about eating with the family! It was tiring but definitely fun.

Oh, before I forget, thanks Hubby, Alex, and Andie for the wonderful gift - an office chair! Love, love it! (*grin*)

MBAP Coffee Date with Apols

We were so noisy that we were kicked out of Conti's Serendra last night. LOL! So we transferred to Tea & Therapy which offered really good teas. Loved the Lemon Grass that Jody and I ordered.

The topics were really "juicy"! We also had fun with the "photo shoot"! LOL.

See you all again ladies, soon! ;)

* Thanks Thea for the photos! (*wink*)


For the non-update that is!

I've been way too busy these days. So many things to do at work! But will get back to you since I have to blog about our getaway from Tagaytay last weekend and my EB with the MBAPs last night.

SOON! (*wink*)

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. Tagaytay getaway with my family last weekend
2. First time to try Bag O'beans. I LOVE IT!
3. Great and cool weather in Tagaytay
4. Long weekend
5. Pacquiao's fight - a reason to get together with the family
6. Alex having fun in the playground in Tagaytay
7. Andie's starting to scream. She sounds really funny!
8. The upcoming Mother's day
9. Dinner date with online friends soon
10. Dinner at Sonya's Garden (I love how they setup the place at night! Really cozy and romantic!)

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8 Things

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To
- Mother's day
- Our trip to The farm with my Mom and sister
- MBAP summer outing soon
- Trip to Bora with Hubby
- Andie's first solid food
- In laws' anniversary celebration (no plans yet!)
- Alex's swimming day, educational trip and graduation day (summer school)
- When I wean Andie from breastmilk!

8 Things I Did Yesterday
- Went to Hubby's office
- Work
- Watched brothers and sisters (so loving it!)
- Had to use Hubby's internet in his office
- Wrote a few articles
- Of course I pumped breastmilk
- Brought Alex to school
- Slept at 12 midnight

8 Things I Wish I Could Do
- Sleep and rest more
- Spend time with both Alex and Andie more
- Pray more
- I could shop more clothes, bags, and shoes
- Go out with Hubby and spend our alone time
- Spend more time with myself
- Travel more with the whole family
- Go out with my friends

8 Shows I Watch
- Brothers and Sisters
- Grey's Anatomy
- One Tree Hill
- Heroes
- Disney Playhouse
- Mr. Bean (we didn't have a choice on this one)
- Lifestyle Network (30 minute meals, Rachel Ray, and more)

Thanks for this MM! I had fun! :)