Sharing a Song this SUNDAY: You and I.

January 2016 Monthly Roundup

What books and/or magazines did I read this month?
- Their Fractured Light by Amie Kaufman
- My Heart and Other Black Holes by Jasmine Warga
- Darkest London Series Book #1: Firelight by Kristen Callihan
- Currently Reading: Darkest London Series Book #2: Moonglow by Kristen Callihan

What movies and/or TV shows did I watch this month?
- The Illusionist
- Mr. Peabody and Sherman
- Everything About Her

What special days did I celebrate and how?
- My brother Eric's Birthday
- Christmas Lunch with CFC Upper Household
- My Sister's Birthday
- Melvin & Diane's Wedding
- Our friend Abi's 7th Birthday Party
- Hubby and I's Anniversary ♥♥♥

What illnesses or health concerns did I have?
- I had sinusitis again for 2 days.

What fun things did I do with my friends and/or family?
- Went to Tagaytay to meet up with CFC Upper Household
- Celebrated the Kids' good grades at Poco Deli ♥
- School Fair
- Celebrated our Anniversary!

What new foods, recipes or restaurants did I try this month?
- Lugang Cafe
- Arrozeria for my Sister's Birthday Dinner
- Oasis for the Wedding
- Poco Deli
- Kulinarya

What special or unusual purchases did I make?
- I bought one pair of black shoes to replace my old one.

What have you learned this month?

This is what I've learned this month. We have to be in our children's lives TODAY if we want to be in their lives in the future. Plant good memories. Cherish the time that you have now that they are still young. They will surely cherish those memories in the future too.

2015 Osaka/Kyoto Anniversary Trip: Shoefie and Last Few Photos of Yasaka Shrine

Shoefie? Yup, I just had to!

Anyway, after walking for a couple of minutes around Yasaka Shrine, we couldn't resist on taking more photos!

Kyoto is indeed a beautiful city. Will post more about it, later! (*wink*)

22 Pieces of Advice from a Father Raising a Daughter by Michael Mitchell

Very nice quotes/advices from a father. Here are those.

1. Love and respect her mother. Don’t be ashamed of expressing your feelings in public. When your girl grows up, there’s a good chance that she’ll fall in love with someone who treats her as you treated her mother.

2. Always be by her side. When you spend time with your child, not only does the quality matter, but also the quantity. Be sincerely interested in things that are important to her. Participate in every stage of her life.

3. Become her hero, and value that role every day, every minute. A red cape and blue tights are obligatory.

4. Yes, you look silly playing hide-and-seek. But it’s necessary.

5. Dance with your little girl long before her wedding day.

6. Take her fishing, even if she squirms more than a worm on a hook.

7. Tell her she’s beautiful, again and again, every day. When she grows up, TV and magazines will try to convince her she’s not.

8. Relish every moment spent together. Today she crawls around the house in diapers, and tomorrow you’ll be handing her keys to the car. Before you realize it, you’re walking her down the aisle. Life passes quickly. Savor the moments.

9. She’ll argue with her mother. Choose sides wisely.

10. Let her experience a variety of things. There are a lot of surprising and interesting things beyond your town or apartment.

11. Buy her what she asks for. One day she’ll ask for a dog. Just say ’yes’.

12. Teach her how to deal with money.

13. Carry her in your arms or on your shoulders as often as possible, while your back is strong and she’s still a baby.

14. She’ll be waiting for you to come home from work. Don’t be late.

15. If she had a bad dream, let her sleep in your bed.

16. There’s nothing more soothing in life than to cry on dad’s shoulder.

17. When pushing her on a swing in a park, remember that her «faster and higher» is a bit different from yours.

18. Ice cream works magic. Remember her favorite flavor.

19. Never miss her birthday and always keep a promise.

20. Learn to trust her. Give her more freedom as she grows up.

21. Remember that one day, she’ll open her wings and fly away a beautiful butterfly. Enjoy her while she’s still a little caterpillar.

22. Let her know she can always come home.


2015 Osaka/Kyoto Anniversary Trip: Yasaka Shrine

Our first stop in Kyoto - Yasaka Shrine.

You won't miss this because this is right in the middle of Kawaramachi Street.

Yasaka Shrine (八坂神社, Yasaka Jinja), also known as Gion Shrine, is one of the most famous shrines in Kyoto. Founded over 1350 years ago, the shrine is located between the popular Gion District and Higashiyama District, and is often visited by tourists walking between the two districts.

A beautiful shrine that you should visit when around the area.

** Yasaka Shrine can be reached by bus from Kyoto Station in about 20 minutes. Take number 100 or 206 and get off at Gion bus stop. The closest train stations are Gion Shijo Station on the Keihan Line and Kawaramachi Station on the Hankyu Line. **

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. Freshly Brewed Coffee
2. True friends!
3. 2-on-2's
4. God's Love and Understanding
5. Waiting for God's plans to happen ♥
6. Birthdays and Weddings
7. Dinner and Coffee Date with friends
8. Quick Lunch in Tagaytay
9. Photobooks
10. A goodnight sleep

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2015 Osaka/Kyoto Anniversary Trip: Hello, Beautiful City of Kyoto!

Ah, finally, the "traditional city" that we've been looking forward to see - KYOTO!

We were so excited that after checking in at Green Rich Kyoto Hotel, we went straight to one of the popular temples in Kyoto.

We also went to Gion Area and saw a cherry blossom tree!

We are staying here for 3 days and we can't wait to get started! ♥♥♥

"Prepare to Give Up Something Valuable..."

Update on our Home Improvement

I haven't blogged on our home improvement for quite some time now. This is because ever since the holidays started last November, we weren't able to prioritized our home for the previous couple of months. We wanted to focus on the holidays, gift giving, family and a family trip.

But now that the year has started (well, actually the month of January is about to end), we are going back to the basics and we are prioritizing once again our home. I've started decluttering last year as well so I learned that I need to buy new table linens and tablecloth. We've been using the same table cloth for years! So I guess after 9 years in our home, it is time to get new sets.

Now, I'm checking out the choices that I can get online because I know I can get it cheaper there. There's even a premier table linens red and white tablecloth - custom at Premier Table Linens. Yes, you read it right, customized! So I'm so excited and happy that we started the project with the table linens. This is why I love to surf the internet ALL the time. There are just so many unique and customized things to buy that I won't be able to buy at the mall. So cool! Now, I'm off to order those lines. I hope I get the items that is perfect for our home. (*wink*)

Sharing a Song this SUNDAY: Surrender

2015 Osaka/Kyoto Anniversary Trip: On Our Way to Kyoto!

A few days in Osaka wasn't enough but it was time to move on to Kyoto. Before that, we needed to check the weather...

Good thing, it wasn't raining when we transferred to Kyoto. It's going to be a beautiful day!

Veeeeery cold but the important thing is the sun is shining and we are off to see the traditional life of Japan.

Kyoto, we are ready for you! (*wink*)

2015 Osaka/Kyoto Anniversary Trip: Dotonburi

After a long day at USJ, we went straight to Dotonburi for dinner.

Inspite of being sooo tired, we were impressed by the lights and the busyness of Dotonburi.

This is definitely the "Japan" that I've been wanting to see...

And, look, finally dinner time!

Yes, we had to order through this vending machine. It was a new experience for us!

...and the food was very good! Thumbs up!

It was our last night in Osaka so, Goodbye for now, Osaka! See you again next time.

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. Fun Fellowship with our household
2. Freshly brewed coffee
3. Margaritas on a Lazy Sunday Afternoon ♥
4. Good friends and mentors
5. Hubby and Kids
6. Movie Night last Friday
7. Popcorn & Wine
8. Dinner with the Birthday Girl!
9. Unlimited Sangria
10. "Taco Friday Night" to end the busy week

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2015 Osaka/Kyoto Anniversary Trip: So long, USJ!

After a long but fun day, it was over so we had to say goodbye to USJ!

Thank you, USJ for unforgettable adventures and great weather!

I'm thinking that this will not be the last...

...because definitely we will be back! (*wink*)

So long, USJ! Until we meet again! (*wink*)

"The older I get..."

Sharing a Song this SUNDAY: I Want it All

Have a blessed day, everyone!

2015 Osaka/Kyoto Anniversary Trip: Universal Studios Japan Second Stop: Back to the Future

"Travel through time in a time machine, and experience thrills mankind has never encountered before!"

Climb aboard the DeLorean time machine and time travel to the future, dodging snowslides, dinosaurs and erupting volcanoes! Soar over the mountains, dive deep under the ground, and fly on to the ice age! Here is a stunning ride that lets you travel through space and time and experience thrills mankind has never encountered before.

Nope, no photo taking inside, so if you are curious, you just have to try this ride!

2015 Osaka/Kyoto Anniversary Trip: Universal Studios Japan Second Stop: The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman Ride.

Ah, this one another highlight of our USJ adventure...

The 4K3D ride that we lined up for more than an hour. And inspite of being so tired, we could say that it was worth it! ♥

The ride that has won awards for being the world's best ride attraction for seven consecutive years has now incorporated the world's best imaging technology 4KHD×3D.

You'll find yourself completely wrapped up in the experience, as you encounter levels of excitement like never before!

This is highly recommended!

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. Milk Tea from Singapore ♥
2. Work!
3. Another year, another chance
4. New adventures
5. Blogging
6. Family ♥
7. Hugs and Kisses
8. Freshly brewed family
9. Lunch at Lugang Cafe
10. Hubby :)

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2015 Osaka/Kyoto Anniversary Trip: Universal Studios Japan Second Stop: New York

Another favorite area in USJ - NEW YORK!

Just being here made me missed the bustling city!

Aah, the food, I truly miss too!

But, for the meantime, we'll just enjoy what USJ had in store for us in the New York part.


How to Have a Fun and Educational Vacation Trip By Mariel Uyquiengco

Here's another wonderful article from

A family vacation isn’t just about going somewhere, visiting sights, and taking lots of pictures. Vacation trips can be fun and educational not just for the little ones, but for you too. Here are some tips on how to do that.

1. Choose a place with lots of potential

The perfect educational vacation spot may be a place that none of you have been to before. It may also be a place that you enjoyed in the past and that you can’t wait to share with your family. It can also be a place that your child is learning about in school and actually bringing him there makes it come alive for him.

2. Involve the kids in planning for the trip

There are many skills that children can acquire when invited to plan a trip. Older kids can learn a lot about real-life application of math when they look for hotels, restaurants, and activities. Give them a budget to work on and see that they present to you a plan that fits its.

Give younger children a list of activities that you can do on your vacation and ask them to choose which ones to go to.

3. Build the excitement

If your child is already in school, knowing the entire school calendar will help you plan trips early. When you can plan early, the anticipation for the trip can be fun unlike the stress of cramming preparations for an excursion.

Give your child books about where you’ll be going. Don’t stick to history, geography or current events literature though. Storybooks are a subtle way of introducing a culture to young children.

If you’re going to a foreign country, try learning a few phrases together. Practice saying, “Where’s the bathroom?” or “Do you speak English?”

4. Use the trip as a vehicle for learning

Will you be flying? It’s a great opportunity to teach your kids time zones first-hand. Let them use a map, too, to see where you’ll be going, what places you’ll pass along the way, and the distance you’ll be travelling.

Is it going to be a long drive? Fill it up with plenty of driving games like spotting a specific type of car or vocabulary games.

5. Follow a schedule but don’t fill it up

A vacation should be just that, a time to rest. But it’s not only our bodies that need rest. Our minds also need a time away from our regular and sometimes hectic schedule. The change in scenery, immersion into a new culture, taste of novel cuisine all contributes to a relaxing vacation.

Although it sounds like an oxymoron, not having a schedule for your holiday trip may actually be stressful. You need to know when the attractions are open for example, or when the best time to see the dolphins will be. If you do not get a full experience because of poor scheduling, it would be like paying to get into the movie theater only to miss the plot twist.

Having a schedule also helps your children anticipate what’s coming up. This makes them feel more involved and less of a passive spectator.

6. Dare to go off the beaten path

Vacations are also a time to try something new: new food, new sights, and of course, a different culture.

Don’t be satisfied with what the tour guide will let you experience. With almost everything accessible online, search for what the locals are actually excited about in their city. Instead of tourist buses, be brave enough to ride on public transportation. This not only saves money but also allows visitors to catch a glimpse of the daily lives of the locals.

7. Delve deeper into the beaten path

Going on guided tours are the norm when visiting foreign countries. They allow you to see many tourist spots in a fairly short amount of time, but they also bring you to supposed industry showrooms in the hopes that you would buy souvenirs. This is unfortunate especially if all you want is to relish the sight and atmosphere of where you are visiting.

Using many resources available online, most of which are free, you can make your visit to a tourist spot more meaningful by reading ahead with your children and exploring the site unhurriedly. Since most tourist spots are picturesque, you can turn this into an art lesson by handing a digital camera to your child and have them fire away. A more laid back option would be to give your child a sketchpad.

8. Debrief immediately

While still on your way home, ask the children what their favorite parts of the trip were. Ask if they would consider coming back and what they would do differently the next time.

Give them the job of making a scrapbook of the trip. It can either be an old-fashioned one, which for little ones will act as a showcase of their cutting and pasting skills, or a photo book from a digital layout created by an older child. It can even be a digital movie or slideshow.

Reminiscing immediately after an event allows the mind to remember more details longer.


"Never Give Up on the People You Love..."

Sharing a Song this SUNDAY: Waiting for Love

Wow, such a beautiful video ...

Have a blessed Sunday, everyone! May you find true love today. (*wink*)

2015 Osaka/Kyoto Anniversary Trip: Universal Studios Japan Second Stop: SHOEFIE at USJ

So this is our shoe get up for the USJ adventure...

Comfy and less cold. Thankful that the weather cooperated too!

How about you? What do you usually wear in theme parks?

Piccolo Instrument, Anyone?

So, I was done posting my 2015 Christmas loots and it looks like I'm going to be using these loots for the rest of the year. ♥

As for the kids, well, well, they are probably the happiest! The kids had a grand time opening their gifts since the month of December started. Yeap, you read it right. We had Christmas parties since the first weekend of December so they started opening their Christmas gifts by then. If you are asking what gifts they got this 2015, oh boy, they got almost everything: Toys, Blanket/Towel/Foldable Chair, Night Light, Books and more and more Toys. They are definitely happy as soon as they opened ALL their gifts. ♥

Now that the holidays are over, (and one kid's birthday is coming soon) I'm thinking of getting one kid a piccolo instrument I found online. You see, this kid is so fond of music that any instrument that you give her, she will be able to use it. I think it would be worth it if I buy her one. She will enjoy using it immensely.

Good thing it is available online so it is easy to get for her. I love websites like which offers hard to find items. It is perfect for busy Moms like me who doesn't have time to go to the mall. ♥

Final answer: YES, will defintiely get this instrument for her!

2015 Osaka/Kyoto Anniversary Trip: Universal Studios Japan Second Stop: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Our next stop in USJ is the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

And boy, Hubby and I had fun!

We didn't get the express pass so we had to line up for this ride for 2 hours. Yes, that long!

But I tell you, it was worth it (*grin*)

This stop is by far our most favorite! ♥♥♥