October 2012 Monthly Roundup

What books and/or magazines did I read this month?
- The Fallen Series (Fallen, Torment, Passion) by Lauren Kate

What movies and/or TV shows did I watch this month?
- Tinkerbell's The Secret of the Wings (we probably watched it more than 10 times after downloading it last weekend)

What special days did I celebrate and how?
- The Ate's Family Day at School
- Byko's 1st Birthday
- The baby girl's first Trick or Treat at school
- CLP Baptism, it was a special day
- Ashley's 1st Birthday

What gifts did I give and/or receive?
- Gifts for Byko and Ashley!

What illnesses or health concerns did I have?
- The baby girl got a stomach flu for a few days
- The Ate got sick for more than a week :(
- I had terrible, terrible headache

What fun things did I do with my friends and/or family?
- Hubby and I watched Phantom of the Opera
- We had dinner and wine after :)
- The Ate's Family Day at School
- Ate's Field Trip
- October Family Day
- Trick or Treat at the Village
- Attended Byko's 1st Birthday party
- Baby girl's first trick or treat at school
- CFC Chapter Halloween Costume Party
- Attended Ashley's 1st Birthday party
- Hubby and I had a massage at Ki Spa
- Halloween party with our household

** It was definitely a busy October but it was also the most fun month we ever had! **

What new foods, recipes or restaurants did I try this month?
- We went to a lot of Starbucks this month for the one-to-ones for our current CLP
- Milky & Sunny for breakfast
- My Kitchen for the Panizza, Pasta, Dessert and Wine
- Went back to RUB, Kapitolyo
- Prince of Persia in Eastwood
- Tried Hap Chang for the first time
- McDonald's Big & Tasty (YUM!)
- McDonald's Coke Float and Twister Fries

What special or unusual purchases did I make?
- Bought a couple of earrings and leather bracelets here and here.
- Bought clothes from TopPicks (online shop)
- A couple of arm candies from my friend Peachy

What were this month's disappointments?
- We got sick this month so we badly needed rest

What were my accomplishments this month?
- Deportment and Academic Merit Awards for the little girl (Ate). Wuhoo!
- New Yaya is here. Praise God!

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. Long weekend is coming!
2. 2 Trick or Treats for the kids (so far!)
3. Dunkin Donuts' Freshly Brewed Coffee
4. My little girl got 2 merit awards for the first tri - Deportment and Academic. Praise God!
5. Candyland party last Sunday!
6. More parties soon (*wink*)
7. Shopping
8. Arm Candies :)
9. Online Tasks
10. Online Window Shopping

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What do you Think about this Flooring?

This particular flooring is so nice I can't help but share it here. It's from Carpet One, another online store that I've been eyeing for months now. Since we are prioritizing the change of flooring in our family hall, we are looking at a few online shops to make our shopping of flooring easier.

I checked Carpet One's website and they have a couple of programs that I would like to try (if you are also interested in Remodeling... start here.). I love that options are endless when it comes to flooring, carpets, tiles and laminated floorings. These items are everywhere. And we are so glad!

Portice Carpet One Floor & Home in Lakewood carries a large selection of discount flooring such as basement flooring and slate flooring. I love that they also provide expert advise to those who are confused. (Yes, like us!) All you have to do is call 720-457-4115 for more details. I'm sure the experts on these things will be able to help us decide. Now, all I have to do is check my schedule when can I call them. Probably this coming long weekend? We'll see about that!

Dinner with my Friend at Kogi Bulgogi

A couple of weeks ago, when I went to a salon in Eastwood, I took the opportunity to meet my friend there too to catch up and have dinner at Kogi Bulgogi.

I was craving for Korean food that night so I was really excited to try it for the first time.

We had this maki for appetizer.

I found it really good but since I was watching what I usually eat, I didn't allow myself to binge.

For the main course, my friend and I just had one order of Bulgogi and rice for both of us. The serving was huge so good thing we just shared.

I was expecting more on the Bulgogi but for me, it was just ok and nothing special really. Maybe next time when I bring the Hubby there, we could try their other dishes too.

Freaky Just Got Fabulous

If you are in the area of SM Makati on the 31st of October, then check out, this Halloween event that would be fun for your kids...

A single receipt purchase of any regular-priced Monster High item from any participating Toy KIngdom outlets from Oct 1- 31, 2012 entitles a customer to one (1) haunt pass (Note that 1 pass = 1 kid + 1 companion only) which entitles to register for the costume parade and win fang-tastic prizes.

Sounds like FUN!

Special Financing for Different Types of Flooring?

I'm sure you already noticed that I've been writing about flooring and carpets for a couple of months now. It's just that, we have finally decided to make time and prioritized our flooring. WE have decided to stick on or current flooring for our family hall which is the wood flooring and then will find a perfect carpet for our bedroom.

And I'm glad we have finally come to a decision because there is a special financing plan that offers packages that you will be able to save now. I know that buying a flooring that is of good quality also entails a huge dent on the budget. So this is perfect and truly a blessing for us. We are really eyeing Flooring America and now I'm checking out the Lovers Lane, Kalamazoo, MI branch. Just like any other Flooring America branch, they have more than 17,000 options for flooring, carpet, tile and laminated. So this is really the go to place when it comes to flooring. They've been in the industry for years now too so they are reliable when it comes to shipping the orders and handling payments too. These are the type of suppliers that I would go for when it comes to our home.

Good Morning!

Greeting you a great morning and wishing I could go to the nearest Starbucks right this moment to have a hot, freshly brewed coffee...


We'll see if I can go there during my break. I really want one cup of coffee!

Sharing a Video this Sunday: Better Than A Hallelujah

This beautiful song - Better than a Hallelujah is by Amy Grant. Listening to this is a perfect way to start this Sunday.

Have a good one, everyone!

Cartoon Network's Halloween Heroes Haunt

Here's another halloween event that looks interesting to check out...

It is happening tomorrow, October 27, Saturday at SM Megamall Event Center from 10:00 am - 6:00 pm. You can spend a minimum of Php500 (must include halloween and/or Cartoon Netowork item) at Toy Kingdom for a ticket to the haunt! You may redeem tickets at Toy Kingdom branch of SM MEGAMALL from September 29 to 11AM Oct. 27, 2012 only.

Cyruss and Gail's Beautiful Wedding

I can't believed it took me two months to post this. But better late than never. Last September, we were invited to attend Cyruss and Gail's Wedding at Centris. I was excited since I haven't been to a wedding for years now. It looks like we've been busy with birthday parties for the past few years.

So after the double birthday celebration with my BIL, off we went to Centris.

We enjoyed the food, the program and of course our friends!

Thanks again for inviting us, Cyruss and Gail! (*wink*)

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. New songs for the little girls
2. Busy, but fun weekend!
3. Thankful for work
4. Baby girl is better now. The Ate is almost better!
5. Early Trick or Treating at the Village
6. Planning for the baby girl's 4th birthday!
7. Byko's 1st Birthday party
8. Bonding with Hubby
9. CLP
10. Simple blessings :)

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Boodle Fight: A Double Birthday Celebration

I celebrated my birthday FOUR times this year and here's the 3rd birthday celebration I had. A double birthday celebration with my BIL.

We prepared our own boodle fight. I brought our favorite food, Lechon Kawali and Chicken Teriyaki from my favorite Almost Gourmet...

...and then I made my favorite Mango and Kani Salad.

And this is how our food looked like!

We all had a grand time with the boodle fight. It was the most sumptuous lunch we ever had so far!

Vivere Hotel & Resorts' Chills and Thrills

Are you in the South and looking for a halloween party for your kids? Then, better check this out...

The halloween party is happening on October 27, 1:00 to 4:00PM at Vivere Grand Ballroom. For the tickets, you can pay PHP1,000.00 per person which is inclusive of 1 Merienda Cena for Adult + Kid PLUS an entry to the Costume Contest. Looks like this is so worth it!

For more details you may call 771-7777 or visit www.viverehotel.com.ph.

My Little Girl and her Love for Notebooks.

Ever since, my little girl loves to write, draw and color. Now that she's a little bigger, she discovered and developed a love for notebooks.

I was probably the one who introduced this for her but every time we go to bookstores, she would ask if we could buy a notebook for her. If I think about it more, I guess this is better than toys since she would learn more in scribbling down her notebooks. Because of this, I'm thinking of giving her a special kind of notebook. Yes something like a portfolio. I can just imagine her joy when she opens her gift this Christmas. I'm sure she will be ecstatic. I will choose a color that would suit her, good thing USImprints.com offers a lot of colors to choose from. ♥

Quick Dinner with my Family at Wild Ginger

Right after our getaway in Thunderbird, we all went straight to Powerplant Mall to meet my brother and sister to have dinner before my brother's flight back to SG. We chose "Wild Ginger" since all of us haven't tried this restaurant.

We ordered asian salad, fresh spring rolls, tom yum noodles, crispy tawilis and chicken curry.

The food that we ordered were sooo good especially the chicken curry which gave us a different taste compared to our usual chicken curry at home.

The resto was a bit small but it was comfortable especially for the kids. We will definitely go back and try their other dishes.

Again, thanks for the treat dear sister! (*wink*)

Discovery Suites' Play Dead Halloween Kiddie Party

Prepare for Discovery Suites' Play Dead Halloween Kiddie Party!

It is happening on October 31, 2012, Wednesday around 2:00PM at Columbus & Magellan Function Rooms. Entrance fee per person is PHP600.00/NETT.

If you are interested, you can call Discovery Suites at (02) 719 8888
or email rsvn@discovery.com.ph for inquiries or reservation.

More Carpets for Us!

Our weekend was very busy but I would productive. Simply because we were able to meet the people that we needed to meet for our current CLP and also we managed to squeeze time to go to a party. And the best part is, I was able to find time to check out Advance Carpet One in St Louis. It has been part of our weekends already. To look for the carpet design that we need for our bedroom. I don't know how long this task would last but I'm thinking maybe until the end of the year.

The project of putting up a carpet in our bedroom is not urgent but we need to find time because there are tons of options available at Carpet One that we need a lot of time to choose which would work on our lifestyle. With two little kids, it would take time for us to find the perfect carpet for us. So for now, we are alloting every weekend to do this errand. Yes, we call it an errand because it actually involves the house. I'm really thankful that options are endless for carpets at Carpet One. At least there is a possibility that we would really find the one that would really work for our bedroom.

Spend Halloween at the Traders Hotel

We got rid of the tricks so you'd be fascinated with spectacular treats at Traders Hotel, Manila with an overnight stay in a Superior Room at PHP 3,888*.

Treats include:
- Buffet breakfast at Latitude for two (2) persons
- Upgrade to Deluxe Room
- Complimentary bottle of wine
- Complimentary unlimited Wi-Fi and broadband internet access
- Complimentary two (2) bottles of water replenished daily
- 25% discount at Kitsho Japanese Restaurant and Sake Bar
- 3 PM late check out

This is valid from October 26 to November 4, 2012.

Happy Halloween!

Sharing a Song this Sunday: We Found L♥VE

Check out this wonderful version of "WE found Love" by Lindsey Stirling.

Very, very inspiring and making me feel good today!

What do you think?

Have a nice Sunday everyone! (*wink*)

Sunset BBQ Buffet at Sofitel

I have purchased vouchers for sunset BBQ Buffet last year. I can't believed a year has passed before I was able to use them. Good thing my birthday came and my brother and Tita were here, we were able to finally use it to celebrate my birthday.

I wasn't in the mood to take pictures, I was concentrating with the buffet that I just let Hubby took care of picture taking. Another reason for this is, the buffet wasn't much. I wasn't happy with it considering the price, not much choices, I wished we could have gotten the spirals buffet instead.

But anyway, since the buffet was inside a function hall and there were dancers dancing folk dances, the kids immensely enjoyed the dinner.

The food was not that spectacular that the only thing that I can remember eating was the prawns and the rib eye steak. The rest was nothing spectacular. The service was the worst too, ordering drinks would take them soo long to serve. And they couldn't clear up our tables.

Well, good thing that didn't dampen our mood. After all, it was still a night to celebrate my birthday!

So we right after we finished dinner, we just explored outdoors (the weather was great!) and had a few photos taken, again by the Hubby.

What is an Elder Law?

The nice thing about writing articles is I get to learn a lot of things. There are things that I haven't read or knew until I've read it online. Today, I learned about Dallas elder law and learned that it actually exists. This is one field that I have no idea about and its good that I get to learn about these things online.

The elderly law is focused on obtaining and retaining public benefits for the elderly and disabled. There are actually law firms that offers services to the elderlies and disableds and assist them in getting their benefits. This is a very good service for the society since they are focusing on the important people. I'm so happy that there is a firm that would cater for them and their needs. But if not for the Dallas elder law lawyer I read online, I wouldn't know that this law actually exists. This particular lawyer in Dallas would assist elderlies who might want to enter a nursing home and didn't know how. They would gladly assist them and they can even consult these lawyers of the benefits that they have. Sometimes we often forget the benefits that we are supposed to be enjoying.

I guess the key point here is to be more aware of the things that are happening and the things that we are supposed to be enjoying. To read more online and explore. Thanks to the internet, everything is possible nowadays. With a few clicks of our mouse, we can discover things that we wouldn't discover if we do not have the internet. Of course there is also a telephone that we can use to call law firms for these kind of information but if you are comfortable just reading stuff from the internet, then you are lucky there is HammerLe.com for you.

Enchanted Halloween at Edsa Shangrila

Here's another halloween party that you might want to check for your kids...

Edsa Shangri-La Hotel's Enchanted Halloween

This is happening on October 28, 11:00 am to 3:00 pm at Isla Grand Ballroom. The ticket price is Php 1,350 per person (NET) which includes: kiddie lunch buffet and mocktails, magic tricks, face painting, halloween-themed game-booths, arts and crafts activities and special loot bags.

I think it will be worth it!

For more details, like Edsa Shangri-La Hotel's Facebook page.

Miley Cyrus Stars in "So Undercover"

My kids love Miley Cyrus in Hannah Montana. There was a time when they watched that movie at least twice a day! Because of that, Hubby and I learned to love her too. She acts well in Hannah Montana and sings very well too.

Now, she is going to be in a new movie called "Undercover" and I'm so looking forward to it. Although it looks like it is not for kids, but maybe Hubby and I can watch it in the movie house without the kids.

Yes, we love Miley Cyrus that much. Here's the trailer, maybe you might want to check it out too! (*wink*)

What do you think?

More Flooring Options at Feasterville

I guess it is now part of my day to browse on flooring options since I discovered thousands of flooring designs at Flooring America. Now there is a new branch that I've discovered called Flooring America Feasterville that looks promising too! I guess this task is never ending with all those choices! But this time, I'm focusing more on the hardwood flooring. Although there is still a SALE on the stain-resistant carpets but to make our lives easier, will just settle with the hardwood that is very much the same with our current flooring.

I believe that Feasterville will be able to help me after more than 50 years in the industry. They claim that they are the area’s premier flooring leader with a diverse selection, expert advice, and a commitment to quality. I love that they sell a wide assortment of the top-selling styles and brands of flooring that makes it more confusing but actually good for us since we have all the options to choose from. Since it is now part of my routine to check the new designs, I'm happy that we are doing progress when it comes to choosing which flooring to get. I'm looking at probably before the year ends to finally decide which particular color and design to get to replace our old flooring in the family hall.

Why People Read Books?

"People read books to escape the uncertainties of life."

Well, I can somehow relate. This is quite true in some way. How about you? What do you think?

Halloween Party at Holiday Inn, Clark

Are you in Clark, Pampanga on the 31st and looking for a halloween party?

You might want to check this out!

Brace yourselves… Plants and Monsters are invading Holiday Inn Clark this coming Halloween. Be part of this excitingly fun and scary day for your kids to enjoy. There will be activities for the kids and even the kids at heart… we have the Bazaar, the famous Halloween maze, games, movie with popcorn, magic, illusion and bubble shows. Get dressed and compete in the most attended Costume Party for kids. Monsterrific prizes await the winners in BEST IN COSTUME!

So, save the date - October 31, from 11am at Holiday Inn Clark where you will have a fun day!

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. Baby girl is better now after a few vomitting episodes over the weekend
2. The Ate's family day! ♥
3. Lunch at RUB with a whole slab of baby back ribs. YUMMY!
4. Plus Red Velvet Cupcake.
5. Planning my baby girl's 4th birthday. No longer a baby :(
6. Ilocos' Empanada is right beside our office
7. Online shopping!
8. Time for Exercise
9. The little girls are happy!
10. Coffeeee

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Professional Flooring Cleaner

Now that we still don't have an extra help to take care of the kids, our house I would say is a mess. Well, we are managing well in fairness to us, but I think we need those professional cleaners already to take care and refinish wood floors. I would say it needs to be taken cared of since those floorings were pretty expensive. I know the quality was good with the price but we still need to take care of it badly.

Jan Pro Cleaning Systems can take care of these kind of services. Whether you have an office or just at home, they can provide services on the precious floors that you have. Here are more services that they provide: Commercial wood flooring, Stripping and refinishing, Hardwood floor polishing and waxing, Proper cleaning techniques, and Proactive hard-surface floor-care programs. They've been in the industry for years now so yes, you can definitely trust them!

If you are interested, what you can do is consult a flooring consultant in Oklahoma City. They have a branch there and also in the surrounding areas of Cleveland, Canadian, Lincoln, McClain, Grady and Logan. So to those who are living in those areas, you are pretty lucky because you can contact Jan Pro whenever you want. Oh, how I wish I live there too.

I am Wealthy.

Because I have something that is money can't buy. I have a husband that is very understanding and loving. I have kids who never fail to make me happy. I am wealthy and thankful for these wonderful blessings. ♥

Andie's Wish List for the Twitterafia Christmas Party

I posted a couple of days ago the Ate's wish list for the Twitterafia's early Christmas party. This time I'm posting Andie's wish list...

1. DIY Paint. She loves to paint these days and she specifically asked for something similar to this one...

Since they already got the two items above please choose a different design. (*wink*)

2. Baby Tiger stuffed toy. After watching "We Bought a Zoo", she has been asking us to buy her a baby tiger, but of course, we can only afford to give her a stuffed toy. Joaqui of Peachy got the same stuffed toy and I learned that she got it from "Blue Magic". (Thanks Peach!)

3. Dainty Ashley's Ella Pony Tails, Andie Mini Clips (she got the Andie Mini - Popsicle already), Mikee Clippie or Tiffany Solo Clippie.

Thanks in advance, "Mommy"!

Sharing a Song this Sunday: All I Ask of You...

I still can't get over the musical play that we watched last week, so I'm sharing a wonderful song from the Phantom of the Opera.

This is the song, "All I Ask of You" by Steve Barton and Sarah Brightman as Phantom and Christine.

Beautiful isn't it?

Ever since I discovered this in Highschool, I've always been in love with the songs of Phantom of the Opera. ♥♥♥

Happy Sunday Peeps!

Alex's Wishlist for the Twitterafia Christmas Party

We are having a Halloween/early Christmas party with my good friends soon and we need to post our wishlist for the kids' exchange gifts. This has always been my favorite part!

Last year, we actually went to the mall to look for the toys that they wanted, but since our schedule is pretty tight these days, I just asked the Ate what she likes. I suggested a lot of things but the only thing that she wants is this...

* Photo grabbed from Amazon.com

A cute diary with a key.

She specifically wants a diary with the butterfly design but if it is hard to look for a similar design, she would still be happy to receive any other designs as long as the color is purple & pink (as expected for the girls, right?).

Now, this is not a list if I only have one item so IF EVER the "Mommy" of Alex wouldn't be able to find the cute diary with a key, the second option would be MommyDepotOnline's Stamp Marker Activity Pad...

* Photo grabbed from MommyDepotOnline.

Take note that one of the owners of MommyDepotOnline is my friend so I can guarantee that the shop is reliable. (*wink*)

You can add cheap but cute notebooks, cute pencils & pens, bracelet or necklace, everything kikayness. LOL!

Thanks in advance, "Mommy"!

Wondering When will I ever have another Cruise.

The last time I went on a cruise was in Phuket with my whole family. It was unforgettable because the sights were amazing. Although we see those sights in our country but the fact that we were in a huge boat and we would go down the water to snorkle was what made it more special.

I would love to go on a cruise again one of these days. My family loves the beach so much so we would love to go on a beach cruise again. But we would like to try more options like the river cruise of Rhine cruises. It would be nice to experience that too.

We always make sure that we explore a new country at least once a year. Going on a trip is a nice way to educate the kids and expose them to the culture and traditions of a different country. Ever since my girls were a baby, we would go to a different country and I noticed that whenever we come home from a trip, they would always come home different. It is like as if they've grown or they've learned so much from the trip. So, I would say, another cruise would be definitely worth it!

I Definitely Need Quiet Time.

My mind has been whirling for the past few days now. Some people call it STRESS. I would say it is my body's reaction to too many activities, too many things that I need to do, too many commitments, spending too much hours online, too much playing games, too much time watching movies, too much reading and more.

I wouldn't have realized it until I read this nice article by Leo Babauta about learning to sit alone and do nothing for a few minutes or even hours.

Although I love the entire article, there are some parts of the article that struck me the most...

If you’re content to sit alone quietly, you don’t need to eat junk food, to shop on impulse, to buy the latest gadget, to be on social media to see what everyone else is talking about or doing, to compare yourself to others, to make more money to keep up with the Joneses, to achieve glory or power, to conquer other lands or wage war, to be rude or violent to others, to be selfish or greedy, to be constantly busy or productive.

I'm so so guilty of this. No thanks to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (and viber is now keeping me busy too!), I can no longer sit still without doing anything. There are times that I would prefer to tinker my phone now instead or reading a good book. Not good! Definitely not good!

Most of us have trouble sitting alone, quietly, doing nothing. We have the need to do something, to check our inboxes and social media, to be productive. Sitting still can be difficult if you haven’t cultivated the habit.

That's me! :(

Being alone is another pleasure we too often neglect. When we are alone, we go on the Internet or TV to see what else is going on, what others are doing or saying, instead of just being alone. This isolation is a necessary thing, that allows us to find ourselves, to learn to be content with little instead of always wanting more.

I remember when I was in the US, I was always alone there. I used to walk around the lake on my own. I would eat my meals by myself. I would go to the mall without anyone with me. I was alone ALL the time.

It actually felt good. I knew myself back then. I knew what I wanted to do in my life. I knew my dreams, my goals, my needs. I was focused. I was grateful.

I realized that it really pays to sort things out on your own sometimes. Being alone is not something pitiful. Being alone is knowing yourself all over again and then loving yourself when you know yourself completely.

Can you practice being alone, being still, being quiet? Just a little at first, then perhaps a bit more. Listen, watch, learn about yourself. Find contentment. Need nothing more.

Yes, this was an eye opener for me. From now on, I would allot time for myself to think, to pray and to be thankful for all the blessings that came my way and blessings that are coming my way.

--- o0o ---

I told you, I could have shared the entire article here because every word written there was meant for me.

Thank you for the very nice article, Mr. Leo Babauta!

**To read the entire article, click here.

Do you Believe in Fairies?

In this modern times with all the high tech gadgets, fast and reliable internet, who could believe in fairies, anyway?


Because he actually exists and he was here in my blog showering "fairy dusts" by giving aways gifts. What a treat and it definitely made my day! He also showed me that its possible for me to own the stainless freezer that I've been wishing to own for years now. Good deals area all over the internet for this amazing product so who knows, I might own it before the year ends.

Anyway, if you want to be showered with fairy dusts by the Fairy Hobmother, drop a comment in this post and who knows he might be able to visit your blog too. Today is a lucky day for me and maybe it can be your lucky day too! (*wink*)

Thank you for dropping by Fairy Hobmother! ♥♥♥

Our Quick and Healthy Lunch at Pho hoa Vietnamese Noodle House

When my Tita and Tito were here last August, I didn't know where to take them for lunch since they are health conscious and doesn't like fast food. I've been thinking of what restaurant would suit them until I realized that they have to try Pho Hoa! This Vietnamese restaurant does not only offer healthy food but most of the dishes are delicious too.

So, off we went to Pho hoa for a quick and healthy lunch...

For appetizer we had this fresh spring rolls.

We also had salad and seafood noodle soup. The kids loved the soup especially the squid balls that went with it.

For my main course (yes, the huge noodle soup wasn't my main course), I had chicken bbq rice bowl which was very tasty.

I was so happy my health conscious Tita & Tito loved Pho hoa! If you are a health buff, you will surely love it too.

For more details, visit http://www.phohoa.com.

♪ The Phantom of the Opera is Heeeere... ♪

Yes! After praying really, really hard for it, after the season was extended and a blessing came our way, we were finally able to watch the Phantom of the Opera.

And the Hubby was with me! It was the first time that we watched a musical play since I would always go with my sister. Since my sister watched it already during the first week of the show, I asked the Hubby to go with me. I don't mind watching it alone, really, but I would like him to experience this one. I know it would be unforgettable because I was able to watch it in Broadway, New York, 11 years ago, and until now I can still remember the feeling after watching it.

True enough, he enjoyed the show very much!

The props, the lights, the stage, nothing can beat Phantom of the Opera. I can imagine the railings built in the stage, everything was gliding smoothly. If only I can ask where they got the bearings, turntables, slides and the positioner units, these would be perfect for the real linear rail systems. Yes, it was that smooth and it glided nicely I was very impressed.

How I wish I was able to capture it, but of course cameras were not allowed inside the theatre and photos should not be taken. So every scene and every music was captured hopefully in my mind. And I'm definitely sure I will remember it for years and years to come.

If you haven't watch it, get a ticket now and don't ever miss it especially if you love classic musical plays!

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. Relaxing Weekend
2. Online Tasks
3. InstaUkay!
4. One to Ones with CLP participants
5. The Ate has good grades. Thank you Lord!
6. Quick breakfast at Milky & Sunny
7. ♪ The Phantom of the Opera is heeeeere...♪ (Watched it last Saturday)
8. Dinner Date with the Hubby after the play ♥
9. Panizza, Pasta and Wine. FTW!
10. Online Shopping

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Sharing a Song this Sunday: Please Don't Stop the Rain

Here's another nice song for a nice day like today.

Please Don't Stop the Rain by James Morrison.

Happy Sunday, everyone!


Spend Quality Time with your Children

Mommies and Daddies, this is for you...

Let us all spend quality time with our precious kids. Life is so short not to.

Happy Monday everyone!

The Little Girl Loving her Scooter

I can't believed I forgot to post this! My little girl's dream has always been to experience to roll about scooter and she has been asking us to give her that since she was 3 years old. Of course, we didn't give in because she was too small to even use one. But during her 6th birthday, her Lolo and Lola gave her the scooter of her dreams!

She doesn't look THAT ecstatic in this photo, but YES, she was in cloud 9! She got all of the gifts that she wanted during her 6th birthday. So it was the best day of her life. Now, I need to read about safety measures in riding a scooter and hopefully I can get a lot of tips. There is a site that promising called AndrewStreet.com that I need to read today. We'll see!

Quick Shopping with my Tita at High Street

My Tita was here a couple of months ago and we were happy to bring her to HighStreet for a quick shopping.

Yes, my brother was also here so it was an impromptu reunion for all of us. We checked out a couple of stores starting from Market!Market! to Serendra to High Street.

It was just in the afternoon on a weekday, a quick shopping, but the three of us really had fun catching up while window shopping. Since MNG was still on sale, I was able to grab two tops. It was my early birthday treat for myself!

After our quick shopping, off we went to have dinner at Roboto San. Will post more about it soon!