I'm Back!

Hey, hey, hey! Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I'm sure people are still busy preparing for the New Year.

As for me, we had a blast! Still keeping up with errands, unpacking, and rest! But, all is well and happy. :)
(well, except for the severe headache and a rupture of blood vessel in my left eye. But, that's another story).

Anyhoo, I can't wait to post everything. Will do that probably after the holidays.

So, for now, I just want to greet everyone a


Off to Somewhere Cold...

This is probably my last post for the week and before the holidays. My family and I are going to a place where it is colder than here in the Philippines. Yeap, a little bit far, but not that far. I will let you all know where, when we get back. ;)


So, I guess, this is my "Merry Christmas" post already.

People are so busy with everything - Shopping, buying gifts, Christmas parties, trying to beat deadlines before the year ends, weddings, reunions, well, I can go on and on...

But, I hope we don't forget the true meaning of Christmas. The day that our Saviour was born. The day that we will always be thankful for. The big day for the Celebrant!

Do we have a present for Him already? Or we're too busy with other things that we forgot what to offer Him?

Well, just a thought to ponder because sometimes I get too preoccupied with other things too that I don't get to focus on what's really important.


Well, I just want to greet everyone a very Merry Christmas! Enjoy the holidays! And warning, don't eat too much!!! :D


Xmas Tag3 copy

Sharing Some Scraps

I recently joined this wonderful forum, PHP Digiscrappers, which inspired me to do more digital scrapping. You see, I started doing this (I didn't realize then that what I was doing was actually scrapbooking!), when I decided to work on Alex's Photo Album (from birth to 1 year old).

And yeah, I'm so happy to say that I'm done with 0-8 months of her pictures and waiting for the next pictures in the next coming months. :)

Anyhoo, the purpose of this post is to let you all know that I will be sharing some scraps that I've worked on from now on. But, I'm warning you, I'm not an expert! Just trying to be...hihihi...

Please check out the right side bar of my blog , you will see the new column "Sharing some Scraps" that I've just added. I will post here the scraps that I've finished. And right now, it's the first Layout (LO) that I've created! Yeaaahooo! Credits of the LO will always be at the bottom of the image.


(*wink, wink*)

The Long Wait is Finally Over!

Yes! It all happened yesterday, Monday. The review with my boss.

It was not that long. But, pretty scary...

To make the story short, I DID IT! Although of course there were negative reviews and a whole lot of things to improve on but, the bottomline is, I DID IT!

Praise GOD! You are indeed a GOD of everything! I don't know how to thank YOU enough.

And my Hubby who has been there thru thick or thin! You're the best!

My baby who has been my inspiration for all my hard work...

Oh diba, pang-awards night ang dating.

What a great and wonderful Christmas gift from GOD.

(*smile, smile, smile*)


Haaay, today is supposed to be the "day". The day that would tell me how my life is gonna be(exag!).

Yes, my boss should suppose to tell me his feedback about my work performance in the past 4 months.

But, haven't heard from him.

So, I'm still waiting...waiting...

Dying to know what will happen! Whew!

Everything has a Purpose

Have you ever felt so lost? One day you have your plans laid out for your life. You thought that everything would go smoothly and nothing would ever go wrong. But suddenly, out of the blue, with just one situation, you would suddenly feel that all your plans are not gonna happen...ever!

I've posted here about how happy I am when I got my my new job. It is working from home. Yes, I work from home and I get to spend the whole day with my baby.

Isn't it the best setup for us? Well, yes! But, things are not working out for me, I guess. And I'm still waiting for the feedback.

Well, if this is not really gonna work, I realized that God has other plans for me. I guess I shouldn't have relied on my own plans in the first place.

But, I guess, as people would say, "Everything has a purpose".

Laptop Sleeves - a Nice Christmas Gift

If you're looking for nice and affordable laptop sleeves to give out this Christmas, check out Vanilla Top. It's nice and useful. It is reversible, it has detachable strap to make it a SLEEVE or a BAG and includes a detachable pouch for your accessories.

I got 2 laptop sleeves for my brother-in-law and for my Mom. :)

For more info, click here.


I just joined a nice forum for Filipino Digital scrappers. And I found out last week that they are having a very interesting (last) contest of the year. I kind of like the idea and decided to join. :) Will keep you updated. (**excited**)


Have a nice week everyone! God is Good!

Me? Writer? ... who knows?

I found the didache reading today a very inspiring reading. The woman shared how she would always volunteer to write for Didache. Although not all her reflections were published, it didn't discourage her to continue to write. And she shared that to further improve her writing, she attended several workshops, read a lot of books and religiously wrote daily reflections in her scripture diary. And then as the Lord expanded her territories, she became a contributing writer for Kerygma and Fish and later became a Managing Editor.

It made me wonder...what if God is telling me to explore that aspect? I never imagined myself being creative. I used to tell people that I wasn't "gifted" in that aspect of my life. I would tell them that I'm a technical person and I could only work with numbers, programs, and systems. Then, I started out this blog. And I'm never the same person since!

What do I mean by this? After I designed the header of this blog, I started to create Alex photo album using digital scrapbooking. Then I started thinking of doing wedding and Christmas give-aways as a business. It's so new to me but I'm really enjoying it! I realized that I have the "creativeness" in me, after all. :)

So...can I be a writer someday? Who knows... God might be up to something for me... (*wink*)