Sharing some Photos

Since we are having a very busy weekend once again, I definitely won't be able to visit here. I'm excited because there are two baptisms that we will be attending. Babies of our very good friends. And aside from that, I will be having dinner with my sister too. Will just post where after we have dinner. LOL!

And oh, I'm also excited because Hubby and I have a date!! And I've been waiting for this for weeks! We will be watching My Big Love! (*grin*) I haven't planned our itinerary for the weekend yet but looking at our agenda means it will be very BUSY.

So, for the mean time, will leave you with these nice photos that Hubby took while we were in Serendra/High Street last Monday. I was having coffee with the Mommy Bloggers while Hubby, Alex and her yaya were having photo sessions! LOL!






Have a great weekend everyone!

I Hate Spam!

And can I say, very much!? I've been getting it for years already. Even if I would filter out the mails in my office email, I would still get it. I just hate it when there are unnecessary mails that would enter my mailbox.

There is a company called Secure Content Solutions that addresses this issue now. It is a way to protect our computer network from spam, viruses, and other malware. And they said that they recommend Sophos for our business’ endpoint security needs. Sophos mainly is for businesses and doesn't offer retail products. And what's good about them is that they offer best in class technical support without outsourcing! A really good way to consider if spams or viruses are one of your issues in your company.

8 Random Things About Alex

I've been tag by Thea, Alpha, Jody, Eds, and Abie. Thank you so much for this very interesting ladies!

1. Alex's full name is Bea Alexandra. At first my in laws and some friends didn't want to call her "Alex" but decided to when they saw that her personality actually fits her name.

2. She is the first girl apo in Hubby's family and she is the first and only apo in my side.

3. She is definitely a happy baby (after confirming it in an article of Smart Parenting)! ;)

4. She was not an iyakin baby when she was still a newborn. She just stays in the crib or rocker and then would try to imitate my smile.

5. She is the reason why I decided to give up my career and started working from home.

6. She used to love sayote. When she was a baby she can eat it everyday!

7. She loves cheese, grapes, cherries, raisins, yogurt, and pasta with tuna now. Oh yes, she's a healthy eater! Except when her Daddy sometimes offers her chocolates and pringles. Oh, she also loves DARK chocolates.

8. She calls palabok and spaghetti, PASTA. :)

So now I'm tagging, Chat, Yvette, HappyMum, and Shabem

Lets Play Domino!

From Thea! Thanks girl!

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Mich's Colorful World


You may want to allow pings on your entry to enjoy the full domino effect. Have fun!

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After Giving Birth

The rest of my pregnancy was a bliss except for 1 month bedrest and Gestational Diabetes. But aside from those, everything went well. The only thing that has been nagging me is the experience right after giving birth. It's not that I want to scare the other expecting Moms out there. My experience after giving birth was far harder than being pregnant. Not to mention my BP that went up after I gave birth, wearing a catheter, breastfeeding, and episiotomy.

I found out just recently that there is now Allegro Medical which is one of the largest and most technologically advanced independently owned online retailers of life enhancing products in the United States. They offer products that could make life easier as they have said. I will check this out just in case I would be needing some products from them.

How To Reduce Stress & Have Peace In Your Life

A forwarded email that I want to share...

Never borrow from the future. If you worry about what may happen tomorrow and it doesn't happen, you have worried in vain. Even if it does happen, you have to worry twice.

1. Pray for PEACE everyday and let it begin with YOU

2. Go to bed on time and get up on time so you can start the day unrushed.

3. Say No to projects that won't fit into your schedule, or will compromise your mental health.

4. Delegate tasks to capable others.

5. Simplify and unclutter your life.

6. Less is more. (Although one is often not enough, two are often too many.)

7. Allow extra time to do things and to get to places.

8. Pace yourself. Spread out big changes and difficult projects over time; don't lump the hard things all together.

9. Separate worries from concerns and take one day at a time.

10. If current situations cause you pain, anxieties and concerns, pray over these and pay attention to what God is trying to tell you and have you do; and then rid your life of whatever it is that causes your pain, anxieties and concerns. But if you can't do anything about a situation, forget it and trust that you're exactly where you were meant to be at this point in time of your life.

11. Live within your budget -- don't use credit cards for ordinary purchases.

12. Have backups -- an extra car key in your wallet, a house key buried in the garden, extra stamps, etc.

13. KMS (Keep Mouth Shut). This single piece of advice can prevent an enormous amount of trouble.

14. Do something for the Kid in You everyday.

15. Carry a Bible with you to read while waiting in line.

16. Get enough rest.

17. Eat right.

18. Get organized so everything has its place.

19. Listen to a tape while driving that can help improve your quality of life.

20. Write down thoughts and inspirations.

21. Every day, find time to be alone.

22. Having problems? Talk to God on the spot. Try to nip small problems in the bud. Don't wait until it's time to go to bed to try and pray.

23. Make friends with Godly people.

24. Keep a folder of favorite scriptures on hand.

25. Remember that the shortest bridge between despair and hope is often a good 'Thank you Jesus.'

26. Laugh and then Laugh some more!

27. Take your work seriously, but not yourself at all.

28. Develop a forgiving attitude (most people are doing the best they can).

29. Be kind to unkind people (they probably need it the most).

30. Sit on your ego.

31. Talk less, Listen more and Slow down.

32. Remind yourself that you are not the general manager of the universe.

33. Every night before bed, think of one thing you should be grateful for that you've never been grateful for before. GOD HAS A WAY OF TURNING THINGS AROUND FOR YOU.

"If God be for us, who will go against us?"

(Romans 8:31)

Coffee Date

with the "Fab" Mommy Bloggers that is! It was set a couple of weeks ago, the much-awaited coffee date in Serendra. When I found out about it I got so excited to see the Mommies again. Obvious nga because we got there before 4pm! LOL!

Anyway, it was a bit raining around 4pm so we decided to order and good thing we found some seats inside Starbucks. But since it was too cold for me (and Alex) we decided to transfer outside.

So, that's how we got our tables Mommies. Anyway, it was a very interesting coffee date! I had so much fun talking about anything! From pre-school, paid blogging (of course!), stalkers, toddler developments, blogging, and so much more! I've learned so much that night that I'm hoping to have this coffee date every month (Paging every month!? LOL!).

Here are some photos that we got. Thanks to Thea for reminding us that it was getting dark and that we needed to take some photos. If not for that, we will forget it! LOL!



It was nice seeing you again Apols, Joy, Jody, Jacqui, Kelly, Thea, and Apple. 'Til our next coffee date! (*wink*)

ETA: So sorry Apple! Kaya pala I was thinking baket parang may kulang? Ayan ang napapala kapag antok na eh nag-bblog pa din. hehe! My mistake! It was nice seeing also Apple! :)

On Having a Business

One of the things that is such a hassle on having a business is doing the accounting jobs. Preparing of books for the taxes, income tax return, and a lot more! There is an accounting jobs blog now that gives you insight on Hot Issues and Trends in Employment in Financial Services, Accounting and Legal plus Expert Advice on the Executive Search Process. It's good that there is something that you can refer to if ever you need some important information for your business.

A.E. Feldman Associates, Inc practice areas include financial and risk management services, legal and legal support services, communications and technology, human resources consulting, and luxury products.

The Link Tag

Thanks Thea for this tag! (*wink*)

Rule #1: Copy all the links below and replace a single link under the appropriate letter of the alphabet. If your domain name, or even the title of your blog, starts with an “A,” you’d replace the link under that letter and put the replaced link at the bottom. Also, don’t forget to credit the tagger, or where you got the list from, at the end of the list with a full URL of the post so that a pingback gets generated.



C. changing lanes

D. Different Faces of Me















S. Something Purple




W. working it




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Family Reunion on a Sunday

We had lunch at the in laws last Sunday to celebrate Hubby's Lola's death anniversary. We were happy to see some relatives we haven't seen for more than a year. Especially Alex who had a grand time playing with her cousins. And because of her excitement she wasn't even able to take a nap! You see, this is the first time that she didn't take a nap (ever since she was born!).

Anyway, the food was catered by Party Time. Our all time favorite. There was lechon ordered from Lydia's Lechon which looked and tasted so good! When I saw it, I couldn't help but pinched the skin! LOL!


The food was great. Lasagna, Fresh Lumpia, Chicken Pastel, Lengua, Maki & Sushi, and Tempura. There were desserts which I wasn't able to taste because I was too full, oh, except for the fruit salad which I've learned to love after our Palawan trip. :)

Anyway, here are some photos that Hubby took. He wasn't able to take a lot though because the battery was drained! Arrrgh. Even our point and shoot camera was low batt during that day. Oh well. I guess it's just not meant to be. :)

Enjoy the photos!

Alex had a haircut!





A Big Move

We had several big moves last year that I think made us a bit stressed out. We were moving from one house to another. And I was pregnant then so the stress was doubled for Hubby. One reason also is that we didn't hire a moving company to move our things from one house to the other.

By that time we didn't have the luxury to hire one because it was too expensive. And besides, how will we know which company to choose? Now I recently read that there is a Service Network that has set up a network of moving companies. What they do is that they go through each company a strict application process to ensure a quality moving company will be part of the network. Sounds really helpful especially for us who don't know a thing about moving.

My Birthdate

Thanks for the tag MM!

Your Birthdate: September 1

You are a natural born leader, even if those leadership talents haven't been developed yet.

You have the power and self confidence to succeed in life, and your power grows daily.

Besides power, you also have a great deal of creativity that enables you to innovate instead of fail.

You are a visionary, seeing the big picture instead of all of the trivial little details.

Your strength: Your supreme genius

Your weakness: Your inappropriate sensitivity

Your power color: Gold

Your power symbol: Star

Your power month: January

More Awards!

Awards are still over flowing and I can't help but feel grateful and flattered by all the awards. Thank you so much!

From Jesse, thanks for this...

From IdealPinkRose, thanks for the Biggest Heart Award...

And thanks to Yvette for this...(I'm flattered!)

I just love these awards, so, thanks and keep them coming! (*grin*)

All About Weddings

I've always wanted our wedding to be unique. Something like destination weddings where it can be held anywhere from a beach to a Caribbean cruise. Definitely unique but also expensive I assume.

One dream wedding that I've always wanted is a wedding at white sand Beaches of Riviera Maya. They offer gourmet cuisine and many other options to choose from. It is a place where food is the main attraction. They bake their own breads, make their own pastas and sauces and use market-fresh ingredients and make sure our guests have special menus for any kind of diet and every kind of indulgence. Sounds like living in a paradise. How I wish I could experience that one day.

Birthday Party in Max's

It was Hubby's apo, Isha who celebrated her 1st birthday in Max's QC last Saturday! Yes, Hubby has an apo already! LOL! Well, if he has an apo already that means Isha is my apo too! Oh my! I can't imagine someone calls us Lolo and Lola aready! Isha actually is the daughter of Hubby's niece. They are a big family and Hubby is the youngest so that's explain why he can be called Lolo now. (*grin*)

Anyway, we were on time (as always) when we arrived at Max's. The setup of the place was very nice. It fitted a baby girl's first birthday. Motif was pink and purple with some green. I love it!


Adults were the most attendees of the party (which I think is expected on first birthdays). Kids were just around 5 or more I think. Alex was quiet (as always) when we arrived and was just observing. She just waves at everybody and when she saw the chairs in front, she sat there and then doesn't want to let go of her chair.


Of course balloons were everywhere that's why Alex had a grand time!


She loved the party hat too!


There were clowns too who hosted the party and kids loved them both.



Alex got this dog balloon!

After the snacks/early dinner Max's mascot came out and I just found out that day that it was a chicken of course! LOL! Alex thought it was a duck though so she called it Ka-Ka her version for duck.

We left after the balloon making since we had to buy some stuff at the mall. While we headed out, we saw spiderman! Look...

Alex was laughing when she saw spiderman...

It was rainy yet fun afternoon. We had a great time meeting some relatives too. So, we wish Isha many more birthdays to come and may God bless her always!


Oh by the way, I had a hair treatment (Hair Reborn) after lunch last Saturday (before the party) that's why I love my hair so much! Sadly when I woke the day after, it went back to normal. LOL! I'm planning to have another hair treatment this weekend. (*excited*)

Hope everyone is having a great week! (*wink*)

Pass it to the Front

I was tagged by Trinity. Thanks sis!

Here are the Rules:
* First copy and paste it.
* Do not remove any content.
* Just add One word related to your blogs.
* If you don't like the concept Pls! say no?
* Our main goal is we are going to circulate our number of friends.
* The more people join the "pass it to the front" the more links we generate.
* Lastly write only one word "short" for your blogs...
* Keep it simple and short,i know some of you have more than one blogs.
* the color is only black,gray, or white plssss avoid using any color okies.

Let me show you:1.-Filipina,2.-Darling allen,3.-Abroad,4.-Halfway,5.-life 6.- culture 7.-interracial 8.-pinaystories/ 9./pinaysinglelooking-10./health-11./my life-12/Nicotine 13/WifeyDiaries 14/ Shopaholic 15/Threenitea 16/RandomThoughts 17/Colorful

It's your turn, Apols, Jody, Thea, Apple, Kelly, Joy, and Jacqui. :)

Happy Weekend!

It is indeed a happy weekend for us since there are so many things to look forward to! As I've posted a couple of days ago we are going to be busy bees this weekend! We will attend a party today and a boys night out for Hubby. Tomorrow is another day to look forward to since we are having a reunion! So I gotta go now and I will leave you with this photo taken last month while we were fooling around with Alex at her play pen. :)

Happy Weekend everyone!

Credit Cards

I'm not into credit cards. I only have one and I'm quite happy and contented with it. But it's good to know that there is a site that actually compares from one credit card to another. It's called the Fair Credit Credit Cards by They are one of the Internet’s longest running sites for online credit card comparison. What they do is they allow consumers, business and students alike to search, compare, and apply for all types of credit card offers. Information is everything from low interest and reward card to cards for people with bad to average credit. In short, they will give you all the information that you need on which credit card to get.


Thanks for this awesome award Thea! :D

And here's more...I got these awards from Gracie Girl!

Thank you so much, Ladies! It's really good to know that someone like you appreciates my blog. It makes me want to blog more!! (*wink*)

It's Saturday!

Yey! And Saturday means cleaning time! We usually do the cleaning of the house on Saturdays. Of course on daily basis we do air cleaners on rooms and common areas such as living rooms and dining rooms. But on Saturday we usually clean the family room and guest rooms. It's just too consuming so scheduling is a must when it comes to cleaning of the house.

Beauty Institute

During my time, beauty institutes were not that popular yet not until now that it continued to expand through the years. ohio cosmetology schools are one of them. It has been founded more than 50 years ago in Minneapolis and has been the fastest growing beauty school in the country.

Hayes Batson the Regency's president and CEO said that they are excited to bring their unique approach to cosmetology education especially to new markets. Their growing network of campuses are now from salons to cruise ships and runways. And the best part is that their graduates are recognized and sought after throughout the United States.

My Favorite Tag

from Joy and Arlene! Thanks ladies! I had so much fun! :D

Create Fake Magazine Covers with your own picture at

Jona, Eds and Chat, want to try this as well?! Have fun!!!


Flowers seem to be an important part of people's lives. During special occasions such as Mother's day and Valentine's day, flowers are given to the people who are special for us. On wedding days, wedding flowers seem to be part of the event. Good flowers sometimes means nice wedding. During our wedding, I wasn't that happy with the flowers that we got, particularly my bouquet. It was one thing that I regretted. Now that there are flowers that can be ordered in the internet like at, I want to get married again! I'm not really a flowers person but I just feel that wedding flowers are one important aspect in a beautiful wedding.

Blego What?

Tagged by Abie. Thanks sis!

Rules: The person tagged must copy the word and paste the definitions of the word contributed previously by the people who did the meme. Link backs would be nice, but not necessary. The person tagged must then add her own definition in this format:
‘’s definition’ and place your link.Being creative with the acronym is encouraged.Answer the following questions.tag 5 other people to do the meme.

Blego (’s definition) – n. an acronym of “blog ego”, which pertains to a blogger’s sense of self in the blogosphere.
Blego (’s definition) – n. bloggers’ blogging ego
Blego (’s definition) – n. a huge piece of lego. Haha.
Blego (’s definition) - n. an ego post of a big-headed-blogger *lol*
Blego (’s definition) - n. a misspelled word.
Blego ('s definition ) - n. a plague in the blogsphere (I was thinking of plague-o, that's why).
Blego ('s definition ) - n. blog ling-o (bloggers language, way of communicating)
Blego ('s definition ) - n. a blogger with a lot of ego, sense of self-worth
Blego (’s definition) – n. (slang) the blogging self; I the blogger
Blego (’s definition) – n. (acronym) B-loggers L-ooking for E-xtra G-imik O-nline (bloggers who are into paid blogging. LOL)
Blego (’s definition) – n. a person who is addicted to blogging! :)

The Questions:

1) Do you know what your blog is really about, and can you write a one-sentence promotional material for it in a flash?
* My blog is about keeping the memories as we, as a family, enjoy life and how we live our lives to the fullest!

2) Do you join social networks to promote your blog? If yes, do you hope to find friends in these social networks and in the process get regular readers of your blog?
* Nope, not really

3) Do you or do you plan to join ranking sites that put your blog in competition with others for popularity? If yes, do you or do you plan to monitor your stats regularly?
* No plans.

4) Do you tweak your blog often in accordance with the tips you get from blogging guides and gurus? If yes, list the bloggers you visit often to obtain these tips.
* Well, no. I blog what I like and what would seem to be helpful to others.

5) Do you think of your next post even if you have just written a new one? If yes, list your inspirations for posting, and/or some routines that you go through before posting.
* Well, not really except if it is a paid post. :D

Anyone want to grab this!? :)

I'm a True Blooded Filipino :)

Thanks for this very interesting tag, Juliana!

Over time, the Filipino way of living has changed a lot, thanks to the influence of the western culture. The once-simple living has gone wonderfully sophisticated that it seems we have gradually lost the traits unique us Filipinos. Even so, we can’t and won’t deny the fact that rooted in our spirit and being is the pride that we are indeed Filipinos.
But how Filipino are you? Are the Filipino traits strong in you? Are you the typical Filipino? Take this simple quiz I have fabricated to determine your being Filipino. Read the items below and tell whether or not you do or exhibit them and count the items that are true to you. After evaluating all the items refer to the gauge below with your points. Remember to take seriously the frequencies (at least once, twice…) in the items; if you lack even one frequency, then don’t count the item.

Here it goes:

1. You can speak Filipino (erstwhile Tagalog). Y
2. Whenever necessary, you take the hand of an elder relative and pat the back of the palm of that hand to your forehead and say “mano po”. Y
3. You know “bayanihan” and had witnessed it personally at least once. N
4. You’ve seen a bahay kubo at least once. Y
5. You’ve ridden on a jeepney at least five times. Y
6. You have separate clothes for in-house and outside use (pambahay at panglakad). Y
7. You’ve eaten adobo, dinuguan, kakanin, tuyo, dilis. Y
8. Your meal is incomplete if without rice. Y
9. You hear Sunday masses and attend Misa de Gallo with your family. Y
10. You can sing “Lupang Hinirang” very well, with no lines missed. Y
11. You don’t care donning ragged and torn clothes exclusively for use inside home. Y
12. You have bought items in a “sari-sari store” at least ten times. Y
13. You have played patintero, tumbang preso and piko during your childhood. Y
14. You can sing at least five OPM songs, and know what OPM means. Y
15. You know the Philippine presidents from the year of your birth onwards. Y
16. You have witnessed “balagtasan” at least thrice. N
17. You’ve been recounted with stories involving aswang, tikbalang, manananggal, nuno sa punso. Y
18. You’ve been read, have read or have heard Filipino legends (Ang Alamat ng…). Y
19. You’ve lived, stayed or visited Philippine places other than your city or town at least seven times. Y
20. You’ve visited local (or public) wet market at least five times. Y
21. You have heard guys trying to sing Englebert Humperdink songs on a karaoke machine. Y
22. Your main means of expressing anger is tampo. Y
23. You eat with your hands or use your fork and spoon together. Y
24. You visit home taking with you a few balikbayan boxes. Y
25. You use "po" at "opo" when talking to older people. Y
26. You don't feel comfortable calling people older than you by their first names. Y
27. You know what a "karitela" and "balut", "bagoong" are. Y
28. Instant pancit canton is a good snack. Y
29. You've eaten taho from the magtataho passing by in the morning. Y
30. You send money remittances regularly back home. N
31. You live with your parents until you get married. Y
32. You attended a town fiesta and has eaten at some place you didn't know. Y
33. You can text more than 30 messages a day. Y

Here’s the gauge to tell how Filipino you are: [It increases as you add your own items so adjust your gauge according to your # of items. For those that I tagged...your highest score now is 30 because of the last 3 I added. Make sense? Hopefully...]


22 - 24 = The Filipino blood, spirit and flame burns intensely in you. You are the typical Filipino, who takes pride of your nationality.
17 - 21 = You are proud of your being Filipino and that the traits unique to most Filipinos live in you.
13 - 16 = You are the Filipino who, even adopting strongly the cultures of other nations, still don’t forget some old ways of the Filipino life.
9 - 12 = The Filipino culture has little by little been forgotten by you. You need to at least try some of the items mentioned.
5 - 8 = The Filipino culture has substantially faded in you, or that you have not been exposed to the true, authentic traits of being a Filipino.
1 - 4 = You’re a Filipino, only that you may have not been born and raised in the Philippines and had not lived up or been accustomed to the ways of Filipino living.
0 = You’re not a Filipino.


I'm tagging HappyMum and Kaje.

Used Cars

Since times are tough these days I would consider buying a used car. Since it is common these days, Used cars Victoria, Texas are the best values you’ll find in the automotive market. For me, it's good that there is a company that you can trust in buying such cars because you will never know the real condition of the car. They offer prices that are lower compared to new car and ownership expenses which usually include collision insurance and taxes. It is more of trusting the company that they would offer a competitive price at a great quality. And the best thing here is that they are available on the internet if you want to know more about them!

Busy Bees!

That is how we are for the past weeks! Ever since Valentine's day we've been very busy! Last Saturday Hubby and I went to Divisoria to buy some stuff for Alex's 2nd birthday party. We were happy with what we bought and it was relaxed compared to the other trips to Divi. Watch out for my post about it on my other blog.

As I've posted earlier this week, our Sunday lunch was spent at Mandarin Gateway. After that we were so tired and sleepy that we decided to go home immediately.

Last Monday, we had to go to the mall to buy some stuff for the house, we didn't stay long though because we didn't want to tempt ourselves to eat some fast food (because Hubby and I decided to sacrifice eating at fast food restos for the lenten season, I just hope we get to keep it until next month!)

Last Tuesday we had dinner at my Mom's house because my Tito and Tita from Mindanao arrived.

Then last night (Wednesday), we went to Serendra to have dinner again with the Tito and Tita, Mom, and sister. We were supposed to have dinner at Conti's but can you believe, there were 16 groups before we can get our seats!? What!? I was too hungry that I suggested that we choose another resto. We ended up in Friday's which Hubby and I realized was VERY kid-friendly! We didn't expect it though. There was a free meal for kids ages 2 - 6 on weekdays (sorry, I can't exactly remember what time). Alex got mini burgers with fries and grapes. She love grapes so much that she was more than happy with the meal (even if she ate at home already! LOL!). They provided crayons and papers for her so she managed to stay in her high chair throughout the entire meal (weeeee! sooo happy!).




I love Friday's. If before I used to hang out here with my friend for a girl bonding, now, it was totally changed. We would definitely go back here with Alex. :)

After dinner, I had to rush to another Friday's, this time in Galleria to meet up with my friends, Farrah, Ercs, and Mage. It was Farrah's birthday celebration! Happy Birthday Fars! A few photos taken before we headed to Starbucks for coffee...



We have plans for later and Friday too! Not to mention a birthday party on Saturday and family lunch on Sunday. Yes, with that I can officially call ourselves as Busy Bees!

Anything Under the Sun!

That is what my friends and I talked about ever since we were in highschool! And would you believe that one of our favorite topics is colon cleanse? Yes, we talked about it all the time. Probably because all of us are health buffs! Or maybe because we were together everyday that we can't think of a nicer topic anymore. LOL! I miss those days when all you think about is almost nothing. All you have to do is study for your exams, recitations, etc. All along I thought that my life was hard then, but now that I have more responsibilities, it's good to go back and think that life was easier when I was in highschool.

Miami Heat Tickets, Anyone?

If you are into concerts, basketball games, and planning to purchase Miami Heat Tickets, you need to visit Premium Seats USA's website. No hassles to obtain tickets. No lines, great seats! Impossible? Definitely not!

Their goal is to provide the best NBA Basketball tickets available. All of their tickets to the Miami Heat are shipped via FedEx so they claim that it is definitely safe and secure. They also offer outstanding NBA Basketball tickets and the best part is that they offer up-to-date schedule information through their website. I know this is like a dream came true to all basketball fans. That is how great the internet is and these are one of the reasons why I'm thankful for this great technology!

Summer Time!

Although the sun hasn't been shining this week, we were lucky to get a few sunshine several weekends ago!





Alex loooove the pool. Even if we didn't get to fill it up with water, she still had a grand time playing. I can't wait to bring her to the beach!

Alex Loves Books

Ever since Alex was a baby I would read books for her. I didn't know that it will become a habit. But up to now, before we take a nap, I would read for her. And this time she would choose which book she would like to read. And guess what book she would always choose? She would always choose the Kaka book, in translation, the book about this Duck who can't swim. :) I'm just happy that she had learned to love books in such a young age.

Friendship Meme

Thanks to Eds and Chat! (*smile*)

Friendship Day is a special day... It is a special time when you can tell your friends how much you appreciate them and show them how happy and thankful you are to have them... and well, it is the best to let them know how you feel everyday... A Friend is someone who knows all about you and loves you anyway!!!

So Happy!

I finally started my exercises last Monday (thanks to Hubby's Christmas gift)! I'm so happy because I really wanted to be healthy this year and in the years to come. I don't actually plan to lose weight (maybe just a little) but I want to be active and gain back the energy that I used to have. There are a lot of equipment that I chose from like strength equipment, treadmill, body weights, and etc. But hopefully this one that Hubby gave would last for years.

Big Bang Tag

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Post Valentine Celebration

We had a post-valentine celebration with my Mom and Sister last Sunday at Mandarin Deli & Cafe in Gateway. It was a sumptuous lunch! I was actually looking forward to it for weeks!

Mandarin's Sunday buffet lunch has a different setup. The appetizers, soup, and salad were buffet. But the main course and desserts were not.

The Appetizer Buffet - pic from

For the main course, you have the option to choose either rib eye steak or salmon. We tasted both and they were both REALLY good. I loved the salmon because it was light and not too heavy. The Rib-Eye steak was a must too! It was tender (I ordered for medium well) and the meat was juicy, definitely not dry.

Rib Eye Steak - pic from

For dessert you get to choose which one do you like from brownies, double chocolate, bread pudding, and fruit tart. It all looks yummy that's why even if we were too full we still tried the double chocolate, brownies, and bread pudding. Of course we weren't able to finish everything so we just brought it home.

It was a fun and fulfilling post Valentine celebration. Of course aside from the food what's important were the stories and bonding sessions with Hubby, my Mom and my sister. (*wink*)

On Home Improvement

We've been living in the house for not more than a year now but I can see that there are a lot of improvements that need to be done. Especially the bathrooms wherein faucets were used everyday. I tried checking out some stores like Price Pfister and I hope that they offer good quality faucets. Because this is what we really need. Sometimes we even think that price is not the issue because I would rather buy an expensive faucet that would last a lifetime than cheap ones which won't even last for a month.


I love books. Although I can't call myself a bookworm but I would rather read than watch TV. I just hate it when there is no good show on TV and all I had to do was change channels the whole night! Books allow us to learn and nourish our minds. It's one way of knowing what's out there. It's like discovering things while just sitting down or while just at home. That is why I love books.

I Heart Palawan (Day 4 of 4)

This day was our last day in Palawan. It was mixed feelings. I felt sad and excited all at the same time. Sad because our much awaited vacation is almost over. Excited because we will be seeing Alex again! We missed her very much and we've been talking about her the ENTIRE vacation. You see, it was the first time (after our honeymoon) that Hubby and I went out alone and the first time we left Alex for that long. But according to my Mom, Alex had a great time playing with the other kids at my Mom's place.

Anyway, we had a lot of time to shop for this day because our flight was still at 4:15PM. After breakfast, Hubby and I went to the market to buy some fresh seafoods and some pasalubong. The nice thing about their market is that they have a stall there who would pack your seafoods that would be strong enough for the flight. Yes, you can bring crabs, prawns, shrimps, fish, oh, I loved it! We were able to buy 3 kilos crabs, 2 kilos prawns, and 3 kilos fish. And thinking about it (and confirming the prices here) I hoped I bought some more!

I was able to buy some watches, necklaces, and bracelets for pasalubong in the market too. We were only an hour in the market then went back to the hotel. We took a nap for 30minutes then prepared for our (again) much-awaited lunch at Kalui.

This restaurant was quite popular there. When you ask what restaurant serves seafoods, they would immediately say, Kalui. When we got there, wow, I was impressed.

First you need to go barefoot. No slippers nor shoes allowed in that restaurant (which I guess made it cool!). The restaurant was small so we needed to make a reservation. But since it was lunch time and we were early (we got there around 11 AM), there were not much people. I think they are full at night because the ambiance would be much nicer at night. But since they were close on Sundays we just opted to go there Monday lunch time.

Second, the food was great! For people who love meat, sorry for you guys, they only serve seafoods. :)

Hubby and I ordered for their set meal which is good for two pax. The meal includes appetizer, fish steak, prawns, veggies, steamed fish, rice, and dessert. Aside from this, we ordered sizzling seafoods which is also yummy! I was sooo full that I couldn't stand up from the floor. LOL! You see, we chose the table were we would sit on the floor (bad idea!).

Anyway, the experience here in Kalui was unforgettable. I also love the photos that Hubby took while we were there...





Guess what is this? An Eggplant!

palawan trip 255

palawan trip 261

palawan trip 262

palawan trip 264

palawan trip 268

After lunch we went back to the hotel to pack our things then waited for the van to bring us to the airport. It arrived around 2PM (they were on time). We were early though because the check-in counter was still closed. But there were already people lining up and waiting for it to open.

The plane was on time and we boarded at the scheduled time. We arrived at around 5:30PM and were so happy to see Alex again!

Another great adventure for Hubby and I. 'Til our next vacation! (*wink*)