.:. Celebrating my Last Day at Breakfast .:.

Oh, I love Tagaytay! I just love the weather and the breathtaking view of tall volcano! Not to mention those restaurants with perfect location and perfect menu.

Tagaytay is not too far away from my office (my used-to-be office), that's why I asked my hubby Marlon to spend our once-a-month-date (or maybe twice!?) in Tagaytay and in line with this is the celebration of my last day at work.

We chosed to eat at Breakfast (by Antonio's).

When we got there, there were only a few people eating at the restaurant (since, it's a weekday. BUt if you go there on a weekend, expect a loooot of people). They were actually 6 people occupying one table. But, boy! I can guess that they were really anticipating what Breakfast has to offer.

In our case, we've eaten here for several times already. And our first visit just made us go back for more.

Marlon and I had a hard time choosing what to eat. Since, we already tried their breakfast stuff, we opted for the "heavier" kind of meals and chosed Antonio's Burger.

Antonios's Burger ... Please cut in half

I heard about Antonio's Burger for quite a while already. But I haven't tried it before because most of the breakfast meals are more appealing to me at that time.

The size was really big. We asked for them to cut it in half and they were kind enough to gave us separate plates! The burger came with crispy potato chips (for me, it was a little bit salty). The burger itself was good and very tasty. I can taste the spices and (as for hubby) it was REAL angus beef. The onions and lettuce neutralized the flavor and completed the whole burger taste. But somehow, I didn't like how they did with the buns. It was very crispy, that I almost didn't feel that it was a bun. But for the overall meal, i like it.

We ordered Chocolate Chip waffle.

I was quite disappointed when I saw the Chocolate Chip Waffle. I was expecting it with lots and lots of whipped cream (Maybe I should've asked for extra...)! Marlon loved it! As for me... It was more than how it looks like and I kind of like too. It was not too sweet (my kind of dessert..). And chocolate chips are all over the waffle (inside and out!). This is definitely worth the price.

As usual, Breakfast has never fail us anytime of the day! Although the burger has not really exceed our expectations, but it was definitely worth the try.

Next stop ... Grill by Antonio's!?

Last Day at Work

Finally, yesterday was my last day at work.

After waiting for this big day for 3 weeks, I couldn't believed that I felt sad. I realized that I'm going to miss a lot.

I am going to miss everyone. Even if "team effort" was an issue for me during my last project, I would still miss the rants and raves of these people. Rants and Raves about the job...about life...and just about anything.

I am going to miss the environment. I would say being in this job and position is one of the biggest achievement of my life. I've never imagined being in this multinational company and actually work with the "cream of the crops". The fresh air and the greens will surely be missed as well!

I am going to miss the travel. Surprisingly, I realized that travelling helps me think about life and most especially make up some lost sleep. :)

Well... it's gonna be a new adventure for me -- working from home and taking good care of my family and not to mention the menu! I know it's a big challenge. But, I know it's all worth it.

And I have plans...

I will write more blogs. I will learn more recipes. I will get involve with more activities at Couples for Christ. I will be busier than ever! Oh, I can't wait!

The Pink Rubbershoes

I was checking Baby Alex' stuff last week and I saw this pink rubbershoes, a gift during her Baptism last April.

It was really cute!

And when I tried it on her, I realized that it would fit her in a few more months (or maybe weeks!).

Wow, time flies so fast. The memory of giving birth is still fresh in my mind that I couldn't believe how much Alex had grown in the past months!

As of now, she is trying to learn how to crawl (she already knows how to crawl backwards). She smiles at people who are always around her. She talks to her Dadiyo (all the time!). She loves to touch faces. And ... She always farts! :)

I imagine her when she turns 6 mos. I wonder what's her first reaction to solid foods...

I imagine her when she turns 1 and starts to talk. I wonder what her first words are...

I imagine her when she turns 4. I wonder where she would go to school...

I imagine her when she turns 13. I wonder if by this time, she would already have a crush... (sorry, dadiyo, this, you have to accept! hehe!)

I imagine her when she's in highschool. I wonder if she also loves to join stage plays (like Mommyo) or loves to play the guitar (like Dadiyo)...

Haaay, I know it's too early to think about these things ... But as time flies, I just can't help but wonder, how our baby will be in the years to come!?

When you FALL in LOVE

Another must read by Bo Sanchez ...

When You FALL IN LOVE (Debunking the Myths That Are Driving You Crazy)

This article isn't for teenagers only. Falling in love happens to the young and the not-so-young. (Did you see 42-year-old Tom Cruise jump up and down Oprah's couch because of Katie?) It happens to everyone. Fat, thin, tall, short, intelligent, uneducated, holy, not so holy, dark, white, yellow, green... it doesn't really matter. All of us fall in love. And we get stuck in myths that drive us absolutely crazy. My goal is to debunk these myths and convince you not to believe in them. Let's begin..........


Let me qualify. This is such a tricky myth. Because love ----- as defined by the Bible ------ will conquer all. But love ------ as defined by glazed-eyed lovers ----- will not.

If you believe in this myth, you might do the following:

You overlook major obstacles in your relationship.

Everyone you know is wondering why you chose that creature from outer space as your boyfriend. Your bestfriends are telling you to get rid of him. Your family is telling you to throw him out of a running vehicle. Aling Rosa of the sari-sari store across the street is telling you to lace his drink with poison. But you won't --------- because you're in love. That's why there are songs entitled, "you and me against the world" Your bestbuds comment, 'but he's been jobless for the past three years!" And you say, "He's free-spirited. He feels boxed in when he's in the office. '(in other words, he's undisciplined, lazy bum.) Your officemates say, 'He flirts with other women constantly!' and you say, 'No, he's just friendly.' (in other words, he's a pervert) Your cousins say, 'He's taking drugs, He's got needle marks all over his arm. And you say, 'No, he's into cross stitching.'

You overstay in toxic relationships, believing that your love will change him.

The wedding doesn't transform anyone.

Even if three Popes officiate the wedding.

The person you'll march with into the church will be the same person you'll march with out of the church. He doesn't change one bit.

In fact, the marriage makes the hidden more obvious. If he was selfish before he got married, he will be even more selfish after the wedding. If he was hypercritical before he got married, he'll even be more vile and prolific with his criticisms after wedding.

Here's the truth : You need more than feelings of love to make a relationship work. You need mature character, total commitment and a minimum level of compatibility. Especially compatibility in the area of values and mission in life. I hear people say, 'We're compatible. Our names begin with the same letter J. My name is Julie and his name is Julio. We're both born in July." Wow. That's so deep, I want to cry.


I'm sure you've had this experience before.

You are in a crowded room.

You're surrounded by boring, noisy chatter when, suddenly, this gorgeous guy enters the door.

Your eyes meet.

Instantly, time stands still. The universe grinds to a halt. Except for this attractive man in front of you, everything in your vision becomes a giant blur. The hubbub of the crowd becomes a soft muffle and, from out of nowhere, you here gentle violin music from the background.

One week later, he's your boyfriend.

A few weeks later, you discover that your boyfriend's a pathological liar, buried in credit card debt, borrows money from all his girlfriends (you're his eight in six months).

Your mind says, 'Dump him' Your heart says, 'But it was love at first sight!' Here are the consequences ...

You become so focused on the magical first moment, you become blind to the dark side of the relationship. Six out of seven days, you're fighting with your boyfriend.

But you can't give him up because you met each other in such a magical moment. Your car keys fell and he picked it up, and then your eyes met, you smelled his deodorant, and you dropped your keys again ......How can you not be meant for each other?

You become a love-at-first-sight junkie that you could miss out on the 'real thing'.

One intelligent woman told me, 'Bo, there's this guy who's courting me. He's okay. He's kind, he's responsible, he has a good job.......' "

I could hear a 'but' coming ," I said.

'but there are no sparks!" she bit her lip.

"No violin music playing in the background huh" "none. When I see him, the background music I hear is lululalu-lalulalulalei..." "listen.

You don't need a magical first moment to meet our potential husband.

The important things are mature character, financial responsibility, ability for commitment, compatible mission and values..." I actually met this girl again on her wedding, and before she marched down the aisle, she whispered to me, "Do you hear the violin music, Bo? It's loud and clear."

It doesn't have to be love at first sight.

In fact, marriages with the least adjustments are those between friends who've known each other for years before they realize that they're good marriage material.

What is love at first sight?

Many times, it's lust at first sight. Or infatuation at first sight.

Don't give it too much weight.

Here's the truth: it takes a moment to experience infatuation but true love takes a lifetime.


No, you won't.

Here are the consequences for believing this myth : You panic when the feelings wane, and wonder whether the marriage is over and whether you really loved one another in the first place.

Imagine the night of your honeymoon.

Your new bride is sleeping. The cotton curtains are gently swaying in the cool breeze. You gaze at her lovely face. You study her soft cheeks. Her long eyelashes. Her beautiful nose, her parted red lips. And all of a sudden, she snores.


How do you react? Because it's your honeymoon, you say, 'How cute.'

Six months down the road, the same scene transpires. Your wife is sleeping. And the same cotton curtains are gently swaying in the cool breeze.

And you hear her snore.


What do you say? "Ssssssheeeesh, Honey! You sound like a boat!'

What has happened? The feelings have gone.

Let me say this: 'That's normal. It happens to everyone. But it doesn't mean your love is gone so don't panic!

You can make a decision to love the snoring boat.

You start blaming your partner for the loss of love

This is nutty.

But many people do it: when we don't feel in love, we think it's the fault of the other person. And so we fight him.

Again, we fall out of love because we're human beings. It's nobody's fault.

The moment you fall out of love , the real work begins .

Let me explain. This is the most important point I'm going to make. (I got this from Scott Peck in his bestseller book, The Road Less traveled)

Falling in love isn't love Here's why.

When you fall in love.....

a. No decision is required. Falling in love just happens.

b. No effort is required. Falling in love is like.... Well, falling.

c. No hard work is required. Falling in love is being bitten by the love bug.

On the other hand, true love requires all three : Decision, effort and lots of hard work.

In the Bible, love is a command. You make it happen.

Sure true love can only happen after you've fallen out of love. When you begin choosing to love, even if you don't feel like doing it ---- that's true love. And that's the foundation of a lasting marriage.

MYTH 4: YOUR PARTNER WILL FULFILL YOU COMPLETELY Again because falling in love satisfied you completely ----- you want the same satisfaction to last.

No it won't.

Consequence? You might fail to recognize a good relationship because your partner isn't fulfilling the needs you should be fulfilling yourself.

Here's the truth: the right partner will fulfill many of your needs but not all of them .

There are just some things your husband can't give you: you're self-worth. Your spirituality. Your inner happiness.

These are things you have to work on your own. I've met lots of people who think they're dissatisfied with their marriage.

In reality, they're dissatisfied with themselves. I've met lots of people who think they're bored with their marriages. And they complain to the high heavens how boring their husband or wife is ---- when in truth, they're really bored with life.

Meet your own needs.

Find your happiness in God.

Find your niche, your calling, your destiny. And then share your joy with your spouse.


If you believe in this myth, you panic when you get attracted to someone else, questioning the authenticity of your love for your spouse. One man told me, 'Bo, I love my wife.

Or I thought I did. But then I met this woman at work. She has nice make-up. She smells nice. She wears a pencil-cut skirt. When I go home, my wife is wearing a drab rag. Her hair is undone. She smells of vinegar. Gosh I am attracted to this girl at work."

Being attracted to someone is normal ----- even if you have a happy marriage.

But being attracted doesn't mean falling into adultery. Every time you think of the other woman, discipline your heart and say, 'Home, boy, Home!' and escort your heart back to your wife. Because if you feed your attraction with fantasies and constantly think about the other woman, it grows . But if you starve your attraction, it dies a natural death.

Rainy days are here ...

It's been raining so hard since last night so I've decided not to go to work (this is my last week since I've resigned from work already!) This means...time alone with Baby Alex and I can get to eat chocolates!! (BAD!)

I can't wait for my new job ... working from home. I still can't believe how I got this wonderful job (wonderful because I can get to work at the same time take care of baby Alex...).

Haaaaay, no more (very) early morning wake-up time! No more travel for 2hours! No more coffee! No more stress! (well, that's more of a HOPE!)

But this also means that, time should be managed well. I should be able to do things at the same time -- work and alex! Don't have an excuse not to wake up at night (because I'm just at home the whole day!). I may get bored (since I'm the type of person who can't stand being at home all the time).

There are pros and cons of this kind of setup. Hmmmm...but I know GOD will make a way for this to work. I'm very sure!

Happy Birthday, Sweetie!

My sweetie's 28th birthday (July 16, 2006) celebration was a success! (Oh well, that's from our point of view -- me, marlon and alex!) It was a simple celebration with the Magbags and the Ramoses. Alex got to see her cousins (Kuya Rap-Rap and Kuya Toby -- I can't wait for the time when she can play with them already). It was held at our place (it was a bit masikip...but, soon, we'll transfer to our new home next year!). I prepared a Japanese menu that everyone loved! Click on the picture on the left to have a peek on how I prepared it ...

I'd like to share with you the what I prepared. Maybe you can also try serving it in your parties or get-together with friends :

Caesar Salad - I made (or mixed!) it myself . Caesar dressing and lettuce from Santi's. It was a bit expensive but they sure are very fresh. I also added sugar-free croutons and bacon bits (although I bought it from the grocery, you can cook your own bacon to make it more tasty)

Mixed Sushi and Maki - This one made everything perfect for my Japanese theme. Not bad for it's price. I ordered a "big tray" from Tuk-yo (hindi po bisaya ito, yun talga ang name ng store!) in Cherry Foodarama. You can order and then get it in 30mins! Galing!

Tempura - The best daw to! The shrimps my Mom bought in Baclaran,then I had it cooked in Palengke at Paluto in Ortigas. Charap!

Crispy Pata - I marinated it in the morning (recipe from my Mom) and broiled it using Turbo broiler. It was kind of dark. Baka sobra sa toyo. Hehe!

Baked Tahong - from my Mom. She bought the tahong in Baclaran as well. Very cheap. Thanks Ma for this!

Mechado - from my Mom pa din. Best Mechado in the world! (sip-sip!)

and of course for long life -- Pansit! - I think I ordered too much pansit. But ok na din for breakfast the next day. hehe! Buddy's pansit (with lechon kawali), yummy!

For Dessert:

Chocolate Mousse (a gift from Yang, Igo and Dandy) - from becky's kitchen.

Banana Cream Pie - I ordered 2 days before at Classic Confections. Everyone loved it! A bit expensive compared to the cakes from Becky's Kitchen but it was worth it! Next time, Opera Torte naman.

Revel Bars (gift from Yang) - She bought it from their ofc cafeteria. Very, very cheap and very masarap.

Of course, a party is not a party without the gifts! Marlon had a grand time opening his gifts. Eto ang ebidensya:

Thanks everyone for the gifts!!

Well, it was the first party that I prepared and was held in our house and I'm glad that everyone had a great time! Looking forward to the next gathering.... italian menu naman kaya!? :)

Just sharing ...

"Have you ever been in love? Horrible isn't it? It makes you so vulnerable. It opens your chest and it opens up your heart and it means that someone can get inside you and mess you up. You build up all these defenses, you build up a whole suit of armor, so that nothing can hurt you, then one stupid person, no different from any other stupid person, wanders into your stupid life...You give them a piece of you. They didn't ask for it. They did something dumb one day, like smile at you, and then your life isn't your own anymore. Love takes hostages. It gets inside you. It eats you out and leaves you crying in the darkness, so simple a phrase like 'maybe we should be just friends' turns into a glass splinter working its way into your heart. It hurts. Not just in the imagination. Not just in the mind. It's a soul-hurt, a real gets-inside-you-and-rips-you-apart pain. I hate love." - Neil Gaiman

Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM)

The most emotional time I had when I was pregnant was when I found out that I had GDM or Gestational Diabetes Mellitus. Accepting that I had it, was hard, but, knowing I had to cut down on sweets was even harder (especially when Christmas season was coming!).

Oh well, I have to be honest and let me tell you the whole story. It actually all started when I ate 2 kilos of lansones (a day!) everyday for a almost a week and not to mention all the chocolates that I ate during my 1st trimester. Hmmmm...I can still remember the joy that I felt when eating those. haha!

Ok, what's my point in writing this? As I've mentioned, it was the most difficult time during my pregnancy and I want to help out those pregnant women and give you some kwento on how I was able to survive this dreadful situation (especially if you are the type of preggy who craves for sweets!).

First, it's ok to be "emotional" when you find out that you have GDM. Of course it's normal that you want what's best for your baby, so when you find out you have GDM, the first thing that normally comes to your mind is that... what will happen to my baby!? What have I done to deserve this!? Am I gonna be a bad mother!? My advice is... be emotional for a short while and then move on ... Because you still have a lot of things to do!


Do some research. Get yourself familiarize with GDM, what is it, what is the main reason you have it (if there is really a reason, coz in my case, my Doctor didn't know exactly why I got it...). There are a lot of websites that offer information about GDM that are really helpful. Talk to GDM Moms! They will encourage you to accept it and make you realize that it's ok to have GDM and it happens. If you happen to read this (and you have GDM) you can talk to me and send me an email at
michellemagbag@gmail.com because I know how comforting it is to have someone with the same situation as yours.

Keep a Strict Diet

With emphasis on STRICT. My Mom's a dietitian (altho she's the culprit in letting me eat a lot! haha!). But she taught me what foods I can and cannot eat. These are the foods that you HAVE to AVOID:

  • potatoes
  • Camote
  • Pasta
  • Sweets
  • Cake
  • Ice Cream
  • Pansit
  • Candies
  • some fruits (GRAPES)

But, if you can't help it and you really WANT to eat, just eat moderately. Like 1/4 slice of chocolate cake (or less) just to satisfy your cravings.

Calamansi juice (without sugar) helps. You can drink it after meals, especially if you ate a lot! Less carbo will definitely make a difference...Half cup of rice, less white bread (try sugar-free pandesal/tasty), wheat bread, brown rice are better options. Try also ampalaya juice. I know, its the worst drink ever, but it works! And lots and lots of veggies.

There are also a lot of sugarfree cakes and pastries all over manila. Kooky and Luscious (in Podium) have sugarfree chocolate cakes (Dementia is the best!), prune cakes, eclair, and etc...BiZU (glorietta and greenhills) has the best sugar-free cakes as well (although they only got 3 choices). They are a bit expensive but, my, it's worth it! Cheesecake, etc also has sugarfree cheesecakes. BTIC sugarfree ice cream are also available in supermarkets. Try banana walnut flavor (i love it!).

See...having GDM it's not the worst thing after all! The good thing is, you won't gain that much weight. So, when you give birth, you won't have a hard time shedding all those pounds ... And with that, you have a happy and contented husband... ;)

For more info about GDM, try these sites:

Having a Baby Means...

Marlon and I attended a baby shower of our ka-household in CFC last Friday and we had this activity that asked us to write about what having a baby means to us. We were asked to write only 3 best things but after the activity, I realized that I need to write more because 3 things are not enough to describe it. And here are these things... Having a baby means...

1. Smiling even if you're having a bad day... (or, even if you're mad at your husband! hehe!)

2. Knowing how much you're needed by one "little" person and with that, knowing how much you can give so much for that "little" person

3. Knowing that you can do almost anything just for your baby to be safe (well, except for waking up fully at night - that, I haven't really done that - always half-asleep. haha!)

4. Knowing how much you can endure pain during labor and then after that, feels like everything is worth it when you see your baby smiling back at you. (one more baby sweetie? =P)

5. Realizing how much you can love without expecting something in return

6. Changing your priorities. Yourself is suddenly #2 on the list (Hubby and Baby - #1).

7. Work-at-home is suddenly the best option.

8. Sleepless nights. And then, go to work the next day feeling groggy but you have to keep yourself awake (thanks to sugar-free COFFEE!) or else you won't meet all the deadlines!

9. Seeing the combination of you and your hubby.

10. Small details about your baby is suddenly your major achievement - making pooh (especially if not poohing for days!!), burp (especially if she is very uneasy), starts to lift her head, starts to smile, starts to make "dapa", starts to look at you, starts to laugh, and all the other small things that she does.

Having Baby Alex really changed our lives, oh well, me in particular. All I can say is that, I will do the best I can to LOVE her with all my heart, to keep her safe, to make her life comfortable, and to make her realize how much she is a blessing to me and

I Don't Know What to Say

Well. what can I say...my first blog in my whole "techie" life (that would be 6yrs!?). I'm not really into this thing (i used to talk to myself kse. haha!), but, with how my life is, right now, I just feel like sharing some things that are happening to me...good and bad (but mostly good things!).
As my husband, Marlon, described me, I'm the ultimate "worrier". I worry about EVERYTHING. So, better share my worries with you, right!? =P

What are the good things that I want to share with you, anyway? Well, i got married, January 30, 2005. I can say that everything happened so fast! Marlon and I got together for 10mos when he proposed at Makati Shang, February 14, 2004. I can say, it was amazing, well, especially the dinner and the proposal part! (of course, the proposal comes 1st. hehe!)

Then, I got pregnant, June, 2005. It was like a rollercoaster ride, from bedrest (in a month!) to morning sickness and sugar-problem. But well, it was definitely worth it because Marlon and I were never been this happy when Bea Alexandra (or Alex) came into our lives.