October 2016 Monthly Roundup

What books and/or magazines did I read this month?
- Currently Reading: 39 Clues Series: Operation Trinity by Clifford Riley
- Mind Games by Kiersten White
- The Perfect Lies by Kiersten White
- Beautiful Disaster (Beautiful Disaster Series Book 1) by James McGuire
- Mrs. Maddox (Beautiful Disaster Series Book 1.5) by James McGuire
- Walking Disaster (Beautiful Disaster Series Book 2) by James McGuire
- Something Beautiful (Beautiful Disaster Series Book 2.6) by James McGuire
- The Raven Series Book 1: White Raven by J.L. Weil
- Vengeance by Megan Miranda
- [A Princess in Hiding] - Book 1: How to Tame a Duke by Juliana Gray
- [A Princess in Hiding] - Book 2: How to Master a Marquis by Juliana Gray
- [A Princess in Hiding] - Book 2: How to School a Scoundrel by Juliana Gray
- The Summer I Turned Pretty Series (Books 1, 2 and 3) by Jenny Han

What movies and/or TV shows did I watch this month?
- Dave
- Once Upon a Time Season 4
- Sleepless in Seattle
- Annie, the Musical Play
- Bridge to Terabithia
- Spiderwick Chronicles

What special days did I celebrate and how?
- Family Day

What illnesses or health concerns did I have?
- I had a couple of sinusitis and allergies :(

What fun things did I do with my friends and/or family?
- We went to Alfonso, Cavite to attend a Marriage Enrichment Retreat ♥
- Visited the cemetery for grandparents

What new foods, recipes or restaurants did I try this month?
- Crisostomo
- Denny's for Brunch
- Griddle at Maginhawa St. Quezon City
- Ramen Nagi, Podium

What special or unusual purchases did I make?
- I bought a pendant made of seaglass ♥♥♥

What have you learned this month?
- LIFE is not about the DESTINATION but it is all about the JOURNEY.


Sharing a Song this SUNDAY: Stand by You by Rachel Platten

Happy Weekend with My First Lasagna

Yes, this is what I'm going to do this weekend. I'm making my Mom's lasagna...

Recipe. Check!
Ingreditents. Check!
Long Weekend with family. Check!

I really, really hope I would be able to pull this off. Wish me luck! (*wink*)(*wink*)(*wink*)

Loots from our Little Girl's 2016 Birthday

Our kid celebrated her birthday a couple of months ago, and check out all her birthday loots...

Cath Kidston and stationerries from her Aunt...

A sweet letter from her Grandma

A gift from her BFF from school...

And these books from her Tito...

Oh yes, she was one happy girl! Thanks everyone for these wonderful birthday gifts! ♥♥♥

Family Reunion last March

A couple of months ago, March in particular was a month of celebrations and get togethers. One is a family reunion with our relatives.

It was a fun night of great food, booze, a couple of games and family bonding. We were so glad to see a couple of relatives once again. ♥

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. Happy Weekend at the Marriage Enrichment Retreat ♥
2. Cold Weather in Tagaytay
3. Books, books, books
4. FREE Candies at the Trick or Treat
5. Kids were able to see their relatives
6. Online Tasks
7. CFC Friends
8. Households
9. Starbucks' Cafe Latte
10. Dark Chocolate Cookie ♥

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The Whole Family Watched ANNIE, the Musical

One of the highlight of our month was being able to watch ANNIE, the Musical at Resorts World. Thanks to my in laws, we were able to get hold of tickets and good thing our schedules agreed finally.

When the kids learned that we will watch the show, they were ecstatic!

The verdict? It was so nice! The voices, the props, the stage were all amazing! The whole production was something that the kids will never forget.

The music was also fantastic! The orchestra was live (of course), and with the music that they delivered, it seems that they used the high quality musical instruments for the show. I can really feel the instruments and I bet they were using this compression software I found online a couple of days ago. It says that the applications of compressors and limiters software are many, from boosting the sustain of a guitar chord to reining in the bass so it mixes better with the other instruments in the mix. With the well blended music, aah, it was perfect! I was even thinking about this particular software I found online while I was watching and listening to Annie's Musical Show.

(Interested? Check out these software online, you will be happy to know that these are very affordable!)

And look, not only the KIDS enjoyed the musical show, but also the parentals...

I highly recommend that you watch ANNIE. As they would always say, it is best to invest in experiences that will last in our memories for the rest of our and kids' lives! (*wink*)

Quick Date with My Sister at Slice

A couple of months ago, my sister and I decided to go out for a massage and then afterwards we had snacks and coffee at SLICE.

I've been blogging about SLICE for a couple of years now, simply because I love their red velvet cupcakes! (*grin*)

And now, we were back but this time I tried their sandwiches and cappuccino.

...and pasta too...

Yum, yum and yum. Everything was good!

You can see it in our faces.

LOL! Slice you never failed me. This is still my favorite dessert resto in the city. ♥♥♥

SLICE is located at 105, Bonifacio High Street, 7th Avenue Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila. For reservations, you can call +63 2 553 7783. They are open from 8AM–12AM.


Sharing a Song this SUNDAY: Fight Song by Rachel Platten ♥

Beautiful, beautiful song.

Dinner and Movie Night Last Weekend

How was your weekend, so far?

Ours will be relaxed but, I'm sharing our quick dinner and movie night a couple of weekends ago...

We had this for dinner and it was so filling...

I'm craving for another dinner here. Hopefully we could be back soon.

Salad Stop! is located at R3/Cinema, Power Plant Mall Roorwell, Rockwell Drive Cor Estrella St, Makati. You can call +63 2 833 4754 for more details.

A Cute Little Something from Japan ♥

Hey, look at what the kids got from their Aunt who just came from Japan...

Aren't these deers the cutest? Sigh.

These cuties reminds me so much of our trip to Japan. And it also reminds me that I will be posting about that very, very soon!!! So watch out for it! (*wink*)(*wink*)(*wink*)

Chocolate for Breakfast? Why Not!

Aaaargh, and this is addicting. I hope I can stop eating this. It is sooo good!

How about you? Have you tried eating a junk food for breakfast?


I've always believed that LIFE is not all about the DESTINATION but it's all about the JOURNEY. I've read a couple of articles that support this too. And when I learned about how Wisdomantics started and how big it is now, I realized that their story also supported this saying or maybe I could say, belief.

Wisdomantics started 10 years ago with an idea. The idea became a reality after 10 years and it has become a fun game for players which allows them to gain the wisdom of King Solomon. It has made a whole lot of people learn and at the same time have fun. With the amazing graphics (which also came after lots of ideas and hardwork on the part of the game programmers), it is expected for the multi-players to really enjoy the game.

With all the hard work, Wisdomantics believe that it is not about the success that they have now. It was all about the lessons from the challenges that they faced. It was all about the people they gained through the years. And the ideas that they wanted for families to bond, the kids to learn the word of God, and to spread the Good News.

As I've said, it's all bout the JOURNEY. (*wink*)

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. Happy Weekend!
2. ANNIE!!!
3. Family Day
4. Foooood trip
5. Crispy Pata, Kare-Kare and Noodles ♥
6. Bonding with my Dad
7. Bonding with the kids
8. Freshly Brewed Coffee on a Weekend
9. Blogging
10. Instagram

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Another Lunch Out at Cyma!

And, look, we got our favorites...

Salad + Goat Cheese...

And, here's something new, we tried the Greek Yoghurt which was oh so good...

Fun lunch out with family at Cyma. We can't to be back, soon!

People and Things.

Sharing a Song this SUNDAY: Can't Stop the Feeling

Have a Fun Saturday to All!

Aaaaaah, the day that I'm always waiting for - Saturday! Because it only means one thing - Bonding with Family! ♥

And, here are the things that I can look forward to for this weekend...

Movie marathon and that includes, "Invisible Sister"...

These Royce Chocolates from the Hubby. Definitely a treat for today. YUMMM!

And, a time to reflect and go to Church. ♥

How about you? What are you going to do this weekend?

It's Good to be Back at Cafe Breton!

There came a time that we all went on a food trip for weeks. Our next stop: Cafe Breton.

We loooove crepes, coffee, ice cream and tea. So, this is by far our favorite resto of all time!

Who wouldn't love this?

It was a great dessert for the month.

And, we would definitely be back! ♥♥♥

Our Quick Getaway to Tagaytay a Couple of Months Ago

A couple of months ago, Hubby and I went to Tagaytay to spend a fellowship day with our old household. The weather waas perfect since it was February. I brought my coat with me.

And a perfect time to turn on the fireplace. ♥

We had a couple of drinks.

And a whole lot of food!


I'm so happy we braved the Saturday traffic for this one.

Great food + Fun Bonding with Friends = A Blessed Saturday! ♥♥♥

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. My Dad is here!
2. Quick shopping to Divisoria
3. Happy and Relaxing Weekend ♥
4. Freshly Brewed Coffee
5. Online Loots. Yeah I went shopping BUT not that much (*wink*)
6. Blogging and saving memories
7. Photobooks
8. Planning for the long weekend
9. New eBooks
10. Bonding with my Dad

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Celebrating Good Grades at Poco Deli

Praise God for good grades. A perfect reason to dine out and we chosed our favorite deli this time...

Yes, Poco Deli! Although the kids couldn't have wine. HA!

But, the parents did...

...and pasta, pizza, sausages and cheese. YUM!

We will definitely be back, SOON!


* Photo Credits: www.BemoreWithLess.com

Sharing a Song this SUNDAY: So Amazing.

You feel like dancing today? Yes, we should God's LOVE is amazing! ♥

God, indeed is amazing! I love this song.

5 Life Skills Your Child Needs To Learn By Mariel Uyquiengco

My kids are now a little bigger but I never stopped reading articles about parenting.

Here's a new one from MomCenter.com that you, parents might find useful...

5 Life Skills Your Child Needs To Learn By Mariel Uyquiengco

We all know those stories of successful men and women who didn’t do well in school or never even earned a college degree. They had something in them that made them triumph over those with fancy academic degrees; these are life skills that are often not taught at home and in schools.

Life skills are basic things that children need to know in order to successfully navigate adulthood. According to UNICEF, these are psychosocial and personal skills that parents teach their kids through modeling or intentional teaching.

Needless to say, it is of utmost importance to teach children life skills in addition to the formal education that they get. These skills fall into the areas of mental, physical, practical, social, and even spiritual.

Learning life skills actually means preparing for life, and not just for tests in school. Here are 5 life skills that your child needs to learn for a successful adulthood.

1. Money Management

Math is taught in school from the time students enter Kindergarten up to the time they are in university. However, many young adults have a problem adjusting to their newly acquired independence. A lot of graduates on their first job party the nights (and maybe days) away, live beyond their means, and struggle with the responsibilities of their job.

Teaching kids about being frugal, saving, budgeting, and investing will help them develop and appreciate the idea that money can be managed instead of just being spent thoughtlessly.

2. Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is about being able to think clearly. Though we oftentimes look at thinking as memorizing and answering tests, we should all think analytically or questioningly.

Children are often just fed what they should be thinking about in the form of tests. It is, however, important to teach them to gather facts, analyze their data, and then make informed decisions.

3. Work Ethic

Young people need to learn the importance of hard work and of doing things that you don’t really want. Creativity comes out of facing boring or uninteresting tasks.

Setting goals, working for those goals, and staying motivated are important for children to learn. These will help them stay in one job to explore all the opportunities in it before deciding to quit and move on.

Work ethic is about showing up even if you want to be somewhere else. It is about doing your best in a less-than-desired situation.

4. Relationships

Getting along with people is a crucial skill to have. People are a social being and constantly interact with each other.

Precocious children will not go far if they have problems with communicating with family and friends. They need to know how to listen and to hold one end of a conversation with others.

Empathy is another skill that children need to develop. The ability to put themselves in others’ shoes is a valuable tool in dealing with others and lets them put others ahead of themselves.

5. Practical Skills

Taking care of one’s own needs is something that all kids must be able to do when they are already on their own. Oftentimes, children are coddled and are only required to do well in school and extra-curricular activities.

Parents, then, should start training their children in practical life skills such as washing the dishes, cooking meals, cleaning the house, and being organized withbills and documents.

Activities should have no genders, so boys must also be taught how to iron clothes and sew buttons; girls need to learn how to change a light bulb, wash a car, and become handy with screwdrivers.

Life skills are more than just doing chores. Parents must directly teach their children skills that will benefit them when they are already out in the world on their own.


Our Unforgettable Dinner at ArroZeria

For my sister's birthday this year, we all went to ArroZeria for dinner.

We enjoyed the place so much, it was pretty cozy.

And, yes, we sure did enjoy the food too...

Paella + Sangria + Appetizers = Best Birthday Dinner Everrrrrrr!

ArroZeria is located at Century City Mall, Kalayaan Ave. cor. Salamanca St.,, Brgy. Poblacion, Makati.

M&D's Wedding

We were invited by our niece a couple of months ago for her wedding. I went for a couple of hours to have my hair fixed and I was happy with the result.

It was my first and I'm glad I had my hair curled for the night. ♥

Weddings make me really happy. ♥

I'm so glad we went and was able to witness the wedding of M & D! Congratulations, guys!