Exploring Tile Flooring for our Bathroom

Now that we have somehow decided which flooring to get for our family hall (we are sticking with our current flooring which is laminated), we have moved on to checking out tile flooring for our bathrooms. I've checked out Flooring America in Rhodes and I saw this...

see tile flooring options for your home at www.rhodesflooringamericabiloxi.com.

I love how clean it looks. This type of flooring can be bought in Biloxi, MS. Installing this type of tile will give my bathroom an instant upgrade. I love it! And the best part is, Rhodes Flooring America offers more styles to choose from! I think choosing a tile would be easier compared to choosing between wood flooring and carpet which took me weeks before I was able to decide. Why? Because I would definitely go for it especially for our bathroom.

Here are the benefits of tile flooring:

- Easy to clean
- Perfect for areas with high traffic
- I love that it provides a smooth walking surface
- Great for people who have allergies

I didn't know about the last part before but since all of us at home have allergies, this is the perfect flooring for us then!

Quick Dinner Date at Sunrise Buckets

One Friday, since Hubby and I needed time alone from everything, we decided to have a quick dinner date. I've been reading a lot about Sunrise Buckets and since I was craving for chicken wings for quite sometime now, we tried it out for the first time.

We tried their second branch in Rockwell, Ortigas. Even if the space was small, the interior of the restaurant was really nice.

Good thing we were really early so the restaurant wasn't full yet. I was even able to take a few photos! Check out more of the stuff I saw inside the resto.

Sunrise Buckets offers 17 MouthWatering flavors to choose from! But since we couldn't try EVERYTHING, we just had Smokin' BBQ wings and Sunrise Original.

Smokin' BBQ - All time favorite! Sweet & bbq-ish. A must try!

Sunrise Original - Authentic NY style buffalo wings, sweet & spicy and a li'l bit tangy. Everyone's favorite!

We also had spaghetti, corn and nachos with cheese. I had Iced Tea while Hubby had rootbeer.

We both had a great time. Even if it was a quick dinner date, at least we were able to spend time together on a Friday night.

Dainty Ashley's Hair Trinkets

Ever since my friend opened her online shop, Dainty Ashley, I've been window shopping on her hair trinkets for weeks now!

Dainty Ashley has a whole lot of cute clips, headbands and ribbons to choose from. Until finally, I was able to decide and shop for a couple of clips for my little girls.

Dainty Ashley is all about handmade dainty hair trinkets and bows for your little girl. Every little girl is beautiful. To accentuate your little girl’s natural beauty is our Mission. SOURCE.

Lovely, aren't they? I'm definitely ordering MORE soon! Thanks Dainty Ashley! ♥♥♥

Visit www.facebook.com/DaintyAshley to order. Enjoy!

Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops from Flagstaff, AZ

While I was browsing for more options for flooring, I was surprised that Flooring America has branched out in Dalton via flagstaffsfa.com and now offers kitchen cabinets and countertops. So aside from carpets and hardwood flooring we can now order built in cabinets and nice countertops too. The cabinets can be ordered online as well and they can even customized according to your taste and preference. They've been in the industry for years now so I'm definitely sure that they can deliver.

Carpets of Dalton is offering custom cabinets that I can use to replace our old kitchen cabinet. It's been 5 years since our kitchen cabinets were built and there were parts of it that needs to be renovated. If this is the case, I might as well, change the whole thing! I'm sure Carpets of Dalton offer great quality kitchen cabinets. I can even include the countertop of our breakfast nook. This particular renovation is already giving us a lot of stress in making decisions and in knowing what to do with our current stuff, good thing websites like flagstaffsfa.com offers various solutions that we might consider. If not for these websites, I wouldn't be able to finish our renovation project.

Cute Barbie Necklace and Bracelet by The Clay Craft Studio

My girls were giddy as soon as these stuff arrived the other day...

Who wouldn't?

These are too cute! I even want to wear them myself. Thanks The Clay Craft Studio! My girls love, love them!

If you want to order, visit their FB page at www.facebook.com/TheClayCraftStudio.

MIL's Birthday Lunch at Wee Nam Kee

Two Saturdays ago, we spent MIL's birthday at Wee Nam Kee. We all loved the food there and we all looked forward to a very enjoyable lunch for the whole family!

We ordered our favorites of roasted chicken, noodles, prawns dipped in cereals and veggies. We all had happy tummies. YUM!

Flooring Stores in Quincy

Up to now, I'm still looking for the perfect flooring when I came across the nice flooring carpets of Quincy. They have shop discount carpet that I'm really interested because it is new and would look nice in our family hall.

Yes, I'm considering carpet not only in our bedroom but also in our family hall because it looks comfortable. Our family hall is made for our family bondings. We would watch TV in this particular hall, talk to each other and update each other's lives. It is a very important part of the house.

Harry's Carpet One Floor and Home would be able to help me in making it comfortable. They have discounted carpets that are really nice and the best part is that it would work best in the area. Harry’s Carpet One Floor & Home will give us floorings and carpets of best quality materials. Exactly what I'm looking for! I really need to decide now because once I have chosen a floor option for my home, they can assure us that the installation process goes smoothly. I might give them a call at 877-917-9650 to find out more because with all these wonderful options, I really need help on this one!

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. Another long weekend!
2. Dinner everywhere (Mesa, Masas, Dampa, Gloria Maris)!
3. Kristine's 6th at Jollibee Taguig (Ate's friend)
4. Apple's 4th birthday (Andie's friend)
5. Online tasks ♥
6. Family
7. Instascrapping!
8. Friends
9. Coffee
10. My birthday is coming up! (*wink*)

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Shoe Shopping Over the Weekend

Thanks to the long weekend, we were able to visit the mall and buy shoes for the little girls...

I haven't bought shoes for them for years. They Lola or the Lola were "sponsors" for a couple of years now. But since they need something to wear on weekends, we decided to buy and in their favorite brand and color!

As soon as we bought these pair of shoes, they wore it immediately. They love, love it!


More Options to Choose For our Flooring

Yes, with all those wonderful options for our wood flooring, our quest is still on going. As much as I would like this to end and settle down to our first choice, I can't help but admire the Boston flooring I found this morning.

You know what I meant?

I found Bradford Carpet One Floor & Home in Saugus. This company specializes in a large collection of discount flooring. The types of flooring they offer includes basement and travertine flooring.

If you are confused (like me), you can give them a call: 781-479-2409 and they can help you make your selection process efficient and pleasant. With all those options available, I really need help on this matter. As soon as you give them a call, they will provide all the details from floor maintenance to quality textures. But for now, you have to decide which type of flooring to get among the following:

- Carpet: Comfortable and aesthetic
- Hardwood: Hardwood flooring consistently provides classic elegance and is available in various types of wood

- Tile: Versatile and easy to maintain

- Vinyl: Affordable and water-resistant

- Laminate: Laminate flooring: Provides fade resistance and protection from dampness and scuffs

After deciding which type of flooring to get, you are good to go!

Craving for Rufo's Tapsilog

...right this very moment.

If I weren't on a diet, I would go straight to Rufo's now. BUT, with all the food that I ate for the past couple of days (or maybe weeks), I SHOULD be on a diet now. Yes, NOW. So, I will rest for a just a couple of days and maybe I can have that Rufo's Tapsilog then.

We'll see!

Wood Flooring Similar to Our Current

This must be my lucky morning because while I was browsing at online for wood flooring, I came across Wood Flooring in Little Rock, AR and saw a very similar flooring our current flooring, which I've been looking for quite sometime now.

click here for more details and photos.

Yey! Since we've decided to stick to our current wood flooring so we won't have to change the entire flooring for our family hall. Flooring in Little Rock, AR is also part of Flooring America which is now my favorite website for wood flooring, carpets, and other type of flooring. They sell the best discount wood floors from top manufacturers such as Kahrs and Mohawk. I'm so loving them because their selections also provide a full range of products such as parquet or exotic wood flooring and prefinished or bamboo wood floors. They basically have everything!

So, yes this must be my lucky morning. All I have to do is tell this site to the Hubby and we will talk about it if we will go for it or not. But I think we will go with it and I'm very excited because we've been looking for this type of flooring for weeks now. Thanks Flooring America for making my life easier!

Quick Afternoon Date at Figaro with my Little Girl

One afternoon, after I fetched my little girl to school, we went straight to Figaro for a quick snack.

I was surprised that Figarro is now offering meals! So I ordered their Chicken ala Kiev that includes chicken cordon bleu, pasta and potato wedges.

It was delish! I didn't realize that the food was so heavy, this set meal is meant for lunch or dinner. I was one happy camper.

The little girl on the other hand had to finish her baon so she settled for one glass of iced tea which she loved so much!

We both had a great time! Figaro was so quiet and the ambiance was perfect for our bonding. We will definitely go back!

For Figaro locations, check out, www.figarocoffee.com.

Shopping at Duty Free last Weekend

Last Sunday, after having lunch at Wee Nam Kee to celebrate MIL's birthday, we went to Duty Free to shop!

We all went crazy (in a good way, that is) because Duty Free was on sale! Woot!

First we shopped for the essentials. From pillows to bathroom rugs to food containers. The kids were ecstatic! I tried to check the cost of hearing aids if there are available in Duty Free but I didn't find any. I might probably just get from The Hearing Aid Elite. It looks like the products that they carry are of good cost and quality.

Of course, we also bought a couple of nuts, chocolates and biscuits. I was able to get one lippie from MAC. And then we went to the grocery area to buy toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, salad dressing and more.

It was one great and happy shopping day! Thanks again Mommy and Daddy! (*grin*)

Long Overdue Dinner and Coffee Date with my Friend

My friend MM and I haven't seen each other for a year because we've been very busy for the past months. Finally, our schedules matched and we decided to have dinner and coffee in Trinoma.

We had dinner at Taco Bell and then decided to have coffee in Starbucks.

As always, we both had so much fun catching up and reminiscing about the old days. It was so good to see Kapatid! And thanks for the coffee!

See you again hopefully soon! (*wink*)

Sam Claflin as Finnick Odair in The Hunger Games

Oh wow. Check this out! Sam Claflin has officially been cast as the District 4 victor of the Hunger Games movie sequel - Catching Fire.

Nope, not the guy I've imagined while I was reading the book but he is good looking too and looks like he can pull it off.

Now, I can't wait for the movie! Aaaaargh!

The Little Girls Wishing to Adopt Pets

Everyday my girls would ask if they could have a pet dog or cat at home. They would love to take care of them. I remember when I went home to the province and brought my little girls with me. They had so much fun playing with the dogs!

The problem in adopting pets is how we could take care of it. With our busy schedules everyday, I don't think this would be an option. Getting supplies won't be a problem as well as medicines because I can get pet meds from Vet Depot. I can even buy it online. Vet Depot has everything we need when it comes to the pets' medicines. They have medicines for allergy relief, antibiotics, digestive aids, flea and tick control, skin and coat care, anthritis and pain relief.

Pets now are very lucky since everything they need are in Vet Depot. They even have supplements, supplies like syringes and needles, vitamins, vaccines, toys and treats too! I guess my Dad would be happy to know that I can buy for his pets at Vet Depot. It looks like ordering at their website would be a breeze.

Now, as for my kids having pets at home, hmmmm, we'll have to see about that!

Giving "Happy Lemon" Another Chance

A couple of months ago, I tried Happy Lemon's Cacao with Rocksalt and Cheese. And I didn't like it that much. But I gave Happy Lemon a chance by trying out their Roasted Milk Tea with pearls...

The verdict, I love, love it! So I guess I should stick to milk teas from now on, huh!?

So, it's true then, with Happy Lemon, you are...

...Happy Everyday!


Our Simple Indulgence for Today.

...Dunkin Donut's freshly brewed coffee.

Perfect for our very busy day today. This is definitely an indulgence. ♥

Badly Needs Professional Cleaners

Because of the long weekend and a whole lot of activities that we have committed to do for the past few weeks now, we haven't prioritized cleaning the house, unfortunately. So now, I'm looking for professional cleaners that I can hire for another upcoming long weekend. So I tried to Explore More and came across Jan Pro Cleaning Systems.

Although Jan Pro is focused on cleaning offices in the cities of Las Vegas, Paradise, Spring Valley, Sunrise Manor, Henderson, Winchester, Enterprise and Whitney, and Nevada. But maybe they can work it out and get to clean my house too. If not, I can just get ideas on what they do and find something similar here. They have a whole lot of services like the following: Cross-contamination Awareness, Green Cleaning, Clean Floors, Improving Air Quality, Superior Disinfecting and Bathrooms. These are just the things that I'm looking for a professional cleaner. These type of services are very important to me.

Now, I'm listing down these services and make sure that I do this in our house too. It is important that I make sure I clean our house perfectly so that we won't get sick with all the smug from the road beside our house. So, yes, wish me luck! (*wink*)

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. Long Weekend! ♥
2. Bourne Legacy movie date with the Hubby
3. Dinner at Johnny Rockets
4. Stayed at the inlaws over the weekend
5. Shopping at Duty Free
6. MIL's birthday celebration
7. Slept the entire afternoon yesterday. Now I'm feeling better.
8. Mini cupcakes
9. Family bonding
10. The Hubby has a new toy (*grin*)

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What do you think of Dental Implants?

I had my teeth cleaned a couple of weeks ago and my dentist suggested that I get dental implants all on four of my teeth. I was hesitant at first so she explained everything from procedure to the effects of the implants and more. I still haven't decided on this so I looked it up online and I came across Wiand Dental Laboratory.

Wiand Dental Laboratory offers precise, predictable and profitable dental prosthetics. They are based in Scottsdale, Arizona. With over 100 years of combined staff experience the quality of the prosthetics are great and their clients are happy dealing with them. They focused exclusively on removable dental prosthetics, implants and precision attachments for dentures, so they claim that they are masters of their craft. Their website is so full of information that I was reading it the entire morning! Because of this, I can now say that I'm fully informed of the procedures about dental implants and looks like I'm going to go with it.

I will about this. The price of my future dental implant is big so I will have to save up for it first. I'm confident that the procedure would turn out ok considering that my dentist is really good.

We Loved Brave, the Movie ♥

My girls are loooking forward to this movie for months now. They saw the trailer around early July and they've been waiting for it to be shown in the movie houses.

Finally, August 1, 2012 came and it was time to watch BRAVE.

Brave (previously titled The Bear and the Bow) is a 2012 American computer-animated fantasy adventure film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures. It was written by Mark Andrews, Steve Purcell, Brenda Chapman, and Irene Mecchi, directed by Andrews and Chapman and co-directed by Purcell. The film's voice cast features Kelly Macdonald, Julie Walters, Billy Connolly, Emma Thompson, Kevin McKidd, Craig Ferguson, and Robbie Coltrane. To make the most complex visuals possible, Pixar completely rewrote their animation system for the first time in 25 years. It is the first film to use the Dolby Atmos sound format.

In the film, set in the Highlands of 10th-century Scotland, a skilled archer named Merida defies an age-old custom, causing chaos in her kingdom. After consulting a witch for help, her family becomes cursed and Merida is forced to undo the spell herself before it is too late. Brave premiered on June 10, 2012, at the Seattle International Film Festival, and was released in North America on June 22, 2012, to positive reviews.

Grabbed from Wikipedia.com.

I love, love the movie and so are the kids. They had so much fun watching it!

I, on the other hand, cried buckets of tears, TWICE. (*grin*)

I highly recommend it! Go and watch it too!

Hubby's Second 34th Birthday Celebration at Roboto San

On the day of Hubby's birthday, we had dinner at the new Roboto San at The Fort.

Since it was Monday night, I had dinner reservations very early so we won't have to stay up too late. The kids have school the next day. So, we were the first to arrive at the restaurant. (*grin*)

I loved it since the place was sooo quiet, I was able to take a lot of photos and the dinner was very relaxing.

The appetizers. YUMMY! I had a lot maki and sushi.

These are the choices if you would like to cook. Here's mine.

Dessert spread. Not too much choices though. But the kids were happy with the marshmallows and ice cream.

Since we weren't in a hurry to finish dinner, we all had fun and did a couple of pacing so we weren't THAT full compared to our buffet experiences from other restaurants.

It was nice having dinner with my in-laws and sister. Thanks for coming guys!

Again, happy birthday dear Hubby! ♥

Hubby's 34th Birthday Celebration with Friends

Hubby celebrated his 34th birthday last month and the first celebration was with College friends. We just had a simple dinner at our place and then drinks after.

Hubby was so happy to see his friends. Too bad they didn't bring their kids so the girls were a bit sad. But they still joined us by watching TV at the family hall.

Definitely a fun night! Thanks for coming guys! ♥

Not Too Sweet J.CO Donuts we Looove!

A couple of weeks ago, I finally able to try J.Co Donuts. Ever since it opened in Manila a couple of months ago, I wanted to try it since I heard a lot of good reviews about the donuts.

Alcapone | Avocado Dicaprio | Heaven Berry | Caviar Strawberry | Donna Italiano | Oreology

These donuts are not too sweet compared to Krispy Kreme. I actually stopped eating KK donuts because I couldn't stand the taste. But the J.Co Donuts, I like!

Looking forward to getting these donuts again. Hopefully soon! (*wink*)

Hubby and Our After Dinner Snacks

One night, Hubby was in the mood to cook so he volunteered to cook our after dinner snacks of sausage and prepared cheese, grapes and wine.

Wooot! While we we were eating our after dinner snacks, we also watched a good movie with kids. It was a nice night for all of us. Thank you dear Hubby!

On a different note, while I was looking at this photo, I can't help but notice our kitchen cabinets design. I'm happy that we still like our kitchen cabinets after 5 years of using it. The design still fits our taste and theme of the entire house. Although it needs to be renovated as soon as possible, we wouldn't want the design changed or something. We still would want this as our kitchen cabinet.

Mini Melissa Ultra Girl Cat for my Little Girls

While I was browsing online last week, I had lots of time to spare so I kind of window shopped online. I haven't bought my girls a pair of shoes for quite a while now. I think the last time was their school shoes. So when I saw the mini melissa's ultra girl cat, I wanted to buy it as soon as possible.

What do you think? Here are more colors that I'm eyeing for my girls...

About this style

Our tinniest of fans are going to go absolutely gaga over this fun Mini Melissa style. A lovable mary-jane shape, this shoe features a cute cat motif detailed with whiskers, heart-shaped ears, heart-shaped nose and all. They are the coolest kitten shoes we have ever seen. SOURCE.

I think my girls would prefer the pink one. I can't wait to show these to them and let them choose which color they would like.

My Little Girl's 7th Birthday Venue

I can't believe my little girl is turning 7 in the next few months. She's growing up too fast!

Now, I'm planning her 7th birthday party. I'm not ready yet. I still can't accept the fact that she's turning 7 but I HAVE to start planning because the little girl is very excited.

I scouted for a couple of venues, I even came across this local event catering services in Wisconsin which gave me a whole lot of ideas on what to do on functions and events. I love the catering services that Davians offer to their clients. Catering by Davians cater to Milwaukee and extends their catering services to West Bend, Mequon, Menomonee Falls, Germantown and Brookfield. They've been in the catering industry for years now that's why they know how to give a high quality services. Great food + Excellent Service would be the things that they truly provide.

I just wish they cater all over the world so we could also experience this kind of great service for my little girl's 7th party. I only allow her to celebrate with a big party on her 7th so this is really special not only to her but for the whole family. We'll see what I can pull off for the party. Now, I'm getting excited! (*wink*)

Baby Beginnings 2012

Moms who have recently just given birth or expecting to give pretty soon, you might want to check this out...

Baby Beginnings Bazaar @ Ateneo De Manila University
September 2, 2012 (9 AM – 3 PM)
G/F Room 1 Walter Hogan Conference Center ISO Bldg. (along Fr. Arrupe Road), Ateneo De Manila University

Baby Beginnings is a baby and maternity bazaar where you can find products that you will be needing for your pregnancy and your baby at super affordable prices. Expect to find the following brands such as Avent, Dr. Brown, Vulli, Crayola, Human Nature, Fisher-price plus organic baby products, diaper cakes and a whole lot more!

Don't worry, this is definitely a pregnancy-friendly bazaar because:

- location is on the ground floor of the building
- clean rest rooms and parking areas are nearby, just a few steps away from the bazaar site
- the venue is fully air-conditioned

For more information about this bazaar, visit www.primigravida.com.ph.

* Details from www.MomCenter.com.ph.