Alex at 8 months

I haven't given you guys update on Alex lately. She is getting cuter and cuter everyday! Since she is now standing up and seems like want to walk already, we tried to make her use her nice and pretty walker. And she definitely loves it!

I like this!

this is mine! :P
This is mine! :p

---- .:. ----

During our Family Day with the Magbags, we also let her feel how it's like to be in a swimming pool! But, sorry Alex, only floating at the swimming pool for now. We can allow her to swim in the pool probably in a few years pa. hehe!

I'm swimming!?

Yipee! :p

---- .:. ----

I love Birthday Parties! Luckily, one weekend, we had to attend 2 birthday parties (Saturday and Sunday)! Yipee! Enzo's birthday was held at Fazoli's Eastwood. Mari's birthday at Valle Verde Country Club. It was so much fun! Happy Birthday, Enzo and Mari! :)

Happy Birthday, Enzo!
Happy Birthday Enzo! (Fazoli, Eastwood)

Happy Birthday Mari!
Cars party of Mari!

with daddyo!

I just looove how Alex would smile nowadays. She makes our hearts melt. She is such an angel! We are truly blessed to have her. (*smile*)

Christmas is just around the Corner

Oh, I love Christmas Season! I love to make the Christmas list (no matter how busy we are!). I love the "simoy ng hangin" during early mornings. Fruitcake. Hot chocolate. Puto Bumbong. Bibingka. Christmas Lights.

I also love to dress up on Christmas Eve or the Christmas day itself. Yes, it has become "my" tradition to buy new clothes for this special day. It is a day worth celebrating right?

And most especially the Bazaars! I have more reason to shop! :D If you're planning to go shopping this weekend, there are bazaars everywhere:

Dec 1 - 23, 26 - 30
Karl Edwards International Bazaar
KEI Tent, Bonifacio Global City
32nd Street cor 8th Avenue (in front of MC Home Depot)
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Contact: Joan at 372-84-53 or 374-37-26

Dec. 2-3 Dec. 9-10 Dec. 16-17, 2006
BAZAAR, BAZAAR '06 (10am to 9pm)
Christ the King Church Parking Grounds,
Greenmeadows Ave.
Rhea 7051751/ 6884501
Email address:

December 2 & 3, 2006 (Sat & Sun)
St. James the Great Christmas Bazaar (9am to 9pm)
Cuenca Covered Court, Ayala Alabang Village

December 2 - 3, 2006
MALIGAYANG PASKO '06! Bazaar (9am to 9pm)
Valle Verde 5 Covered Courts

Have fun and enjoy the Christmas russsssssh!!!

Take a Peek of Peppered Cherry's Closet

Hubby and I would always spend our Friday nights with the household of Couples for Christ (CFC). This time, it was a special Friday night. We went to our co-household's boutique opening - Peppered Cherry. It is now officially open! :)

If you're into good stuff and vintage look, you'll definitly love this place! More pictures here. See you there!

Peppered Cherry
2nd floor, Serendra
Taguig City

Donuts, anyone!?

Everyone's raving about "the coming" of the famous Krispy Kreme in the Philippines. Lori and Anton were lucky (or should I say, blessed!?) to be chosen as one of the people who get to taste Krispy Kreme donuts for FREE! Lucky them!

As everyone's getting more and more excited, I suddenly wondered, what will happen to our very own Go Nuts Donuts? Would people still consider them when the "internationally-known" donut is about to invade the country?

With this, I started craving for Go Nuts Donuts and asked Hubby last night to buy 3 (1 glazed and 2 mochas) for me, just to remember how it tastes like. I remember I had these right after I gave birth (yes, since, I had GDM, so I was not allowed to eat ANY dessert!) last March this year.

Go Nuts Donuts - something we Pinoys should be proud of...

Honey Glazed and Mocha (both lite, yes, less sugar!)

Hubby had a taste of the mocha. He loves it! Of course being a dessert lover, he would love everything with sugar, OR worst, lots of sugar! hehe!

I get to taste the mocha just today for my snacks. It's a little too sweet for my taste, I guess (even if it's lite!). It's just goes to show that hormones were ruling over me when I was craving for it during pregnancy. But, dessert lovers will surely love this! You know, "melts-in-your-mouth-kind-of-donut"! Hubby can attest to that! ;)

And now, a new addition to the donut industry...Krispy Kreme. It suddenly dawned on me, why would people get too excited for the opening of this? Well, maybe it would be best to mark down my calendar for this "big" event and try it myself!

So, see you all on November 30, 2006 for the opening of Krispy Kreme! And find out why would our food bloggers say that this is truly a dream coming true!? ;)

Mommyo and Daddyo's Time Off

After such a long week, Hubby and I decided that we needed time off from being "Mommyo and Daddyo". So, we went out on a lunch date after hearing mass last Sunday. Our Chapter (in CFC) were the sponsor of the 12noon mass so we heard mass at Christ the King Parish.

I was planning for an intimate lunch at Gayuma Resto in Katipunan but to our dismay, this resto is not open anymore or not in it's supposed-to-be location. Or probably transferred to a new place!? Sayang, I've been hearing about this place for quite sometime now.

Anyway, since UP was just near the area, I suggested that we go to Chocolate Kiss Cafe (CKC). So off to UP we went!

When we got there, I was really huuuungry, so I was really hoping that I got the right address (I forgot the exact address --> yeah, keep on forgetting things, there's epidural to blame! hehe!). And good thing, CKC was in the 1st floor, so we saw it immediately.

The place was jampacked! It was small but nice. You can immediately see the dessert station right the moment you enter the place. It looks good!

Hubby liked it. I can see it in his face. I was wondering what would be his reaction if we went to Gayuma Resto (they said it was really a romantic place - oh well, enough of my "what ifs". I just hope somebody would tell me where is it located now!). We ordered immediately. I had Chix in a basket. Hubby ordered for salisbury steak.

The menu

Chix in a Basket - yummy!

I was happy with my food and so is Hubby. Actually, I ate some of his food too! Haha! I was that hungry!

After the main meal, we ordered for coffee and dessert. They had this "Triple Treat" where you get to taste 3 cakes.

Triple Treat!

There's Prune Cake, Devil's Food Cake, and Kahlua Something (couldn't remember exactly). Well, nothing special here. Probably because their specialty are cheesecakes, and I'm not really into cheesecakes? Hmmm... But at least coffee was great!

It was a great lunch and a perfect time off indeed! If we would be in the area one of these days, I would definitely go back to this place again. And this time, maybe I should try their pasta and cheesecake (?). :)


.:. here's something I got thru email that I would like to share .:.

The more effort you give, the more you expose yourself to the possibility of disappointment. But that is certainly no reason to avoid the effort.
The more love you give, the more you expose yourself to the possibility of being hurt. Yet it would hurt infinitely more to have never given any love.

Sure, life has its pitfalls. The key is not to avoid them out of fear, but to overwhelm them with positive purpose.

For effort, while it can sometimes bring disappointment, more often brings great accomplishment. And love, while it can bring heartbreak, more often brings a level of fulfillment that cannot be matched.

Every experience, no matter what the outcome, adds richness and depth to your life. With the positive moments you build joy, and with the difficult times you build strength.

Engage yourself fully in the details of living, and with each day you add value to your life that cannot be taken away. Be an active, enthusiastic participant in this day, and you'll come away from it with real, lasting treasure.

have a great week, everyone!

I'm Back!

I've been out not for long (4days) but, I feel like I wasn't home for months! Alex was sick since Saturday. She had fever (38 above, but not over 39). And I've been taking good care of her. Hubby was also in full support! Thank you and Love you Hon. :)

We decided to bring Alex to the ER (Saturday night) at the hospital near our house, because even if she was taking paracetamol, she would still have high fever. Our first visit (yes, we were at the ER thrice!) told us that it was probably viral (since her blood tests told us that everything was normal), so we went home. Then around 4am, still fever was getting higher and higher! Hubby was beginning to get "praning", so we went again to the ER and told them we were willing to admit her in the hospital. But no rooms were available so we went to the other hospital (where her pedia really is - although a little far from our place). The resident there told us it's ok, she's probably having colds and cough and etc... So, we were quite relieved and again went home. Monday came and still no improvement so we went to her pedia and then she suggested that we stay in the hospital so they can monitor Alex. So, we agreed.

Well, after 3 days, results came out and they were ok (thank God!). After her fever, rashes were all over her face and some parts of the body. So, the Doctor said it was "Tipdas Hangin".

Haaay. Boy, we were scared. But now everyone is relieved and thankful. At least it wasn't the most feared - Dengue. And at least it wasn't that serious after all!

So, I'm back now. Back to my computer. Back to work. Back to blog-hopping. Back to blogging! :)

The Sign that Says it All

Yeah, I know, gross, right? But, this is for real! This is posted in front of our parking lot and I would see it everyday! :)