April 2013 Monthly Roundup

What books and/or magazines did I read this month?
- The Fault in the Stars by John Greene
- Every Day by David Levithan
- Under the Never Sky, Through the Ever Night, Liv & Roar by Veronica Rossi

What movies and/or TV shows did I watch this month?
- The Host
- Sisterakas during FIL's birthday surprise
- Source Code
- Taken 2
- Dr. Seuss The Lorax
- Wreck-it Ralph
- Mars Meets Mom
- Iron Man 3!

What special days did I celebrate and how?
- FIL's birthday

What gifts did I give and/or receive?
- Toys for Jamie and Joaqui

What illnesses or health concerns did I have?
- I had to take a leave at work because I almost had a flu.
- Little girls are having cough and colds because of the bad summer weather

What fun things did I do with my friends and/or family?
- Celebrated FIL's birthday at My Cinema, Greenbelt with a couple of relatives and friends
- Celebrated the Ate's recognition day at Eleven Tables
- Family Day at Sea Residences. Swim time!
- Went out with highschool friends! It was nice seeing Terry again.
- The Ate went to Jamie's 7th birthday party
- The little girl went to a baptism then Joaqui's 7th birthday party!
- Fun Familia at Enchanted Kingdom
- Kids for Christ mass then activity after
- Erin's Baptism
- Watched Iron Man 3!
- Went to Videoke with CFC friends

What new foods, recipes or restaurants did I try this month?
- Lunch at Milky & Sunny
- Eleven Tables
- Delifrance Pica-Pica for FIL's birthday Celebration
- Sumo Sam
- Fish & Chips at Secret Recipes
- Pink Guava Tea Latte at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
- InfiniTea
- Japanese Dinner at EK
- Hecky's Lechon
- Army Navy

What special or unusual purchases did I make?
- A couple of dresses from TopPicks

What were this month's disappointments?
- Kids were coughing the whole month, including me and the Hubby :(

What were my accomplishments this month?
- Two Awards - Deportment and Academic Awards for the Ate! Woot, woot!

Holy Week 2013 in Coron: The Kids' Activities in Club Paradise

Another reason why we love Club Paradise is that aside from the excellent service, wonderful beachfront and unforgettable food buffet, we love that there are a lot of activities for the kids. The resort really is kid-friendly!

1. Swimming

A vacation is not a vacation if the kids will not be able to swim! (*grin*)

They made the most out of Club Paradise by being in the beach and in the pool for 3 days!

2. Building of Sand Castles

The kids had so much fun building sand castles.

3. Movie Time!

When it was too hot outside, we escaped from Mr. Sun and watched a movie.

The movie room was so comfortable we wanted to stay there for hours!

4. Tie Die Shirt Activity

The highlight and the little girls' favorite was the tie die shirt activity...

And we were so happy to bring home their newly designed shirts!

We left by Holy Wednesday but if you're curious what the kids can do for the rest of the Holy Week, here are the following activities...

The kids definitely had fun and they are so looking forward to going back again hopefully in the next few years.

Sharing a Song this Sunday: Hall of Fame

I love The Script and I love this song more...

"You can be the greatest, you can be the best! Believe in yourself!"

Have a blessed Sunday, everyone! (*wink*)

Holy Week 2013 in Coron: We Enjoyed the Food in Club Paradise!

One thing that we enjoyed in Club Paradise was the food! For our 3 days stay there, we had 2 breakfast buffet, 2 lunch buffet and unforgettable 2 dinner buffet. We had the time of our lives!

The most favorite meal we ever had was our first dinner in the island.

It was beautifully setup around the pool area while we watched a cultural show. The kids loved it!

Most of our meals were full of stories as we enjoy the food which usually includes salad, yummy appetizers, seafood and desserts.

Oh, just by thinking about it makes me want to go back there as soon as possible! Hopefully soon!

Holy Week 2013 in Coron: Hello, Club Paradise!

Finally, after the 20 minute road trip plus 30 minute boat ride, we finally arrived to the paradise that we've been dreaming about for months... Club Paradise.

We were tired after our journey but we didn't mind, we were already in the paradise.

We, especially the kids can't wait to swim!

Watch out for more photos soon! (*wink*)

Holy Week 2013 in Coron: On Our Way to another Paradise

After a busy day of island hopping in Coron Island, we were so looking forward to another paradise, it was time to go to Club Paradise!

We got back to the airport and saw this big van waiting for us. We were just in time!

It took us around 20 to 30 minutes of travel to be able to reach the small pier.

And then off we went to the island of Club Paradise through a boat ride.

It took us around 45 minutes of boat ride to reach the island and boy it got us all so excited. We are going to a paradise, indeed!

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. Busy but fun weekend
2. Back to Enchanted Kingdom!
3. Cotton Candy
4. Erin's Baptism
5. Max's Fried Chicken
6. Was able to survive the Extreme Tower Ride at EK! Yebah!
7. Fireworks ♥
8. KFC!
9. Coffee
10. Photos

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Holy Week 2013 in Coron: Island Hopping on our Second Day in Coron

After our relaxed first day in Coron, we looked forward to an activity packed day for our second day. It was time for island hopping!

We woke up as early as 6AM for breakfast, packed our things for a whole day of activities and then by 8AM we were all ready for the island hopping. Unfortunately, the van arrived past 8AM already. Yes, they were late, so the kids were a bit cranky already but good thing they were excited again when they saw our boat.

First Stop: Kayangan Lake

After a few minutes of boat ride, we arrived at Kayangan Lake, our first stop. We needed to go up aruond 75 steps to be able to see this beautiful view, but all I can say is that it was worth it!

After a couple of photo ops at the lake, we went down again to see and swim in the lake. The experience was amazing especially to the little girls who had a grand time!

Second Stop: CYC Beach

Our next stop was CYC Beach. It was simply breathtaking. We all enjoyed swimming here.

Third Stop: Atuayan Beach (Lunch)

Finally we were all hungry after swimming for a couple of hours. It was time for lunch!

We had a small cottage for the whole group and we had a very sumptuous lunch thanks to the crew who prepared it for us. Grilled Liempo, Grilled Fish, Mango Salad, Grilled Eggplant, Steamed Crabs and more. When I think about it now, my stomach is growling! I would love to have that lunch again one of these days!

Fourth Stop: Twin Peaks Reef

After lunch, we stopped over a reef near Atuayan Beach and we all went down to swim. The water was perfect!

Fifth Stop: Twin Lagoon

Finally, our last stop - Twin Lagoon.

After this stop, we went back to the hotel. It was a wonderful day for all of us. We will never forget the beauty of this town and all the islands that we visited.

Holy Week 2013 in Coron: First Day in Coron Town

We finally arrived Islands View Inn around 1PM. We decided to have lunch at the inn since we were too hungry to find a restaurant. We had fried fish and Chinese chicken adobo. Both were equally good and tasty!

After lunch, our room was ready. So we took a nap thinking that it was to hot to go out anyway. As soon as we woke up from our nap, true enough, it was not too hot outside anymore so we decided to go straight to Maquinit Hot Springs.

We paid PHP300.00 for our round trip fare through a tricycle. The driver waited for us at the area.

When we arrived Maquinit Hot Springs, we all went swimming as soon possible! The kids were too excited to wait!

I found it too hot though. I was expecting a more tolerable water but no, it was very, very hot. The kids couldn't even dipped themselves. Yes, it was that hot.

But still, we made the most out of it and stayed for a couple of minutes more.

We left before it gets dark. After taking a shower, we had dinner at the nearest restaurant and had grilled tuna plus sinigang na sugpo.

Dinner was sumptuous! We all went back to the hotel, full, happy and spent. It was a wonderful first day in Coron!

Sharing a Song this Sunday: Lifesong

I feel like dancing and praising God today. Here's a nice song for you...Lifesong by Casting Crowns.

Have a great Sunday, everyone! (*wink*)

Holy Week 2013 in Coron: Touchdown Busuanga International Airport!

After more than an hour of flight from Manila, we finally arrived Busuanga International Airport around 12 noon. And boy, it was hot!

I was thankful that the flight was uneventful except for the 2-hour delay. The kids were still in high spirits anyway and were very excited.

We stayed in Coron town first. They were looking for the beach as soon as we arrived but no, beach will have to wait. (*grin*)

Holy Week 2013 in Coron: Flight to Busuanga

Finally, our most awaited day has arrived - the day we are leaving for CORON! I've been planning to see this town for years. Now, it was Saturday, March 23. We left the house as early as 6AM and then off we went to the airport. Thanks to my Mom who brought us there on time.

The kids knew where we were going. They knew we were going to the beach, so they were so excited! Finally it was time to board the plane.

Our flight was a little delayed though because of some passengers who couldn't stand the heat of the small airplane. We had to go back to the hangar so they could go down. Our flight was delayed for 2 to 3 hours. But still thankful that it was safe when we finally arrived Busuanga airport.

A Preview of our 2013 Holy Week Trip

...to Coron, Palawan, that is!

Ever since my sister went to Coron 3 years ago, I promised myself that I will see it one day. When I was planning for this trip, I wanted it to be relaxed as much as possible. I want to bond with my family and I want that the little girls will enjoy it too. Thus, I opted to choose Coron.

Watch out for more stories and beautiful photos (by the Hubby) soon! (*wink*)

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. Dinner and catch up with highschool friends
2. Fun-filled weekend
3. I am better now still have cough but better.
4. Kids enjoying their summer classes!
5. Long chat with my Mom
6. True Friends who are there for you
7. Fish & Chips
8. Watched two movies over the weekend
9. Bonding with the Hubby
10. Attended 3 parties last Sunday! Woot!

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School Enrollment - It's that Time of the Year Again!

Summer vacation means a lot of things. Aside from vacation, beach, ballet classes and more sleep, it also means one thing - that it's time for another enrollment for the next school year! With all the unexpected expenses for the past few months, I realized that we have taken a huge bulk on our budget for the enrollment. So it means that we need to find more budget for that. I'm considering getting cash loans since there are pretty good deals out there.

One company that I'm considering is the FindULoans.com that offers cash loans or payday loans. These are perfect for unexpected expenses that came our way. Just like now that it's enrollment time, we need more cash for other stuff like books, uniform and school supplies. The downside is that they offer high interest rates so we will make sure that we will just borrow for emergency purposes. I'm hoping that the cash loan transaction with FindULoans.com would be a breeze. I need to get it before the month ends so we will be able to proceed with the little girls' enrollment.

These are one of those days when I feel that any problem out there offers a good solution. All you have to do is pray, believe that everything is going to be ok and act fast as much as possible if you find a solution.

I can't wait for The Catching Fire Movie!

While I was browsing over my friends' FB account this morning, I saw the Catching Fire trailer.

Finally, something to get excited for! Look!

Are you also having goosebumps!? Just like the first movie and I loved it. So now, I don't think I can even wait for November. Aaaah, please come soon, November!

Hello, Baras!

One weekend in March, it was too hot to stay home so we decided to meet up with good friends together with our families and visit a very nice house in Baras.

We were 6 families all in all plus kids, it was a riot! We brought summer food like grilled liempo, chicken BBQ, mango salad, grilled vegetables and desserts.

It was a perfect way to spend the hot afternoon! Thanks guys, see you again soon! (*wink*)

Sharing a Song: All At Once

I love The Fray and here's another song that is worth sharing here... All At once...

Have a nice Sunday, everyone! (*wink*)

Thank you, Lola Yolly!

Last February, the Lola sent 3 balikbayan boxes for all of us! And look what we got...

Cute Notebooks and Pens for the Little Girls with clothes, chocolates and snacks.

I got a silver necklace from Macy's. WUhooo! Thanks Mamu!

The Hubby got loads of chocolates - Mr. Goodbar, Ferrero and Fig Newtons. All his favorite!

It was Christmas all over again, this time in February. Thank you so much Lola Yolly! We Love You!

We Need Colorful Chairs for the Colorful Summer

We've been living in our house for almost 6 years now. And onee thing we need to do is revamp it and make it a little "lively". I'm thinking that since it's summer, I think it's time to put colors on our current theme. We've chosen a minimalist/asian theme which makes the colors of our house brown, white and black. Our Dining table needs to be replaced soon but these chairs are so cute that I want to get these first.

The colors are so vibrant, definitely perfect for summer. I found these cute items at HomeQ where they offer unique designer pieces for your home. Finding this site was timely since we are currently planning on updating, right?

The popular categories of HomeQ are: chairs, sofa, tables, office furniture and replicas. They got almost everything we need! Woot, woot! So I'm spending a couple of hours in HomeQ because I know that I would be able to find the items that I need for our home renovation.

Do you also like colorful, unique and inexpensive furniture? You better check the site now. I'm positive that you will not go home without buying a few items. (*wink*)

For more details and more cute furniture, follow HomeQ.