10 Valentine LOs

Well, after scrapping for almost everyday in a week just to make it on time for Agring's Valentine challenge, here are my take on her challenge. To view a larger LO and for credits, please click on the Title or Image.

We are Engaged!
We are Engaged!
My Funny Valentine
My Funny Valentine
Love and Madness
Love and Madness
Love as a Father
Love as a Father
I Love You
I Love You
Love and Old Age
Grandparents Love
I Love Lolo and Lola
Pretty Rose Bud
Pretty Rose Bud

Thanks for Looking! :)

Alex at 11 months and a Saturday Night at Club Mwah!

Ayayay! A few more weeks to my Baby's big birthday party! A few more weeks and she is not a Baby anymore. :( I still can't believe it! Kids grow so fast! Now, I know what people meant by that.

Anyway, hmmm...As days go by I would really see Alex growing up so fast.

  • She would try to walk (on her own!) by 10 steps. She doesn't want to be carried anymore! Waaaah! She wants the thought of being "independent". Well, kanino pa kaya nag-mana? Hehehe!
  • You can't leave her in the room alone na. She always want to be part of the "kwentuhan", part of the "tawanan". Well, as if she can understand huh!? Just like last night, Hubby and I were having midnight snacks at 11 pm, and she was really making noise just for us to notice her. And when I carried her to the dining room, wow, she ate too!! hahaha!
  • She always want to go out!! When her Lola would visit her she will suddenly point to the door, a sign to tell her "let's go out!".
  • She now appreciates little rides (like the car ride) in the mall and kids' playground
  • Well, at least she lessen down her sayote (not everyday anymore, every other day na lang haha!) and now eats arroz caldo.
  • Finally, (how can I forget?) she is now wearing earrings! wooohoooo!
Some pictures of Baby Alex:



Ride, Ride

Where's the Chicken?



On a different note, last weekend, Hubby's Uncle from Texas celebrated her 69th birthday at Club Mwah! At first, the place sounds kind of odd but when we saw it, it was really really nice. They also had shows (Las Vegas Style) that is really impressive! Customes look great and performers were really good and funny too! Sayang nga lang, our camera was in low battery (as usual!) so, I had to take the last few pictures thru my phone.








For more info, check out their website here.

Oh, btw, I had a new haircut. :)

Love is in the Air...

Our Valentine's day was spent at my in-laws house with a few relatives. We had dinner and dessert (of course!) and some chika-chika afterwards. :) It was a simple Valentine's day celebration but all of us really a great time! Maybe I would just let the pictures speak for that evening:

green salad
Green Salad

yummy panchit!
Yummy Pancit!

punch anyone?
Punch, Anyone?

i love this!
Dulcelin's Mango Torte: Recommended!
Check out their stall at Tiendesitas Delicacies Village

with Lolo Coy
Baby Alex with Lolo Coy

Lolo and Lola
The Groovy Lolo & Lola

Mommyo and Alex

with Tito Mike
Mommyo, Alex, and Tito Mike

Daddyo and Tito Junior
Daddyo and Tito Junior

It's US!

The whole Family!
The whole Family!

I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's day as well. (*smile*)

Our Second Honeymoon

Oh well, it was not really our second honeymoon! We just celebrated our 2nd year wedding anniversary in Tagaytay overnight. It doesn't sound that big of a deal but for me, it is! Since it will be our first time to be alone together after I gave birth.

I was having second thoughts of course if we would bring Alex or not because we will definitely miss her! But, Hubby and I decided to spend this weekend by ourselves.

Anyway, we spent this weekend at Sonya's Bed and Breakfast in Tagaytay. And I love, love, love it!

Sonya's CountryBed and Breakfast

I'm not really exaggerating ok? I just love this break and the oh so cold weather of Tagaytay made it more nice and memorable. :)

We got there a little bit late . Check-in time was supposed to be around 2pm, but we got there 4pm already. We went to our room immediately and got a couple of pictures:

Our Room for 1 night

Nice Doors!

Well, our digicam went low in battery so we just got most of our pictures thru my phone. Yeah, I know, lesson learned: always bring the charger!!

Anyway, we went out to check out the area and got these pictures:

Love this pic!



Love the flowers!

Nice View

Isn't the place a beauty? Sonya's Garden is a place where you can have body massages, spa, or just be healthy and eat salad for the whole weekend! Speaking of salad, it's time for dinner!

We had a bunch of good and healthy food - salad, pasta, and a yummy chocolate cake for dessert (dessert is not healthy, hehe!)!

The Food (dinner)!

After dinner, we realized that our room doesn't have TV! And all we will have to do here is rest and sleep! Well, it's a good thing though because Hubby and I get to laugh and reminisce about memories we had when we were still dating. We also get to talk about our future plans for us and our family. Sounds serious huh!? :)

Anyway moving on to breakfast (which for me is the highlight of the weekend), we had the best breakfast ever! Pork adobo, bangus, fired rice, and a very, very good hot chocolate! Mmmm...I loved it so much that I didn't want to leave the place. haha!!

Yummy Breakfast! I will definitely go back!

Well, that's it for our "second honeymoon". I hope you guys can visit this place. It's highly recommended for people who just wants to do NOTHING! It's a place where you can relax, have some fun, and appreciate nature.

A place you will never forget. (*smile*)

New Header for the New Year!

I know, I know it's a bit late for the new year, but what the heck! :)

Credits for the header include:
Doodle Frame by Miss Mint and PeppermintCreative.com
Tags and Safety Pin by FernLili of FernLili's Emporium
Pink Stitches by Vicki Stegall
Staple by ComputerScrapbook.com and Jeanine Baechtold
Blue stitches by Jeanelle Paige (Sweet Digi Creations)
Journal Paper by LaWanna Desjardin
Folded Ribbon by Tabby Lewis

More changes of my blog soon... (*wink*)

Happy Anniversary, Sweetie!

Well, it's been 2 years!

I still can't believe it!

The memory of January 30, 2005 was still fresh. I could still feel the happiness and the overwhelming feeling. I could still remember our friends and guests who were so happy for us and celebrated that special day with us. I could still remember myself walking down the aisle with a perfect dress at a perfect Church meeting my perfect husband...

Yeah, it's been two years. And the "perfect" husband don't look that "perfect" anymore with a bulging belly. I myself is no longer slim (not to mention wrinkles under my eyes!!).

Yes, things have changed. Both of us have changed. But I could say that I love him more now. I have appreciated him more as a husband who REALLY listens to my worries, who supports me in all of my dreams, who is willing to work and provide for the family, and who is just there when I needed him.

And most of all, I love him for being a great Daddyo to our little Alex!

Happy Anniversary, Sweetie....

For my next post, Our Second Honeymoon at Sonya's Bed & Breakfast in Tagaytay. :D