Have you seen the movie Inception?

It's one of those movies that I want to watch again. Well probably not in the movie house anymore because I don't think we would manage to get away from the kids again just like last weekend, but probably when the DVD comes out soon.

Here's the summary of the movie...

Dom Cobb is a skilled thief, the absolute best in the dangerous art of extraction, stealing valuable secrets from deep within the subconscious during the dream state, when the mind is at its most vulnerable. Cobb's rare ability has made him a coveted player in this treacherous new world of corporate espionage, but it has also made him an international fugitive and cost him everything he has ever loved. Now Cobb is being offered a chance at redemption. One last job could give him his life back but only if he can accomplish the impossible-inception. Instead of the perfect heist, Cobb and his team of specialists have to pull off the reverse: their task is not to steal an idea but to plant one. If they succeed, it could be the perfect crime. But no amount of careful planning or expertise can prepare the team for the dangerous enemy that seems to predict their every move. An enemy that only Cobb could have seen coming. Written by Warner Bros. Pictures.

Watch it! I highly recommend it! (*wink*)

Missing my In-laws' Pool

My in-laws' gave up their pool when they transferred to their new house. The kids love that pool so much. Check out Alex when she was 1 year and 11 months old. She was having the time of her life!



But the thing is, it was hard to maintain. The pool pumps were a must, for them to enable to clean the pool. The water should be cleaned every week. They were forced to put Chlorine because there are times that the water will turn green. It was taking so much time for them that when they had their new house built, they didn't consider a pool anymore. Too bad. Now we're missing the pool and the kids too. But maybe the family jacquzi will make up for the pool, after all, it gets hot after an hour or two. On second thoughts, that's something that I like better. (*grin*)

It's Time for Another Meme!

10 years ago I was...

...21 years old. Fresh from College, just graduated a year ago and already working for a company in Makati. I was part of the R&D department and knew only the basic programming. After being trained for web development, I started working for internet banking systems of PCI Bank.

...I also started traveling. I went to Hongkong with my parents. :)

5 years ago I was...

...or got married January of 2005. It was the sweetest year. After 5 months, I got pregnant with our first baby girl.


...I took the half day off because I wasn't feeling well.

5 Favorite TV Shows...
- Brothers and Sisters
- Grey's Anatomy
- Heroes
- One Tree Hill
- 30-Minute Meals by Rachel Ray

5 Favorite Toys...
- IPOD Nano
- Nokia e71
- Laptop
- Desktop

5 Fictional Characters I Would Date...
- Clash of Titans guy
- Lucas of One Tree Hill
- Superman
- Derek Shepherd of Grey's Anatomy
- Rob Lowe of Brothers and Sisters

5 Biggest Joys...
- Hubby
- Little girls
- Family
- Friends
- Work

5 Places I Would Run Away To...
- my hometown - Malaybalay (I remember I would also go "home" when I'm in "trouble")
- Boracay
- Europe (I would love to visit this place one day)
- US (since my Mom is already there)
- Hongkong for quick shopping and escapade

5 Things I would do with $100M...
- Donate to charity, church, and more
- Save for the kids' future and education
- Invest
- Travel all over the world!
- Treat my family to somewhere nice

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. Watched "Hating Kapatid" with girl friends
2. McDo Coffee and hashbrowns
3. Inception with Hubby
4. Quick getaway to Tagaytay last weekend
5. The Boutique, Tagaytay
6. Cafe Verbena Dinner
7. The kids' laugh
8. Dinner with girl friends at Cafe Via Mare
9. Relaxing weekend
10. Was able to rest and sleep yesterday afternoon

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Investing for the Future.

My family and I would spend every night playing and bonding before sleeping. The kids are very happy during these moments. They feel contented and they couldn't ask for anything anymore. I guess kids are like that. They are always happy and contented. But when they grow up, things suddenly change. People tend to ask for more and want more.

In my case, I would want a better future for the kids. I want to be secured and feel complacent that whatever happens, my kids are in a good position. That is why I want to invest for their future - our future. There are a lot of options actually but I'm gearing towards the concept to buy gold eagle coins. I've reading about it for the past few months and it seems like a good choice. By buying gold it will be recognized for centuries making it one of the best ways to preserve one’s money. At least with this setup I'm assured that my kids' future are really in good hands.

On Vowing to be Healthy.

I know I've been vowing for the last couple of years that I would be healthy. EVERY year I vow to eat right, exercise, and sleep more. I had Gestational Diabetes during my two pregnancies so ever since, I've set my mind to do diet and exercise. This will be for my own good. I totally changed my lifestyle after having GDM. At least with being healthy and aware, I can hopefully avoid diseases such colon cancer, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and more. It's really fun to be healthy. After I vowed and kept up with my word, everyday I feel different. I feel younger, healthier, and stronger. Of course there are times that I would crave for junk foods like chips, sodas, and chocolates but when I think about my health, I would end up not eating those anymore. Thanks to forums online, I get a lot of ideas on how to stay healthy. I just hope I get to keep it up in the next few years to come.

Our Quick Getaway to Tagaytay

This trip was supposedly scheduled two weeks ago but since Hubby was hospitalized, we moved it last weekend. Thank God things went uneventful and was finally able to push through with our plans. It was quick yes because we just stayed for a night. Left Manila at 9:30AM after bringing the kids to my sister's. The traffic was not too bad so we arrived at Tagaytay around 11AM just in time for lunch at Bawai's.


The lunch was sumptious and I highly recommend it. As always will just post more details later on in my travel blog. So watch out for it!

We then checked in at The Boutique. Good thing the room was already available at 1PM!



After that we slept all afternoon, ordered snacks, watched "The Blind Side", and off we went to dinner at Cafe Verbena.


Hubby had a hard time taking photos outside and even inside the restaurant because it was too dark! Oh well...

After dinner, we went back to the Boutique, watched another movie, "P.S. I love you" and then retired for the night.

It was a perfect day and I've been looking forward to this for months! It was so great to be able to relax and unwind and most of all spend time with Hubby alone. Wish we could do this at least once a month but with the busy schedules that we have, I doubted it. So, best to plan this kind of getaways to celebrate special occassions then.

Investment in Gold Form

Hubby and I just arrived from Tagaytay. We spent the weekend there to rest and relax after being so stressed for weeks. It was also a way of celebrating his birthday. My gift for him. Will post more stories about that later. But for now I'm contemplating about this investment tp buy gold bullion from US Gold Bureau. I've heard about this different form of investments for months and it's been on my mind ever since I heard about it. Purchasing gold or silver in ingot or coin form online can be inviting. To think that they will deliver the items right into your doorstep. Or better, you can arrange a safety deposit box to your favorite bank. That would be the most convenient thing I would ever get from an investment firm. The big reason why I would want to push this through. We'll think about it more and then we'll see.

60 Questions

1) Brand and model of your handy phone?
Nokia e71. Love it to bits!

2) What will you do if you see your boyfriend hugging another girl?
Hmmm...grab him as soon as I can and ask him what the "H" is he doing? LOL!

3) Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
None. :)

4) Do you have your own room?
I don't think so. Ha! I share it with Hubby and kids.

5) Favorite pet?
I don't like pets.

6) One thing you can't live without?

7) Where do you live?
Somewhere in the city.

8) What would you do if someone tells you he/she likes you?
Well, nothing.

9) How are you feeling now?
Sleepy and excited for the weekend.

10) Where do you hangout?
Anywhere. Malls, Movie houses, coffee shops, Restaurants, Alex's school

11) What are you good at?
I'm good at multi-tasking. Well that's what I think.

12) What is it about a person you can't stand?
I just hate people who are "plastic".

13) What do you want?
I want to sleep MORE.

14) A word that describes you?

15) What is your dream?
To travel around the world!

16) Day or night?

17) Sunset or sunrise?

18) Like a romantic boyfriend?

19) What is it about the opposite gender that attracts you?
The smile and his sense of humor.

20) Are you an independent person?
I guess

21) Do you like school?

22) Are you stubborn?
I'm not sure :)

23) Do you believe in God?

24) Your favorite sport?
I love swimming.

25) Do you believe in fate?
yes :)

26) Do you get pissed off easily?
hehe, I think so.

27) Do you like your parents?
Yes I love my parents.

28) Are you a materialistic person?
Sometimes. It depends on the mood.

29) Do you believe in love?
Oh yes!

30) Will you get a tattoo?
I used to want one but not anymore.

31) Smoke?

32) Clubbing?

33) Will you forgive your boyfriend if he cheats on you?
Yes eventually, but I will end the relationship.

34) Will you expect your boyfriend to forgive you?
I don't know.

35) Were you on a trip recently?
Nope, I miss traveling actually and being on the plane.

36) Favorite country?
Haven't been to many countries yet.

37) Are you impatient?

39) Do you organize parties often?

40) Do you have good friends?
Yes :)

41) Do you think you are good looking?

42) Do you care about looks?
Yes very much

43) Do you think that you're a good girlfriend?
I hope so!

45) Do you quarrel with people easily?
Not really.

46) Are you forgiving?
I'm not sure.

47) Do you get hurt easily?

48) Do you prefer girl with long or short hair?
It depends

49) Do you prefer guys wit long or short hair?

50) Is your hair colored?

51) Are you a romantic partner?
Not really.

52) Do you wear a watch?

53) What color of clothes do you like?
black, brown, white, and red

54) Will you chose love or money?

55) Do you prefer to sleep or to eat?
Sleep, sleep, sleep!

56) White or black?

57) Pink or red?

60.) Final message to the one you love?
I love you and you will always be my one and only.

On Car Accessories

Hubby and I were talking about cars the other day when we saw a couple of Cadillac Escalade accessories online. We were surprised actually. I never thought you could actually buy car accessories online. The nice thing about this is that you can do research about the accessory before swiping the plastic. Car accessories are not a need, it's a want that would take up most of your budget so it would be wise to know what you are really buying. That's the advantage of buying online. You get to read a lot about it, read a few customer reviews, and you can even think about it twice or even thrice.

I had a couple of not-so-good buys online especially with clothes and shoes so I suggest buying car accessories should be from a reliable company such as I'm sure they will provide you will all the details that you need about the accessory that you are buying. They have all the accessories that you need - grilles, spoilers, chrome, lighting, and interior. Everything in good condition and great quality at an affordable price. Maybe one day I can purchase a few accessories from them. I'm sure it will be a breeze!

Girls Night Out.

Since my good friend Ercs is here on vacation from Bahrain, we (Ercs, Farrah, and I) have a reason to go out!


We had dinner at Terry's Podium last week and decided to meet again to watch a movie. Last night we watched "Hating Magkapatid" as planned. The traffic was kinda bad in San Juan and it was raining too, but still we were able to catch up on the 6PM slot. Funny all three of us preferred different flavors of popcorn so we had to buy 3 separate tumblers for plain, cheese, barbeque. LOL!

We had so much fun watching "Hating Magkapatid". It was hilarious! You see, I'm not a fan of Luis Manzano but because of his role, I now kind of appreciates him. He was really, really funny. There were a couple of scenes that were a bit cheesy, (not to mention the endorsements of Sarah Jeronimo which were shown in her every move, which by the way is very annoying!) but still, it was a feel good movie that is worth watching with best girl friends. :)

After some photos taken in the bathroom (LOL!), we went to eat dinner at Via Mare and stayed there for a couple of hours.

Good food + Great company + Juicy stories = PERFECT GIRLS NIGHT OUT!

See you again soon girls!


**Photos Grabbed from Farrah**

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. Movie date with Ercs and Farrah later!
2. Love the One You're With by Emily Giffin
3. Normal OGTT results (thank you Lord!)
4. Shopping at Zara
5. Hubby's 32nd birthday
6. SUMU SAM dinner
7. More ebooks from Joy!
8. Nice dresses from the Lolo
9. Everybody got better from Diarrhea
10. Mikel's 1st birthday party last Saturday

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Those were the Days...

...when I used to be so young and innocent! LOL! Check out my page in my highschool yearbook...(I'm the one in the middle)

I can't even remember who wrote my write up. LOL! I miss my long hair and smooth skin. HA! I remember I don't fret about wrinkles and don't even bother to wear make-up. I miss those days.

God Whispers Today

The best way to start the week! Getting God Whispers.

Have a great Monday! (*wink*)

HAPPY Birthday to the BEST Hubby in the World!

Everyday I thank the Lord for blessing me with the most supportive, loving and understanding husband in the world. The little girls are also blessed for having such a hands on and loving Dada. No wonder they are truly "Dada's Girls". They just love you to bits!

HAPPY, HAPPY Birthday, sweetie! I know that we will be celebrating more and more birthdays together for the rest of our lives. WE LOVE YOU!

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. Electricity is back!
2. Overnight stay at the in-laws. Thank God for aircon and sofa bed.
3. We were all safe during the storm. Had a few challenges but everyone is safe and sound.
4. No work yesterday, we get to rest, shop and bond as a family
5. Unexpected online assignments (thank you Lord!)
6. Zara jacket c/o Hubby (thanks sweetie!)
7. Dinner with Farrah and Ercs (with Sofia)
8. Terry's Podium
9. Wham Burger
10. Alex, Hubby and Andie got well from infectious diarrhea

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This is the reason why August 24th feels like forever!

The third book of Suzanne Collin's Hunger Games Trilogy! I've been waiting for this third book for months! And it will be released on the 24th of August this year. I tried reading other books to compensate the "thirst" and excitement while waiting but still, I can't get this off my mind. A few more weeks and I will SOON know what will happen to Katniss Everdeen who against all odds, survived the Hunger Games twice. But she is still not safe and the Capitol is angry. The Capitol wants revenge.

Apart from the 3rd book, there is also something that I'm looking forward to. The Hunger Games Movie! Yey! And it will be shown next year. I can't, can't wait for this. More on the movie here.

On Managing Debts.

I've always worry about debts. Now that Hubby manages our finances almost 75% of our income, I would still worry and make sure that we won't spend too much. Yesterday I was at the mall again (blame it on the black out!) and saw that most of the shops are on sale! Zara and MNG had further reduced items. I went crazy when I learned that the jacket that I've been eyeing is on sale! Good thing the Hubby offered to pay for it.

Lately, I noticed that I've been shopping like there's no tomorrow. No matter what I say, I would end up buying, either online or at the mall. I'm not yet in big debt (thank God!) but I know that I have to do something about it before it gets worst. Good thing there are companies who are willing to help. A company that offers a service that repairs your credit. Companies like RMCN - Repair My Credit Now who are posting rmcn ratings to help people in debt choose which company to hire. With that people will be able to fix their finances and get their life back. I love that they post the customer and rmcn ranking and people's views about the company.

Nowadays, it is pretty important to do research first before hiring a person or a company. You would want to make sure that you are getting the best of the best. Debts are one of the things that we must monitor. It reflects how we handle our finances. That's where rmcn rating would come in.

God Whispers Today

The Something Borrowed Movie.

This is one of the movies that I'm looking forward to in 2011. I was able to catch up on my reading over the weekend (while tending to Hubby when he was at the hospital - will post more on that later!). I love, love the two books. But I was able to borrow the "Something Blue" book so I read it first. I love it more than the "Something Borrowed" though. I can't get over these books so I tried to look it up online and look what I found! They are making a movie out of these books already and will be shown in 2011. Wuhooo! I can't wait. Check out a few photos from the set.

Kate Hudson as Darcy who was born beautiful and always gets what she wants with Ginnifer Goodwin as Rachel the plain looking bestfriend who stole Darcy's Fiancee Dex.

Ginnifer Goodwin as Rachel. I love, love her! Although I don't like Rachel that much but she looks like "the Rachel" that I've imagined while reading the book.

with Colin Egglesfield as Dexter. Do they look great together?

Aaaaah, these photos are making me giddy! I'm hoping though that the movie is as great as the book. We'll see!

* Photos grabbed from

Shangrila Boracay and Mactan

These would be my ultimate vacations if you were to ask me. Shangrila hotels in Boracay and Mactan. I would love to spend at least 2 nights here. I can imagine best accomodations and service from the staff. It's a 5-star hotel after all.

What made me decide to make this an ultimate dream?

Those lounges that they have, to relax and unwind. It's so inviting, I want to fly there NOW. Those outdoor chair cushions are definitely luxurious that I think I must definitely try. I've been hoping for a "me" time just spending the day reading, sleeping, and eating (without interruptions from Mommy duties and other things that I have to do for work). It would be heavenly.

This is Shangrila Boracay's lounge.

Grabbed from Shangrila Bora's Website.

This on the other hand, is Shangrila's CHI Spa, which I heard was very good.

Grabbed from Shang Mactan's Website

I would love to try CHI's signature massage! Aaaaah, it would be bliss to be able to experience a few days in these "heaven-on-earth" resorts. When would that be? I don't know but hopefully before I reach 35.

Looking Forward to the Weekend!

I've planned someting over the weekend but I guess I will have to tweak a bit of our schedule to make way for Tita Riting's burial on Saturday. We are going out of town for the weekend to (early) celebrate Hubby's birthday!

These are supposed to be our activities for the weekend.

- Travel early so we could have lunch at Santi's Deli in Tagaytay

- Check in and plan to sleep all day!

- Have a fancy dinner date somewhere at The Cliffhouse. I initially planned to have it at Antonio's but boy, I need to have at least PHP4,000 for a fancy dinner! I will have to save up more for that. LOL!

- After dinner I plan on watching DVD's and then sleep again.

- The next day after breakfast we would sleep again. I know I planned on sleeping for the whole weekend. Eating would be the second priority. With that at least I won't need to buy a fat burner to get rid of unwanted fats because I don't plan on eating that much anyway.

- And then one of the highlights would be to meet up with my friends Ercs, Cesar, Sofia, Farrah and Erik at Sonya's Garden. Weee! I'm so excited for this lunch. A welcome lunch for Ercs and Cesar who are based in Bahrain.

BUT, since the burial mass will start at 9AM, I believe we would be in Tagaytay around 3PM instead. So all of my plans will be changed. I guess we will end up calling room service, then? We'll see!

It's Meme Time!

Hi, my name is:

Never in my life have I been:
Unworried about things. I always, always worry about everything.

The one person who can drive me nuts is:
The person I can live without (*wink*)

High school is:

When I'm nervous:
I get sweaty palms.

If I were to get married right now my Maid of Honor would be:
I got my sister as my Maid of Honor

My hair is:
Shoulder-length, Straight and Black

When I was 10:
I used to play with my boy cousins.

Last Christmas:
Was kinda sad because I wasn't able to spend it with my Mom, Dad, brothers and sister

I should be:
More positive and worry-free!

The happiest recent events were:
When I went to MNG and ZARA sale. LOL!

By this time next year:
We should be able to find a second Yaya and I should know what am I going to do with my career

My current gripe is:
Tita Riting's passing

I have a hard time understanding:

There's this girl I know who:
Just wouldn't reply to my text messages and emails. I can't believe her!

You know I like you when:
I tell you about my life and I ask you questions about your life.

If I won an award, the first person I would tell would be:

Take my advice:
Life is short. Live your life to the fullest!

Something that I really want to buy is:
That jacket from ZARA which is currently on sale. HA!

If you visited the place I was born:
You will love the place but you don't want to stay there for good

I plan to visit:
Singapore in December

I'd stop my wedding if:
It's not meant to be

The world could do without:

I'd rather lick the belly of a cockroach than:
Nothing! Ewwwww...

Most recent thing I've bought myself:
Lots of loots from MNG and ZARA (*grin*)

Most recent thing someone else bought me:
A Watch from Hubby

This morning I:
As usual, rushed from bed to bathroom to breakfast and to work.

Is Andie on a Diet?

When I saw Andie's baby photos, I can't help but miss her "baby fats". Look at her when she was 4 months old!


Those chubby cheeks are really something! I can't believe I carried her for months with her weight. I thought that she had the same weight as Alex's when Alex was 4 months and all along I thought she was just ok, not that big. But after looking at her photos now, I realized she was indeed a huge baby. But now that she is picky with food (blame the teething) and doesn't want to eat as much as before, she lost a couple of her "baby fats".


I know she looks like she had apidexin or those effective diet pills I've read online. She lost a lot of weight. Although she grew longer, especially her legs, but her tummy is smaller now. If I were Andie, I would be happy - small tummy and long legs - but well, kids of course are different. When I asked her Pedia she wasn't worried at all! Which is definitely a good thing. I just hope she won't get too thin like her Ate Alex.

Our Aunt's Death.

Marlon's (and now my) Aunt, Tita Riting, who has been fighting cancer, passed away yesterday. It was not a sudden death. She fought all throughout trying to extend her life for a few months. She even held her life just to wait for her sister from CDO and brother from the States. It made me realized a lot of things. At first I was curious why she wouldn't let go and move on (since she was already having a hard time breathing) but I realized that she was still waiting for her sister to come see her. It really is possible. Life is truly mysterious.

It made me appreciate life now. Life indeed is short. Cliche as it may sound but still, we should live our lives to the fullest. Take care of our bodies by drinking vitamins, doing exercises, sleep well every night. Make the most out of life by loving the people around us - Hubby, kids, Moms, Dads, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and of course friends. Seek God all the time and offer everything you do to HIM. Stop and smell the flowers around you. Be thankful everyday. Love your job. Do the things that you love.

There are so many things that we can do to make our lives enjoyable. All we have to do is make a move.

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. Mc Donald's coffee
2. Alex got better from her LBM over the weekend.
3. Andie got better from her colds
4. Hubby's upcoming birthday!
5. Loots from Mom, sent through balikbayan box (thanks Ma!)
6. Upcoming getaway.
7. Yummy Pasta
8. Blogging!
9. Friends :)
10. Twitter and Facebook

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Aren't these the Cutest?

And not to mention the most functional beach bag I've ever seen! I found GetFiled! yesterday and fell in love with these nice beach bags...

And look what I meant by it's being functional. You can bring all your essential stuff to the beach!

I love, love, love this! I want to order now and head down to the nearest beach! How I wish I found this before the summer started. But hey, we are in a tropical country and it can get really hot anytime soon. I will probably get one for myself. (*wink*)

Check out GetFiled! here.

* Photos grabbed from GetFiled's multiply site.

June Monthly Roundup

I almost forgot this!

What books and/or magazines did I read this month?
- Charlaine Harris - Sookie Stackhouse Books 2 and 3
- For One More Day by Mitch Albom (loved this book!)
- YES Magazine
- Travel Magazine

What movies and/or TV shows did I watch this month?
- Toy Story 3 with the little girl

What special days did I celebrate and how?
- June celebrants of MBAPS at Conti's Greenbelt
- Rap's 12th Birthday
- Father's Day

What gifts did I give and/or receive?
- Money for Kuya Rap :)

What illnesses or health concerns did I have?
- No major illnesses this month, thank God!

What fun things did I do with my friends and/or family?
- Shopping and dinner with Farrah and Erik :)
- Watched Toy Story with the little girl (it was her first time)

What new foods, recipes or restaurants did I try this month?
- Sumo San in Shang
- Golden Bay Restaurant to celebrate Father's Day

What special or unusual purchases did I make?
- I shopped a lot during MNG and ZARA sale :D
- Some items from TopPicks Multiply.

What were this month's disappointments?
- Still no second Yaya for almost a month now :(

What were my accomplishments this month?
- Survived another 2 weeks without my trusted help. So I had to take 2 weeks off from work. It was very challenging.

Check me Out!

I was tagged by my former colleague with this photo in Facebook. It was hilarious! Check me out!

That was my office ID picture (that explains the name on the black board for identification). I was 23 years old. I can't believe this was almost 9 years ago. It seems like only yesterday. I can clearly remember this day. Even my outfit. I remember it was so cold so I had to wear a jacket. LOL!

Life then was so unknown. I just started working and I was about to leave for US to work. I was so excited, I had my life ahead of me! Now life seems pretty complete with two little girls and the most supportive Hubby in the world. (*smile*)

What Do You Think?

What I meant was, do I really look like I had a diet pill and tried those irvingia weight loss system? Or it's just right? Don't mind my eyes and the dark circles around it. I guess I cannot get rid of it as of the moment since Andie is waking up at the wee hours of the night. What I'm talking about here is my face. When it's about my tummy, it's a whole new perspective. Those bulges are never going away soon (Or ever?). And since I lacked sleep these days, I just can't find the time to do exercises. With regards to my tummy, I guess those weight loss programs will help after all. HA!

Happy Friday, everyone! (*wink*)

On a Diet!?

That's what my co-workers thought about me. They thought that I was on a diet because I'm losing a few pounds everyday. Of course, I'm not. And I wished I would have a colon cleansing diet even but nope. I'm not.

What's my secret? No Yaya for almost a month now. The reliable Yaya of Andie came back after 2 weeks when her Father passed away, but one more Yaya is what we need! I can't believe that it's been a month now that we survived the one-helper household. Considering that we have to take care of the two babies! Yes, I feel like we still have two babies even if Alex is 4 and Andie is almost 2. They are just cranky and clingy everytime Hubby and I are at home. I guess they missed us a lot when we're out working in the office? Probably!

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Better late than never! (*wink*)

Happiness is...

1. Got better from flu.
2. Hubby back from a very informative seminar
3. The girls are getting better from cough and colds
4. June 30 Holiday (was able to SHOP!)
5. Shopping spree with my sister (*grin*)
6. More online assignments (thank you Lord)
7. Sumo San and CYMA Dinner
8. No classes for Alex from Wednesday to Friday
9. Zara Sale!
10. Dinner and a few drinks with Farrah and Erik

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Looking for Car Accessories?

The other day I was driving our car and realized that we need to buy car accessories. It's been almost 2 years since we bought the car and we haven't bought any accessory. Not even those mats like those GMC Yukon Floor Mats that I saw online. We definitely need new mats! And since I don't have a lot of free time lately, I will probably get online. While browsing, I came across that offers car accessories and more. They have almost everything! From Dodge to Jaguar to BMW to Isuzu to Lincoln. As in every car they cater an accessory.

I guess nowadays car accessories are already a need. I know a few years back when you say car accessory it is a want. Something that you don't need. Something that you buy only for "show". But nowadays, you would badly need a floor mat during rainy days. You would need fog lights when you travel outside the city and at night time. You need a car charger just in case your phone dies while you are in the middle of traffic. These are times that you badly need a car accessory. Something that will support you in your day to day activities.