Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. Waiting for the little girl, at least I have ME time
2. Looking forward to ZARA sale!
3. Massage and facial at NEO Day Spa. Thanks for the 72% OFF!
4. Quick trip to the mall to buy Hubby his father's day gift. Finally!
5. Melty Kiss Chocolate
6. Ken Follet's Hornet Flight
7. Shoe Shopping at MNG Sale
8. The little girl enjoying big school
9. Cobi's 1st birthday party!
10. Prizes, giveaways, candies, games and bonding at Cobi's party

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White Water Rafting the Second Time Around...

...and this time, we took the advance course.

Boy, it was so much FUN! Check out our video and guess who had the loudest screams? LOL!

I would say it was my brother. HAHA! The advance course was way better than the beginner's which we took 3 years ago. This one was one scary yet fun adventure! I'm glad we did this while we were in CDO 2 weeks ago. It was all worth it!

Thankful for our Safe Flight to CDO

Two weeks ago, last June 9, 2011, it was our flight to Cagayan De Oro (CDO). But the weather was so bad, we thought our flight would be cancelled. Knowing CDO's airport, we thought we would have to wait for another day and chance another flight.

We got to the airport early inspite of the heavy rains. It was around 5AM when we checked in, and so far, no flights were cancelled. So we were again confident that our flight will not be delayed nor cancelled. After having breakfast, we immediately went to the boarding area and after waiting for more than an hour, we were asked to board. Yey!


We had a hard time boarding because we had to go down and since the rain was pouring, I had to carry my little girl. Good thing the Cebu Pacific crew was helpful enough and assisted me in boarding the plane.

Our flight was a breeze! When we almost about to take off, I saw that CDO has a great weather!


I was so thankful! I finally started to relax and look forward to a fun trip and family bonding in my hometown.

We arrived on time and after we got our luggages, we waited for my Dad and brothers to pick us up.


Hubby's New Investment

Finally, Hubby has decided to get a new investment which is a life insurance. He finally decided to make a move on our pending decision. I'm glad he did. Checking available insurances online also was a big help. Like from, they have all the information available in their website. They also have disability insurance that some of your friends might need. is your personal Social Security Disability Expert. They can give you a complete evaluation anytime and it's for FREE! They will help you with with the initial applications and most of the appeals are approved than if you get it on your own. I would say if you are thinking of getting a disability insurance, getting it through is the way to go.

Hope we could try Marriot Hotel One of These Days

Two weeks ago, my relatives from the US arrived and they checked in at Marriott Hotel before proceeding to Bukidnon for the wedding. I heard good things about the place. They all loved it. We went with them while they were checking in and I had a couple of photos taken at the check in counter.

IMG_0847 IMG_0849

The place looks really nice and when we went to their room, I immediately loved it. Although it was a bit small, but it was new and clean. I hope we get to try it too one of these days. We'll see!

Seriously Taking Supplements Now

We're in the middle of the year already and I'm happy to say that I'm doing good in taking supplements now compared to last year. I vowed to be healthy this year that's why I'm investing on my health. After all, health is wealth, right?

The supplements that I'm taking now include iron complex, natural vitamin C, natural vitamin E and more. I've read that hgh supplements are also a must to drink nowadays. These supplements have been in the market since 2002. And is there to provide unbiased, complete, and brutally honest reviews. These reviews are made available to the website's visitors to help them find exactly what they are looking for. Perfect right? Since I'm a first time user, I would be needing all the feedbacks that I can get. Since they provide consumers in-depth analysis and information on the best options available, I'm definitely sure that I would be able to get the hgh pill from that site.

Our WORST Nightmare Happened at CLUB MANILA EAST Taytay, Rizal

We planned on having a post summer getaway with my in laws a month ago and we agreed on having it on June 18 to 19, 2011 so we could celebrate Father's Day too. It was also a long weekend so we took the opportunity, at least with this, we would have an extra day to prepare for another work week.

BIL decided that we have it at Club Manila East (CME), Taytay. I knew it was a public place since we went there 2004. But since he said that the place was already renovated and that there were already hotel rooms available for overnight stay, we were confident that our stay would be fun, especially for the kids.

Little did we know that our worst nightmare will happen in that place - Hubby's camera bag that includes Canon 550D, a zoom lens, 50MM lens, flash, and all his rechargeable batteries was stolen!! Not only that, they also stole my IPHONE which was given by my Dad.

And, where were these items stolen? Inside CME's hotel room which was LOCKED. Yes, I double checked it TWICE and it was really LOCKED.

SATURDAY, June 18, 2011 - We arrived at the CME resort exactly 12 noon. We weren't in a hurry since we knew that the checked in time was at 2PM. We met up with BIL since he had our tickets. We then went to the resort's only restuarant and had our lunch there.

After lunch, I let the kids swam while Hubby brought our stuff to ROOM 533. He had 2 trips since he brought my hand bag, the baby bag and the camera bag first. And then went back to bring our overnight luggages. He changed into swimming attire and then attended the kids while it was my turn to change. I checked the windows and saw that the curtains were closed because after all, I'm changing and I don't want anyone to see me. It took me just a few minutes to change, put sunblock and check my phone for WIFI. I got excited since I saw there was a WIFI connection which was named CRUZCOMM. I told myself that I'm going to surf the internet after we get back from swimming. I placed my phone in my handbag along with my watch, bracelet and wallet. Because who in the world would bring a cellphone at the pool, RIGHT?

I left the room and to tell you honestly the last thing I checked was Hubby's camera bag beside my handbag. I was confident that it would be SAFE. I checked the locks and found out that even if the door was open, it was still locked, I still can't turned the handle. So I closed the door, and even pushed it just to check if it was completely closed. I went to the kiddie pool were Hubby and my kids were.

We tried the wave pool with the kids and then after an hour and 30 minutes, I came back to the room to give Andie a bath. When I went inside the room, I IMMEDIATELY noticed that the CAMERA BAG WAS MISSING! I immediately checked my handbag, I CAN'T FIND MY IPHONE! During this time, someone was knocking from the adjoining room, it was BIL and told me that SOMEONE WAS IN OUR ROOM! I told him about the camera bag missing and asked if he call Hubby right that moment. He and Alex were still at the wave pool. He came after a few minutes and confirmed that it was really missing!

Apparently, my nephew saw SOMEONE going inside the room and BIL confirmed that when the person went out of our room, he asked him what he was doing inside. He reasoned out that his friend brought him there, etc, etc...Since he noticed that the guy doesn't have anything, he let him go and started contacting Hubby. That was the time when Andie and I arrived.

Hubby immediately went to security and called the manager's attention. The resort did something yes, they called the police and monitored the people going out of the resort. But of course, it was too late. With all those people going in and out of the resort, they wouldn't be able to check including all their stuff!

The rest of the family had no choice but to check every person who would go out of the resort.

Is this the way to spend a NICE weekend? They ruined our supposedly getaway because their resort lacks security! Hubby decided to leave immediately, but I didn't agree since I wanted to get something before we leave. A proof that it happened. I wanted to be present during the investigation and I wanted to prove to them that what happenened WAS NOT OK. So we stayed for the night and waited for the resort's immediate response.

SUNDAY, June 19, 2011 - We woke up early and ordered breakfast and had it delivered to our room (533). I told myself it's my turn to face the MANAGEMENT. We were supposed to check out that day and I had to do something. While the police was in our room for further investigation, I went to the lobby to talk to the MANAGER. I had to ask THRICE just for someone to TALK TO ME. This girl said nobody was available to talk to me.


But after a few minutes and after insisting that I needed to talk to SOMEONE, Donny, the supervisor, finally came out. I was asking for the OPERATIONS MANAGER, because the SALES MANAGER who attended to us the other day, was on a day off. I told Donny what I needed. THEY HAD TO PAY US! But he said that they have a process that we had to wait for the Police's report which will be forwarded to the LEGAL DEPARTMENT who will decide if they will pay us or NOT.

So we waited for the police report which finally came at 3PM. We were so disappointed because it lacked all the details like the driver being another witness and the amount of the camera was completely WRONG. We wanted the Police to change it but when we went to the police station (take note, we were with the kids), the Police who was assigned to the case was already on a day off. If you were in my place, would you go home bringing an incomplete report? Would you settle for that?

NO! So we insisted on staying until they give us their investigation report. We stayed for another night. Finally, the next day, the OPERATIONS MANAGER, MR. SOBERANO, finally met us. He finally had the nerve to face us. He assured us that we will get the report before lunch and that this will be forwarded to the legal department and then they will decide. We also wrote our own incident report and had it signed by the SALES MANAGER, Louie Ramirez.

That's when we finally checked out of the resort having with us a police report, the resort's investigation report and our report signed by the sales manager. We also got hold of the numbers to be contacted.

Seeing them how they handled the situation, I really hope that they DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! The HASSLE that they brought US and the value of the stolen items was something that we wouldn't be able to produce AGAIN! We worked hard for it and it would only end up STOLEN IN A HOTEL ROOM? A place where we always thought is SAFE?

CLUB MANILA EAST's SECURITY sucks BIG, BIG TIME! If I were you, beware of this RESORT from now on!

Breaking Dawn's Full Trailer is Out!

This actually made my day...

I can't believe I have to wait for another 5 months to be able to watch this movie. But at least I have time to watch Eclipse first and then will look forward to this very, very soon!

I’m so Loving Apple!

Ever since my Dad gave me his iphone, I started to appreciate apple products. Probably because I’m used to using complicated gadgets that I’ve learned to really love it. Hubby gave me 8gb ipod nano a few years ago for my birthday but I didn’t really see how it was so easy to use since I just leave it at home and I just bring it when I travel. But it is indeed very handy, what more with these new generation Ipod Nano I saw at!

Now that I’m using my iphone for a few months now, I’m hooked to the apps such as Instagram, Facebook for Iphone, Twitter for Iphone, Montager, Pink Pad, iBooks or Tomes and the games for Hubby and the kids. And I would say, I would never going back to any other phone from now on. (*grin*)

Frostings Cupcakes for the Little Girls

A few weeks ago, my friend, Cathy and I met up and look what she gave my little girls...


1 box of frostings cupcakes! My little girls were ecstatic when they saw these. They loved it too.

You want to try it? Check out their branches at the following:

Shangri-La, Rustan's Dept store, 3rd floor

Trinoma mall, 3rd floor

Landmark Trinoma, Ground floor Supermarket

Glorietta 4, Food Choices, 3rd floor

SM Mall of Asia complex, Ground floor Ice Skating Rink

They are now practically everywhere. For more information visit Happy cupcake eating! (*wink*)

Sending Out Thank you Gifts

One thing I’ve learned after all these years is to give out thank you gifts after getting a favor from someone. These are the gifts that are usually forgotten. I remember when Hubby and I got married 6 years ago, I made sure that we give out thank you gifts to all the suppliers who assisted us. It is one way to repay the kindness and the service that they provided.

I had a hard time thinking of what to give them, that’s why I was happy when I saw Shari's thank you gift online. With them, I can choose from the website which one to give out and then send anytime especially in the States. I love that they have a lot of options to choose from. Shari’s Berries has chocolate thank you gift ideas too. I definitely love it and I look forward in ordering from their website soon.

Loving Amici's Pizza and Pasta AGAIN.

It's been months now since we dined at Amici. That's why when we were at the mall a few weekends ago, we didn't have second thoughts when we saw Amici and decided to dine there with the kids.


We just had the usual pasta and pizza which we find very tasty. We missed the food actually and learned to love it all over again.



My little girls, being a pasta and pizza lover (like us!), they also loved the food and was able to eat a lot.

IMG_0705 IMG_0704

I was not surprised when we finished everything! We didn't have to bring the left overs at home. LOL! We didn't have room for dessert anymore but for sure, we will go back again one of these days.

Family Fun and Board Games

I remember when I was a kid I used to enjoy board games with my family. We used to play millionaire's game and we used to really have fun. We usually do it on weekends. When I think about it, I want to have that kind of bonding with my kids too. I'm sure all of us will have a blast. Inspite of the invention of the gadgets like PSP, Leapfrog, IPAD and Iphone, I still want to do the traditional games.

I came across Biffley's and found a whole lot of choices when it comes to games. They have board and card games available and you can buy it online. They have this lcr dice game which I'm very curious what this game is all about. I'm going to read more about it and see how it is played. I'm sure my kids will love playing with us especially when they get a little older. I can't wait for that!

I noticed that most of the kids these days don't appreciate these type of games anymore. They tend to play with video or computer games that they find board and card games boring now. But in reality, it actually stimulates the mind more and establishes good values when it comes to team work and probably sportsmanship too. So for now, I'm going to wait a few more months for my kids to grow up and then I will surely shop at Biffleys. I'm sure I will enjoy shopping at their site.

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. Trip to Malaybalay
2. Kevin and Kri's Wedding
3. The girls did a great job in walking down the aisle! So proud of them!
4. Chicken Inato
5. Roast Beef from Del Monte Clubhouse
6. Alex was so behaved during her first day. She had fun at the big school!
7. Great weather in CDO
8. White Water Rafting Advanced Version. We all had a blast!
9. Jannah's 8th birthday party
10. Online assignments

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Thinking of Going Back to the Gym

It's been weeks now since I started thinking of going to the gym. I badly need an exercise routine and since I was too busy with the kids, work and more, I keep on forgetting my need to do exercises at least thrice a week. That's why when I discovered, I can't help but look at their items. They have gym shorts, reisport grips and other clothes and accessories for baseball, basketball, cheerleading and gymnastics. I've read that they even have items for PE classes, pre-school items, track and field and volleyball. I told you, they really got tons of stuff! It looks like their items are of good quality. It helps that their website is easy to use, I can even shop by price. These type of items are not a necessity so I have to check the price before purchasing.

Since they have stuff for the kids too, I'm thinking of getting for them too. If ever I will order stuff and go back to the gym, I will get stuff for the kids and the Hubby too. I'm hoping that we will do this activity as a family bonding. We all lack exercise and movements these past few days and planning to do this activity would improve our health in a major way.

I've been posting about being healthy for the past few months now and I really aim to lessen our cholesterol levels this year. I want to be stronger too and avoid getting sick almost every month. I hope I will continue to be healthy for the rest of the year and the years to come.

My Sweet Little Andie.

Ever since Andie turned TWO last November, she never failed to make us laugh nor failed to amazed us with her antics. She is one amazing little girl.


I would also say that she's one of the moodiest person I have ever known (the other person is the Hubby. LOL!), one minute she is laughing with us, the other minute, she's at the corner silently crying because of something! I know, a proof that she is indeed a toddler!

She is not looking forward to school YET, but I'm hoping and praying that she will be by next year. She got sick this summer and had been coughing for weeks. She is getting better, thank God, and is slowly being herself now.

Look how Andie is so cheerful these days that she just makes faces when she's in front of the camera (in this case, my phone)...

IMG_0638 IMG_0640

IMG_0641 IMG_0642

One time, without any reason at all, Andie suddenly told me, "I LOVE YOU, Mama." This totally melted my heart. Something worth remembering for the rest of my life. She is one sweet girl.

I love you too, Andie. And I always will.

Our Impromptu Dinner at Teriyaki Boy

It's been a while since we ate at Teriyaki Boy. Since Hubby and I were craving for Japanese food last week, we ended up at Teriyaki Boy.


We ordered our usual favorites: Kani Salad, Chicken Teriyaki, Asparagus Wrapped in Bacon and Gohan (Rice)

IMG_0681 IMG_0680

Teriyaki Boy is definitely comfort food. After a day of stress, Hubby and I instantly felt better after our sumptuous meal there. YUM, YUM, YUM!

Andie's Summer Field Trip and Graduation

I blogged here that Andie took a class this summer and part of her class was to go to Fun Ranch in Tiendesitas for her field trip. She and her classmates had a blast!

IMG_9671 IMG_9689


Thanks to the Dada for coming with Andie to the field trip and for the beautiful photos!


A few days after her field trip, Andie finally finished summer school and we all went to her school to attend her graduation. It was so much fun watching Andie looking so behaved and even participated in their dance number.


She was given an award as the "Most Well Behaved" during the summer!


We were so proud of her! Good job, Andie!



Hookah or Shisha for the Dada on Father's Day

Father's day is almost here so I'm thinking of what gift to give for the Dada. He deserves a big one because he has been a great Dada for the past years. Well, I would say, he's the best Dada for my little girls. (*grin*)

I won't really say which one to give because he might be reading this post. But I will name a few things I have in mind that I MIGHT give. An ipad or an iphone no longer is part of the list. Ha! Because I don't have a budget for that. Yes, he definitely deserves it BUT, sorry Sweetie, I just can't this year. I saw hookah pipes online and looks like he would like this.

He doesn't smoke anymore but this one would be nice as a souvenir. Don't you agree? This one is an inhale hookah or Anubis One Hose Hookah With Suitcacase. Yes, it definitely has a suitcase. Perfect if you travel and plans to bring it or perfect when storing it. I've read that it is an Egyptian series line, it has really beautiful designs and arts, comes with one 50 inch washable hose, closely matching color ceramic bowl, metal tongs to hold the charcoal, carry travel suitcase.

I can imagine Hubby's reaction when my Father's gift would be this hookah. Shisha is also an option. I can buy these online at and hopefully the transaction would be a breeze. I got a few more days to go and I hope that by that time, I'm ready to give his gift because for me, he truly deserves to be happy on Father's Day.

Discovering Crisostomo at Resorts World

Inspired by turn-of-the-century Filipino dining, Chef Florabel Co's Crisostomo restaurant pays tribute to cultures that have influenced local cuisine: Spanish, American, Japanese and Chinese, plus a touch of Chef Co's innovations.

You wouldn't believed when I tell you that we ate at Crisostomo twice already. After we discovered this last May for snacks, we brought our relatives from the States and ate here again for dinner a couple of days ago. We just love the food although a bit pricey for a no-occassion eat out, it would be worth if you are celebrating something.

Here are the food that we already get to try and I highly recommend that you try it too:

For Snacks/Dessert:
- Pansit Canton
- Buko Pandan
- Banana Split
- Malunggay with Calamansi drink (My little girl loved this to bits! Not to mention it's very healthy too)
- Mango Cream Pie
- Leche flan (although this one was too sweet and creamy for me)

For Dinner:
- Liwayway (Bangus with Fried Garlic)
- Don Juan (Grilled Liempo)
- Don Rafael (Crispy Pata)
- Kangkong Selo (Stir fried Kangkong)

The food was delish! There are more options available that I want to try one of these days. Hopefully we get to visit Crisostomo again soon.

Crisostomo is located at 2/F Newport Mall at Resorts World Manila, Pasay City, Metro Manila. You may call them at (02) 846-9276 for reservations.

Looking for Trade Show Displays?

I remember when I used to work on a transport show. It was a trade show showcasing all the nice cars in the country. All the brands are there, BMW, Benz, Toyota, Ferrari, Honda. It was my first time to see as much cars in the world. But, it wouldn't be that noticeable if not for the trade show displays and banners. Each trade show booth was displayed nicely and most of it were really attractive.

The company that I'm working for now is planning to join a trade show soon so I was looking for a company that could make a trade show display, design and graphics. I found online and looks like they can provide the stuff that I need. They've been providing these things for years now and they got a lot of happy customers. They have 10'x10' display and 20'x20' trade show booths. They have all the materials that you can think of, popup displays, banner stands, panel displays, moss displays, exhibit flooring, trade show cases and almost everything! For being in the industry for 23 years now, they truly understand their clientele and what they need for their trade show to be a success. If you are just about to present your company, it is important to have good advertisements and I think getting from would be worth it.

The Wonderful World of KAOS

We were so lucky because a couple of weeks ago, we were treated by my in-laws to watch KAOS with the rest of the family.

In case you don't know what KAOS is, here are the details grabbed from their website:

Kaos with The Manila Symphony Orchestra

A classic adventure of a handsome prince, a beautiful maiden and an interfering advisor.

A never ending search for true love...

Las Vegas meets Broadway in a one-of-a-kind musical spectacle never before seen in the Philippines.

The Story

In a medieval kingdom, a lonely prince peers into a magical mirror and falls in love with a beautiful maiden from the future. As the past and the future converge, the two discover a love that transcends time and overcomes seemingly impossible odds.

This is the story of KAOS, a visual and musical spectacle unlike anything Manila has ever seen.



IMG_0615   IMG_0616

It was indeed something we will never forget! We were so grateful for the opportunity to watch it and we hope that there are more shows like KAOS that will be shown here in Manila in the next couple of years.

What to use for Self Defense?

With all the crimes happening in our country nowadays, I think it's time to look for something to use for self defense. If you are commuting every day and night, to protect yourself, we need to bring a weapon. Pepper spray were used during the old days for the girls who usually go out on their own. I think it is still available in most of the weapon stores. And in my opinion, pepper spray is still the safest among all weapons that you use for self defense.

But what if you need to protect your home and your belongings? I think you need something like those German sport guns from It's a little expensive but I can tell it's worth it. There's this one German sport gun called German Sport Guns GSG M1911 22lr. You can use this as a weapon for self defense or even use this for hunting. At least you can use it for two purposes. The $359 worth of this weapon would be worth it. Considering the price, it's not that bad at all. If I have the budget, I would probably get one for us.

Before, I'm opposed to having guns or even sports gun at home. But with the crime rate getting higher everyday, I think it would be a good idea to get one. Just make sure that you store it to the safest place where kids won't find it and play with it. If not, I guess it's better not to buy anymore.

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. It was raining!
2. Nescafe Brown Coffee - Perfect for the bed weather
3. Shoe shopping for the little girls
4. Additional 1 week vacay for Alex
5. Booked our December tickets
6. It's JUNE!
7. Blogging
8. Online friends
9. Window shopping
10. The kids' pictures

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Alex's First Ballet Recital

After 8 sessions of ballet, the little girl finally had her first ballet recital! She was so excited about it she practiced her steps for weeks! I'm glad she did because she did a great job at the recital and was so confident. We were so proud of her.

Before the recital, we asked Tita Trish to put makeup on her.



The makeup sessions made her more excited and giddy. It wasn't her first time to wear makeup but I don't know makeup and girls really work well! LOL!

I was at the backstage the whole time with my little girl and I saw how she was interested with ballet.




It was a big night for my little girl. She even won an award for being able to quickly learned the steps.


For that, we get 4 free sessions this year. Weeeee!


Congratulations, Ate Alex! We are looking forward to more ballet recitals in the years to come! (*wink*)

Cute Kitchen Wooden Play Sets

Ever since I bought my little girl a wooden doll house 2 Christmases ago, I developed a love for wooden toys. If they are not too expensive, I would buy almost everything from the guidecraft kitchen, to the fridge, to the ice cream parlor set and more. These wooden toys are just too cute!



Guidecraft is one of the leading online shops that sells cute wooden toys. Inspired by the birth of two beautiful granddaughters, they opened The Kinder Garden in their New York location. They then stocked it with the best of the best, including thewonderful Guidecraft kitchen items. I can imagine how nice their store looks like in real life. I'm sure my kids will be ecstatic when I bring them there. I would be ecstatic when I go there and shop. You see, these kind of toys are something that I wanted when I was a little girl.

But honestly, I don't invest in toys because I know that these would just get broken after years of playing. But these wooden toys are an exception. It stimulates creativity and these look like of great quality. The doll house that we purchased for the little girl is still ok. I guess the materials that they used were really good that it lasted for 2 years. I hope I get to see this dollhouse in the next couple of years or who knows, my kids will pass it on to their kids too. Now, that, I can say, is of great quality that lasts for a long, long time.

The Crocs Mega Sale!

Too bad we're going to miss this!

Here are more details:

- The Crocs Mega Sale is from June 9 to 12, 2011 at the NBC Tent in Fort Bonifacio from 10:00am to 8:00pm.
- Up to 90% OFF on selected items, As low as P49. Whoa!
- Models and Accessories from past seasons, Selected 2010 Models, and Crocs Rx will be available at the Mega Sale. Although keep in mind that not all sizes are available on selected items.
- For Citibank card holders: FREE Entrance.
- For Non-Citi card holders: Entrance Fee is P50, but may avail of FREE Entrance for those who sign up for a Citi credit card.
- Cash and all Major credit cards will be accepted.