Crocs vs. Sanuk

I need a new "travel" shoes since the one I got gave in already after our HK trip. But I want it really comfortable. So, which one would you go for?


Sanuk Pocahontas in Brown

OR this?

Crocs' Lily Winter in Black

Are these really comfortable like my old shoes? I hope so!

I'm Still Here!

I know I haven't updated this blog for days now. I've been busy. It's not about the online life insurance that I've been working on the past weeks.

After our HK trip, I had a revelation and fortunately everything fell into place after my Dad arrived. So now, I'm on a business trip and hopefully everything will push through. I have been waiting for an opportunity for 2 months (since December) and I HOPE and PRAY that this is the opportunity that God has in stored for me. (*crossing fingers*)

I knew all along that God will always provide and that He will do whatever it takes to make you happy. But sometimes, it's just hard to believe it if you are currently challenged by trials.

So I pray that everything will continue to fall into place and that in no time I will be busy again working. (*wink*)

God's Whispers Today

Our Last Day in Ocean Park, Hongkong.



More stories and photos here.

Is it Time to Invest?

Hubby and I were talking the other day about our finances and we thought that it's time to buy gold bullion. I know I've been shopping a whole lot last year and it would be great to stop these shopping sprees and start to invest. I have read that nowadays, gold is down from its peak. But it has managed to hold the $1000 per ounce level since October 2009. This is a good sign that investing in gold won't put our money at risk. Well there are still risks of course but I guess lesser now. offers a whole lot of information about these things so I better double check with them and see if I'm going to the right path.

Character Buffet on our Third Day at Disney

I would say this is the second most fun thing that we did on our trip! The breakfast buffet with the characters at Disneyland Hotel! When I saw photos of Jody and Jane having breakfast with the characters, this made me decide that I want to bring the kids there too and experience this. I would say it was all worth it because not only did the kids had fun but also Hubby and I. The food was also heavenly, but of course because of the kids' excitement we weren't able to eat that much. I even brought the best diet supplement but wasn't able to use it.

Anyway, here are some of the photos of the famous breakfast, I'm sure you will see in our faces that we really did have a blast!






After breakfast, we had a few photos taken at the hotel.




On Acnes and Facial Treatments

After our tiring trip to Hongkong, I realized that there were acnes formed in my face. It was probably due to lack of rest and sleep. So, now, I'm looking for a treatment that I can put in my face. I found phisoderm acne. Would this work? I'm not sure yet. But I decided that maybe it would best to treat my face by just washing with water and soap. I won't put any chemicals yet nor make-up and see what will happen. If this doesn't work, then will move on to my next plan.

Our Second Day in Hongkong, Disneyland

After a tiring yet fun first day at Hongkong Disneyland, we slept through the night. I couldn't imagined we were able to survive our first day. We walked a lot that it feels like we had a quick weight loss afterwards. I woke up as early as 5AM to prepare ourselves for another "big" day at the park. I let the kids and Hubby slept in for a couple of hours while I prepared our things and food/water to bring.

Our second day was another fun day but had to admit, it was pretty tiring already. We rented one stroller for Ate Alex because she kept on insisting that she wants to ride the stroller. I cannot carry Andie the whole time so it was actually a good idea renting another stroller.

Here are our photos of our second day at the park.




Look at us with the two strollers in tow!




I had to admit, the stroller came in very handy! :D

We braved the queues so we can have our photos taken with the characters.






It was all worth it!

At 6PM, an hour before closing time, we made the most out of our time by checking out tomorrowland.



We were able to ride the Astro Blaster ride and had our encounter with Stitch! And at 7PM, we were at the Main Street, USA enjoying the fireworks!

All I can say is that, I was very, very tired on our second day but this was the most fun day for the kids.

More details of our second day here.

Our Plan for Today.

Hubby and I were supposed to have breakfast buffet this morning at Circles but we decided to sleep in since we slept late last night. Well at least I won't need those weight loss products since I didn't have to eat that much! We decided to have Brooklyn pizza for snacks instead and spend the rest of the afternoon with the kids. We are going to have dinner with our friends tonight anyway so at least we were able to play the kids first before leaving them.

I remember 6 years ago, Hubby proposed to me on Valentine's day! It was such a memorable day and I won't ever forget it! Up to now, we would still reminisce on that night and remember the good old days.

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. Tiring but fun trip to Hongkong
2. Spent 2 days in Hongkong, Disneyland
3. Cebu Pacific crew helping us when we arrived at the airport from HK (both kids were sleeping!)
4. Dad arriving safely from US
5. Loots from the Lola and Lolo (Thank you so much!)
6. Hubby supporting my being shopaholic. LOL!
7. Nice pictures of our trip
8. A new idea that gave me HOPE.
9. God being faithful ALL THE TIME!
10. Fried Rice, Broccoli with Scallops, and Lemon Chicken for lunch

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Our First Day in Hongkong, Disneyland

This trip was supposedly for Hubby and I only since this trip serves as our celebration for being married for 5 years! But the kids wanted to see Mickey Mouse in person so much that we decided to bring them along and went to Hongkong Disneyland instead. We expected a very stressful trip (considering we brought the two babies!) but surprisingly our flight to Hongkong was a breeze. Read more here.

The girls seem to be very excited for the trip that they were well-behaved. As I've posted here, our first few photos in Disneyland were deleted because our CF crashed. Good thing it crashed on our first day, so at least we were still able to get the photos that were gone.

I will just let the photos speak on how our first day went. More details on my travel blog!

This is the spot where our CF crashed.


She threw a kiss for Alex.

Alex's Favorite Disney Float

Andie kept on pointing during the parade.

At the Philhar Magic 3D Show

IMG_9652 IMG_9653

Our first day was a blast! We were able to watch the most popular shows like Lion King, The Golden Mickey Show, Philhar Magic (3D), The Disney Parade, and of course the Fireworks. It was such a memorable day that we all look forward to our next day...

Hello Mickey and Minnie Mouse!



We got back from our short vacation in Hongkong last Tuesday night. We were sooo tired but the experience was one of the best. Kids definitely had a blast! Will be back with more photos and stories. Watch out for it!