March 2015 Monthly Roundup

What books and/or magazines did I read this month?
- Still reading Tempting Fate by Jane Green
- On Dublin Street by Samantha Young
- Down the London Road by Samantha Young
- Currently Reading: Invisibility by Andrea Cremer

What movies and/or TV shows did I watch this month?
- The Best of ME
- Christmas Town
- Pre-destination
- Gone Girl
- The kids watched Cinderella
- Annie
- Into the Woods

What special days did I celebrate and how?
- Our first kid's 9th birthday!
- End of classes, start of summer vacation. WUHOO!

What illnesses or health concerns did I have?
- I had a couple of allergy attacks this month

What fun things did I do with my friends and/or family?
- Date Night at YABU, just because.
- Celebrating the first kid's 9th birthday at home
- Went to Baby Fourth's Baptism
- Another date night at Uncle Cheffy
- Year End Culminating Activity of our second kid
- Double Celebration (birthday and graduation) with family at Comida China de Manila
- Date night at Buffalo Wings to celebrate the start of SUMMER!
- Tried Chubby's for Sunday day out with the kids
- Went to Baler, Aurora before the Holy Week started

What new foods, recipes or restaurants did I try this month?
- Yabu
- Racks for Fourth's Baptism
- Uncle Cheffy
- Milk & Sunny, Kapitolyo
- Comida China de manila
- Buffalo Wings (a must try!)
- Chubby's
- Restaurants in Baler

What special or unusual purchases did I make?
- A summery dress and eye liner. (*wink*)

What have you learned this month?
- "Easy things are worthless. It's the hard things that matter. Those are the things worth leaping for." - Invisibility by Andrea Cremer

Hubby's Birthday Dinner at Alba

We make it a point to ALWAYS celebrate a birthday, after all this is the only special day that we have a reason to CELEBRATE!

So, where did the Husband celebrate his birthday? In ALBA!

And we enjoyed the food so much!

Glad Hubby loved the place, the food and everything in this restaurant.

He had a fun night with the whole family! ♥

Sharing a Song this SUNDAY: Summer!

Happy Summeeeeeeeeeer, everybody!!!

Beautiful song by Calvin Harris - Summer!

Enjoy the first few weeks of summer, peeps!

Our Niece's 7th Birthday Party

A couple of months ago our niece celebrated her 7th birthday. For a couple of hours, our kids enjoyed being a Princess!

The kids had so much fun. It shows in her faces...

Thanks for having us, Princess Rika!

I Want a Healthy Dessert NOW.

And I think pinkberry's frozen yoghurt would be a perfect choice. Sigh.

Lunch time, please come soon!

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. Fun weekend!
2. Movie time with kids
3. Time to go to the mall
4. Quick date with the Hubby
5. Buffalo wings and mojitos
6. Photos and Memories
7. Hugs and Kisses
8. Blogging
9. Extra Work
10. Family ♥

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Starting the Week Right.

With these I'm definitely starting my week right...

A good journal/planner, personal prayers, a nice pen and a couple of reflections.

So yes, I'm so ready for this week! (*wink*)(*wink*)

Sharing a Song this SUNDAY: As the SUN goes Down

Let's all dance the HEAT away!

As the Sun goes down by Robin Schulz...

Happy hot, hot, SUNDAY, peeps! (*wink*)

Do you Know How to Have More Fun this Summer?

Oh, this is exciting! Happy FRIDAY, everyone! (*wink*)

Have you tried 8 Cuts' Burgers? Oh, You Should!

And, yes, we did a couple of months ago to celebrate Hubby's birthday!

First off, we tried the onion rings which was soooo goodie!

And then the highlight of our meal is the burger, of course!

And, look, someone is very happy with his burger!

Definitely a must try! You should try it too! (*wink*)

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. The kids' moving up
2. Summer vacation is almost here!
3. Uncle Cheffy for date night
4. Pizza, pizza, pizza!
5. The kids' birthday and moving up day celebration with the whole family
6. Long nap last weekend
7. eBooks
8. Family ♥
9. Coffee!
10. Mc Donald's Sausage Mc Muffin

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Our Weekend Food Trip with Yellow Cab

A couple of months ago, there was one weekend that everyone (including the kids) craved for pizza.

So yes, we gave in and ordered one while watching a movie.

This is one of the reasons why I truly love the weekend! Food trip, movie night with the whole family. ♥♥♥


"Everyone should smile. 
Life really isn't that serious. 
We make it hard. 
The sun rises.
The sun sets.
We just tend to complicate the process."

Sharing a Song this SUNDAY: The Light

Beautiful song by Sara Bareilles...

Have a blessed Sunday, everyone! (*wink*)

3 Keys To Unlock The Happiness Door by Bo Sanchez

Here's another nice article by Bo Sanchez that I would like you to read as well...HAPPY Friday!

3 Keys To Unlock The Happiness Door

Do you want to be really happy?

I’ve noticed that the door of happiness has three locks.

To open that door, you need 3 keys.

I believe that without these 3 Keys, it’ll be impossible to be happy.

Here they are:

Key 1: Your ability to select your 90%

Key 2: Your ability to surrender your Circle of Concern

Key 3: Your ability to seek your happiness from God’s Love

Let me explain…

Key 1: Your Ability To Select Your 90%

I’ve come to a simple yet profound realization.

I believe that happiness doesn’t depend on what’s happening around me. Happiness depends on what’s happening inside you.

How come?

Because of the 90/10 Principle.

Stephen Covey said that 10% of life consists of the stuff that happens to you. This includes the good stuff. Perhaps you got a job promotion. That’s part of the 10% of life. Or you found the guy of your dreams. As big as that is, that’s still part of the 10% of life.

That 10% also includes the bad stuff. Perhaps you got fired. Or your boyfriend dumped you for another girl. Or you gained 10 pounds. Or your car broke down. Or your cell phone got stolen. All that is included in the 10% of life.

Because 10% of life consists of what happens to you.

What’s the 90%?

90% of life consists of what you do to what happens to you.

When a trial comes, will you respond with faith or doubt?

When a blessing comes, will you respond with gratitude or ingratitude?

When hardship comes, will you persevere or will you give up?

When irritating people come, will you be patient or be impatient?

Friends, your happiness depends on this 90%–what you do to what happens to you.

Your happiness is a choice!

Here’s the next key…

Key 2: Your Ability To Surrender

Your Circle Of Concern

One of my favorite passages in the Bible says, Give your burdens to the Lord, and He will take care of you. (Psalms 55:22)

Are you carrying a heavy burden right now? I’ve got a very important message for you. You don’t have to carry that burden. That’s why many people are getting sick today. That’s why many people are getting depressed. That’s why many people have anxiety disorders. Because God didn’t design you to carry extremely heavy burdens for an extended period of time.

Because God designed you to give your burdens to Him.

Aside from the 90/10 Principle, Covey also talked about the difference between your “Circle of Control” and your “Circle of Concern”.

Mix up these two and you get into a lot of useless stress! A lot of people confuse the two—that’s where our anxiety comes from.

Let me ask you a question: Does your Job belong to your Circle of Control or your Circle of Concern?

Here’s the answer. There are certain parts of your Job that are found within your Circle of Control. For example, your attitude and performance are stuff you can control.

But everything else is in your Circle of Concern. You can’t control your boss. You can’t control the other departments. You can’t control the economy of the world. You can’t control the laws that affect your company.

For example, some wives have this crazy hallucination that their husband is in their Circle of Control.

I’ve got news for you: He’s not, no matter what you think.

A woman came up to me and said, “Bo, please preach about smoking. So my husband will stop this terrible vice. I’ve been nagging him to stop, but he hasn’t…”

I told her, “You can’t control his smoking. And nagging doesn’t work. It never has. The only thing you can do is pray for him and surrender….”

I believe we will go insane if we don’t know how to surrender.

Because there are many things that you can’t control.

Are you a parent? Believe me, you’ll go insane if you won’t trust God for your kids. Because there are many things you can’t control about your kids. Yes, you can control how you relate to them. How you train them. How you mentor them. How you love them. But the rest? Surrender.

You can’t guarantee how they’ll make their choices. Whether your kids will be successful in their jobs or businesses. Whether your kids will choose the right spouse. Whether they’ll raise up their own kids well.

So what should you do with your Circle of your Concern?

Do what you can do about that financial problem, or physical sickness, or relationship problem. But after you’ve done everything that you can do, surrender.

And finally…

Key 3: Your Ability To Seek Your Happiness

From God’s Love

One day, the disciples of Jesus came back from their mission trip with fantastic “success” stories. What made them excited the most? That the demons fled at their command.

“It was amazing,” they told Jesus. “We just said, Demons, get out! And those varmints scampered like rats in a flood.”

Jesus congratulated them, but after giving them hi-fives, he said something very important. He said, I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven. However, do not rejoice that the spirits submit to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven. (Luke 10:18, 20)

What was he saying?

“Do not rejoice at your success, but rejoice that God loves you.”

Why? Because all success is fleeting.

Yes, thank God for your accomplishments. But a day will come when these accomplishments would fade away.

Your trophies and plaques and awards decorating your wall will one day be trash. When you’re gone, one of your grandkids will throw them all in a garbage can.

Your car, so nice and shiny now, will one day be a heap of rust.

Your money, no matter how much you have, will one day be of no use to you.

Your home, so beautiful today, will one day be owned by someone else.

So if your happiness is based on your accomplishments, you’ll lose your happiness rather quickly.

Jesus tells us: Seek your real happiness on eternal things, not temporal things. Seek your happiness on the fact that God loves you, that God has written your name in His heart.

Be happy!

May your dreams come true,

Bo Sanchez

Thanks Again Grandma!

The kids are so happy again getting these wonderful loots from Grandma a couple of months ago...

WOOOHOOOO! Thanks Grandma!

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. Happy and Relaxing weekend
2. The little girl's year end culminating play ♥
3. Weekend movie bonding with the family
4. Wine & Popcorn night
5. Feeding Program
6. Fun and relaxing Sunday
7. Coffee Crumble Ice Cream. YUM!
8. Weekend naps
9. Fourth's Baptism
10. Chicken and Ribs at Racks

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You are Exactly Where you Need to Be.

Something to ponder on today...

"You are Exactly Where you Need to Be."

Do you feel anxious about your current situation? Feeling stressed about problems and challenges that you don't know what you are doing in your current situation? Take note that "You are exactly where you need to be." Just trust HIM up there! The rest will fall into place. (*wink*)

Went to an Uber Fun McDonald's Party

A couple of months ago we were invited to a 7th birthday party in Mc Donald's SM Aura and look, we so loved the interiors...

It was funky and colorful, it made the party even more fun!

And they did have fun during Kimi's 7th. I'm so glad we came.

Happy 7th birthday, Kimi!

Sharing a Song this SUNDAY: Like I Can

Here's another song by Sam Smith. Let's all dance this morning!

Have a blessed Sunday, everyone!

Rainbow Looming this Summer? We'll See

Summer is almost here (YEY!) and I'm thinking of what the kids' activities would be in the next few months. When I saw these couple of rainbow loom bands I was thinking of having them make bands again...

But they've been doing it for months now and look, they haven't even finished most of their bands...

But, they've made a couple of good stuff already...

Sooo, we'll see if these kids would still be interested in making those loom bands this summer.

Miss Eating Breakfast at Starbucks

I wish I'm at Starbucks now. Yes, right this moment.

I just miss eating a sandwich and drinking a good cup of coffee...

But maybe one of these days, we can drop by and see what they have instore for us!

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. Lunch with co-Mommies at Cafe Ysabel
2. Relaxed Friday
3. Super fun weekend with friends at Punta Fuego
4. Beach, Pool and One Weekend of Bonding
5. Work, work, work! Thankful for you!
6. Freshly brewed coffee by the Hubby ♥
7. Breakfast at McDonald's
8. Summer is almost here!
9. Planning future trips
10. God

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Girl Power, Flower Power!

Yes, it was a flower ring kind of day for us, girls...

The girls loved their flower rings from Lola. Soooo cute!

It is Necessary to Let Things Go...

Another one from

"You will find that it is necessary 
to let things go; simply
for the reason that
they are heavy."


Sharing a Song this SUNDAY: Shake it Off

It's Taylor Swift's Shake it off to start off your Sunday.

Have a good one, peeps! (*wink*)