Rica's Bridal Shower

Well, another friend of mine is getting married in August! Wohoo! We had our surprise bridal shower for Rica last Thursday at my place! Yes, it was clean fun. :) No dancers... LOL! But we had so much fun just listening to each other's stories after months of not seeing each other.



One of the Girls...










To Rica, we wish you more happiness with Jon, lots of kids, and many, many more blessings to you and your family. Congratulations!

TriClear a 3-Step Acne System

I guess Acnes are already part of our lives. And ever since, I've always wanted an easy way to get rid of it. And then came TriClear an acne treatment that is so easy and quick that provides a 3-step acne system that is specially formulated to quickly treat acne while leaving skin hydrated and clear. These 3-step acne system includes: Purifying Cleanser, Repairing Gel and Revitalizing Cream. These patented formulae have been proven to reduce the appearance of acne, blemishes and redness within 7 days or less. How cool is that? And what I really like about it is that TriClear contains no Benzoyl Peroxide and does not cause drying, redness or flaking. I just didn't like those treatment where your skin gets dry and red and everyone would just notice that you're having a treatment! What's also nice is that they have a free trial where you get to test if this treatment would suit your skin.

Real Estate

Well, since we are finally here in our own home, it's so nice to reminisce on how we did our research in our relocation. They are so many information in the internet that discusses real estate and relocation. I guess the most challenging part is the relocation and it's nice to know that there are companies like GMAC who specializes and helps in that aspect.

New House, New Life

I've been sort of "MIA" for a week because I've been sooo busy packing and unpacking our stuff. And as I've mentioned here, the day we've been waiting for finally arrived! Our house blessing. It was postponed for a week because of internet connection. But now, (and I still can't believe it) we are finally here!!!

The blessing was just simple, only immediate families invited and of course the Priest. It was also the day that we transferred and spent our first night here. It was so stressful but at the end of the day, we were so proud that we got thru it all.

Blessing the Living Room
Starting the Blessing

Blessing the Living Room
Let's Start!

Blessing the Dining Room
Dining Room and Garden

Up to the stairs
On the way to the bedrooms

Blessing Alex's Room
Alex's Pink and Purple Room

Master's Bedroom
Master's Bedroom

Family Hall
Family Hall

Lets Eat!

Lets Eat!


Making chika after the lunch

Japanese Setup

Nice Clock

Rap in the Living Room

I love our new house
Loving the new house...

Hubby and I realized that it's really nice to be on our own. We get to decide what we want, we start our own traditions as a family and it's so good to be FREE! :D

Golf Cart Parts Anyone?

Just like an ordinary car, golf carts need to be taken cared of, to be able to maximize its use. And just like an ordinary car, you would also need to replace some of the golf cart parts. As I've mentioned in my previous posts that I wasn't into golf and golf carts. But probably in time, we will be. If the time permits and budget too!

Pulse Oximeter

I wasn't familiar with pulse oximeter until today. I didn't know that getting your pulse rate would also know your blood oxygen levels. Ever since I gave birth and had a high blood pressure, I realized that I should be familiar with these instruments. Omron not only offer pulse oximeter but also offers a portable blood pressure monitor. It's perfect for people going places! And it's not only durable but has a 2 year warranty. Maybe I should ask my relatives from the US to order one for me!

Busy Bee!

The day that we've been waiting for finally arrived. It was last Sunday that we transferred to our new home.

So, I've been busy with a LOT of stuff (packing and unpacking). And our internet connection was not yet setup.

So, I'm just dropping by to say hello everybody! And of course to fulfill some blog advertising duties. LOL!

Will be back with more stories...Have a great week everyone!

Wilmington NC Real Estate

Relocating is one of the challenges that I've encountered in the last couple of weeks. It's just so hard to transfer from the place where you've gotten used to living and then transfer all the things that you've used for one whole year. It's a good thing that there are companies out there that helps in the relocation like the Wilmington NC real estate. They can provide information about your new home or simply ideas of how to get started. I just wish we have this kind of company here.

Another Diet Pill

Well, I just realized that diet pills are all over the market these days. And it's so tempting to try one. Just like hoodia which claims that it is a pill that can really suppress appetite! Sounds interesting. Hubby and I have been eating A LOT lately to relieve stress (which is not a very good reason) and it just made me think what will be the effect if I try it. And they said that hoodia can prevent weight gain too. They have a fourteen day free trial. Hmmm, I wonder if it would affect my weight and appetite if I try it.

Baby Erika Gabrielle A.

Welcome the newest baby in the family! Alex's baby cousin...

Born: July 11, 2007 at 3:15 AM

7 lbs

Baby Erika w Alex
with Alex (not a baby anymore! :( )

Baby Erika with Alex
with Big Girl Alex

Baby Erika with Alex
Alex wanted to touch her eyes!!

Baby Erika Gabrielle
I miss the newborn's cry.

Baby Erika Gabrielle
She's Long!

I just realized how time flies so fast. It has been a year since Alex was newborn and Hubby and I realized then how much we didn't know anything about taking good care of babies.

But now, Alex is now walking, trying to talk, and just makes us laugh! She gladly eats with us (even midnight snacks) and hopefully would be a healthy eater like me and not like her Dada. LOL!

I know we still have so many moments to look forward to. But the moments since she was newborn and until now are moments that we will always cherish!

Happy Birthday, Sweetie!


After a loooong planning of my Hubby's birthday we finally end up watching Transformers and eating at Burger king! :) It was a very simple celebration. But I just let him choose what he wanted (after convincing and failing to have that intimate dinner for two in an intimate restaurant). It has been days actually that we wanted to watch Transformers but we were just too busy with work and house furnishing that he finally convinced himself to just buy the DVD.

But, yesterday, I just felt like we NEED to watch it. We need to relax and enjoy Hubby's special day.

And true enough, it was a REALLY nice movie! It was action-packed! Hubby kept on saying before we slept last night, "Ang ganda-ganda ng Transformers!". And he said it I think 5 times. LOL! The biggest fan!

Well, it was simple but fun! And most importantly, Hubby had a great time!

Simpsons the Movie

Simpsons the Movie

Burger King?
Burger King!?

Yes, Burger King!
Yes! Burger King!

I loved their extra long chicken with cheese!

To the best Husband in the whole world:
Happy, happy birthday! Love yah!

Golf Club

One thing Hubby and I didn't get into is the world of golf. I don't know why but, maybe sometime we might check it out. There are a lot of golf clubs out there and it would also be interesting to meet people who are into golf too. It is a sport that not everyone would like but I would see people who would really put time and energy just to be able to play. What's with golf anyway? Better to find out soon.

Want to Lose Weight?

I know all of us want to lose weight or reach our target weight. But sometimes, exercise is just hard especially with our busy schedules. And worst, after being stressed out with our daily routines, we end up eating more! So, I'm thinking of taking Phentermine. They said that it is a diet pill that actually works. And it was even branded as the diet pill of the stars. Hmmm, sounds interesting. Maybe I should do more research about it and see how it goes.

Food Trip!

My overdue post about our food trip a couple of weeks ago. We've been food tripping lately and we tried Tokyo Cafe, Sugarhouse, Don Henricos, Razon's, and Barrio Fiesta. Oh, I love FOOD! LOL!

Corn Soup
Corn Soup
Tokyo Cafe

Alex waiting for the food
Tokyo Cafe

Gambas - nothing special, taste too bland for me
Tokyo Cafe

Chicken and Cheese Roll
Chicken and Cheese Roll - Yummy!
Tokyo Cafe

Sugarhouse Dining Area
Sugarhouse Dining Area

Sugarhouse Dining Area
Other Side

Tenderloin Tips
Tenderloin Tips - Yummy!

Roast Beef - Yummy! A little expensive but worth it!

Caesar Salad
Caesar Salad - nothing special
Don Henrico's

Buffalo Wings
Buffalo Wings - Still Yummy! After all those years...
Don Henrico's

Hubby and I got to try Razon's Halo-halo and pancit luglog. It was sooo yummy that we had to order again the next day. Alex also loved the halo-halo! :)

We also got to try again Barrio Fiesta's Crispy Pata and Kare-kare. Nothing really compares to their crispy pata and kare-kare. They are still the best!