It's a Holiday Today!


So, what are your plans for today? I almost forgot about today not having work (and school for kids) so I wasn't able to plan for this holiday.

Maybe this is the best time to look into some classes from online universities that I've been eyeing for months now. I've been wanting to go back to school these past few days.

Or maybe we are meant to stay home and REST.

We'll see.

Have a nice day, everyone! (*wink*)

Our First Dinner at Pino Resto Bar


It has been months since I wanted to try Pino Resto Bar. But this restaurant is always out of our way. That's why when we were in Quezon City a few weeks ago, we decided to check it out!

We ordered their famous iced tea which I found really good, considering that I don't like iced tea that much.


To start off our meal, we had crispy shrimps with salted egg, which the kids really love.


Crispy Shrimps with Salted Egg (P225) made of fresh shrimps fried in a light batter with salted egg and sweet chili vinegar.

We had fish sinigang sa miso and bayabas.


The soup was a little sweet, thanks to the guava. This is probably the only sinigang that I like!

Lastly, we had Kare-kareng bagnet!


Kare-Kareng Bagnet (P245), I've read is Pino's House Specialty. Authentic Ilokano crispy pork belly served with annatto-peanut sauce. No wonder, because it was REALLY GOOD! Now, my tummy's growling again, just by thinking about Pino's yummy food. Argh! We will definitely go back to try their mini tacos and crispy pata stuffed with laing. It sounds gooood!

Becase of these restaurants, a lot of people now want to become chefs at these restaurants. Are you also interested? You can find out
how from accredited online colleges.

Pino Resto Bar is located at Malingap St., Teachers Village, Quezon City, Metro Manila. For reservactions call +632 441-1773.

The Sound of Music

To celebrate our family day two Sundays ago, we watched the Sound of Music at the Newport Performing Arts Theater.

Prior to this, the girls were so excited about the play. They knew the story because they've seen the movie for several times already. So they looked forward to it everyday. And finally, one Sunday, it was time to watch the Sound of Music! Woot!

We enjoyed the play very much! Especially the Ate who was dancing towards the end of the play. I highly recommend it to those who know the movie very well. It's a must see. And I assure you that your kids will love it too!

Our Photos by BUB.

Before I forget, I'm sharing a couple of photos from BUB's mobile studio, during Sam & Migo's Birthday party last November 5, 2011.

We were rockstars!!! (*grin*)

Andie's 3rd Birthday Party at Unang Hakbang

We made it our own family tradition that we spend our kids' 3rd birthday as an outreach to give back for all the blessings that we've received. This year, God led us to Unang Hakbang, a foundation that gives out of school kids an opportunity to study.

The place was the perfect place to celebrate Andie's 3rd birthday because those kids deserve a party. For studying well and taking the opportunity for their future.

There were also special guests who came to the party!

The Lolo and Lola, Titos, Titas and the cousins.

The party started at exactly 2:30PM. All 30 kids invited were already there getting excited by the minute.

Finally the clowns are ready!

We started with balloon twisting, then we proceeded to the games.

When the kids saw the prizes we prepared for them, they ALL wanted to join the games. Good, since we have a lot of prizes in store for them.

After the relay game, the longest happy birthday followed, bring me was the next game, then the "look for angry bird stickers".

After these games, the kids were getting tired and the prizes left were not enough for another game anymore so we decided to have Andie blew the candle.

It was a riot for all of us but I really felt the fun. This is the time I realized that ALL of the kids (including Alex and Andie) are having fun!

Now, it was time to EAT! We served spaghetti, chicken, hotdog, ice cream and juice.

Time flew by so fast! Hubby and I didn't even have time to eat! After the snacks, it was time for the magic show and a little acrobatics by the clowns. The kids and even us adults love it!

It was a simple party for Andie but I can see that everyone had so much fun. We were so blessed to have met these kids at the foundation. In a couple of hours, they taught me something I will never forget, they taught me the true meaning of sharing.

Preparing for Andie's Birthday Party

Andie's birthday party was last Saturday so the week before that, we were busy preparing for her simple party at Unang Hakbang foundation. The girls happily helped in fixing the lootbags. They were so excited for the party!


We gave out crayons, notebook, face towel and a couple of candies and then we put these loots in an angry bird envelope/bag.


I found the bags cute! We bought yellow, red and black so they have 3 options to choose from.

And here is the birthday girl posing before she changed for her party last Saturday!

IMG_3465 IMG_3466

Photos and stories of the birthday party to follow. Promise!! (*wink*)

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. Christmas is just around the corner!
2. Shopping!
3. Planning for the Christmas parties
4. Continuous opportunities. Thank you Lord!
5. Online friends
6. Successful birthday party of Andie in the foundation
7. FREE tickets for advance screening of Breaking Dawn
8. Andie's 3rd birthday. She had a blast!
9. Sound of Music :)
10. Dinner at Fely J's

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A Preview.

...of Andie's 3rd birthday party at the foundation.

It was a fulfilling day for us and the birthday girl had so much FUN.

More photos SOON!

Happy Birthday to our Dear Andie!

Oh Wow. My Baby Andie turns 3 today!

But, I'm still in denial here. Because I can't believe that 3 years has passed since my easy labor at the hospital. I remember I was still working the night before I gave birth, trying to meet a couple of deadlines. When I felt the contractions, I ate a LOT for dinner because I knew that I was about to give birth soon. By 4AM the next day, my OB asked us to go to the hospital already just to check. And true enough, I was in labor!

Dear Andie, you literally brought joy into our lives. You make us laugh most of the time with your funny antics. Your Ate adores you and finds you really funny.

Thank you for that. You may not be a baby anymore, but for me, you will always, always be my Baby Booching.

Breaking Dawn!

Guess what!? Hubby and I saw Breaking Dawn's advance screening last night! WOOT! Thanks to my dear Sister who gave us FREE tickets last night. Oh yes, we got the movie tickets for FREE! Another WOOT!

So after revieweing the little girl for exams, we had an early dinner with the girls and then off we went to the movie house. I was surprised that there were 3 movie houses showing an advance screening of Breaking Dawn. Whoa!

So, how did I find the movie!?

Weeeell, it was just ok. It made me want to read the book again, though. And hopefully when I find time, will read the 4 books again. Who knows, maybe I will find a couple of free time during the Holidays!

Sam and Migo's Birthday Party

One of the highlights of our November is Sam and Migo's birthday party which was last November 5, 2011 at Valle Verde Clubhouse.

The moment we arrived at the clubhouse, we went straight to the mini salon which the girls excitedly tried!

After that, the program started with guess what? A fashion show! Thankfully, the girls were so "game", they walked down the stage!

I was so proud of them! There were also a lot of food carts - starbucks, jimini pizza (yum!), dippin' dots and potato fries.

Right after a few games, it was time for the early dinner. Then the kids were called again to dance with The Jive, which made party even "wilder"!

We all had soooo much fun! Thanks again for inviting us Jacqui and Mike! (*wink*)

Planning to Hike Soon?

If you are, then you would need hiking backpacks!

I've always wanted to to hike and trek especially Mt. Banahaw in Laguna.


I remember my Grandfather and cousins would climb every Holy Week. I wish I joined them years ago. Now, I don't think I have the energy.

Of course I also need hiking accessories and the right outfit to make the hike or trek as comfortable as possible. I'm getting from since they have a whole lot of options to choose from. I hope the transaction would be a breeze though.

As for when would be the hike or trek? Will have to think about it!

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. Opportunities :)
2. Music Videos that make my Day!
3. Coffee
4. Online friends :)
5. My girls' smile every time I come home from work
6. Andie's 3rd birthday SOOON!
7. Blogging and online tasks
8. Supportive Hubby
9. Busy weekend
10. Malling with the girls

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Here We Go Again...

I remember the last time I felt this when I finished the 2nd book, "Catching Fire" and I had to wait for 6 or more months for the 3rd book. After I saw this newly released trailer, I got this feeling again. The feeling of uneasiness because I can't, can't wait for the movie!

I literally had goosebumps and I almost cried!

See you Katniss, Gale and Peeta on March 23, 2012! (*wink*)

Andie's Wishlist for Twitter MBAPs/Bebots' Christmas Party

Now, it's Andie's turn!

Andie looove dolls but she has a lot of dolls handed down from her Ate, I think it would be nice to introduce her to the following:

First Choice: Mini Lalaloopsy


Second Choice: My Little Pony. (**there were little pony items on sale last Saturday, sakto sa budget. Hehe!**) Sample sets are:




Third Choice: Barbie with wings. But I honestly don't know how much is this, if above the budget any Barbie Princess or Barbie with long hair that you can cut/style would be great! (Thanks Joy for the idea!)

Thanks in advance "Mommy". See you at the party! (*wink*)

Staying Away from Diabetes Pills

As much as I can, I want to stay away from diabetes pills because I don't know what it will do to my system. And now that I've heard about the side effect that you get which is cancer from actos diabetes pill, all the more that I want to avoid it. Diabetes patients who have taken Actos may face an increased risk of developing bladder cancer. Which is scary, so for me, I guess it would be great to stay on the safe side by having a healthy lifestyle, eating a healthy diet, exercise as much as you can and avoid sweets. Although I know it is easier said than done, but if it's for your life, you must do anything to save it, right?

Alex's Wishlist for Twitter MBAPs/Bebots' Christmas Party

I'm posting Alex's wishlist (for the MBAPS Christmas Party) here so it would be easier for the little girl's "Mommy" to check again, just in case.

We went to the mall with the kids last Saturday and I suddenly remembered the Christmas party so we went to the toy section and I let the girls choose what they like to receive from the exchange gifts.

Here are the things that she wanted:

First Choice: Barbie Music Box

IMG_2343 IMG_2344

When she saw this, she was so giddy with excitement! It was like I was buying it for her. So I placed it in her first choice. (*grin*)

Second Choice: Barbie Rolling Art Desk


And the last choice just in case both of the items above are not available...

Third Choice: My First Flat Iron Playset


It was fun looking for these gifts and making the wish list! Thanks in advance "Mommy"! (*wink*)