Attended Byko's Sailor Mickey 1st Birthday Party

Last October, we were invited to a lot of parties and the first one was Byko's 1st birthday party.

Unfortunately the Ate got fever so she had to stay home with the Dada. It was only me and the little girl for the day.

We both had a grand time (as always). Just look at the balloons setup, it was simply breathtaking!

And so are the giveaways: personalized shirts and pillows, lots of prizes from Byko's store, cute bracelets and more!

Thanks again for inviting us, Trin, Eric and Byko!

The Little Girl's First Field Trip

When the little girl started pre-school, we were so excited for her because based from her Ate, there were lots of activities that is in store for her. So when it was time for her field trip she was so ecstatic aside from this is her first field trip, every kid is ALWAYS excited for field trips!

We left the school at 9AM. We were two huge buses and two coasters. Our First stop: Seri Fantasy World at Manila Ocean Park.

We all watched the 2D Theatre, went to the Art Trick Museum and then the Play area which was the little girl's favorite!

After a few hours at Seri Fantasy World (thank God we didn't line up that much!), we all went to Luneta park for lunch. I was expecting tables and chairs that we can use for the lunch but no, we really used our picnic mats and took advantage of the shade.

It was a different experience for the kids. Since this is pretty common for us when we were kids, we don't really do this picnic at Luneta Park anymore, right? I'm glad the teachers thought of this idea.

After a quick lunch, we went straight to Kinder Zoo at The Manila Zoo.

The last time I was in Manila Zoo was yearsss ago, I think I was still in gradeschool then! Now, they have a kinder zoo already.

But the elephant and some animals were still there!

Too bad most of the animals were old already and the place was unkempt. I really wish they do something about it like maintaining the place or something. The animals deserve a clean environment for their home, right?

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. Online Shopping
2. Relaxing Weekend
3. Field Trip with the little girl
4. Lunch at Luneta Park
5. Seri Fantasy World
6. Disney's Camp Rock: The Musical
7. Dinner at Chili's
8. Little girl's playtime
9. Ginger Brew

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Hello Puppets!

My kids loved these puppets that they got from the parties that we attended a couple of weeks ago.

Can you see it in their smiles?

Oh, kids love simple things and we can make them happy JUST like that. I should learn to be happy and grateful for the simple things.

Craving for Pho hoa's Hot Seafood Soup

I can feel the "Christmas" cold breeze these past few days already that's why I'm craving for Pho hoa's seafood noodle soup.

My allergies are acting up again too, so a bowl of this for lunch would be PERFECT! I would definitely ask Hubby later. This craving is REALLY BAD.

Sharing a Song this Sunday: What Makes You Beautiful

Kids do love this these days. Check it out, you might love it too...

One Directions' What Makes You Beautiful. Never failed to make me dance.

Happy and Blessed Sunday, Peeps! Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Hello Saturday!

Today we are just staying home to rest and unwind after being so busy for the past few weeks. We welcome the break so we are going to just relax, watch a couple of movies while we eat our favorite snacks...

These are those days when we feel really thankful for giving us the gift of family and the gift of time.

Enjoy the weekend everyone!

InstaUkay Loots!

A couple of weeks ago, my friends and I were busy buying from a recent discover in IG - InstaUkay! These are pre-loved items from their kids. Look, what I got from three consecutive instaukays...

I tell you, these are the most great buys I've ever had this year. Yebah! Thanks again, Jane, Jody, Jody and Aggie! (*wink*)

Mommy Mundo Bazaar 2012

The last Mommy Mundo Bazaar for the year! Don't miss it...

This is happening this weekend - November 24 to 25, 2012, Saturday & Sunday at the Rockwell Tent, Makati.

The MOMMY MUNDO BAZAAR features 80+ booths of the latest mom and baby products, gift items for the whole family, fun activities and so much more! Get your stash of maternity and nursingwear, babywearing products, baby slings and accessories, diapers, baby and kids clothes and shoes, toys and books, and many more great finds!

See you there!

Planning for my Kids' Birthday Parties

I've hosted a couple of parties already for my kids' birthday and one thing that I would prioritize is the food. I want my guests to be satisfied when it comes to food. After the food comes photos & videos but I would still make sure that I have a huge budget for the food. I don't invest in balloon decors and table centerpieces because I knew that after the party, these things won't last anyway.

If I want great food, it only means one thing, I gotta get a good caterer. I found a good caterer that offers catering dallas tx. Now I want to live in Dallas! With all those food photos in their website, I wanted to hire them as soon as possible. Well, that is because I'm actually looking for a reliable caterer for my daughter's 7th party! I'm sure the catering dallas tx is something that I need and want with the services that they've been offering for years now.

I love their online catering ordering system. Since I'm at work ALL the time (except weekends), I want to take advantage of these types of services. I just love the concept of being able to get things done without leaving the comforts of your home. Everything is done through the internet! I'm sure most Moms would agree with our busy schedules along with the kids' busy social life, these services are a treat for us. We can order our food and pay online but if you are not comfortable paying online, you can opt to pay upon delivery. Very easy and convenient. Something that I look for in a supplier these days.

How I wish they open a branch here in Manila. I'm sure the Mommies and the Daddies would love to hire them for their kids' parties. I know because I would be one of them!

Hello, Doctor Little Girl!

Check out what my little girl wore on their career day...

She was a Doctor but she wants to take care of animals so she said, she wanted to be a VET! Perfect for her Lolo & Lola's farm, right?

I can't wait for her to grow up and see what she will be in the future.

We are Watching Camp Rock the Musical!

Yes, finally we were able to decide that we are going to watch this...

Disney's Camp Rock: The Musical by the Repertory Philippines. Woot! Woot!

Since Camp Rock is my little girl's favorite, Hubby and I decided to give this as our Christmas gift to the little girl. She will be ecstatic!

No idea what I'm talking about? Here are the details of the play...


This summer at camp was supposed to be all about the music and having the time of their lives. But the new, flashy Camp Star across the lake now threatens Camp Rock’s very existence. To keep the doors open, Mitchie steps up, rallies her fellow Camp Rockers, and gets them into top shape for the ultimate showdown! This new musical based on the hit Disney Channel Original Movie Camp Rock and upcoming Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam will fire up your stage with over a dozen songs, including “This Is Me,” “Can’t Back Down,” “It’s On,” and “We Rock.”

Camp Rock: The Musical" a stage adaptation of the Disney Channel's "Camp Rock" films that focuses on the storyline of the Disney Channel's "Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam" and features four songs from Camp Rock (2008) and ten songs from Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam (2010).

"This adaptation affords kids and tweens the opportunity to experience 'Camp Rock' in a deeper way while the movie's strong theme of working together to achieve results echoes the experience of putting on a stage show.

We took the hit songs and engaging storyline from the popular Disney Channel movies and crafted a theatrical version that students will be able to mount on stage in their own hometowns. This new licensing opportunity will provide countless young people with an introduction to the world of theatre, which is incredibly gratifying.”

Book by Robert L. Freedman and Faye Greenberg

Songs by Adam Watts and Andy Dodd and Kara DioGuardi and Mitch Allen and Matthew Gerrard and Robbie Nevil and Dapo Torimiro and Lyrica Anderson and Antonina Armato and Tim James and Thomas Sturges and Toby Gad and Kovasciar Myvette and Aaron Dudley and Steve Rushton and Jamie Houston and Adam Anders and Nikki Hassman and Peer Astrom

Music Adapted, Arranged, Orchestrated and Produced by David Lawrence

Based on a Disney Channel Original Movie written by Dan Berendsen and Karin Gist & Regina Hicks, and on characters created by Karin Gist & Regina Hicks and Julie Brown & Paul Brown.

I definitely can't wait to tell our little girl about this! (*wink*)

This Random Thoughts Blog in Mobile?

Whenever I'm at home there are times that I don't find time to turn on the computer anymore just to check my blogs, emails and FB. Because of the busy schedule that we usually have on weekends. But if there are urgent matters that I need to attend to via email and Facebook, I would use my mobile phone to check. These are those times that I appreciate mobile websites more than the ordinary websites when I browse using my phone. I appreciate the speed, the lesser texts and images more than those of the basic website.

So, I want my blogs to be converted as mobile websites everytime my readers access it through their phones. Is that possible? Yes, with MobStac, they can do the conversion for you. They even have promos now that they are offering if for FREE! Yes, way too cool. With their services, you can now manage websites and apps across multiple mobile and tablet devices. Something that I would want for my webistes too. I'm going to check more details at MobStac and hope that they have services for my blog. I really want my website converted to mobile website, it will help a lot in browsing using my phone.

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. Busy but super fun party-filled weekend!
2. Andie turns FOUR!
3. She loves her strawberry cake! ♥
4. Simple parties for Andie
6. Cars theme birthday party for Inigo
7. Bela invited us to her Magic and Music 7th birthday party
8. Cupcakes and Cookies!
9. Balloons and Birthday Decors
10. Giveaways!

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Good Morning!

I'm really hoping I could start my day with this...

But I don't think I have time to go to the nearest Starbucks. So will just settle for our ever reliable instant coffee and who knows maybe I could grab a strawberry waffle before the day ends. Let's see!

Happy TUESDAY, everyone!

Happy Birthday to my Baby #2!

No longer a baby but will always be our Baby Booching...

That's Andie. How time flies so fast!

Who would have thought that the baby who didn't let us sleep as soon as she was born is now 4 years old and goes to school already? She is in nursery and although there are days that she would say she doesn't like to go to school, everytime she goes home, she would always say, she had fun in school. (*grin*)

I guess even if she is now 4 years old, we would always, always see her as the baby in the family. Her Ate adores her and now, they are both enjoying each other by playing together all the time.

I'm so thankful to God for giving us Andie. Truly a blessing in our family who never fails to make us smile and laugh.

We love you so much, Booch! Happy 4th birthday!

Sharing a Song this Sunday: Little Things

Check out Little Things by One Direction...

Yes, that's THEM! It is something new for them after their famous song, right? And I love it!

It's so good to be young and in-looooove...

Happy SUNDAY, peeps!

Our First Trick or Treat for 2012

We started the trick or treat early this year. The trick or treat in the village which was our first this year was last October 20, 2012.

The Ate was actually sick and was not feeling well that day, but she still insisted of going. Good thing we agreed because she still had fun inspite of having fever.

I was surprised that there was "Mad Science show" included in the program! Yey!

We love the show because it was really entertaining! Something new from just the usual magic or bubble show.

I'm glad we registered to this Trick or Treat. Even if we are attending this EVERY year, I guess the program changes every year so we are always looking forward to it.

Online Detox: My Eye Opener

I came across this very inspiring article by Jenny Meyerson. It is about Facebook detox. I know, it sounds absurd but it talks about how people now can't live without Facebook and other social media sites. Since we tend to get very busy with our online lives, we tend to forget our priorities like spending time with our family and kids.

I love what she wrote, checking our Facebook accounts takes a lot of our time. I remember I gave up Facebook during the lenten season. It was hard but I had to give up something that I really LIKE doing everyday in order to reflect and focus on the important things. I missed out on a lot of things, my friends' update, a colleague's family vacation somewhere, uploading photos of my own. But I realized someting. I realized that there is more to LIFE than Facebook-ing.

"It is better to disconnect in order to connect."

I read that somewhere and that's exactly how I felt last year. And now that I've read this online detox, it's like a sign that tells me, I'm spending too much time Facebook-ing rather than spending quality time with my little girls. So yes, this article is an eye-opener for me especially when I read this part:

"Bottom line: Relationships take time and I have been wasteful of the time I have had this past year. I want to be more intentional with my time. Even if it is just to sit and be still."

Thank you Jenny Meyerson for sharing your thoughts about this. I promise I would put this into action and from now on, I will spend more and more quality time with my family.

What to do with Migraines?

Before, when I hear the word migraine, I am always curious as to what it meant and how did it feel to have one. Now that I get migraines at least once a month, I already know the feeling and that I'm not happy to be having it. I tried to go to the Doctor and I even had tests but everything was normal. One Doctor said that it must the hormones and I guess he was right. I thought there is no cure for migraines until I came across this site that mentions Neurostimulation as a cure for migraine. I'm glad that the Migraine Treatment Centers of America has studied a cure for migraines. I have yet to read more details about it but it looks like it is promising!

Thank you dear God for this. I pray that I found the cure that I've been longing for the past few months now. We'll see about that.

Snickers Peanut Butter, Anyone?

Hello FRIDAAAAY! I've been waiting for you for days. Do you agree!? Here's something I ate to celebrate my Friday.

Snickers Peanut Butter from BIL who had a recent day trip in Hongkong. I know, it's new since I haven't tried anything like this before. Yum, yummy! Thanks, Kuya! (*wink*)

McHappy Day Fun Run 2012

Here's a family fun run that you may want to consider for next month...

McHappy Day Fun Run 2012
December 2, 2012 @ 6AM
Mckinley Hill

Yes, the whole family can join! Jazz up your bib, wear a cool hat, or you can come in costume with your whole family to get special prizes! Sounds fun, right? The registration fees are:

1K – P250
3K – P350
3K – P800 (Family of 4)
5K – P650
10K – P850

...and the fees already include the following:

- McHappy Day Fun Run Race Kit: 1 Race Bib (4 Bibs per Race Kit for 3K Family Category), McHappy Day Reminders with Route Map, Parking and Activity Area
- Meal Stub: Food can only be claimed and distributed at venue on the race day itself (6am onwards) and not in any McDonald’s Store.
- Baggage Stub
- Singlet
- McMoney for Fair Activities

Gun Starts at the following:
10K – 6:00 AM
5K – 6:30 AM
3K – 7:00 AM • Family
3K – 7:30 AM • Children
1K – 8:00 AM

Registration Venues are:
- Online registration period: October 17 to November 28, 2012
- On-site registration period: October 22 to November 28, 2012

- RUNNR Bonifacio High Street
- McDonald’s Katipunan
- McDonald’s Forbestown
- McDonald’s Greenbelt
- McDonald’s Greenhills

Would love to consider this as a family activity before we get really busy for the holidays!

New Gym Equipment - I Want One!

It's that time of the year again when get togethers are scheduled. It means only one thing - we've been eating a LOT these days to celebrate the holidays. Yes, "only in the Philippines" where we celebrate Christmas starting November up to January! So I guess I would know what to ask "Santa" for Christmas, some kind of gym equipment to help me lose weight, after eating buffet at parties everywhere! I'm also looking at asking for the balance cushion that I saw online the other day.

This product looks very simple but I've read that it can do wonders to your body. With the right amount of exercise and the right diet, I guess I can reach my weight goal even during the Holidays!

Here are more details:

- Ankle therapy, specialized yoga class, balancing poses
- Shipped to you already inflated
- Lightweight and portable
- Textured on one side with massage nubs
- 14" diameter x 1.5" thick

Wow, I can even bring this wherever I want! Now I really hope my dear Santa is reading this. (*wink*)

Going back for the Baby Back Ribs at RUB

Last September, since we wanted to try something new in Kapitolyo, we tried RUB for lunch. We were happy and loved their baby back ribs, so we went back a couple of weeks ago to have lunch. We ordered the same thing - the Baby Back Ribs with spinach and mushroom, grilled corn, rice and mashed potatoes.

The place was so noisy then so, we didn't enjoy our food that much. The rice looks overcooked but the ribs were still tender and tasty.

Maybe we will give this another try again in the next few months.

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. Relaxing weekend
2. Starbucks' Peppermint Mocha
3. Me time at Pancake House while waiting for the little girl
4. CLP graduation
5. 4 new CFC members, yey!
6. Rest day last Sunday
7. Hubby's homemade pizza :)
8. New batt for my watch
9. Arm candies :)
10. Coffee

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The Little Girl's Family Day

Exactly one month ago, we attended the little girl's family day in school. She and her classmates were preparing for this big day for weeks, practicing their dance presentation after school. I would say, the effort was worth it because they won the "best performers" of the day!

The family day started around 1PM. The program already includes the kids presentation, games and snack/break time. It was a fun-filled day that the whole family enjoyed. I can't wait for another family day which will be next year!

Getting Support from Forums and Online Friends

Ever since, I've always appreciated a gift of support group. Wherever I go, I would always have friends who support me. And I'm very much thankful for that. Now that everything can happen in the internet, I'm thankful that there are more possibilities when it comes to support groups. I'm so happy that I came across this mom forum that provides all the things that you need to know as a Mom. From home improvement to health & fitness to pregnancy to kids, everything is in the forum that would help a lot of Moms out there. For the kids, there are topics from infancy, toddlers, pre-schoolers, teenagers and even adult children and grand children. So, basically, everything is just there in the forum waiting for us to subscribe to learn from other Moms like us. If I find the time, I would love to sign up here too! Maybe you should too! (*wink*)

These are the reasons why I'm thankful that I can always connect through the internet. I can see my friends' update every now and then and see what's happening in their daily lives especially their kids who are also friends of my kids.

I'm also thankful to the internet for allowing me to meet wonderful ladies who used to be my online friends and now real friends. Thanks to Twitter, IG and Facebook, we get to connect to each other everyday! Because of the bond that we created, we now see each other in our kids' parties, Christmas get together, summer outing and coffee & movie dates.

This friendship that we have is truly something I will cherish. Now that we've been friends for 5 years now, people would noteven believe that we met via the internet. I know, definitely amazing! And now that I'm thinking of joining a new forum with fellow Moms, I'm so looking forward to the friendships that will be built and sharing of Mom experiences everyday.

Our Next Project?

When Hubby and I were in Starbucks Eastwood Mall a couple of weeks ago, I saw this nice frames that I want to copy for our home.

Pretty, isn't? it? Well, we have all the pictures now, all we need to do is look for frames that are similar to this one, then we can buy it and hopefully install it somewhere in the house.

Our Halloween Dessert...

Halloween is over but I still can't get over how good our dessert was...

Frankenstein donuts, anyone? These are sooo sweet, super yummy and were perfect for our halloween dessert! The kids love it too. ♥♥♥

Lazer Marble and Granite, Anyone?

Weekend is over again but I'm thankful that we had a relaxing weekend this time. The highlight of our weekend was the CLP graduation which was last Saturday and then after that, we just stayed home and took the opportunity to rest.

Another reason why I like lazy weekends is that I get to do home stuff like do a research on the flooring that we've been planning about for months now. This time I discovered ceramica sintesi imported from Italy by LMG Tile. I know that tiles from Italy are really of good quality so I'm thinking of checking out more their tiles, either marble or granite. Although we haven't planned on changing our tiles in the living room and kitchen but in case we would do that, at least we are ready to order at LMG Tiles. So for now, what we can do is choose which one would work for us. Then we'll decide from there.

For sure quality are good with Italian tiles so if ever you would want to inquire, call them AT 646.251.8761 or email at They will provide support and suggestions on what would work in your home. I'm sure good customer service will be provided.

Sharing a Song this Sunday: The Wonder of Love

Beautiful song, right?

Happy Sunday everyone! (*wink*)

Much Awaited Dinner Date at My Kitchen

The first time we tried My Kitchen was when we purchased a voucher from Deal Grocer for the Paco Panizza. Hubby and I loved the food there and especially the place so we vowed that we would go back there for a quiet evening by ourselves.

After we watched Phantom of the Opera, we went straight to Oasis Hotel where My Kitchen is. Again, we availed our Panizza voucher, we ordered pasta, had a few glasses of wine and dessert.

We would ALWAYS order the panizza everytime we are in My Kitchen. YUMMY!

Pasta with beef, I just forgot the name of this dish, but it was good!

Lastly, the dessert which made the meal complete. Tiramisu.

Well, it was a lovely night for Hubby and I. It was nice to get away for a few hours and talk while sipping wine once in awhile.

Thanks, sweetie! (*wink*)

Are you Ready for Breaking Dawn Part II?

Here's the trailer of the much awaited - the last part of Breaking Dawn...

Are you ready!? It's coming very, very soooon! I can't wait!

Girl Bonding at Starbucks, Eastwood

After dinner at Kogi Bulgogi, my friend and I decided to extend our bonding session and had coffee at Starbucks.

Here's what we got...

Plus a few more hours of chikahan, it was a fun night for me and Farrah! ♥

Moments with Father Jerry Orbos

Before the month of September ended, we attended a formal dinner event of Father Jerry Orbos. This is to celebrate his birthday the Edsa Shangrila Hotel.

I was very excited because I haven't been to a formal event for months now. I was thinking of what to wear but I ended up with a simple black dress. Nothing can beat that ever reliable little black dress.

The food. Ooooh, the food was sumptuous! Although I forgot exactly what they were called but all I can remember is the fresh greens on the salad, tender and juicy beef, the tasty chicken and the desserts.

And of course, since I knew that hotel coffees are good so I had to order one cup of decaf.

I made the right decision on this one.

I was so happy we were invited to this special event. And I was even happier that we were able to make it that night. ♥