Happy Halloween!

Are you having a spooky Halloween so far!?

Enjoy everyone! (*wink*)

The Little Girls' Quick Playdate last Sunday

After trying to schedule a playdate with the MBAPs' kids, we were finally able to push through our kids' playdate last Sunday. And guess where?


At Funranch, Ortigas! The girls were so excited, look!


Alex was dancing like crazy because of excitement! LOL!

While the kids were having a grand time at the play area, the Mommies of course had a quick chikahan too!


It was definitely a fun day! The kids didn't want to go home YET, so we promised them another playdate hopefully soon!


We had another Yakimix Dinner

Two weeks ago, my relatives from Bukidnon were here to attend a wedding. After the very busy weekend, we all went to dinner at Yakimix, Greenbelt before they went back to our home town.


It was our second time at Yakimix but it still made me feel overwhelmed at the variety of food available. Just like the last time, I ended up eating only the Japanese maki, a couple of beef and pork, and a few strips of vegetables.

The kids were a bit shy to talk to our relatives at first but after warming up, they eventually played with their second cousin.


The food at Yakimix has always been overwhelming. But we always go home full and satisfied. Looking forward to another Yakimix dinner, but not in the near future, I guess. Probably be in the next few months or so!

A Halloween Special at Sofitel

This looks like fun! You might want to avail this for the kids.


From October 28 to November 7, enjoy a spooktacular long weekend at Manila’s most loved hotel by the bay.

First night accommodation starts at Php6,370+++* and includes a scrumptious breakfast buffet for two adults and two kids for the first night. Stay the night at Sofitel and get up to 40% off the 2nd night or 2nd room.

Terms and conditions: The 2nd room or 2nd night must be used during the same stay. 2nd room and 2nd night rates are Room Only rates

*Accor Advantage Plus members get an additional 10% off the promo rate.

A magnifique Trick or Treat awaits in-house guests as kids may roam Sofitel’s Grand Lobby to collect fun treats and surprises at designated spooky stations.

October 30, 2011
11:30am to 2:00pm

For bookings and inquiries, please call 551.5555 exts. 1991 to 1994 or email at room.reservations@sofitelmanila.com.

Our Early Trick or Treat last Saturday

We had a very busy weekend and one of the highlights of our weekend was the kids' early trick or treat at the village.


The girls had been waiting for this "event" for weeks now! Finally, Saturday came!

IMG_2712 IMG_2033

The program started promptly at 2PM. Before that we had our photos taken at the photo booth, they got lootbags which was full of goodies, then the kids had their hands painted with flowers.


Jollibee was there to entertain the kids and then after the program, off we went trick or treating.

They got more candies and loots And guess who they got to meet?



Darth Vader and the Angry Birds!

It was definitely a fun trick or treat, and it was only our first. More trick or treats next week! (*wink*)

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. Trick or Treat last Saturday!
2. Playdate with friends at Funranch
3. The little girl's field trip yesterday!
4. Bonding with the little girl
5. Trick or Treat Loots
6. Good reads from the internet
7. Treats from Bicol
8. Online chikahan with online friends
9. Online Window Shopping
10. Planning our December Trip!

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My Second Cousin's Beautiful Wedding at Fernbrook

Last Saturday, my Dad, Hubby and I were invited in my second cousin's wedding at Fernbrook. It was last minute since we haven't seen our relatives for years!


Even if this is our second time already at Fernbrook, we were still mesmerized by the beauty of the place. Everywhere you look, you would want to take a picture of it. Just like the room at the lower level, I don't know what the purpose of the room was, but it sure was beautiful.



I also like this particular part of Fernbrook. It just looks so grand!


We had a couple of photos taken before the ceremony which started at 6PM.

IMG_1928 IMG_1929


After the wedding ceremony, we went straight to the reception area which was also grand! The table centerpieces, the stage, everything was so perfectly planned out.




The food which was catered by Kaye Cunanan was really good too. We enjoyed the party but by 11PM, we were ready to go home.

I'm so glad we came and celebrated with the couple. After all, this is their most special day!

A Hollow Halloween

Are you looking for Halloween activities for your kids? Check this out.

A Hollow Halloween will be on October 30, 2011 from 2:30 to 5:00PM at the Fiesta San Miguel of Dusit Thai Hotel (Ayala Center). For PHP 800 buffet snacks are included. For inquiries, call (632) 238-8888.

MonaVie Juice to Increase Health

MonaVie is a new company that started only last 2005 and from their humble beginnings, they now ranked number 18 out of the 500 fastest growing companies in America. They ranked # 1 in the Food and Beverage industry and they already attained their status as one of the companies earning $1 billion in revenue every year.

Their product…..MonaVie’s healthy juice drinks. The nutritional beverages of MonaVie are made from the purple fruit acai berry. Acai berry came all the way from the Amazon rainforest of South America and what MonaVie does is process this super fruit to extract the nutrients to make a juice drink that is packed with nutrients that helps improve one’s health.

Why make a product out of the acai berry? Listed below are some of the nutritional benefits of this miracle fruit:

1. Improve cardiovascular health. The acai berry has Omega 3 and Omega 6 which are the nutrients needed to lower bad cholesterol while increasing the good cholesterol. This helps improve health of the heart, which helps prevent heart diseases like stroke and heart attacks.

2. Improve eye health. Vitamin A is one the vitamins that can be found in acai berry which is good to improve eye health to prevent degenerative eye diseases such as age related macular degeneration.

3. Improve digestion. Acai Berry is a fiber rich fruit, which flushes out all the bad waste from our body, thus improving digestion.

4. Prevent Cancer. This fruit is rich in antioxidant (10 times more than grapes and 2 time more than blueberries), which removes the bad toxins from our body. This can help prevent the risk of getting cancer like colon cancer.

5. Prevent Bone Diseases. The acai berry also contains calcium, which is important to prevent bone diseases like osteoporosis.

6. Prevent Cell and Tissue Damage. Because of Vitamin E found in acai berry, drinking products rich in acai berry can help prevent cell and tissue damage which delays ageing.

7. Boost Immune System. Since acai berry flushes out the bad waste and toxins from our body, it helps improve the immune system and prevent common colds and coughs.

8. Has Energizing Effect. The acai berry contains Vitamin B1, B2, and B3, which converts the food that we eat to energy, which gives an energizing effect to an individual.

MonaVie uses the Multi-Level Marketing approach (MLM) to market and sell their products. They tap the help of distributors who sells the excellent product of MonaVie by word of mouth. These distributors have tried and tested MonaVie’s products making them the perfect person to sell this product as they can attest to the product’s effectiveness.

By using distributors whom they give excellent compensation packages, MonaVie was able to save on advertisements and marketing so they were able to allocate that money to do more extensive research to improve their product. No wonder their products are really effective that famous personalities, athletes, TV show hosts, etc like Oprah Winfey and Rachel Ray are promoting it. You can even see MonaVie’s products being featured in TV shows like Today Show and Crib as they can really attest to the effectiveness of this product.

Indeed acai berry has a lot of nutritional benefits. That is why more and more manufacturers are creating nutritional products made from this super fruit.

If you want to enjoy the numerous health benefits mentioned above, it is easy to get hold of their product by contacting any of Monavie’s distributors so you can start enjoying the many health benefits that Monavie’s juice drink brings.

Mommy Mundo Bazaar 2011

I got a SAVE the DATE invite of Mommy Mundo Bazaar from an online friend. You might want to take note of this, Mommies!

SAVE THE DATE for our last shopping event for the year, MOMMY MUNDO BAZAAR 2011 is happening on Nov 19 and 20 at the Rockwell Tent. Your fave Expo Mom sellers and mompreneurs will be there along with new additions! It's a 2-day shopping event so you have no reason to miss this!

Doximity.com - A Website for Physicians

I came across Doximity.com this morning and was amazed at the idea of it. A website that connects over 567,000 US physician colleagues in 87 specialties. This includes former or current medical school classmates and residents. Amazing isn't it? You get to find your colleagues there and keep yourselves updated. Just like Marc Feingold MD who shares experiences, details about himself at Doximity.com. What's nice about this website which is now usually called a social networking site is that they can exchange HIPAA-secure messages, send faxes, share private phone lists, back lines and pagers with physician colleagues you select and confirm. You can be assured that messages are secured and encrypted with 256-bit Advance Encryption Standard. Whatever that means, I'm definite that this site will take care of your personal information.

Dinner and Drinks at Jalapeno Cantina Mexican

A couple of Fridays ago Hubby and I decided to go out on a date. It's been awhile since we did this. And since we were craving for Mexican food, we went to Jalapeno near Ortigas Home Depot.


I ordered strawberry margarita to go with nachos with salsa, quesadilla, and burritos. Hubby had San Mig Premium Beer.

IMG_1579 IMG_1586



It was a heavy dinner, we suddenly realized after we had all of those. LOL! The place was just small but cozy. I like it though and will definitely go back again one of these days.

Shopping for Luxury Bedspreads

I realized just over the weekend that we needed to get some new bed sheets and comforters. I came across Luxury bedspreads last weekend. So even if these are a bit expensive, I believe that buying bedspreads is an investment. The White Company (London) offers luxury bed sheets and comforters which I think will last for years. With this, I won't have to shop for another 5 to 7 years since their product seem durable. Not only the quality is good, and so are the designs which look simple but elegant.

Our theme for our house is sort of Asian/Minimalist so we want designs that are simple and plain. These bedspreads fit our requirements perfectly! I just hope that if I order now, I will be able to receive the items in time for Christmas! Because I'm thinking of giving these to myself as Christmas gifts. (*wink*)

Fun Ranch Halloween Costume Party

It’s time for the annual Fun Ranch Halloween Costume Party. Here are the details.

Venue: The Great Big Room of Big Red Barn in Fun Ranch, Ortigas.
Time: 2:00pm to 6:00pm
Cost: Child - Php 500.00,Adult - Php 250.00
Date: 22nd Oct 2011

Sparkle with Glitter Tattoo! Take a snap of your costume and bring home a photo souvenir. Get amazed with the magic of our Junior Kadabra Cup winner or; listen and be fascinated with our story telling activity. Find all these and more in this year’s grand party.

Tickets are pre-sold and limited to one hundred kids only, first come first served. There is no limit to the number of paid adults who will accompany a child.

Ticket Prices
Child - Php 500.00 inclusive of snacks, food cart treats, entrance, one Ride All You Can wristband, lootbag, access to all activities and trick or treat stub

Adult - Php 250.00 inclusive of snacks, selected food cart treats, entrance and access to all activities.

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. Planning our Halloween and Christmas parties! Time is flying by so fast!
2. Twitter chikahan
3. Looking at old photos
4. My second cousin's wedding last Saturday
5. Meeting relatives at the wedding
6. Great food at the wedding
7. Dinner at Yakimix with the relatives
8. Online window shopping
9. Coffee!
10. Planning Andie's 3rd birthday at a foundation

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Fourth Stop to our Rainy Trip to Tagaytay: Lunch at Pig Out, Nuvali

We wanted to avoid traffic on our way back to Manila so we went back immediately after we checked out at T House. We also wanted to try the restaurants in Nuvali so we decided to drop by and try Pig Out.

It was already past 1PM so we were starving! Good thing the service was fast and our food came immediately. We had, chicharon fried rice, grilled tuna belly and chicken noodle soup.




The food was really good. I'm glad we chose Pig Out. I'm also glad I ordered Kamias Shake after thinking twice or thrice. It was delish!


Our trip was short but still thankful for the opportunity to go out of town. I'm also thankful that my Dad and sister were available to watch the kids while we were out.

Here's to more trips with the Hubby! (*wink*)

Third Stop to our Rainy Trip to Tagaytay: Our Breakfast at T House

I loooove breakfasts! That's why after our sumptouos dinner the previous night, I was so looking forward to our free breakfast at T House. I was expecting it to be gooood.

We woke up around 9AM thinking that it was still raining, we were surprised that it was just foggy. So what was those water dripping in the roof of our room for the whole night!?


Anyways, after we oredered our food, we were given these cute little complimentary breads. It was still hot! And were really good too!

I wanted more but I had to save a room for the main course! Hubby had beef tapa again, which he loved so much.

While I had corned beef with hashbrowns and eggs.

With freshly brewed coffee, it was a perfect breakfast for us! (*wink*)

Third Stop to Our Rainy Trip to Tagaytay: T House

At exactly 2PM, we arrived at T House and checked in.

I made a reservation a month ago and then I just presented the voucher I got from Deal Grocer. Although calling T House was such a hassle, everything went well after I was able to reserved through email!

We were then brought to our room which I found very small. :( I was expecting a nicer villa inspite of getting the standard room. Based on their rates (PHP4,830 for a standard room), I was really expecting a bigger room. But only got this...

A huge bed, a table and chair. That's it. Even the bathroom was just ok and nothing too special about it.

I remember our room from Casa San Pablo which has ALMOST the same size as our room in T House but the one in Casa San Pablo was way cheaper. I wonder if the bigger villas are better?

But, for T House's service and food, I would say these are EXCELLENT!

For our dinner, we had maki salad. Hubby had the baby back ribs for the main course, while I had salmon. Both are really good and unforgettable!

These photos didn't do justice to the food that we had. Sorry, I was just using my camera phone!

We had a nice dinner and were very happy with the service of the staff. And before we slept, they brought goodnight tea and cookies in our room.

Somehow the room was compensated with their good food and wonderful service! We would probably go back one of these days.

Coming up next: Our breakfast and a couple of photos outside the villa.

For more about T House check out their website.

Second Stop to Our Rainy Trip to Tagaytay: Breakfast by Antonio's

After buying handmade soaps from Ilog Maria, it was time for lunch so off we went to Antonio's.

Breakfast by Antonio's is our ultimate favorite breakfast place. They offer breakfast all day from 8AM to 4PM. After traveling for almost 2 hours, I appreciated the place more and felt relaxed.

We took our time here and enjoyed our food. Hubby got beef tapa which unfortunately, he didn't like that much.

I, on the other hand, got sausage and eggs which I find very good.

I can't believed it took us more than an hour to finish our lunch. It was bliss! I was so thankful for days like this. I get to appreciate Hubby more. (*grin*)

We took a couple of photos outside then off we went to T House to stay there for the night.