El Nido 2012 Trip: Our First Sunset Cruise at El Nido

The moment we arrived El Nido, the staff were convincing us to try this - wake up at 5:30M and watch the sunset! Of course, knowing that you are on vacay and having the time of your life, why would you wake up at 5:30AM even before breakfast? But, we did. We gave in and see what they were talking about.

We really woke up at 5AM, and then by 5:30AM we were ready to go on a sunset cruise.

And we were so glad we did this. The experience was unforgettable. It took our breaths away.

Just look how happy we were after...

And now, we were so much READY for breakfast!

El Nido 2012 Trip: The Big and Small Lagoon of El Nido

After our sumptuous lunch at the Miniloc Island Resort restaurant, we just settled down in our rooms, fixed our stuff and then off we went to another adventure! We went to the big & small lagoon and it took our breaths away...

First stop is the big lagoon where our big boat was able to enter. We just roamed around for a couple of minutes and discovered a lot of things.

Our next stop was the small lagoon. Big boats won't be able to enter so we just used the small kayak boat. It was a wonderful experience. Although Hubby was the one who was rowing the entire time! LOL!

We couldn't bring our camera and phone because there is a huge percentage that we will get wet. So no pictures were taken while we were inside.

El Nido 2012 Trip: Hello, Miniloc Island Resort!

After a sumptuous breakfast at Pangulasian Island Resort, we went to snorkel and spent our whole morning at the beach. It was a beautiful experience seeing the live corals and fishes. I would say kudos to Palawan for preserving these natural resources. ♥

After we checked out the resort, we were fetched again by a bangka to transfer to our next destination - Miniloc Island Resort.

I've heard a lot of good reviews about this place and BIL loves this more than Lagen so we were quite excited. I guess he was right, Miniloc Island Resort has a charm that the previous two resorts didn't have.

I love that they have a beach front where you can relax and that we can snorkel just in front of the resort.

You can also opt to do Kayak there.

Although the room is smaller than the rooms we had at the previous resorts, I didn't mind because the bed was still huge and clean.

Food was also good here. They serve mostly Filipino dishes so you won't mind eating the same food for the duration of your stay.

I think we could say that we ♥ Miniloc Island Resort!

El Nido 2012 Trip: Sunset was Amazing at Pangulasian Island Resort

After we settled down at Pangulasian Island Resort, we took a nap for a couple of minutes and then off we went to a 30 minute hike to see the sunset.

The hike was unbelievable! I was expecting the same hiking we did at the Snake Island, but this one was waaay steeper. But the hike was indeed worth it. We love the sunset so much we didn't want to go down.

First, the view on top of the mountain was amazing...

..and then the sunset just gave it away. We were mesmerized!

And look at the orange tree!

Yes, it was an effect of Mr. Sun that made the tree orange. We love it so much!

This experience is definitely priceless! All the more reason why we love Pangulasian Island Resort. ♥

El Nido 2012 Trip: Fell in Love Pangulasian Island Resort

After another sumptuous lunch at Entulala Resort, off we went to our next stop - Pangulasian Island Resort. We were fetched by a speedboat of the resort so it took us only 15 minutes! What a ride! It was definitely unforgettable!

Pangulasian Island Resort is new. It is on soft opening which started last October. Yes, just two months ago! As soon as we arrived at the resort center, they brought us immediately to our rooms. And this is our home for the night...

Look for the hidden faucet!

Yes, there is a hidden faucet in this little tower. I love that I can wash my feet after swimming before going up to our room.

One of the Best Bed we've Tried so far...

The room is huge and so was our bed. It took us a couple of minutes to explore the huge villa. We were so giddy checking out the freebies. ♥

And we were excited to see our very own pool in our room!

Check out the TV and the Ipod Touch that we can use during our stay...

And the bathroom...it was one of the BEST!

Need I say more!? (*wink*)

El Nido 2012 Trip: Our Lunch at Entulala Island Resort

WE woke up well rested and ready for another adventure! But of course, we started the day right by having another sumptuous breakfast buffet.

We stayed at the restaurant for a long time and get the most out of our time to relax, sip a few cups of coffee and just savor the morning. It was a beautiful morning!

But it was time to leave Lagen Island Resort to move on to our next adventure!

By 11:30AM, off we went to Entulala Island Resort for lunch. I didn't know what to expect but I was surprised to see a setup in the island. How cool is this?

Got me really excited for what's in store for us for lunch! While waiting for the buffet to open, we took photos of the island first.

Finally, buffet lunch was open. As always, it was definitely sumptuous!

Right after lunch, we made the most out of the beach and took a dip for a couple of minutes before we move on to our next destination.

Merry Christmas from my Family!

Hello! I hope everyone is having a great Christmas Day!

I'm just dropping by to greet you all a Merry Christmas...

My family has been looking forward to this special day and I know that we are going to have a wonderful day today. I hope you will too.

Merry Christmas!

El Nido 2012 Trip: Island Hopping on our First Day in El Nido

Our first Buffet Lunch at Lagen Island Resort was sooo sumptuous we almost skipped the island hopping at 2PM because we were soo sleepy.

There were a lot of options available at the buffet but I what I loved most was the crispy noodles with fresh seafoods and vegetables. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water. Oh my!

After lunch, we prepared for our first adventure - island hopping!

Our first stop: Snake Island.

My favorite part of this island is the trek on top of the mountain where we can see the view of the entire island. It was B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L.

I love the breeze too, I would say the 10 minute hike was truly worth it!

Our second stop: Kudognon Cave. This is where we spent a lot of time taking photos, taking in the beauty of the cave and just taking our time to feel the nature.

Our third stop: Cathedral Cave.

We didn't go down the boat anymore. We just took photos of the beautiful cave called the Cathedral. Why is it called like that? Because it looks like a Cathedral. Right?

As soon as we were done with island hopping, we went back to the resort and finally rested and prepared for another sumptuous buffet dinner.

Then we called it a night. When we went back to our room, we saw this...

Very thoughtful. Good night El, Nido!