Preparing a Child for a Visit to the Dentist

Visiting the dentist can be a scary endeavor, especially for a child who has never gone there before. However, it does not have to be too traumatic. Preparation is the key, and helping your child feel secure at a young age can help make the necessary appointments in life more pleasant. Genesis Dental of Salt Lake is one of many places you can explore with your child to prepare him or her for the experience

Videos and Other Media

Did you know that there are several videos on YouTube that can help prepare a child for his visit to the dentist? Many dentists have discovered that by making their office seem exciting and fun, their patients are less likely to have a stressful experience while they are there. Through marketing and advertising, parents and their children can watch entertaining videos on what they can expect at their check-up. Some video clips show how nervous a child is at the beginning of a visit, and then is led to believe that the office visit is not so bad after all. Some of these clips are cartoons that children will have an interest in seeing in order to prepare them for their visit.

Exciting Offices

Many offices offer a variety of neat things kids can do while they are waiting to see the dentist. They have colorful paintings on the wall or fun entertainment available. Showcasing this excitement is something that marketers can do to promote their office. Marketers show how exciting the dentist’s chair can be—it moves up and down and there is often a movie up above on the ceiling where a child can watch a comforting cartoon. Offices often explain that the dentist is just there to count their teeth and clean them. Once the work is done, children and other patients are likely to receive a free gift or toy to take home with them. The best way to prepare your child for a check-up is to reassure them that you will be there with them. Companies like Genesis Dental of Salt Lake allow parents to sit in with their child while any work is being done on their mouth.

Trick or Treat!

Halloween is almost here... Allow me to share my little girl's trick or treat costume ...

Trick or Treaaaat!!!

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. I thank God for the gift of my life
2. Friends
3. The little girl's recollection last weekend
4. Get together with CFC friends
5. Swimming!
6. Halloween Party
7. Trick or Treats!
8. Candies
9. Movie Night
10. Monster University

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Our Wonderful Brunch at Early Bird Breakfast Club

Last August, Hubby and I had one of the best brunch we ever had. It was at Early Bird Breakfast Club.

I remember there was a storm then, but I was craving for a good champorado, so we braved the storm and went to Fort Bonifacio for a good brunch.

Hubby's Tenderloin Tapa

Yin and Yang Champorado - Rich Belgian dark chocolate and Belgian white chocolate champodaro with sweet toasted dilis.

Bacon and Cheddar Frittata - Spinach, bacon and cheddar frittata served with a crispy fresh salad

My gosh, just looking at these photos made me want to rush over there again and eat. I love, love having brunch at this place. The food was greeeeeat! ♥

Long Weekend is ♥.

...simply because the kids can read their favorite books!

Oh happy daaaaaaay...

We will all read our favorite books today. I know it's going to be a lovely, lovely day. And oh, by the way, vote wisely everyone! (*wink*)

Sharing a Song this SUNDAY: Falling for You.

TODAY is a nice day to fall in love...

Falling for you by Colbie Caillat. Such a beautiful song. Enjoy the day, everyone! (*wink*)

Flashback FRIDAY: Siblings.

Yup, this is us, siblings! Back in the 80's - knee high socks, color blocking shorts, low tshirts. Back when the days were so happy and bright. Back when we were young. ♥

Welcome to the Christian World, Baby Jayda!

A couple of months ago, I was so honored for being Godmother to my friend's baby girl, Jayda.

Hubby and I attended the baptism and I suddenly missed having a baby. The girls are too big and so independent already that I miss having clingy little ones.

Oh well, welcome to the Christian world, Baby Jayda!

MIL's Birthday Celebration last August.

MIL's birthday last August was all about food! We started off with a good soup of sinigang, then followed with steamed crabs, grilled ribs, chopsuey, Savory noodles and chicken cordon bleu.

Can't believe we ate all of those? Check these out...

Of course, we had dessert too. We ended our dinner with a very good light coffee cake from Dulcinea.

BUUURP! (*excuse me*)

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. Good health for the girls
2. Early trick or treat!
3. Good coffee
4. J's 8th birthday party
5. Restful Saturday
6. Get together with household friends
7. Teaching
8. Trader Joe's Cookie Butter. YUM!
9. Kindle Paperwhite (*grin*)
10. ebooks!

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Beautiful Music at the First Birthday Party at Enderun College

I didn't know that anyone can host a party at Enderun College. I was excited when Hubby and I were invited to celebrate our friend's son's first birthday.

We were informed that food here is going to be wonderful! And they were right...

Best buffet we've ever tasted, so far!

It was a quiet evening of enjoying the food and conversations with friends.

Of course, there was also music at our background while we ate and talked. The music was really beautiful and it coordinated pretty well with the party. I'm contacting the band who played that night so I can get it in our future parties.

Both, Hubby and I had a grand time.

Happy, happy birthday Tommy! Thanks for having us! ♥

How to Survive the Holidays with One Bite at a Time?

I came across this nice article that I would like to share here. Since holiday get togethers are already starting, it won't help with my diet. So this is very timely. Read on...

October through December can be a minefield of challenges for those who struggle with the eat-repent-repeat cycle. Food is everywhere, from your television to your child’s trick-or-treat stash. The constant exposure may eventually lead to cravings, overeating, holiday buffet-hangovers, guilt, and vows to do better tomorrow—or on January 2nd.

The best strategy is to eat what you love fearlessly. While that may sound counter-intuitive, studies have shown that labeling the foods you love as forbidden can actually increase their power over you. When you think of the foods you love as "bad," you may feel guilty for even wanting them, and deprived because you’re not supposed to eat them. As a result, you may yourself visiting the break room in search of holiday treats.

Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat

Banish the special occasion mentality. You'll be less tempted to overeat during the holidays if you stop depriving yourself the rest of the year. It takes the “special occasion” mentality out of the equation.

Minimize your exposure. Wait until the last minute to buy or prepare holiday goodies. Make only what you really think you'll need for parties and gifts. Resist the temptation to dump the leftovers in the break room at work. Not only will that decrease your own exposure, but your co-workers’ exposure too.

Remember, it's not your food. All too often we eat whatever shows up—from cookies in the break room to samples in the grocery store. But you didn't choose to put it there so don’t mindlessly put it in your mouth!

Save room for dessert. If you're going to eat holiday treats and desserts (you know you are!), then adjust for it. After all, does it really make sense to have to eat all your dinner to earn the right to eat more food?

Ask, “Am I hungry?”. Whenever you feel like reaching for a treat, pause to check in. Sometimes, “I want chocolate” really means, “I want a break,” “I want a reward,” or “I want to scream.” What else could you do to meet those needs better?

Try the Four Really Test. Another question to ask yourself is, “Do I really, really, really, really want it?” If the answer is yes, choose your favorite and enjoy it without distractions or guilt.

Love what you eat. If you love your favorite holiday foods that much, act like it! Enjoy your snack or meal mindfully without distractions. Savor the appearance, aromas, textures, and flavors. Put your fork down to focus on the bite in your mouth instead of immediately loading the next bite.

Just right! A couple of mindful bites of fabulous food is much better than a plate full of so-so. Since those first few bites are always the best, think before you dive in for more.

Eat fearlessly without guilt. We all know that guilt leads to more eating, not less. When you make a conscious decision to eat a treat, enjoy the experience fully, then let it go.

Don't torture yourself with exercise. Being physically active feels good, relieves stress, and provides numerous benefits for your health. Don't turn exercise into punishment for eating.

Pass it on. The holidays are a great time to teach your kids how to enjoy a variety of foods as part of a healthy and active lifestyle. Through observation, they learn that it is possible to balance eating for nourishment with eating for enjoyment.


I wish I could watch out during the parties and get togethers. Well, for my health's sake maybe I could do that.

Sharing a Song this SUNDAY: Best Day of my Life

I feel like dancing today. And here's a nice song to dance with...

Best Day of my Life by American Authors.

Have a great Sunday, everyone! (*wink*)

The Princesses First Birthday

A few months ago, we were invited to another fun birthday party of the twins.

The girls were excited because they get to be princesses for a few hours! (*grin*)

And look at these goodies. These definitely made our day...

Oh, it was a fun party! The kids had a blast!

Thank you for inviting us Queen and King and Princesses. We all had so much fun! (*wink*)

One Cup of Cafe Mocha, Please!

Today is a beautiful day to have a cup of cafe mocha.

I'm usually excited for THURSDAYS, simply because I know that the next day would be FRIDAY. I know that people would get excited for FRIDAY, but well, today is my day.

How about you?

Ooooh, I Want These!

These gorgeous casio watches are so nice! I'm sure Hubby will like these too...

Men's Casio G-Shock Gravity Defier Orange And Black Ani-Digi Watch ($250.00)

The orange color actually gave this watch away. This is perfect for traveling and when I want to add color to my outfit.

Men's Casio G-Shock Super Illuminator Black and Gold Digital Watch ($130.00)

Black & Gold, the usual combination that I love these days. With the rugged look, this is my number 1 choice!

Men's Casio G-Shock Ana-Digi Black and Grey X-Large Resin Watch ($160.00)

Black & Silver, I would love to add this to my collection. It is perfect for those errand days when I wear anything under the sun. This watch would make my look for "put together".

I know, these are all of MEN but I like big watches these days. These G-Shock watches are definitely gorgeous, I'm adding these to my Christmas wish list. So, hello, Santa! I hope you are reading this post. (*grin*)

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. Good food and great conversations at the household last week
2. Movie time!
3. Delirium by Lauren Oliver
4. Get together with YFC/SFC friends
5. Crispy Pata! ♥
6. Loots from Sofia and Tita Rica! Thank you!
7. Naps
8. Panizza, my fave!
9. DLSU won last Saturday. WOOOOOT!
10. Positive friends :)

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We had so much Fun at a Lazer Extreme Party!

A couple of months ago, we were invited particularly the kids to attend the lazer extreme party.

The kids didn't know what to expect, but when they tried it, they never wanted to leave the place!

For the first game, the little got an average score but after the second game, she was one of the top scorers!

We all definitely had a blast! Thanks for inviting us, J!

Hello, iHop! Finally!

I've heard a lot of good and not so good things about iHop. But since I didn't want to line up that long for an all-day breakfast food, we decided to try it a couple of months after the opening.

So finally, a few weekends ago, we were able to try iHop.

We were so excited because we all love breakfast food. This is what we got...

Unlimited refill of coffee, salad to start off the meal, omelette, pancakes, and beef tenderloin tips. Oh, it was a feast! The pancakes though were not that great but the omelette sure made the meal unforgettable!

We will definitely go back! ♥

Sharing a Song this SUNDAY: Relentless

A nice song by Hillsong United.


Have a nice Sunday, everyone! (*wink*)

Saturday is Time with Family and Friends!

And I hope you are having a great time too! There are a couple of get togethers set for this weekend so we are really looking forward to bond and rest. ♥


Flashback FRIDAY: Minnesota in 2001.

Another memorable trip was in downtown Minneapolis when my friends.

Taken in 2001 and if you noticed, it was already getting cold! I miss my 7-month stay in that state. Hopefully I could visit again one of these days.

Missing Yummy Crepes at Cafe Breton

I just had lunch but I'm still craving for Cafe Breton's yummy crepes.

...and their coffee too.


Maybe I should drop by after work. We'll see!

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. CLP Sharing. Whew! Finally done. LOL!
2. Chapter Assembly and our food assignment
3. Naps over the weekend.
4. Quick breakfast at Borough
5. The little girl's good grades. Thank you, God!
6. Movie night with the family
7. Wine and Cheese!
8. Epic
9. Gong Cha Milk Tea
10. Coffee ♥♥♥

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Lunch Out with Good Old Highschool Friends

A couple of months ago, my highschool friends and I met for a quick lunch out at Xin Tian Di at Crowne Plaza.

This is our first since we usually meet only once a year. We availed the Deal Grocer promo and since we all love to EAT, we had a grand time ordering as much dimsums as we wanted. Yes, it was a dimsum buffet!

Aaaaah, we were sooo full from the food and from the chikahan. Until it was time to go...

So glad to be able to have lunch with you girls. Until next time! (*wink*)