November 2015 Monthly Roundup

What books and/or magazines did I read this month?
- The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo
- The Hook Up by Kristen Callihan

What movies and/or TV shows did I watch this month?
- Mockingjay Part II with my Dad

What special days did I celebrate and how?
- Family Day
- Inigo's 4th Birthday
- Samantha Pauline's 7th
- Dom turns 7
- Our Booch's Birthday! The kids had so much fun!
- Early Christmas Dinner with Chikadoras
- Early Christmas Dinner with CFC Lower HH
- Mateo's 7th

What illnesses or health concerns did I have?
- The kids and I had severe rhinitis this month due to the weather :(

What fun things did I do with my friends and/or family?
- Spent the sembreak with Lolo & Lola
- Attended lots of parties this month!

What new foods, recipes or restaurants did I try this month?
- Quick Dinner Date at Shakey's
- Conti's with my Dad and my family
- Bizu's Big Breakfast
- Sumo Sam for Birthday Dinner
- Green Pastures

What special or unusual purchases did I make?
- Started buying stuff to give out for Christmas! Yey!

What have you learned this month?
- Invest in memories and experiences and NOT THINGS.

Always Believe...

"Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen...."

Sharing a Song this SUNDAY: What do you Mean?

Let's dance this day away, guys!

Have a good one! (*wink*)

My Outfit for Today.

Just because it's Friday today, I'm wearing my favorite pants from Uniqlo...

With a scarf to make it a little bit formal for work.

So, how's your Friday so far?

EK Shoe Selfie

Here's my shoe selfie for our EK trip a couple of months ago...

Our EK adventure starts now!

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. Kid #2's second birthday party
2. Super fun weekend!
3. Parties!
4. Good friends
5. Family
6. Hugs
7. Kisses
8. Good Internet Connection
9. Chocolate Cake
10. Movies

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Hello, EK!

I miss our EK adventures.

The last time we were here was last April and I was already missing it.

When it comes to adventures, nothing beats EK!

Enough is Enough...

“The Good Life exists only when you stop wanting a better one. It is the condition of savoring what is, rather than longing for what might be. The itch for things – so brilliantly injected by those who make and sell them – is in effect a virus draining the soul of contentment. A man never earns enough, a woman is never beautiful enough, clothes are never new enough, the house is never furnished enough, the food is never fancy enough.

There is a point at which salvation lies in stepping off the escalator, of saying, ‘Enough; what I have will do…..what I make of it is up to me.'” - Marya Mannes

Sharing a Song this Sunday: By Your Side

Let's all worship the Lord, today!

5 Life Skills Your Child Needs To Learn By Mariel Uyquiengco

This is such a nice article that all Moms & Dads would appreciate.

Learning life skills actually means preparing for life, and not just for tests in school. Here are 5 life skills that your child needs to learn for a successful adulthood.

1. Money Management

Math is taught in school from the time students enter Kindergarten up to the time they are in university. However, many young adults have a problem adjusting to their newly acquired independence. A lot of graduates on their first job party the nights (and maybe days) away, live beyond their means, and struggle with the responsibilities of their job.

Teaching kids about being frugal, saving, budgeting, and investing will help them develop and appreciate the idea that money can be managed instead of just being spent thoughtlessly.

2. Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is about being able to think clearly. Though we oftentimes look at thinking as memorizing and answering tests, we should all think analytically or questioningly.

Children are often just fed what they should be thinking about in the form of tests. It is, however, important to teach them to gather facts, analyze their data, and then make informed decisions.

3. Work Ethic

Young people need to learn the importance of hard work and of doing things that you don’t really want. Creativity comes out of facing boring or uninteresting tasks.

Setting goals, working for those goals, and staying motivated are important for children to learn. These will help them stay in one job to explore all the opportunities in it before deciding to quit and move on.

Work ethic is about showing up even if you want to be somewhere else. It is about doing your best in a less-than-desired situation.

4. Relationships

Getting along with people is a crucial skill to have. People are a social being and constantly interact with each other.

Precocious children will not go far if they have problems with communicating with family and friends. They need to know how to listen and to hold one end of a conversation with others.

Empathy is another skill that children need to develop. The ability to put themselves in others’ shoes is a valuable tool in dealing with others and lets them put others ahead of themselves.

5. Practical Skills

Taking care of one’s own needs is something that all kids must be able to do when they are already on their own. Oftentimes, children are coddled and are only required to do well in school and extra-curricular activities.

Parents, then, should start training their children in practical life skills such as washing the dishes, cooking meals, cleaning the house, and being organized withbills and documents.

Activities should have no genders, so boys must also be taught how to iron clothes and sew buttons; girls need to learn how to change a light bulb, wash a car, and become handy with screwdrivers.

Life skills are more than just doing chores. Parents must directly teach their children skills that will benefit them when they are already out in the world on their own.


Our Dinner Date at Cajun

Another dinner date with the Hubby. Woot! Woot! I'm definitely loving these holidays...

Cajun, our first time to try!

But the food was just ok, nothing special except for those fish tacos! If ever we will be back, we would definitely order that again!

A Quick Coffee Date

Thanks to the APEC holidays, Hubby and I found the time to have a quick coffee date...

How about you, how are you doing on this beautiful, holiday?

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. Coffee and Starbucks' Belgian Waffle. YUM!
2. Blogging
3. Gift of Family
4. Minimalism and Decluterring
5. Learning how to live a simple life
6. The Concept of Unbusyness
7. God's Will and Presence through blessings!
8. Good articles
9. New eBooks
10. Life

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Helloooo, BayMax!

Everybody loves BAYMAX. And look, he said hello to us!

The kids are ecstatic when they saw this huge balloon. Ah, even the Husband got excited too...

Hellooooo, Baymax!

What you think, You Become...

Sharing a Song this SUNDAY: How Great Thou Art

Have a blessed Sunday, peeps!

10 Things That Bring Couples Closer Together (by

Ever wonder how to be closer to spouse? Here are a couple of nice tips I got from this article.

Here are ten things couples do to stay closely connected:

1. They Stay in Touch During The Day

Closely connected couples stay connected by keeping in touch during the day. Whether it’s through a quick phone call, text, an email or a quick selfie posted to Instagram, each person takes an interest in what the other person is doing and looks for ways to let the other person know they are on their mind.

2. They Send Love Notes

Surprising each other with love notes is just one way couples can show their love and appreciation for each other. These notes often come at the right time, when some cheering up or encouragement is needed. The surprise never gets old because both partners appreciate the efforts and the sentiments. They may even try to one-up each other with their creativity and surprise factor.

3. They Continue to Date Each Other

Closely connected couples do not take their relationship for granted and know it requires work to keep it healthy. They schedule regular date nights with each other, but they go beyond the “normal dinner and a movie” type of date. They explore new interests and hobbies as a way of keeping things fresh and new.

4. They Dance it Out

Sort of like Meredith and Christina on “Grey’s Anatomy,” when things get tense a closely connected couple looks for ways to release the tension. One way of doing that is to dance it out. Good music and movement can often lighten the mood and help a couple get back on the same page. Dancing it out won’t solve the problem, but it can help alleviate the heaviness so more productive conversations can take place.

5. They Properly Say Hello and Goodbye

Closely connected couples do not take each other for granted, and they show their love and appreciation for each other in their greetings. They kiss deeply, hug tightly and display sincere affection.

6. They Practice Gratitude Together

Strong relationships are based on gratitude, not only for each other but for their relationship and life together. They often share their appreciation with each other, making sure each feels valued, loved and supported.

7. They Regularly Go Off-Grid

Closely connected couples stay connected when they disconnect. They carve out time where it’s just them. No distracting texts, no binge-watching and no work. This time is important to recharge and revitalize their relationship and keep the lines of open communication open.

8. They Make Common Goals

It’s hard to be in a strong, healthy relationship when each person in the relationship has separate goals. Making life goals together is an important part of growing into a long-lasting relationship. Of course, individual goals are important to maintaining each person’s individuality, but it’s the common life goals that connect a couple.

9. They Are Interested In Each Other’s Schedule

Couples that are connected and in tune with each other are genuinely interested in their partner. It’s more than asking about their day; they want to know what their day looks like. They care about how they spend their time away from each other, not in a needy, codependent kind of way but out of genuine interest.

10. They Fight Fair

Mostly strong and closely connected couples fight fair. They are respectful of each other’s opinions and truly want to find a compromise that suits each other and the relationship. They may disagree, but they do so with kindness and love.

A closely connected relationship develops in its own time and cannot be rushed or forced. Take the time to get to know each other and what makes each of you tick and even more importantly what makes each of you laugh.

In the end, closely connected couples like each other and have fun together. They are respectful and kind and honor their relationship. Even when times are tough, a closely connected couple will still value their feelings for each other enough that the problem never becomes bigger than the relationship. They learn to let the stuff go and enjoy each other.

Fun DIY Candies from Japan

Look, what the kids did last weekend.

This is a create your own candy from Japan.

The kids enjoyed this activity so much! And look at the final output...

More DIY candies to do this weekend. YUM!

Good Morning!

A selfie is just a perfect way to start off the day. HA!

Forgive me please. LOL!

Have a good one, peeps!

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. Preparing for our kid's party!
2. Milk Tea
3. Online Friends turn Real Friends ♥
4. eBooks
5. Simple Snacks
6. Pizza Night with the "Gang"
7. Long Weekend coming up Soon!
8. Blogging the Unforgettable Memories
9. Good Cup of Coffee
10. Very understanding Hubby

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100 Questions...

Do you have a kid who asks ALL the questions in the world? I think this book is perfect for them...

Thanks to my sister, my kids got a couple of answers from this book. I highly recommend it!

We are Cups...

Sharing a Song this Sunday: Who am I?

I have shared this song a couple of years ago but I feel like sharing it here again...

Good Bye and Thank you, Baler!

It was a short but unforgettable getaway in Baler.

Thank you. You are definitely a beauty.

The 8 hour drive was worth it! Especially seeing this view on our way home...

"You will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory. Make the most of the moment cos you never know what you have until it’s gone.

Source :"

Museo de Baler

One of the highlights of our quick getaway to Baler (apart from the beach and the pool of course!) is the Museo de Baler.

The kids were so excited about discovering a little bit of history about this place.

This is a walkthrough to Aurora's past... The kids are ecstatic to see old stuff and paintings all over the place.

I highly recommend that you visit this place when you are in Baler!

Museo de Baler is located at Quezon St, Baler, Luzon, Philippines.

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. Long Weekend
2. Bonding with Family
3. Visiting the Inlaws
4. Kids enjoying their sembreak
5. Internet
6. Good Books
7. Coffee and Milk Tea
8. Bonding with the Hubby
9. Trick or Treats
10. Decluttering

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The Kids' Relaxing Sembreak and Christmas List

The sembreak was officially over. But I can say that the kids had a blast! They were able to study, play, had fun and bond with their Lolo and Lola. It was definitely unforgettable.

Me and the Hubby on the other hand had a grand time catching up on our sleep. I was able to catch up on my reading and found time to do online shopping and found gibson les paul custom gold top online. This might work as my Christmas gift to the Hubby (sssshhh...don't tell him!). The quality is so good I am really considering it. The fact that I don't have to go to the mall myself and line up just to pay for one item is enough incentive.

So far I'm done with my Christmas list. All I have to do is wrap those gifts and we are so ready for the holidays! Woot, woot! I can't wait. I claim that this is not going to be that stressful and the focus of our Christmas holidays is family, fun and get togethers!

Good Morning, Baler!

At this uber hot weather (in October) wish I could be in Baler right now!

I miss the breakfast buffet too! And the excitement of going straight to the pool after...

Aaaah, we are definitely missing the Baler!

Anyway, here's my outfit for this particular day which also serves as my third coverup.

You would know by now that I'm loving bright colors and prints. ♥♥♥

The Best Way to Enjoy your Favorite Things...

"The best way to enjoy your favorite things every day 
is to only own your favorite things."

Sharing a Song this SUNDAY: Lead me Lord.

♪♪ You are my life. You're the lamb upon my feet. All the time my Lord, I need you." ♪♪
♪♪ Let me stay by your guiding life. ♪♪