Alex's Bad Dream.

Hubby and I woke up with the loud cries of Alex. She was crying so hard and calling out her Dada. Here's what I heard from them at 2 in the morning the other day...

Dada: What happened? Did you have a bad dream?
Alex: Waaaaaah (still crying)
Dada: It's ok, if you had a bad dream, it's not real. It's ok.
Alex: Dada in the plor. Dada in the plor. (translation: Dada is in the floor. Dada is in the floor.)
Dada: Why? What happened to Dada?
Alex: Dada in the plor. Dada hit the plor. (translation: Dada is in the floor. Dada hit the floor.)
Dada: Oh, ok. It's nothing. It's just a dream, go back to sleep.
Alex: Dada, don't hit the plor again ha. Don't hit the plor in your opis ha.
Dada: Ok, I won't hit the floor Ate Alex...
Alex: Don't hit the plor ha...

LOL! She was so funny! She never fails to make us laugh. :D

Look at her now.

She is taking her role as an Ate very seriously. She wants to read books for Andie every now and then. She wants to help me when I express milk. She shares her toys with Andie. And when we had guests over the weekend, she gladly showed her room and let them borrow her toys. Such an angel! :)

Now, I'm off to check out some eyeglasses for my Mom who is asking me to find some over the net.

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

I almost forgot to post this! I couldn't believe that I haven't posted this for 2 weeks already!

Happiness is...

1. Lovely smile and coos of Andie every now and then
2. Cheeseburger and Fries
3. Sugar-free chocolates
4. Unexpected online assignments
5. Hearing mass with Hubby
6. A bath after a looong day
7. Reunited with friends through Facebook
8. Good music by Colbie Cailat, James Blunt and James Morrison
9. One Tree Hill Season 4
10. Watching "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button"

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Our Not-so-Full Weekend

I miss weekends such as our previous weekend. We didn't have much appointments that we just stayed almost at home and had time to relax a bit. I realized that I badly need to sleep more. Andie has been waking us still in the wee hours of the morning to feed.

Well actually I stayed home while Hubby brought the kids to their pedia. I was sooo tired I begged off. Good thing I was able to sleep for 2 hours while they were away. And by dinner time, Hubby's college friends came over for dinner and we had drinks afterwards. Alex had a great time entertaining her friends. They played all night until 12 midnight. She didn't take a nap in the afternoon that's why I was amazed at how she stayed alert and hyper. I guess that's how playmates can do to kids, right?

And then yesterday, Sunday, we just stayed home until 3pm and then went to High Street for snacks. I loved the weather yesterday and it was even better when we were at the High Street. A bit windy for Andie though. She was getting cranky but when we wrapped her in her blanket she suddenly fell asleep.

We didn't do shopping this weekend. Even if we planned on getting some tv stands because we were too tired to check out the mall. Probably next time.

So, how about you? How was your weekend?

My Post Pregnancy Weight

Well, in case you were wondering why I lost so much weight, it's not because I've been taking some diet pills. One of the major reasons why I lost weight is because of breastfeeding. Well, I assume that it is because of breastfeeding. Next would be the sleepless nights.

You see, when I was pregnant, I could sleep like a maximum of 10 hours. So my body must have been used to sleeping that long! Boy, I miss those days. Recently, Andie has been sleeping straight 4 to 5 hours already. Although there are times that she asked for milk every 2 to 3 hours as well but Hubby takes care of that.

But now, I've been craving a lot of junk foods. I don't know why though, now that I vowed to be healthy this year! Aaaargh! Hopefully I would get over this and move on to my "healthy" lifestyle soon.

Love Ya Award!

Just as I was browsing some office furniture for my mini office at home when my online friend Dez gave me this Love Ya Award the other day! How sweet of you Dez! Thank you so much sis! ;)

These kind Bloggers aim to find one another and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of this Award are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers! Deliver this Award to eight (8) Bloggers who can choose eight more and include this text into the body of their Award.

Andie is 3 months old Today!

Check out some updates here! (*wink*)

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. Breakfast at Portico to celebrate the VDay
2. Dinner with family on VDay
3. Booked Alex's 3rd birthday party
4. Family Day at Sugi Greenhills
5. Lovely flowers
6. Movies on DVD
7. Stephenie Meyer's New Moon
8. Hubby upgraded my PC to Windows Vista (thanks hon!)
9. Portico's Hot Chocolate
10. Jollibee!

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Spending Family Day at Sugi

As I've mentioned in my previous post, our Sunday was spent with the in-laws and we ate at Sugi Restaurant in Greenhills.

I will just let the photos speak on how our family day went. :)

IMG_5052 2

IMG_5071 2

IMG_5069 2

IMG_5075 2

IMG_5076 2

Check out my post in my travel blog about my take on the food. (*wink*)

It's All About the Family on Valentine's Day

We had a full weekend but I can say that I'm happy on how it turned out. All our plans pushed through and a sleepless night didn't stop us from having breakfast.

Last Friday we get to see the band of our friend's Dad in Libis. It was a rock and roll night and we had a great time, not to mention I was able to unwind for just a few hours. It was good to have that time alone with Hubby and our friends even for once a week only. We called it a night at around 12 midnight. Oh, and I got a long stem red rose from the restaurant. :D

Then on Saturday, since we always wake up early on weekends because of Andie, we decided to push through with our plan to have breakfast as our date for the Vday. Oh, it was such a breeze - no traffic, weather was great (not too hot), and not too many people. We had breakfast at Portico in Serendra.

We've been wanting to have breakfast there for months already. Ever since I read Anton's post in, I've been wanting to try that hot chocolate he mentioned. You see, I loved Sonya's hot chocolate so much that every time we are in Tagatay, I would always want to try it. Sometimes I'm lucky, sometimes I'm not. So I really look forward to this hot chocolate right here in Manila.

Anton was right, it was indeed heavenly! It was very similar to Sonya's. The Spanish style (I remember my Mom called it sikwate) that makes me reminisce on my childhood days in the province. I remember our Christmas eve would never be complete without this heavenly drink. Anyway, I'm glad that they have it. I will definitely go back here for this drink.

For our take on the food that we ordered, watch out for it in my other blog.

After breakfast we bought Chocolate Mousse from Conti's which we will serve for dinner with my family. I was surprised that there were a lot of people eating there already! Conti's is really something!

I wasn't happy with the mousse though. Nothing special.

We got home just in time for Andie's bath. After preparing the kids we went to Jollibee (as promised to the little girl). I also inquired and got the packages in that branch for Alex's 3rd birthday party. We settled everything and paid the downpayment.

And then the highlight of my day - I bought some flowers from Dangwa. I realized that we were in the area near Dangwa already. You know, the place where you can buy really cheap flowers. Since we planned on giving some for my family (Mom, sister, and brother), I asked the Manong on how to get to that place. I was surprised that he said I can just walk and it was a block away from where we were. So off I went, and I was able to buy two wonderful bouquet of flowers!

The first one I bought for my family. The second one I bought for myself. :D

I know, it should have been Hubby giving me flowers right? But he chose to give me Royce chocolates (which I definitely preferred) than giving me flowers worth more than a thousand bucks! Thanks sweetie! ;)

We were able to go home early. Good thing we took the long way to avoid the traffic.

The dinner was great! My Mom brought kani salad, chicken, tacos, lumpiang shanghai. I asked our help to cook tuna pasta. I ate a LOT that I'm even thinking of getting the best diet pills already. My brother brought red wine. It was just a simple dinner but we definitely had fun! Tita Trish gave Alex gummi burgers and gave us three pink roses. My Mom gave the kids cute balloons too.

It was indeed about family on Valentine's day. After all, this day is all about being with people we love, right?

How about you? How was your Valentine's day?

Coming up next, another family day last Sunday.

Ready for the Hearts Day?

I can't believe that it's been a year since Hubby surprised me with a romantic dinner at our veranda (posted it here.) It was so unexpected! I wonder if he will surprise me again tomorrow. LOL! Just kidding...

So, what are your plans tomorrow?

I'm sure the traffic is going to be so bad so Hubby and I are planning to have breakfast instead. That is, if we wake up early and if we wake up energized. Especially now that Andie is waking up at 3AM!

And then after breakfast we will bring Alex and Andie to Jollibee. We've been giving Alex promises of taking her there. It's hitting two birds in one stone actually since we are going to the branch where Alex will celebrate her 3rd birthday with the cancer patients of UST hospital. Hopefully if we like the place we will pay the downpayment already and give them the details that we want for the party.

For dinner my family will come over our place. I'm cooking tuna pasta while my Mom will bring chicken and tacos. Yum! I'm sure it will be a blast!

Come Sunday we will go to the in laws for a family day. If the weather is good, Hubby and Alex will swim.

Well, I guess it is going to be a busy weekend after all.

So will greet you all early since I don't think I can go online tomorrow...

Happy Valentine's day, everyone! Share some love tomorrow and the rest of the days!


Sharing is Fun! (What we did over the Weekend)

We decided not to go to the CFC's chapter assembly last Friday and pushed through with our plan of giving out lootbags to the street kids. We didn't have a particular place in mind so we just drove on the way to QC and passed by Sta. Mesa too. Check out the loots.

We bought the cookies, wafer, biscuits, and chocolate candies Tuesday last week and then I ordered around 25 burgers from McDonald's. We prepared Alex for this that's why she was excited to give out food for the kids. It turned out really FUN! Alex had a great time too. It is a good feeling to be able to share even in just small items.

We then ate at Jonah's for dinner as a celebration. :D

Last Saturday we decided to visit my in-laws since Hubby's relatives are here from the US. As always, Alex had a great time with her cousins. I can't wait for Andie to join them soon.

Then last Sunday we went to the mall for Alex's first dentist checkup. It was just a checkup and I wanted to let her try it since she haven't really experienced it. And besides, I've been thinking about bringing her there since she was 1 year old. It turned out as not too good experience for Alex. She cried and cried. Probably because it was her first time. I just hope that she will get used to it and no more hassles when we go there again for cleaning.

I got a couple of granola bars, multi-grain crackers, and chips from Healthy Options.

I vowed of being healthy this year. So I will go for wheat bread, sugar free chocolates and cakes, brown rice (which we are already eating every dinner and that includes Alex), eating half rice every meal, fish, veggies and fruits this year and the rest of the years. I hope Hubby will follow on. LOL!

My checkup with my ENDO a couple of weeks ago actually let me decide to be healthy since my fasting blood sugar results are not good anymore. :( I just hope I get to start doing some exercises when Andie turns 3 months old.

Well, I guess that's just about it. I'm glad that we were able to go out last weekend (hubby and I had coffee while Alex was playing). And the good thing about it is that we weren't that tired and busy too.

Anyway, will just leave you with this photo of my little munchkins. Seeing them together makes my heart melt. No matter how tired I am of everything, when I see Alex touching Andie's head, it just makes me proud. :D

Have a great week everyone!

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. Our Fourth Anniversary
2. Dinner at Chili's
3. Two-hour videoke time with Hubby
4. One Tree Hill Season 4
5. McDonald's Breakfast
6. 2.5 months of breastfeeding
7. A 6 to 7 hours of sleep straight everyday (thanks to Hubby for taking over!)
8. Bizu's sugarfree cakes and chocolates
9. New Shoes and New clothes from Hubby
10. Cool weather for the past weeks

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Have we lost Personal Touch because of Technology?

Nice isn't it?

I remember when Hubby and I passed by the Fiesta Greeting Card office in San Juan a couple of weeks ago, we somehow talked about how people don't send greeting cards to each other anymore. This is because there are readily available online greeting cards already, cellphones where we can just text our messages, email to greet someone on a special occasion, or talk to the person through telephone. Some letters are now even typewritten. Have we lost our personal touch already because of technology?

I remember when Hubby and I were dating, I would send him lots of greeting cards even if there's no special occasion. It's just nice to tell him how you feel through these romantic cards.

During our anniversary last week, I contemplated on giving him one but unfortunately I didn't have time to go to the mall.

I guess a part of me is saying that I could always text him or send him an email. After all, our courtship started with one email in our common yahoogroups. LOL! Well, after thinking about it, I should have given him at least one greeting card.

I hope I will have time to do it next week.

How about you? Do you still give out the traditional greeting cards to your friends and family?

How we Celebrated our Anniversary?

We had a simple celebration. We decided to spend it last Saturday instead of Friday. My plan was to bring the kids to my Mom's place and then Hubby and I will just spend the rest of the day at home sleeping! Then we would watch movie and then eat dinner afterwards somewhere in UP (I was thinking of having dinner at FRUILI) and if it's not that late Hubby and I will have coffee.

But this is what happened.

We spent the whole morning preparing the kids. We gave Andie a bath and then Alex. I prepared their things for the day and I finally finished everything at around 11 AM already. So much for sleeping the whole day! We brought them to my Mom's then we arrived at our place around lunch time already.

We just ordered pizza, chicken, and pasta from Shakey's. Afterwards I finished some assignments about TW Steel watches, showed it to Hubby if he will like it as an anniversary gift but it didn't change his mind. He really is not into watches. I showed him some stuff from Sanuk and he immediately liked it. So I now have a gift for him. :)

After taking a nap (YES, our plan of sleeping the whole day end up with a nap), we prepared for dinner and decided to eat at Chili's Grill and Bar. Check out my post on what we ordered here.

IMG_4950 2 IMG_4951 2

After dinner Hubby had an idea of going to videoke after hearing a few songs by Colbie Cailat. Since he really loooove singing, I agreed. After all, it was our anniversary and I wanted him to be happy. :) (sorry for being so cheesy here) So after dinner we went to World Music Room Family KTV in Greenhills and sang for two hours. Check us out!

IMG_4962 2

It was just a simple celebration. We were thinking of going to La Luz, Batangas for our anniversary but we re-scheduled it for February instead since Andie is 3 months old by then.

Looking forward to more anniversaries!

January Monthly Roundup

What books and/or magazines did I read this month?
- Moms Today and Smart Parenting Magazine
- Starting to read New Moon

What movies and/or TV shows did I watch this month?
- Bride Wars
- Heroes Season 4
- Ploning

What special days did I celebrate and how?
- Our fourth Anniversary
- Eric's birthday
- Yang's birthday

What gifts did I give and/or receive?
- Spa package for Yang
- Cash for Eric

What illnesses or health concerns did I have?
- I had colds this month probably because of the weather

What fun things did I do with my friends and/or family?
- We went to Tagaytay to spend the New Year
- Family Day with the in-laws
- We went to Baras, Rizal with our CFC Household and kids
- Highschool Post Christmas get together

What new foods, recipes or restaurants did I try this month?
- Antonio's Breakfast
- Dencio's Tagaytay
- Big 30 Pizza, Pasta, and Steak
- Nurture Spa Lunch

What special or unusual purchases did I make?
- I made a lot of shopping this month since my pre-pregnancy clothes don't fit anymore
- We planned on getting a term life insurance but not this time probably next year

What were this month's disappointments?
- Nothing as far as I can remember (thank God!)

What were my accomplishments this month?
- Andie is already 2 months old!
- We made a downpayment for Alex's summer school