Alex's Field Trip and Christmas Musical Play

December, I can say was the busiest month for Alex. I took a break from work and tasks such as motorhome towing and accompany her at educational field trip was at Avilon Zoo in Montalban. I was supposed to find the best motorhome towing for my Mom who just migrated in the US but I had to prioritize this field trip.

At first I was hesitant on letting her go because she is too young for such trips. But Hubby insisted so I decided to go with her.

I'm glad we did come to the field trip. It was really a lot of fun and I get to know her classmates and their parents. She saw a lot of nice animals and I can say it was really educational (for me as well!).

After a week, they had their Christmas Musical Play about the Sea Creatures in Harmony. They were trained by the Trumpets so it was a really good play.

Alex was a squiggly SQUID!

Of course she had fun dancing in front of us! I just love, love the play! Can't wait to watch another one next school year!

Ho! Ho! Ho!

I know, I know, I haven't been able to update this blog anymore after million years. I have to tell you, my excuse is not the Christmas rush but the flu that got to Hubby, myself, and the kids from 23rd up to now. So there. Our plans for the holidays were entirely changed. We were supposed to have our Noche Buena at home but we opted to just sleep and have the kids' gifts opened in the morning of Christmas day. Santa was still able to drop by though. ;)

Check out Alex's loots here and Andie's loots here.

As for me, I got a nice ROOTOTE Bag and a nice book from a fellow Bebot/Twittermate Ate Jen for our Christmas Exchange gift!

Thank you Ate Jen!

I'm almost done with the book and I have a lot of realizations about myself and Hubby. It is indeed a nice book :D

As for Hubby's gift, I asked him to buy me a lacoste bag from Faye. LOL! I gave him Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol and a box of Ferrero chocolates. Now he is officially hooked!

I can't ask for anything else anymore except for everybody (Hubby, me, and the kids) to get really, really well so we will have a fun New Year!

How about you, friends? How was your Christmas?

Mama, You're the Best!

While I was working on a task about bodybuilding supplements the other day, I heard my little girl Alex told me I was the best.

Here goes our conversation...

Alex: Mama, you're the best...
Me: Awwww, Ate that's sweet. Say that again please... (LOL!)
Alex: Mama, you are the best...
Mama: Wow, thank you for saying that Ate. Why? What made you say that?
Alex: You are the BEST Mama and I am Beauty. We are Beauty and the BEST!

BWAHAHAHAHA! This definitely made my day!!!

I kept on laughing afterwards that I couldn't finish my task. Now I need to read more about it and see what I missed the other day (*grin*)

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. Christmas Dinner with friends
2. Family bonding time every night
3. Busy, busy life!
4. Overflowing toys of the little girls
5. Inspiring messages through email and FB (thanks to Hubby for fowarding these messages)
6. Real friends
7. God's protection
8. Online shopping (always makes my day! LOL)
9. Suzanne Collins' Catching Fire
10. More books to read SOON!

To know how this started and credits of the header, click here.

Our Little Ladybug!

I've been sooo busy with errands that I didn't have time to post the photos of our little ladybug!

Andie wasn't able to take a nap before the party. But she ate a lot for lunch and seems like she knew that her party is about to start! She looks really excited. Although the whole time we had a hard time letting her smile for the camera but it's ok since she was dancing the whole party everytime there was music!

While the guests were eating, she took a nap! Then after her nap, she got energy again to dance and enjoy the party.

Here are a couple of my favorite photos of the ladybug...







After the party, Andie and Alex made the most out of the inflatable and played there until 730PM! They had it for themselves! They had the time of their lives. I guess the inflatables were worth it even if they didn't arrive on time. More details here.

Andie's First Birthday (Party Details)

Honestly, I didn't REALLY plan this party well. Surprisingly, work was hectic and so were online tasks. I even had to do a bit of research on Toto sinks the last minute as one of my online assignments. But, I'm not complaining. I'm happy that God is providing, as always.

And besides, I was in denial that Andie was really turning ONE! LOL! I didn't realize that it's going to be her birthday already. That fast! It feels like it was only yesterday that I was in labor.

For now, will post a few photos of the party details. More stories and photos at my other blog.

Stage Backdrop by Yan-Ple Balloon and Party Shop

Mr. Alex Lagula as the host and magician

andie_guj_244 2
Cake by A Piece of Cake

Cake by A Piece of Cake

The Give-aways

Mini Carousel by Jellie Bellies

The Table Centerpiece

Give-aways for the adults!

Inflatables by Jareds Party Shoppe

Check out more photos of the party details here.

I'm Happy!

Because finally I got time to sit and plan our next family vacation. It's that big if think about it. But for the kids, it's going to be a major trip if they are going to finally meet Mickey Mouse. And they can't believe that the Disney Princesses are already waiting for them!

But when I think about white sand beaches of Riviera Maya, I feel like going there instead of Disneland Hongkong. Imagine the crystal clear water and powder like sand, the never-ending massage and late night dinners at the beach shore. Aaaah, definitely my kind of vacation. But of course, our priority for now are the kids and since Alex is already big enough to appreciate Disneyland, we will be there in no time!

Andie's First Birthday (Family Portraits)

I finally got the DVDs from the official photographer (Guj and Mike) last Monday. I just didn't have time to upload everything because I was too busy looking for glass tiles for the house. My in laws' house are still on going and they need to find some tiles for their living room.

Anyway, there are a lot of photos so I will just post it here in batches.

Before the party started, I asked Guj to take a couple of family portraits inside and outside the venue. Check out a couple of my favorite shots...


Photos by Guj Tungpalan and Mike




Oh by the way, I posted two supplier ratings at my other blog already. Check it out.

- Yan-ple's Balloon and Party Shop

- Cupcakes by Piece of Cake