Our Nightly Routine

IMG_2601 IMG_2602

is supposed to be brushing our teeth before going to sleep. But it's so hard for us to let her. It would be either Alex would love to brush on her own or she just runs as soon as she hears the word "brush". We even bought her a nice toothbrush a few months ago (with her favorite Barbie photo) but it just wouldn't work. The photos above happened only a few times.

Anyway, we let her use a new toothpaste now and so far she likes it. I just hope that she gets the routine of brushing her after meals and especially before sleeping.

On Alex's potty training, so far we have 4 consecutive days of successes of peeing in the toilet bowl when she wakes up and before going to take a nap in the afternoon. I'm so proud! I realized that we had to do it step by step and not entirely remove her diaper. So now we are looking at removing it next month and see what happens (*crossing my fingers*).

One thing that I've noticed is that when I watch Alex play with her toys, she would let all her dolls and Barney make pee. LOL! And she would ask her toys, "Wee-wee?" all over and over again just like what we are doing to her.

Haaaay, kids are really something! (*grin*)

Enjoy the weekend everybody!

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Over the weekend, I had all the time in my hands to catch up on my reading. And I missed doing it because we've been so busy lately. So with that I was able to read two magazines in a row!

One thing that catched my attention is this editor's note of Working Mom magazine by An Mercado - Alcantara. It's all about finding happiness. She mentioned that Charley Brown was right in saying that happiness is just simple, it's two kinds of ice cream, learning to whistle, and walking hand in hand. And as Charles Schultz would say, "Happiness is being alone every now and then. And happiness is coming home again".

The December 2004 (yes I read some back issues over the weekend) is simply telling it's readers to find happiness in our lives. As the editor said, "happiness is not out there, but it is within us. It is in our openness to delight things ordinary. We become unhappy when we grasp for better things, we find joy when we keep still long enough to enjoy what we already have."

Well said isn't it!? How I loved it when she said "openness to delight in things that is ordinary". Because sometimes I'm guilty of wanting some more, not being content in what I have when in reality, I got almost everything, I just need to see things clearly and keep still long enough.

So, inspired by the editor, I would like to make a tradition on my blog every Wednesday to list at least 10 things or events that define happiness to me and my life. This would make me realized how much blessed I am and when I reach to the point that I would want something not achievable, I would just return to my "Wednesday Happy Thoughts" and read it all over again.

Click on image for credits.

Happiness is...
  • Married for 3 years to most patient and understanding man I've ever known
  • Mom to a smiling and happy 2-year old Alex
  • Being pregnant
  • Surviving first trimester
  • Eating pizza and sausage at 11PM with Hubby
  • Seeing Alex dancing with Barney
  • Being alive and kicking
  • Hearing Alex read on her own (with garbled words of course)
  • Kiss by Hubby before he goes to work
  • Kiss by Alex before she goes to sleep
Aaaah, little things in life that would make you last a lifetime! So watch out for my Wednesday Happy Thoughts every week here in my blog. :)

Why I became a Work from Home Mom?

I have been working from home for almost two years now. Three more months to go and I will be celebrating the two years of working at home and trying hard to be a good Mom at the same time.

I remember two years ago, I had trouble deciding whether to quit the job that was stressful but I've been doing for 7 years already. I loved that job being able to express my thoughts, being able to talk to colleagues, share my insights and being able to take good care of my career. But when I tried to pray and ask God to give me some job that I will be able to take care of Alex (who was 3 months old then) at the same time, He immediately opened a door from this company that is based from another country.

I never thought I'd get in after several interviews and exchange of emails. I would say that the job was really for me. An answered prayer, which I never thought I would pray for, all my life. You see, I've always pictured myself as a career woman, going up the corporate ladder. I've never even considered having a business of my own. I would always dream of that corner office on top of the floor with an amazing view. :) But of course this would entail working until the wee hours of the day. But I told myself, who cares, it is for my own career anyway.

And then I got pregnant. And everything just changed 360 degrees. My former boss would even laughed at me saying, I knew you would change your mind after you give birth! And he was right! I just can't help it. I felt so attached to Alex that I wouldn't want to stay up late in the office (which can't be avoided if you are in the IT world) and of course I don't want to neglect my wifey duties to Hubby.

So that made me decide to give up a job in a multi-national company and go for a job at home where I can witness the milestones of my baby. And not only see her grow but be with her while I'm trying to help Hubby make ends meet.

But I tell you, it's not easy, I can even say that it's hard. There are days that I get so bored that I would want to go back to what I used to be doing in the corporate world. There are days that I would want to give up. You see, it's hard to balance a life of an employee and my life as a Mom. As much as I want to spend the whole day with Alex, I can't because I need to work. So sometimes I would just hear her laugh at the other room, playing with her Yaya. Sometimes I would even think, is my working from home really helped Alex's life? I can't do so many things like a Stay At Home Mom can do with her kids. As much as I want to play with her, do crafts with her like drawing, creating silk flowers, sing and dance anytime of the day, I can't.

But looking at the bright side, at least during my break time, I could read stories for her and teach her A-B-C. I could put her to sleep and then I will go back to work. And since I'm at home already, I don't have to travel from the office. And the most fun part is that I get to be home first before Hubby!

So now I'm thankful. And always will be for my current setup. Yes it's hard but I know I'm blessed to be able to spend some parts of the day with Alex and at the same time let her feel that I'm just at the other room just in case she needs me.

How's your Weekend?

I know the weekend is not over yet, but I can say that we are really enjoying it at home. It's been awhile that we haven't relaxed and stayed put because every weekend it seems like we have to go somewhere. Haaaaay. I can say that this is the life! Hubby and I got so much time that we were able to watch a lot of TV shows with Alex. We were able to go out on a date for a few minutes yesterday and grabbed a drink from Chowking. LOL! I just missed drinking Nai Cha that I had to order it yesterday. I know, I know, caffeine and sugar are the things that I need to avoid these days but according to Hubby, I can drink once in awhile - a reason why I love Hubby so much! LOL!

Anyway, we were able to discuss also if we will purchase another term insurance when the baby #2 comes out but I guess we will have to check our budget for that.

I had my OGCT yesterday but the results will be available on Tuesday so I will have to wait for that and continue to cross my fingers! I just noticed that I haven't been craving for sweets now compared to my first pregnancy so I hope it is a sign that my blood sugar is normal.

Well, I guess will have to go now and go back to sleep before we have our lunch. As I've said, this is the LIFE! (*grin*)

My Childhood Days

Since I grew up in the province I had experienced a lot of things. From playing in the lawn for the whole day to planting trees to going camping with my cousins over the weekend. It was definitely FUN. Not the typical childhood I tell you. I even remember some people would dig up some part of our backyard to dig up some gold. Yes that weird. Thousands of pesos were spent but they ended up with nothing.

And now purchasing gold is as easy as purchasing a shirt over the internet. And this was made possible by Monex Deposit Company (MDC). Through them you can purchase gold or other precious metals for immediate personal delivery or arrange for convenient and safe storage at an independent bank or depository. Yes no more digging in the backyards. Thanks to Monex Deposit Company.

Looking forward to Weekend...

This week has been hectic and busy. It's been two weeks since our cook/all-around help had a vacation. But I can say that we've been surviving! Aside from the help that we get from my Mom's help and MIL's help (thanks to them!), Hubby has also been very doing grilling for dinner. And I can say that ever since he did the cooking, I've been eating a lot! :) It's not that I'm biased or anything! LOL!

My appetite is back, I can say. I've been eating a lot lately and haven't had evening sickness. All I can feel is hearburn which I expect to feel until the rest of the pregnancy. Alex has been getting more active everyday! She sleeps late in the afternoon because she gets excited and rather wants to play than take a nap. In that case, I wouldn't be able to take a nap anymore. :(

So that's why I look forward to this weekend were we would just rest and no activity to look forward to. Except for the OGCT which is scheduled over the weekend. I don't have to do fasting for this test so it's really no big deal. I've been doing it for several times already (pregnant or NOT pregnant). I just hope and pray that the results are good and that my blood sugar is still manageable.

I've been contemplating in putting Alex to play school but I would say that it's still early. She has a lot of playmates at my Mom's place anyway so I guess she's ok with her socialization. It's just that when the weather is bad, she won't be able to play outside.

Hubby has been taking good care of Alex ever since I got pregnant. He would wake up in the middle of the night to give Alex her milk. Now I'm thinking are we still supposed to give her milk in the middle of the night? It's just that she sucks her index finger so hard that we thought she's hungry.

On Alex's potty training, I had a lot of successful #2's in the toilet bowl already but #1 is (I think) a long way to go. I've been getting frustrated already that I don't know what to do. I feel like Alex should be trained already! But I think she will be...IN TIME!

Hubby and I should plan on another movie date and it will definitely be Indiana Jones. He has been a big fan! Maybe we should do this over the weekend?

Well, I guess I should stop babbling now and leave you with these official photos by Ken Go taken at my in-laws' 40th wedding anniversary. Thanks by the way to all who greeted! (*grin*)







My To Do List

A tag by Abie. Thanks for this sis! I haven't done a to do list for quite awhile now.

BUSY PEOPLE: 1.) my chopsuey 2.) mind bubbles 3.) vanity kit 4.) somethingpurple 5.) a detour 5.) women xplore 6.) princes bela 7.) our journey to life 8.) my planet purple 9.) Random Thoughts 10.) (your link here)

1.) Update my two blogs.
2.) Input all the information in our CRM (work-related)
3.) Try to scrap one layout for my Friday LO Share
4.) List down the menu for next week
5.) Buy some groceries for our household tomorrow (at our place)
6.) Buy some meat and veggies for dinner later

Snag this if you want! (*wink*)

Diamonds are Forever.

As I keep on posting here that I'm not the person who is into jewelries. I'm content in wearing our wedding ring, a pair of earrings, sometimes gold chains bracelet, a nice watch, and a necklace. But when I saw the diamond rings at Apples of Gold website, I can't help but adore or admire the beautiful rings there. The designs were just simple. So perfect for me since I don't want elaborated rings and diamonds. All I want is just a simple ring with one or two diamonds on it. There's one ring that caught my attention, and it's the Carat Cathedral Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring, 14K White Gold!

I just love the cut of the diamond. And it's worth $995! My oh my. But I can see that it's worth the price. Yes, I'm a very simple person and I can be impressed easily when it comes to jewelries. When you see our wedding ring you'd know my type of rings. It is only a plain wedding band with two-toned type, white gold and yellow gold on top. But the most important thing is both Hubby and I loved it!

40th Wedding Anniversary

The 40th Wedding Anniversary of Hubby's parents is one big event that we look forward to this year. And we celebrated it last Friday, May 16, 2008 with friends, relatives and families. It was such a joyous occasion and everyone had a blast! Although it rained so hard before the party but the guests were able to manage to be there on time (around 6pm) for the mass which was officiated by Father Jerry Orbos. It was such a wonderful mass, short but sweet. And the sermon (as usual) was something that we will always treasure.

I didn't get a lot of photos (yes, I was the one in charge of our camera) because there was an official photographer of the event (Ken Go) but just for now, will post a few photos which I managed to take during the party. Ken will be forwarding the "official" photos hopefully next week, so watch out for that! (*wink*)

Here are some photos of the little girl...

The Little Girl
Taking a few photos before the mass started...

The little girl

with Kuya Toby
With cousin, Kuya Toby



Alex and her cousins...

Can I say that Alex (with her cousins) had the most wonderful time at the party? They especially like playing with the confetti in the floor! I've never seen Alex so excited! And mind you, she was in the dance floor almost all throughout! LOL!

More photos...

Food was catered by VS&F

The Buffet Table
The Buffet Table

Buffet Table
The food was yummy!

Table #12
Our Table with the thank you cards by Moi! :)

Table #12
The motif was Red and Cream since 40th symbolizes RUBY

The Thank You Card
The Thank You Card...

The food was delicious! Apart from the buffet, they served some cold cuts as appetizer and Peking Duck which I loved so much! Main course includes, salmon, steak, mixed vegetables, and prawns. I was so full after the party that I couldn't breathe properly. My Oh My.

After dinner there was a presentation by the Club Mwah dancers.


I can say that the performance was great! Alex was amazed!

Hubby, his sister, and brother were called on the stage to greet the parents and then afterwards their respective families (including me and Alex) were called too! I wasn't expecting this so I wasn't prepared and didn't know what to say. Let's just say that I had a stage fright. LOL!

The two hosts from CLub Mwah!

Hubby is in the middle...

Alex wanted to stay in front!

We joined Hubby in the stage



Notice how I was so conscious!? LOL!

Here are more photos of Alex and Hubby...



Of course there was dancing afterwards and my sister couldn't help but join in with the dance instructors!




The party was definitely worth remembering! That's why it was worth getting an official photographer just to capture the event. I just hope the pictures turned out great!

What I loved Most over the weekend

was the nice and cozy weather that I've been waiting for ever since the summer started. Of course if it's dark outside lighting would be important inside the house. But who would care anyway since everyone would want to sleep the whole day right? I just wish we can have that nice and cozy weather again this coming weekend so I can rest and relax and make the most of my short vacation.

Our Weekend.

Our Friday last week was special because my in-laws celebrated their 40th anniversary. The party was a blast! Will post probably tomorrow the photos and stories behind it.

We spent our weekend at my in-laws and slept at their house right after the big party. It was fun being with them and Alex get to spend time with her cousins even for a short while. We slept late last Friday but we still woke up early on Saturday because of ExpoMom. Hubby and I went there at Rockwell Tent to explore and listen to some interesting talks. There were a bunch of people (Moms, Dads, and Kids) at the event and it was fun. I get to see a lot baby products which I was hoping to buy but haven't really managed our budget yet so will just have to leave it for now.

We decided to have lunch at Mongkok since I was craving for dimsum and fried rice. :D Hubby was able to window shopped some flat screen TVs right after lunch. He was tempted to buy I can say. LOL!

We soon got tired after returning to the Expo and decided to go back to the in-laws were we left Alex. We just slept the whole afternoon and took advantage of the wonderful weather.

Our Sunday was relaxing too. We slept until 10 AM, had lunch, slept again for a few hours then prepared to hear mass at 5pm and met my Mom and sister for dinner. This time we opted for Sushiya and had California Maki. It was a Yum dinner and I was so full.

I can say that we ate a LOT last weekend. I know I gained a lot but I was hoping that it was just ok for the baby. I've been a little bad too since I ate a few sweets like brownies, macaroni salad, and potato salad. Hmmmm...I wonder what my OGCT would be next week!?

Our Dinner.

After having it we definitely need fat burners!

Since I've been craving for Wham Burger for weeks now (ok, I had to put it off and went for Taco Bell a couple of weekends ago) and since Hubby needs to do a little shopping, we opted to go the mall yesterday for dinner. And boy, can I say that we were sooo full. I know it was "bad". Huge, huge, burger plus 2 large fries and a Sprite! Who would have thought that I'm pregnant and watching out my sugar!? But oh well, since my first sugar test will be in the next couple of weeks why not enjoy it for now? LOL!

*Photo from www.clickthecity.com

Pease Mama, Pease

That's Alex's version of "Please Mama, Please". And that's one thing that I would always hear everyday! You see her new passion is to draw "BoBob" (Spongebob) and as soon as she gets hold of a pen or crayons she would ask me, her Dada, her Yaya, Lola, Tita, and everybody to draw for her. And the only thing that she wants us to draw is Spongebob! Sometimes she tries to ask us to draw Barney but boy, it is hard to draw that purple dinosaur! LOL!


IMG_2048 2

IMG_2050 2

IMG_2052 2

I'm glad that Alex is starting to like "Art". She used to draw dozens of lines when we give her a paper but now there are actually circles already. So I guess it is improving right? I just hope that she gets really creative and wouldn't end up a technical person like me and her Dada. LOL!

All About Watches

Hubby is not one of those people who love watches. Me on the other hand loves to wear one and even used to collect different styles. I just stopped wearing because I was scared that it might harm Alex when she was a baby. But now I am again wearing my collection. I only got simple watches though. Not like a jaeger lecoultre watch which are very expensive and very collectible. But I know someday I will get one myself if I have the means. :) If I were able to travel the whole world already then I can buy one for myself.

Jaeger-LeCoultre is actually founded in 1833 by Antoine LeCoultre. And the manufacturer of Jaeger-LeCoultre is considered an indispensable pillar of Switzerland's ancient Valle de Joux. They have the neatest website I have ever seen. You see I love to shop in a neat website and I'm not really impress with all those ads all over. And they have caught my attention through their website. And not only that, my favorite of all time, the live chat which is available anytime for support and queries. They didn't only consider what people want here, but also they considered what people might be needing when checking out their products and it's features. This one is truly worth checking out for.

Happy Mama's Day!

That's what I heard from Alex before sleeping last Saturday night. It made my heart melt!

Anyway, hope all the mothers had a wonderful mother's day yesterday. Because I did! It was just a simple day actually (considering that I completely forgot about it until last week). We just had lunch with the in-laws at China Bistro in Libis. I was happy that Alex got to see and play her with her cousins. We had a very sumptuous lunch. We gave my MIL a banoffee pie from BanApple in Katipunan. I got this idea from my friend Ercs and boy it was delicious! I just ordered over the phone and after an hour or two we picked it up right before lunch. I saw their pastries and I wanted to try everything! So Hubby and I will definitely go back there and try each. LOL!

After lunch we went back to home to rest for awhile. Then after watching StepMom in HBO we prepared again to hear mass at 6PM. After mass we went straight to Mangan to have dinner with my sister. I've been craving for this for days now so I would really love to eat there. Everybody was happy after dinner with good food (not to mention it was cheap too). Alex was even more happy to see her Tita. :)

Yes it was very simple but I was happy I get to spend this day with my dear family. And another thing, Hubby said I could shop for worth p1,000 kits as his gift for Mother's day. Yey! Thanks hon! (*wink*)

To all the Mommies, how was your Mother's day!?


My sister loves jewelries. She has almost everything from necklace to gold anklet to bracelets. She even has a part in her cabinet where her collection is located. Me on the other hand is not into jewelries. I love bags and shoes more. :) And I also has one part in my closet where I put my collection. Hubby may not understand why I have a dozen of bags but we girl surely will right?

Something for me!

From Thea, Yen, Dez, and Mitch. Thank you so much ladies! I appreciate the early greetings! :)

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Now I would like to send this greetings to HappyMum, Annette, Yvette, Meeya, Amore, and Eds.

Facing a New Life.

I have always wonder how it feels like to have a second chance in life. You know, having to have treated from a drug treatment center and trying to start anew. I know it's hard for those people to start life from scratch but isn't it exciting too not knowing what lies ahead of you? Although I guess it depends on the person and how he sees it. And if he decides that he will go through everything, then he is in for something!

Weekend Update!

Only two words defined our weekend - FOOD TRIP. LOL! We went to Alex's pedia to have her regular checkup and vaccine last Saturday. And then I planned to eat at Taco Bell afterwards since I've been craving for their tacos and quesadilla. But I got so disappointed when I found out that the Taco Bell branch there was closed already! :( Hubby said we can eat somewhere else but I REALLY wanted tacos particularly Taco Bell. LOL! So what we did, since we already planned to watch movie after Alex's checkup, we just went to Gateway after dropping off Alex to my Mom's house.

So off we went to Taco Bell, Gateway and ate so much we couldn't stand straight after eating. LOL! We ordered Nacho Supreme, Beef Tacos, Quesadilla, Nachos and Churros on the side. It was all worth the trip. I was so happy. :D I even planned to have dinner there again after the movie. LOL!

Hubby and I watched "When Love Begins..." movie after having snacks. It was kind of boring and we didn't like the story much. I was expecting a heartwarming since Aga was there but nope, it wasn't something that I've imagined. The scenes were nice though, mostly shot from Boracay. But it wasn't enough.

Anyway, after the movie Hubby and I went to have dinner at Cafe Bola. I had beef tapa which I've been craving for quite a while now but couldn't think of where to eat. It was heavenly. The tapa was too sweet though and I shouldn't be eating that but I can't help it! I just promised to be good next time. :D

Our whole day Sunday was spent at home. Our cook was on a day off so Hubby and I prepared lunch. We had grilled fish and tomatoes, which I think we will be having again next Sunday. I just hope that we can buy some fresh fish again just like last weekend. We went to hear mass with Hubby's parents at around 5pm and then had dinner at Dampa, Ortigas. It was a sumptuous meal of seafoods. I didn't like the food though. I don't know if it was because of the way it was cooked or the seafoods weren't fresh or maybe we just ordered too much. I really don't know. But the most important thing was that Hubby and his parents were happy. :)

Bulk Roses, Anyone?

I have a friend from CFC who is now into flowers. She is partner with a professional wedding gown designer and now they have entered the flower business. They offer different kinds of flowers from bulk roses to tulips to calla lilies, perfect for wedding and special occasions.

They are actually similar to FiftyFlowers wherein it provides for wedding events with premium roses, calla lilies, rose petals, gerbera daisies, hydrangeas, peonies and many other flowers and greens. You see I love flowers and one thing that made me regret on our wedding day was getting a real good florist. After all it was just one day and splurging right?

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Baby #2 Development (11 weeks)

From BabyCenter.com:

Your baby, just over 1 1/2 inches long and about the size of a fig, is now almost fully formed. Her hands will soon open and close into fists, tiny tooth buds are beginning to appear under her gums, and some of her bones are beginning to harden.

She's already busy kicking and stretching, and her tiny movements are so effortless they look like water ballet. These movements will become more frequent as her body grows and becomes more developed and functional. You won't feel your baby's acrobatics for another month or two — nor will you notice the hiccupping that may be happening now that her diaphragm is forming.

And this is how the baby looks like now!

For more, click here.

Family Vacation

I love family vacation, it makes you relax and bond to your love ones. How I wish I could do it every week. But I can say that it gets tiring too, from packing, traveling, and mostly tiring to the pockets. LOL!

There's one vacation that I wanted to go. When I heard about the re-opening of Azul Beach Hotel Resort, I would jump on it if I get an opportunity. You see, I love the beach so much. I love the smell, the peacefulness, and the serene feeling that I get when I'm seeing it. I know I'm pregnant and all, but it wouldn't stop me from going to a wonderful vacation with my family.

Look What I Got!

From my good friends Abie and Jody. Thanks ladies! This surely made my day! ;)

And another one from Abie. Thanks again for this sis!

Red rose has number of thorns in it, when it pinches your fingers it hurts. Everyday in my life is just like red roses. Sometimes life is not always a bed of roses, but life is great with GOD.

And I say, Amen to that! :)

Family Getaway at Laiya, Batangas (Part 2/2)

We only swam twice in Laiya. One was Saturday afternoon around 3PM and then next was early morning of Sunday. As I've mentioned I didn't want Alex exposed to the sun that much. Oh, did I mention that Alex hated the sand so much she didn't want to step on it!? Boy, I thought she is old enough now to enjoy it but I was wrong. Here are some photos before we swam...

Can't stand the "dirt" on her feet. LOL!

Before swimming...



Although she loved the water so much, we just needed to carry her while swimming. Good thing we bought this salbabida where she clung on it the whole time!



Yes, that's me, I had to sit down after swimming because the waves were getting bigger...

After swimming for about an hour we then had snacks and then waited for dinner to come. I just loved it here because it was relaxing and all we did was think of what dinner we are having. LOL! Some photos while we wait for dinner.







Can you believe that after dinner we went straight to our cabana and tried to sleep!? It was around 8PM but we couldn't think of something to do and since Alex didn't take a nap earlier this afternoon and since I couldn't drink alcohol and join Hubby, we just decided to sleep early so we can make the most of our Sunday at the resort.

I planned to wake up at 8AM but I think I was too hungry (and probably excited) that I woke up at around 630AM. Since Alex was still asleep we left her and her Yaya at the cabana while Hubby and I had breakfast. After a sumptuous breakfast we swam again at the beach and then time flew so fast that it was time to check out of the resort. We had lunch before we left and here are some of our pictures after breakfast and during our lunch.








So that ends our short but sweet family getaway at Laiya, Batangas. I just hope that we get to plan another getaway before the summer ends but I think we are going to get busy for my in-laws anniversary this month. We'll see about that. :)