Piazza Serendra - Nice Place to Check Out

Sept. 21, Thursday - My Hubby and I were tired of
staying at home for dinner so, we decided to go out and have our "monthly" date.
I was supposed to have my checkup (for my blood sugar) but decided to re-sched
it for Monday instead. After checking out Anton's blog, we've decided to try both: Aling Lucing's Sisig and Piazza Serendra.

We went to "Aling Lucing's" Sisig (at Makati). Food is just ok. It's affordable and good to eat there during lunch on weekdays. Nothing special for me.

After that, we checked out Piazza Serendra at The Fort. It was a very nice place to go to. Not too much people (considering it's in front of Market!Market!) We loved it! We took pictures of the place...

That night it was also the opening night of Sonja's Cupcake (the real reason why we were there actually...). Thanks again, Anton for letting us know about the opening. But unfortunately, there was only one cupcake flavor left (we were there around 830pm!) -Strawberry and Cream. But it's ok because I was happy with it, especially Hubby. :)

Welcome!a yummy cupcake!

I can't wait for all the
other restaurants to open. My friend, Reg, also has a shop that will be opened
there soon. I will post it here once it opens. :)

My New Blog Template

At last, I've now published my new blog template (inspired by:
baching ni resty's blog) - thanks for inspiring me to design my blog. :)

My template is based from Ehsany's blog templates.

Thanks to Hubby for helping me out with Photoshop. :)


A Light and Not-so-Sweet Caramel Cake

During my father-in-law's birthday I think 2 years ago, someone gave him a really, really good cake, and it's Caramel! I'm the person who hates caramel (and I dont know why, probably because its tooo sweeet!). But this, I loved! But the thing is, I forgot to ask where this cake came from. She only mentioned that it's from TIMOG. And I told myself, I'm gonna find it!

Then when I read lori's blog about the 10 Best Desserts in Manila*, I vowed to try all those. One of them is Estrel's Caramel Cake...Soft, Light, and Not-Too-Sweet...Could it be the "one"?

Perfect timing: My Mom's birthday (Sept. 5, 2006)

As a gift for Ma on her Birthday, we ordered an 8" (with filling) Caramel Cake. We had to pick it up from Timog! Of course, I asked Hubby to drive (before Ma's party) and we brought Baby Alex with us. It was a long ride (I guess) because Baby Alex and I fell asleep. Hihi.

We had dinner when we got home. Then came the most awaited part: Dessert!

I was impressed by how the cake was made, with all the flowery designs, and the greetings! They were able to fit our loooong greeting for Ma. And the icing flowers on top of it, I love it!

Estrel's Caramel Cake - Isn't it Amazing?

The cake is amazing from it's look to it's taste. It was the Caramel Cake that I've been looking for! The icing was so smooth, the chiffon cake was really soft and light, and to top it all, it was NOT-SO-SWEET. Yummy!

I would definitely order for more of this one.


* http://dessertcomesfirst.blogspot.com/2005/06/10-best-desserts-in-manila-and.html

The Superlola Face

Alex has a new "face" that reminds me of her SuperLola. Hehehe! Isn't she adorable!?

This picture was taken at Starbucks and everyone can't help but laugh at how Alex looked that night...

Celebrating my Day at Galileo

a year older

It was a surprise treat from Hubby. He told me about it a week before and I was really looking forward to this "major" event. Clue: we had to be early... Ah, so I thought, "ah, malayo!" Hmmm... Mall of Asia!? Can it be the Highlands Steakhouse that I've been raving for weeks already? (after reading lori's blog)

But, NO. Hubby had different plans.

We went to BPI first and then I was thinking, I had to prepare for a long and trafficky ride! But, when Hubby turned to a corner, I suddenly realized, ooppppsss, could it be GALILEO!? (note: galileo is like 3 blocks away from our house) And, boy, was I right! I was so excited!

Yes, Galileo is like our "neighbor" but, we haven't eaten there. Passing by this resto/cafe would always make us think why people would go to such a tiny place. Until finally, a very special occassion (of course, it's my birthday!) came and a wonderful thought from hubby to surprise me there.

When we entered the cafe, it looked really small, but nice. :) Hubby reserved the table for 6:30pm, good thing, cause, I was hungry by then! We ordered for their set meal and the corned beef with jelly which is recommended by kuya mike.

Everything was good.

squash soup- this one was really good.

cheese platter-just ok for my taste.

assorted cold cuts -this tastes good too.

bread-this, I love!

pasta (I chose tuna pasta)-I loved it! Even if I was so full already, I really had to finish it.

a glass of wine (sweet) - My fave!

coffee- this one tastes great, we even bought a can for our next household meeting.

I guess for it's price, it's really worth it! Although, it's not the place that I would go back to everyday (jollibee ang dating), but definitely great for special occassions!

NOTE: I wasn't able to take pictures sa sobrang excited.
Thanks, sweetie for a very sweet surprise!

Welcome to the World of Solids!

Our Baby Alex had her first taste of potato last Saturday. Yey!

I don't like potato. I don't know how to chew.

But, after 4 days...she's beginning to like it:


Welcome to the World of Solids!


Having Fun with my Bebe

Alex fell down our bed last Sept 5 (Lola's bday pa!). No one knows why. Basta she fell lang. The pillows on her side didn't even move!

Haaay, everybody said that her dear angel was watching her...I really do hope so!

A few things I've learned from my friends (what to do when your baby fell down)...

1. Keep her awake! And check if her behavior changed.
2. Check for bruises or "bukols".
3. If she thows up and eventually had fever, go rush to the doctor

Otherwise, she's A-OK! Eto pa nga ang proof :

post post post

I can't believed I haven't blogged for what, months already??

So many things had happened the past weeks. My birthday (dinner at Galileo - surprised by Hubby), new haircut, Alex' fall (yes, she fell down but ok now, thank GOD!), Kuya Mike's birthday dinner at Cafe Juanita (i loved the food!), and so many stuff I've learned in .NET 2.0.


I hope I'll have time to post everything! Can't wait for next week (version 1.0 of the project should be finished and more time to blog, surf, and just do nothing!)...

I'll be back!!!