Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. Long Weekend!
2. Meetup with College friends
3. Visited the in-laws over the long weekend
4. Meetup with CFC household for dinner and drinks
5. Family Bonding!
6. Rick Riordan's Red Pyramid
7. White Wine
8. My hyperacidity is almost gone now
9. The Ate's Linggo ng Wika presentation
10. Salu-salo after the presentation

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How to Make Parenting Fun

Parenting is such a tough act. There is always that challenge of becoming a good and
effective parent without having to look like a dictator or feared by your children rather than love and respected. Parents have this huge responsibility of ensuring that their children will grow up to become good and honest citizens and the best way to do this is by developing their personality even at a young age.

But is there really a way to make parenting fun? The answer is yes. Parenting need not to be all strict as if your kids are on a military household. You could find ways on how to raise your kids in a fun and loving environment. Start by giving them household chores that are light and easy to do.

Kids of today love the idea of being treated as an adult. Assign chores for everyone and teach them the proper way to do it. Let the younger ones do some light work such as putting place mats on the dinner table. This may look like a game for them but on the other hand you are already instilling the value of responsibility.

Of course spending some quality time with your children is very important. As most
parents are probably busy with work. Devote at least an hour or so to ask your kids about their day. Keeping the communication lines open will make the parenting task easier as your kids will be able to speak their emotions freely. Also, a nice weekend getaway or an annual family vacation could strengthen family ties and relationships. Just keep in mind that there is no need to be all serious at all times, let loose and be just like a kid sometime and your children will surely appreciate the effort.

Cindy is a freelance content writer is also fond of traveling and outdoor adventures. She enjoys writing uplifting news and sees this as an opportunity to share stories and inspire the readers.

Breakfast Buffet at The Tides

Ever since I tried Shang Mactan's breakfast buffet last February, I've always wanted to try it again. That's why I was excited for our breakfast buffet at The Tides a couple of weeks ago.

There are a couple of choices from cereals to breads to sushi. Everything was available for us. The kids were even excited to have breakfast for the first time.


They had cereals, bread, rice, sausage, and eggs.

I was happy with my 2 cups of coffee! Yummy!


While we were having breakfast, Polly was there again to greet us. But too bad, Andie was really scared of him.


Good thing the Dada was there to comfort her! Thanks Dada! (*wink*)

Anyway, we were at The Tides having breakfast for 2 hours! I'm glad we woke up early for this. At least we were relaxed and was able to make the most out of the buffet. It was definitely unforgettable!

We had Seafoods Galore at Sutokil, Cebu

My first dinner at Sutokil was unforgettable that's why I wanted Hubby to try it too. So when we were in Cebu a couple of weeks ago, I made sure we had dinner there. So my friends and I agreed on meeting at 7PM at the Shangrila Mactan lobby for dinner at Sutokil. While waiting for our ride, we had our photo taken first. (*grin*)

We ordered seafoods of course - Garlic Scallops, Fish in Sutokil (Sugba, Tinola, Kilawin), Buttered Shrimps, Chili Crabs and Noodles for the kids.

Unfortunately, this is the only photo that Hubby was able to take. We were so busy with our food! LOL!

But after our dinner, the kids were in the mood so I took their photos...

And our photo at the elevator on our way to our room!

Fun, Fun, Fun at Adventure Zone

After taking a nap for more than 2 hours, we felt so rested, we were ready to face another activity!

We met up with our friends at the Adventure Zone and when the Ate saw the slides, she was sooo excited! Her new friends were already there having a great time so after we registered, she went straight to the slide. I can't exactly describe the JOY that the Ate had so just look at the photos that the Hubby took while she was sliding.

IMG_1672 IMG_1673

I would say she was having the time of her life!

While the Ate was having fun, the baby girl was also having a great time at the Toddler's area.



She didn't like to slide though. At first, I thought she was scared but when the Ate finally joined her, she finally agreed to try the slide with her Ate.

A Millionaire for a Weekend

Well, that's what we felt when we saw our room at Shangrila Mactan the moment we went inside. We felt like a miliionaire during that weekend. Look at this, you would surely understand what I meant...


I also loved the bathroom which was very spacious and clean. The toiletries were really nice too.


The kids were ecstatic the moment they entered the room. It was posh! After our heavy lunch at The Tides, we immediately went up to our room, fixed our stuff and took a nap since we were going to have a long day. We had an early flight too so the kids were a bit cranky already. After we told them to stop talking and start taking a nap, the room fell silent and we saw them sleeping already...


We took a nap too and I think it was the most peaceful sleep I've ever had. When I woke up, I felt very much rested and ready for the long night!

Our Unforgettable Lunch Buffet at The Tides

One of the things that I can't forget from our quick getaway to Cebu with friends was the FOOD! Oh yes, I love to eat and one of the highlights of our food trip was our lunch buffet at The Tides.

I was so happy I was able to avail a 1+1 voucher last April and since the kids were FREE, I only paid one person for our lunch buffet on our first day in Shang Mactan. The Tides lunch buffet was not the usual buffet wherein you will feel overwhelmed with all the choices. Hubby in particular tends to get that feeling when he's in a buffet so he ended up eating only a couple of servings.

At The Tides, the choices were not too big but almost all of the food were good. I immediately forgot about my diet (Bad!) and indulged myself with appetizers, roast pork, steamed vegetables, chicken fajitas, buttered potatoes, and more more more! The kids were also happy!

I indulged in the desserts like tiramisu, mango cheesecake, and a little bit of marshmallows dipped from the chocolate fountain. Oh it was bliss! While I was in heaven, the Ate was also happy with her strawberry ice cream with chocolate sprinkles.

Oh it was one of those lunch that we wanted to sleep after (oink, oink!). So right after, we went straight to our room, which was already available and took a nap for a long day ahead.

Fish Feeding and Swimming on our First Day in Shang Mactan

With this wonderful view, you wouldn't want to go home anymore!

But of course our trip to Cebu was just 3 Days and 2 Nights so we made the most out of it and started with our activities on the very first day. Right after we checked in, we went straight to the beach!

We were allowed to use the beach toys so the kids were even more excited!

After playing in the sand, we went to the water to feed the fishes.

There were so many fishes! We were so surprised to see all of these...

Good thing I brought some crackers with me, at least we were able to feed the fishes.

For a couple of minutes we just enjoyed the beach, had our snacks and stayed there until it's time to try the pool.

It was BLISS!

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. Finished the 5K walkathon last Sunday. Wooot!
2. Jason Walker songs
3. Almost done with Steig Larsson's The Girl with Dragon Tattoo
4. PB's arrived this week and last week!
5. Looking forward to long weekend! Wuhoo!
6. Pancake House breakfast after the walkathon :)
7. Andie is better now after she fell
8. Alex is doing well with her exams
9. Finally saw a nutritionist last weekend
10. Loving Iphone Apps

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Arriving Cebu then went Straight to Shang Mactan

We got a FREE ride through the shuttle so our trip from the airport to the hotel was a breeze! I would say this is one of the most relaxed trips we ever had so far!

We arrived at the hotel after 10 minutes of travel time and then checked in immediately at the front desk. While I was checking in, the kids were greeted by Polly!

Andie didn't like him that much though. She was so scared of him! And so was Dominique, the other little girl, same age as Andie's.

Is he that scary? What do you think?

LOL! Well, my friends and sister couldn't agree more! He definitely is SCARY!

Missing my Old Friend

It's been almost 3 years now since my friend T went to the US. We've been friends since Highschool and we've been there for each other for years. I call her when I needed someone to talk to. She calls me when she wanted to watch a movie. She was always there ready to give time for a friend in need. 3 years ago, she left for the US and I cried.

T is a Physical Therapist but I think she looked for Occupational Therapist Assistant Jobs for a start. She wanted to try other options aside from being a PT. Now that I discovered, I would like to recommend it to her when we have the chance to talk. There are tons of medical jobs available that she might be interested. And looks like there are already people who got jobs from them so I'm definitely sure T would be glad to know there is a website like

Our Early Flight to Cebu

My friends and I actually planned this trip a year ago. You see, some of the MBAPS and I love to go to the beach and all of us wanted to try Shangrila Mactan, Cebu so we agreed that we will go there this year. We decided to go in August (which was 2 weeks ago). We booked our airfare December last year and then grabbed a couple of promos from Shangrila, last April. It was a very well-planned vacay and I must say, it was worth it!

We arrived at the Terminal 2 last August 12 around 4AM. Yes, we had an early flight, it was 6:10AM! After checking in, we settled down and had a quick breakfast.

We met up with our friends and their families - Jody, Peachy and Abie. Joy and her family went one day ahead. Even if it was early, the kids were getting more excited when they saw that they will have playmates during the quick vacation!

We boarded on time! Yey! And we were all surprised to see that we were going to ride a huge airplane! We loved it!

The Ate and the Dada were a little excited that's why they didn't fell asleep. A first for the Ate! She used to sleep during flights or probably it was just an hour flight too. She was ecstatic to get FREE snacks from PAL. She ate it immediately. Andie of course fell asleep the moment the plane took off.

When we arrived Cebu International Airport, we went straight to the Shangrila lounge while the Dada went to get our luggages. It was a nice place to stay, the Ate even thought that it was already the hotel. LOL!


Hubby got our bags fast, then we rode the shuttle on the way to the hotel.

A Wedding Fair at Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts

Are you planning your wedding? Here's a wedding fair that I think it's worth checking out...

Here's the invite that I got through email...

Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts Philippine Properties

Edsa Shangri-La, Manila
Makati Shangri-La, Manila
Shangri-La's Mactan Resort and Spa, Cebu
Shangri-La's Boracay Resort and Spa
Traders Hotel, Manila

cordially invite you to

The Promise
A Wedding Fair

on August 27 and 28, 2011
at the Rizal Ballroom of Makati Shangri-La, Manila.


Allow us to create a bespoke wedding for you
with the help of the industry's top specialists.
Be mesmerized by a bridal show featuring creations
of the country's renowned fashion designers.

Tickets to the wedding fair are at Php 500 for August 27,
which will give you a chance to win stays at any of
the Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts Philippine Properties.

Grand prizes include luxurious stays at
Shangri-La's Fijian Resort and Spa in Yanuca, Fiji Islands
Shangri-La's Villingili Resort and Spa, Maldives.

Please see posters and tickets for full mechanics of the raffle.
Per DTI-NCR Permit #A2-0448 Series of 2011.

Call (632) 633 8888 ext. 2895

Our Quick Vacay with Family and Friends

I can't believe it's been a week already since we went to Cebu with friends and their families. We were one big happy family! (*grin*)

We all had a blast and now we're thinking of when we are doing this again! The kids, Moms and Dads all had a great time. Watch out for my posts and photos soon! (*wink*)

The Hunger Games Movie

I'm soooo excited for this!

It will be released on March 23, 2012! I don't know if I would be able to sleep well while waiting for this! Curious on who the cast will be? Check it out and let me know what you think about them...

Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen. She appeared in X-Men First Class as Mystique.

Liam Hensworth as Gale Hawthorne. He is quite popular and known as Miley Cyrus' ex boyfriend. He appeared in the movie, "The Last Song", "Knowing" and "Triangle".

Josh Hutcherson as Peeta. He starred in the movie, "Journey to the Center of the Earth", "American Splendor", and "The Kids are All Right".

I don't know about you but they were not the cast that I've imagined while I was reading the Hunger Games trilogy. But when I saw this photo, I just felt more excited...

Katniss and Peeta! Wooot! I'm definitely team Peeta here. (*grin*)

I really hope they can pull this off and hoping for a good movie after reading a very good book. Good luck to you guys! (*wink*)

Mommy Academy's 23rd Pregnancy and Baby Series

Are you expecting a baby soon? Mommy Academy is having it's 23rd Pregnancy and Baby Series soon. Check it out...

Dear Mom,

Expecting your little one to arrive soon? Babies don't come with a manual so make sure you're ready to take on motherhood by learning straight from the experts. Join us on September 17, 2011 at the Dusit Thani Manila for Mommy Academy's 23rd Pregnancy and Baby Series entitled Baby Bliss - getting your pregnancy and baby facts straight while having fun.

Find out how to bridge the nutritional gap during pregnancy and breastfeeding, how to deal with a crying baby, and getting into the role of mommy. Expect a jampacked morning filled with laughter, sharing, and practical mommy tips! The fun starts at 8 am to 12 noon. Please call 825-6564, 8257454 for more details.

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. Cebu trip with family and friends!
2. The kids had a blast
3. Lunch buffet at The Tides
4. Pictures :)
5. Beach!
6. Freshly Brewed Coffee. Sarap!
7. Online Tasks
8. FB, Twitter and IG
9. Andie is better now after having slight fever last Monday
10. 8 hour sleep

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Are you Looking for Apartments in Florida?

I have a couple of friends in Florida and they asked me to look for Florida Apartments. They want to move as soon as possible and wanted to consider looking online. They wanted me to find a couple of apartments online because I told them the transaction would be a breeze. I don't why they were in a hurry, but they said that I had to find one as soon as possible! Good thing there are sites that offer easy to use search facility that would help you in looking for an apartment that you can rent or lease. With this, I know that what I will find will work with my friends.

This is what I love about the internet, everything can be found here. Everything is so simple and easy to use. Nothing is complicated. You get to find sometihng that would work for you. Although I know some people who dislike the use of internet and doesn't appreciate it's use but for me, it's the best thing out there! Well, for now. Because I know that in the future, something will come up again in terms of technology.

How about you? Are you also looking for apartments online? How do you find it? Is it easier?

Meeting Up my Highschool Friends

That was 2 Saturdays ago when I met up with my highschool friends Joy and Norin to celebrate Harley's 3rd birthday!


It was a house blessing for Norin and Gian's house. Yey! Congratulations to you both! While the Moms were busy talking, the kids were so excited because they got to play with their friends too!


I only get to see my HS friends once or twice a year that's why I'm so happy to see them a couple of Saturdays ago. Hope to see you again soon, girls! (*wink*)

Looking for a Medicine that Prevents Diabetes

That's what I would do in the next couple of months. I've had my blood sugar checked last week. And unfortunately, the results were not good. I wanted to try Actos is an oral diabetes medicine out until I found out that it has side effects. Recent studies shown that it would lead to serious injuries such as heart attacks, heart failure, and an increased risk of bladder cancer, which can result in an Actos lawsuit. Good thing there are lawyers readily available to help you. They provide great service when it comes to these type of problems. So if you happen to drink Pioglitazone, the chemical name for Actos which was sold under the trade names Actos, ActoplusMet, Competact and Duetact, get help fast!

My Not-So-Little Girls

When I see my girls these days, I would be surprised because they've grown so much over the past months.

IMG_0843 2

I don't know if they've gained weight but I'm sure that they've become taller! I also noticed that both my girls loved each other more. Yes, they quarrel over toys every now and then, they fight over the smallest details, but I've seen them play together and talk and it made me realized that they've appreciated themselves and happy to have each other.

I hope and pray that they stay that way for the rest of their lives. After all, having a sister that you can lean on is definitely a blessing from God!

Looking for HDMI Cables?

I've been in the IT world for more than 10 years now and I've dealt with a lot of technical stuff already. But one field that I haven't really gotten time to learn is the networking where I need to study cables such as long hdmi cables, routers, converters and more. I would always think that it's the Hubby's line and expertise so I don't need to read about it. (*grin*) But still, since I'm working in an IT department I still need to read on these cables and all the things about networking. I just hope I find the time to do it.

Oh, I found a couple of nice quality HDMI cales at, in case you're looking for cables like these, do check their site! ;)

Trattoria's Kids' Meal

Isn't this the cutest meal you've ever seen?

IMG_0785 2

Well, I do think so and my kids think so too! This is what my kids had when we had an impromptu lunch at Trattoria at Shangrila Mall. The kids love the pizza with a smiley face, the pasta which was cooked to perfection and the sausage which I finished. (*grin*) I found it very tasty and guess what? Now, I'm tempted to order this same meal when we dine at Trattoria again. Yes, for myself! HA! We'll see!

You Gotta Try Mercato Centrale!


Ever since Mercato Centrale opened at The Fort a few months ago, I really wanted to try it. But I just didn't have the time and the energy to try. My initial thought was that, it would be crowded and a hot too. So I wanted to gather strength before we visit the place. But, when we were there last Saturday, I was surprised and realized that I was wrong all along. The place was quiet and clean and it doesn't have a rowdy crowd at all. I went there at 9:30AM with the kids, Hubby and my sister.

We all enjoyed our time at Mercato Centrale. And here are the things that I highly recommend that you try it too!

1. Special Angus Tapa


For P120, I would say, it was worth it. the angus tapa was very tasty.

2. Super Monster Burger

This one is to die for! This half pound, grilled burger was one of the best burger so far!

3. Pan de Bagnet by Bale Dutung

IMG_1028 IMG_1031

My sister and I were looking for dessert and we ended up buying Bale Dutung's Pan de Bagnet. LOL! Too bad, we were done with our meals already so we were too full for this. But, I literally said no to dessert to make room for this. It was good!

4. Juice Bar


You won't miss it! I love how the juice were put in nice containers. It really caught my eye. I ordered Lemon Grass which is my little girl's favorite. It was just ok for my taste.

We are definitely going back to try other options. Hubby wanted to go back too. There are so many things I wanted to try especially the desserts. And I can't wait for that!

Here are the opening hours of the weekend market:

- Midnight Mercato: Night Food Market is every Friday 10pm to Saturday 3am

- Mercato Centrale: Food & Organic Market is every Saturday from 7am to 2pm

- Midnight Mercato: Night Food Market is every Saturday 10pm to Sunday 3am

- Mercato Centrale: Food & Organic Market is every Sunday 7am to 2pm

Midnight Mercato/ Mercato Centrale is located on the corner of 30th Avenue and 9th Street (across The Spa at Bonifacio High Street) Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

Visit Mercato Centrale soon! (*wink*)