Samsung's P1000 Galaxy Tab

When I saw Samsung's Galaxy Tab photos and specifications, I can't help but feel the urge to buy it. It looks really promising! Check it out.

Isn't it a beauty? Well, for gadget geeks, they would agree. The Hubby surely agrees anyway. And I'm sure you will appreciate it more with these specifications.

Dimensions: 190 x 120 x 12 mm
Weight: 380 g
Type TFT capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors
Size 600 x 1024 pixels, 7.0 inches
- TouchWiz UI
- Multi-touch input method
- Accelerometer sensor for UI auto-rotate
- Three-axis gyro sensor
- Touch-sensitive controls
- Proximity sensor for auto turn-off
- Swype text input

Phonebook Practically unlimited entries and fields, Photocall
Call records Practically unlimited
Internal 16/32 GB storage, 512 MB RAM
Card slot microSD, up to 32GB
OS Android OS, v2.2 (Froyo)
CPU ARM Cortex A8 processor, 1 GHz processor; PowerVR SGX540 graphics
Messaging SMS(threaded view), MMS, Email, Push Mail, IM, RSS
Browser HTML
Games Yes
Colors Black and Grey
GPS Yes, with A-GPS support

I hope it's not too expensive though compared to Apple's IPAD. With the features like that and the budget, I wouldn't hesitate to buy one for me.

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Ease Found: Pet Insurance

The day never begins with the dawn - it instead wakes to grins, the too-early rise of children and their imaginary friends. It’s always a scramble to chase after them, to be certain that little hands and little faces are dedicating themselves to soap instead of laughter. You search then for lost coats; you untangle laces; you manage a breakfast worthy of gourmet scrutiny (and the far more fickle tastes of your sons and daughters). You’re a mother and your mornings are never easy... especially with a beloved pet underfoot, trying always to steal your attention, to finish games started the evening before.

You love your dog. You simply don’t have time for him during these frantic hours.

And it's in those moments of forgetfulness (one of your rare mistakes) that your pet leaps up to the table and snatches what was never meant for him. The consequence is illness and your own panic.

Your life is a hectic thing, scheduled only from breath to breath. You cannot, despite all of your best efforts, plan for every possibility, every dangerous scenario. Accidents will happen, even with your dog.

And this is why pet insurance becomes so vital: it’s preparation for the inevitabilities. By choosing it you allow yourself protection for the years to come. Because even the most basic of coverage rewards you with such options as:

1. Veterinarian care. High costs and impossible bills will be reduced dramatically (if not entirely). Tests, medications and more will be offered to you.

2. Vaccinations. The annual shots your dog must receive can quickly become a frustration. They’re never cheap. But insurance allows you to pay for them easily.

3. Behavioral training. Your pet is an enthusiastic creature, which you may wish to tame. Training can now be afforded through coverage.

You need certainty for the future (and your dog). You need insurance.

What's Your Blogging Personality?

This is so interesting!

Your Blogging Type is Logical and Principled

You like to voice your well thought out opinions on your blog.

And if someone doesn't what you write, you really don't care!

Serious and blunt, sometimes people take your blog the wrong way.

But you're a true and loyal friend to those who truly get you.

I started blogging when Alex was not even 1 year old. And now, it's been 4 years! I can't believe it actually since I never thought I would maintain this blog for that long. Now, it's like if I don't blog everyday, it seems like my day is not complete. Thanks to my love of food, I started blogging and even gained a lot of friends online.

Sending Love in Kids Backpack

Parents leaving little notes of encouragement in their children’s lunch boxes have become well known today; but how about leaving love notes in the kids backpack. These notes can transform a child’s day and boost their self-esteem forever.

The notes can be as simple or detailed as you like. You can make them on post-its or on notepaper. They can be handwritten or typed and can include pictures if you wish. The important thing is that your child receives a regular affirmative note and he knows that he is truly cared for and loved and that is the real treasure.

The backpack note is a simple message placed in your child’s bag for him to discover during the day while you are apart. When you have to go away for a few days, you can continue this tradition by preparing the notes beforehand. Make it exciting by leaving instructions on when to open each note.

You can be creative and have fun with the notes by using color and illustrations. You can even surprise your child and give him a reminder of you by spraying a dash of your favorite perfume onto the note.

As a parent you are the most qualified person to know what to write on the note. Encourage your child in areas where he feels insecure. Make him laugh. Use family codes. Incorporate your child’s interests in the notes. You can never write too many notes of affirmation.

A daily note in a backpack seems like a small thing, yet it can have huge consequences. Even when your child acts nonchalant, it will never go unnoticed by him and he is likely to be disappointed if you stop placing the notes in his backpack. The notes could become sentimental mementos, but even if they are not kept, the message in your child’s heart will last forever.

Louis Vuitton's Damier Azur Wallet

Owning a Louis Vuitton wallet has always been a dream to me. Particularly this one...

Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Canvas Sarah Wallet

10 credit cards slots. One bill slot. One zipped pocket for loose change. The Sarah Wallet is the height of practicality, whilst still being enticingly stylish in beautiful Damier canvas.

That's why when my Mom told me that her cousin is selling her LV sarah wallet, I was ecstatic! I was beyond words actually, never expecting this huge opportunity. Ok, ok, I'm exaggerating! SORRY! But, really, this one is a very rare opportunity that I don't want to miss!

But as usual, I have to check the budget, check the purchases that I had for the past months, the future travel plans, Alex and Andie's enrollment next year, and the list goes on and on. I just realized that purchasing an LV even if it is a pre-loved item would be close to impossible. But if the price is right, who knows, I might own my very first LV wallet before Christmas. (*grin*)

The Golden Triangle of Halo and More XBOX 360 Games

If you are an avid video gamer and dancing is your passion, watch out for Dance Central, one of the most revolutionary games of its kind, and most talked about too, to hit your Xbox 360 in 2010. You will not need to use the mouse, the joystick or a controller any more for games like Dance Central, Your Shape: Fitness Evolved and Kinectimals. Add to the list of gadgets which control your actions on the Xbox 360: the new motion sensor known as the Kinect, which will detect your gestures and moves and take you to high score.

Xbox 360 is a Microsoft game console and is the latest development in the game industry. With the Xbox 360, you can compete online with other players, download games, view television and watch movies, all in high definition graphics and superb multimedia sound. There are about 42 million Xbox 360 consoles sold to date, and ranks among the most preferred gaming console, alongside the PlayStation and Nintendo Wii. The Xbox 360 comes with a wireless game controller, headset, faceplate, webcam, dance mat and Gamercize. The Kinect is the latest accessory to join this list.

Some of the best selling games of the Xbox 360 are: the Halo Series with over 8 million units sold, Gears of War with over 3 million units in action, Call of Duty Series, Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, Dead or Alive xeries, The Elder Scrolls Series and Saints Row. Check out how smoke grenades fuse and 88 mm gun shots sound, cruise the terrain in tanks, fight in action in World War III, strategize your conquest or just simply dance. Whether you want to be enchanted by ghosts and spirits, be a mystical traveler, fight in special forces or be a warrior, Xbox 360 games will surpass your expectation.

Kerygma Conference 2010...

is almost here!

Yey! I've always loved Kerygma Conference of Bo Sanchez. But for the last 2 years, Hubby and I weren't able to attend. 2 years ago, I gave birth to Andie. Then last year, we were busy preparing for her first birthday. Hopefully this time, we will be able to attend and witness miracles. It's 57 days from now, so I better grabbed tickets through Ticketworld or any Feasts outlets. I can't wait!

For more, visit

Keeping Your Computer Updated

I'm a web developer and I think that my field is one of the most exciting in the technology world. There are constant innovations and techniques that I have to learn in order to keep moving forward in the field. To do that, I have to do a lot of reading, downloading, installing -- and at the same time make sure I'm protecting my computer from attack. I can't use an outdated machine and hope to keep up with other developers around the world. But that doesn't mean I have to change my computer every time a new version comes on the market.

A simple solution is available. There are numerous downloads on the internet that can enhance the productivity of the machine you are using. However, not every software will be compatible or useful to you. Before you install any software, examine it closely to make sure it is what you need. If it is, you can simply upgrade your machine rather than investing in a brand new one.

For those of us who use Windows on their computers, numerous upgrades are available online for free as well as for sale. Usually, the free version is in the Beta testing stage or it's offered for a limited time as a special offer. Either way, if you are interested in that software, you should go ahead and download it. With the latest version of the software on your computer, you can be sure of better features and greater production output, and that will enhance your user and work experience.

Since most of the Microsoft software upgrades are available on the Windows website, it's easy to install them without the fear of also installing a virus. If you are ever in doubt, you can simply run a scan with your virus protection software and be sure your computer is safe.

Nescafe's White Coffee from Malaysia

Thanks to my sister who went to Kota Kinabalu last week, I was able to try this!

The last time I checked, we didn't have this in Manila yet. It's really good. But very strong in my taste. So Hubby and I had to share 1 sachet. Now wonder is creamier the New NESCAFE MENU IPOH WHITE COFFEE comes with the additional goodness of milk. Hmmmm, they better offer this in our groceries SOON!

My Three Suggestions for Being Healthy

I’ve written on here several times about my quest to be healthy. I’ve admitted to enjoying snacks and my husband has even gone on a diet to help become healthier. Don’t get me wrong, though. We aren’t THAT unhealthy. It’s not like we have to go through a food addiction program or a substance abuse program at one of the drug abuse treatment centers around here, but can’t we all be at least a little bit healthier than we are now? I’ve composed a list of three suggestions that I plan to use to become healthier.

Start Slow on Any Fitness Regimen

If you’re like me, you want to jump into a new fitness program with all you’ve got. You want to start out on level 10 rather than level 1 so you can see results fast. But this is a recipe for failure. You should always break into a fitness program easily so your body can get used to the extra work and strain. If you start out slow, you will be more likely to continue the program longer and see better results.

Find a Fun Activity

One of the reasons people like me don’t exercise as much as they should is because we HATE exercising. That is, we hate exercising for the sake of exercising. But if you can find something fun that you like to do, like racquetball, biking, or playing basketball, you can watch those pounds melt away and have fun doing it. You won’t even realize you are exercising!

Eat Some Fat

When we start a diet, we tend to want to cut out all fat. After all, isn’t that bad for us? But the truth is that you would die after a few weeks if you stopped eating fat altogether. The secret is to find the healthy amount of fat for your individual situation and stick to that number for the healthiest results.

Thank You Dear Hubby!

So loving these lovely shoes from dear Hubby!

IMG_0162 IMG_0172

I got it for my birthday! (*grin*)

Since I started working in a workplace, I've been enjoying dressing up everyday but I didn't have the right shoes. All of my shoes were either flats or sandals which were not suitable for my work clothes. Thankfully, I saw these shoes from Rustan's while we were scouting for MY birthday gift. (*another grin*)

Thank you again, dear Hubby! Love, love it! (*wink*)

Travel Cheap with a Staycation

Traveling around the world can be a great way to experience different cultures and interact with people you would not normally see in your day-to-day life. But traveling can be very expensive when you add up the airfare, hotel, meals, and more.

With the country’s current financial strain, many people are finding it hard to make their house payments or grocery bills, let alone finding money around to take that trip to Paris. Even looking at online discount travel sites can be an experience in humility, but you don’t need to turn to mortgage refinance Virginia in order to find the money you need for a great trip.

One of the best ways to travel is not to travel at all! Staycations are becoming more and more popular as family budgets run low. A staycation is a vacation that you and your family take that doesn’t involve expensive travel to far off destinations, but rather is focused on day trips or weekend trips that are close to home.

Staycations are about staying where you are. Sometimes we don’t even know what vacation destinations are offered right in our backyard until we look. Often there are hidden parks, hiking trails, or little known small museums that are just waiting to be explored by those who know where to look.

Weekend trips are easy too. Although they might get a little more expensive with a stay at a hotel, if you go someplace you can drive to, you’ll save a ton of money in airfare, and you’ll get to spend more time with your family as you travel.

Really, when you think about it, that’s what it’s all about anyway—spending time together and making memories. If you change your attitude about vacations, making them about the journey instead of the destination, you can build memories just about anywhere.

My Birthday Dinner.

I made sure that my birthday dinner would be very simple since I had to save up for our trip to Bohol. So I chose Finio in Tomas Morato. I've read a lot of good reviews about Finio so I guess it was time to try it out. The restaurant was almost empty except for us and 2 other customers. Blame it on the heavy rains.

The food was good. We ordered their best sellers, Crab and Mango Salad, Boneless Crispy Pata, Crispy Tilapia, and Pritchon.

Crab and Mango Salad

This is one is really, really good. It doesn't have the typical Japanese Mayo dressing. It was not too sweet nor sour. Love it!

Boneless Crispy Pata

Yummy, of course! But since Hubby didn't get good results from the medical exam, particularly his cholesterol, he didn't get to enjoy this.


I find this too sweet. But my sister and Hubby love it. Beofer we headed to White Hat for dessert, we had a few photos taken.





It was our first time at White hat so we didn't know what to order. Good thing they had these recommendations. Hubby is a fan of frozen yoghurt but he still likes Red Mango.

It was just a simple dinner with my family but I had so much fun. It was a perfect birthday celebration! I thank the Lord for another year. Looking forward to more years to come!

Travel Insurance

Travelers that are planning a vacation abroad or a cruise, may want to consider traveler’s insurance. Travel insurance is a cancellation and emergency policy that covers events like trip cancellations due to an emergency, lost luggage, lost documents, trip delays, missed connections, medical illnesses, and medical emergencies. Planning for the unexpected event that cuts short your vacation is not only smart, it is also affordable.

The basic travel insurance policy covers cancellations and emergencies while you are traveling. To determine what type of traveler’s insurance you will need, check your insurance policies and credit cards before you purchase traveler insurance. You may be covered up to a certain dollar amount with your current insurance policies. You can then decide exactly what you will need. Medical costs in some countries are extremely expensive.

'''Choose the Amount of your Policy'''
Check to make sure the insurance company that you choose provides a 24-hour hotline for you to call if an unfortunate situation arises and you need to contact them. Be sure and pack the insurance company contact information so you will have it with you if needed.

After you determine the amount of insurance you need, go to a prescription drugs reference online and write down the current brand name and generic brand of your medication. If your medication is lost, or stolen, and has to be replace you may need the information. Brand name medication is not sold in all countries.

There are several reputable travel insurance companies and your travel agent can advise you or you can purchase your insurance online. The policy price is based on the traveler’s age, health, and other factors. You can also purchase insurance that includes travel delays, tour operators that go bankrupt and cancellation of the trip, accidental death, dental expenses and many other situations.

My Little Girls in Red.

This was taken last month, a day before my birthday. There was a party at my in-laws so I let them dress up and surprisingly, they enjoyed it and had the time of their lives.


My girls are into dressing up. They love to wear dresses and nice shoes. I wonder where they got that from? HA! They also love to pose for the Dada these days. Now the Dad has the reason to upgrade his camera!

Well, after these photos, I think it was worth every penny.




I got these nice dresses from my friend Jody (thanks again Jody!). I just hope this would still fit until Christmas! (*grin*)

Finding a Healthy Dessert

I've spent a lot of time thinking and wondering how one can enjoy sweets but watch the sugar intake, too. Reducing sugar in the diet is important for maintaining a healthy weight but also for blood sugar levels. But, finding sweets and desserts to satisfy cravings can be hard. Many times, it can be a difficult feat or an inconvenience to bake or find a dessert that helps cravings without completely causing you to go off your diet.

There are some solutions, however. Sticking to real sugars, like the sugars in fruits, can help keep sugar consumption lower than eating a dessert that is full of chocolate, for example. However, having a simple fruit salad with berries, grapes, watermelon, or other fruits may not cut it for a true dessert craving! Sugar-free, pre-packaged desserts are good for a treat, but not all stores carry a sugar-free option of your favorite cookie or candy. Additionally, sugar-free ice cream is good, but sometimes you're looking for more.

I've recently found that whipping up a true light-sugar dessert can be easier than you think, although many cookbooks only have the full-fat full-sugar recipes in them. One solution to find low-sugar treats is to go online and search recipes. There are a couple I'd like to share.

I did search recipes, and there is a recipe for strawberry shortcake that contains lower sugar. It uses sugar-free cake and strawberries topped with sugar substitute. It's simple and looks delicious, but still has all of the fruity tasty goodness that regular strawberry shortcake has.

Another easy, healthy dessert change that the whole family will love is using sugar-free apple juice when making apple pie. This is a simple change that still incorporates all the flavors you love.

These guilt-free treats are sure to please. Your family members may not even be able to tell that the desserts aren't the real thing.

The Great Manny Pacquiao

Well, I'm not so much of a fan but Hubby is. Check out this video of a Nike commercial in the United States. All I can say is that, he really is in that level that Filipinos are really proud of him.

Amazing, right? The first who came out of the commercial. I can really say he is the great Manny Pacquiao.

Target Promotional Codes and Other Discounts Make Back-to-School Shopping Fun and Easy

Admit it. Back to school shopping is a real pain. First, you have to contend with crowds of other parents and kids who are on the same school supply scavenger hunt as you. Then, there’s the list of supplies from your kid’s teacher. You know there will be one or two items on there that will create controversy with your child. Perhaps the teacher wants everyone to have a plain three-ring binder with pockets. She specifically asks that you not get one that has a closing flap over it. However, your child wants a fancy binder that not only has a flap, but also a built-in calculator, a fold-out ruler, and a clipboard in the back. Telling your fifth grader why her binder choice won’t work while you’re blocking one of the aisles of Walmart is never fun. Better to buy the thing and the one the teacher requested than make a scene.

You can avoid both the crowds and the meltdown by doing your back-to-school shopping online. You and your child can find a quiet time to sit in front of the computer and discuss what you need to buy. This is a much better way to explain to your child what is and isn’t acceptable to her new teacher. You can also do some quick and easy comparison shopping, something that’s difficult to do with brick and mortar stores where you have to schlep around to different places.

Don’t forget that many retailers offer discounts and deals exclusively to online customers. By using, Walmart coupons and free or discounted shipping offers, you can really save money when you make your purchases through a website. Do your back-to-school shopping online one time, and chances are good that you’ll never go back to your old routine. Your child and your pocketbook will thank you.

Things for a Stay-At-Home Mom To Do

If you are a new stay-at-home mom, you may find that you are overwhelmed and unable to figure out what to do during the day. While you may have been used to your busy work week, you are now watching after your children and when they nap, you may not feel like taking a nap with them.

While you may feel like polishing your Chopard jewelry, there are other matters that need to be taken care of, like cleaning, laundry or doing the dishes. The first thing you want to do is to write out a list. By making a list, you will write down everything you need to get done so that you don't forget everything. You can then check items off on the list to give you a sense of accomplishment and also it lets you know how many other things you have left to do for the day.

Next, take your time. There's no need for everything to get done at once. Pick a project, and see it to the end. If you have something like laundry, grab a book and relax while the washer is going or choose another item on your list. If you start to feel overwhelmed, then slow down because you are more likely to not finish a task when you start dreading it.

If you get tired, then take a nap. You don't want to get so tired that you can't take care of your child when it wakes up. If you are lucky, your child will sleep for a few hours during the day and all through the night. If you aren't so lucky, then you need to sleep when you can get it. By having a system of organization in place, you can plan ahead and get more work done.

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. LL Payment!
2. More online tasks
3. Friends who grab online assignments, I'm really thankful!
4. Videoke night with Hubby and friends last night
5. Garlic Mushrooms, yum!
6. Relaxing Weekend
7. Paid half of my debt. Yeah!!!
8. A Sweet Hubby
9. Happy and loving little girls!
10. McDo Coffee

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Thoughts on Accumulating Debt and Debt Consolidation

In these tough economic times, people are using their credit cards more often. There may be a sudden emergency such as a medical problem or car engine trouble, and they may wonder how they’re going to pay for these unexpected expenses. Borrowing money is an option, but these days, many people are struggling financially. Although your loved ones would like to help, they may not be able to lend you the money. Another option is to secure a personal loan, but if your credit is bad, you may not qualify for the loan.

No matter how you get the money, one way or another, you are increasing your debt load. Whether you use your credit cards, get a personal loan or borrow from friends or family, you will have to eventually pay it back. The problem with using the credit card is that you will probably have a high interest rate. If you’re unable to pay the card off, this will increase your debt even more. If you miss a payment, you’ll be hit with late fees and a possible increase in your interest rate. When you only make minimum credit card payments, it can be years before the debt is completely paid off. A personal, unsecured loan will probably come with a high interest rate as well.

One solution to getting out from under this heavy load of debt and stack of monthly bills you’ve accumulated is to do a debt consolidation. This can be really helpful in lowering your overall interest rate, reducing the time it takes to pay off the debt and even lowering the amount you owe. Debt consolidation services will take all your unsecured debt such as credit cards and personal loans and combine them into one easy monthly payment. You pay the service each month, and they will pay your creditors for you.

How Do Moving Companies Save You Money?

Moving is time consuming work. While it can be a joyful experience to move to a new home, the work involved makes the task very daunting. Hiring a moving company can make the move easier and save you money. Having friends and family assist with the move is helpful, but you may need to pick them up, feed them, and buy them beverages. By the time the move is done, you have spent hundreds of dollars anyway. Plus, friends and family may not have the expertise that's needed to move your stuff without breaking it.

Moving companies can offer full service moves where they pack up your house for you, provide all the materials, and load and unload the moving truck. To save money, most people pack up their belongings and rely on the movers to load and unload the truck. Moving companies are licensed and bonded, so if something does get broken in the move, it is covered by the company's insurance. If you break something in a move, you are most likely not going to be able to replace it easily.

Another way that moving companies save you money is that you won't have to rent a moving truck and pay for the insurance on the truck. You also won't have to rent the dollies, furniture pads, and other items to pack the truck safely. Moving companies supply all of these goods, though you will need to pay for some additional moving equipment. For example, it could cost extra if the movers need an appliance dolly instead of a standard dolly.

By hiring a moving company, you will save money and time. Rather than taking several days to move, you can be moved in one morning. This will save you from missing time at work or school. Knowing your items are getting moved quickly and safely feels just as good as saving money.

Happy with the New DFA Process!

To say that I'm happy with the new DFA process is an understatement. I was literally jumping with joy after having our passport being processed for only an hour! With the new DFA building, Alex and I were so comfortable inside, the little girl didn't even want to go home yet. I laughed when she asked, "Mama, are we in the airport?" The building was new that's why it looks like we were in the airport. Funny little girl! I was with a minor (7 years old and below) so we were at the courtesy lane. Senior citizens and pregnant women were also in this area. Love it!!! The building was complete with high technology equipment such as flat screen TV, new equipment for the numbering system, and 20++ workstations for the picture taking and thumb-mark printing. It was like I was not in the Philippines.

Kudos to DFA! Looking forward to another stress free renewal in 5 years!

Manhattan Luxury Apartments in the Heart of an Amazing City and Its Amenities

People from all over the world move to the city of Manhattan for countless amenities and the conveniences it affords. The closer you get to the heart of this metropolis, the more shops, restaurants, bars, art galleries, and cafes there are to be encountered. This is why so many people seek out Manhattan luxury apartments to live in. They simply want to be where the action is. In the Big Apple, individuals, couples, and families alike can enjoy fine cuisine, exquisite coffees, rich desserts, fun shows, and endless stores that offer a little something for everyone.

As with most metropolitan areas, residing in the heart of it all can have tons of benefits. For instance, a family that lives in an apartment in Manhattan has easy access to the Hudson River for day trips with the kids, and can quickly get to great shops, restaurants, or cultural venues that will both interest you and stimulate the little ones. One thing you learn quickly about Manhattan is that there are plenty of choices--you will never get bored. The landscaping the city alone has to offer, with charmingly groomed grasses and plenty of trees, is enough to make many residents reside there an entire lifetime.

Beautiful Manhattan also has grand architecture that everyone can enjoy, including the Empire State Building. This national historic landmark has been open to the public since 1931, and there is also the Riverbank State Park, which can be found on Riverside Drive. And of course, an attraction worldwide and the personal favorite of many, the Statue of Liberty towers majestically for all to appreciate.

In other words, it pays big to live in the Big Apple, and having an apartment in the heart of Manhattan makes it that much more exciting for you and your family. The infinite amenities and sights are what make this city truly amazing.

You Need a Hot Tub on Vacation

No vacation is complete without certain amenities and requirements being fulfilled. Of course, you've got to get to where you're going. That's a no-brainer. But after that, the sky is the limit and you've got to start thinking about interesting things to do so that you've not only got great memories, but great stories to tell your friends as well.

It all starts with lodging. By booking a memorable room at a place where you'll have access to a swimming pool and preferably a hot tub as well, you can be assured that no matter what else goes right or wrong with your trip, you'll be able to soak and relax during your stay. In fact, if you've placed a bet at an online sportsbooks site, you can celebrate in the hot tub when your team wins! Regardless of whether your team wins or loses though, it's important to remember why you took a holiday in the first place--to get away from all the real world concerns.

So go ahead, grab a guidebook, and check out the local attractions. Every place has its own feel and special places that the locals frequent. Check out where the local residents eat lunch and you'll see how to blend in to the scene. Hit up the nearby museums for a quick history lesson on the area. Order some food at a small independent restaurant for dinner, and drink in the romance of walking down side streets that are off the beaten path. There you'll discover hidden gems like jewelry shops, art boutiques, used book shops dealing in rare books, or even an ice cream manufacturer. Every town has its own feel and culture, so explore! And when you're done at the end of the night, head back to your hotel, and jump in the hot tub. The memories of every trip are enhanced by hot tubs.

Wednesday Wickedness!

1. “George wrote Taxman, and I played guitar on it. He wrote it in anger at finding out what the taxman did. He had never known before then what could happen to your money.” No one likes paying taxes. But do you think the tax system is fair? Yes, I think so.

2. “I definitely did look up to John. We all looked up to John. He was older and he was very much the leader; he was the quickest wit and the smartest.” What did you think of John Lennon? He was popular and sings very well.

3. “I saw that Meryl Streep said, I just want to do my job well. And really, that's all I'm ever trying to do.” How do you approach your job whether in the workplace or at home? I value my job very much whether at home or in a workplace, I make sure that I do it well and be professional at all times!

4. “I used to think anyone doing anything weird was weird. Now I know that it is the people that call others weird that are weird.” Have you found that you have more tolerance for unusual people as you get older? Yes, definitely.

5. “I don't take me seriously. If we get some giggles, I don't mind.” How seriously do you take yourself? I take myself seriously, I even criticized myself all the time :(

6. “I think people who create and write, it actually does flow-just flows from into their head, into their hand, and they write it down. It's simple.” Does your blog writing just flow from your head, or is it a lot of effort? It depends on the mood actually, if I feel ok to write then it flows from my heart, but if I don't feel like writing, it is truly an effort.

7. “Think globally, act locally.” Do you do anything to help your local community? Yes, sometimes.

8. “When you first get money, you buy all these things so no one thinks you're mean, and you spread it around. You get a chauffeur and you find yourself thrown around the back of this car and you think, I was happier when I had my own little car! I could drive myself!” Have you ever had a period where you felt that you were set financially? Not yet.

9. “Lyricists play with words.” Do you think what you write on your blog is clever or just ordinary and why? It depends on the topic. I love to write about my kids, my life as a Mom and wife and as a programmer. So for me, it's clever. Hey, we gotta love our own right? LOL!

10. “Where I come from, you don't really talk about how much you're earning. Those things are private. My dad never told my mum how much he was earning. I'm certainly not going to tell the world. I'm doing well.” Who in your circle knows how much money your family makes? Everyone in my family! LOL!

Learn How to Save Money on Your Cell Phone Plans

Though telephone and cell phone providers are providing services, they are also businesses. They want to draw users in, but they don't want to lose money in the process. One of the ways that companies draw in business is by offering special deals, rebates and other types of discounts. The first step you can take in trying to find the cell phone plan that works best for you is by waiting for the right moment to buy a phone or set out on a new plan.

'Waiting for the right moment' could mean waiting until the phone you want goes on sale, especially if that's the only thing holding you back from starting a new plan. Companies develop new technologies, and with marketing and advertising, they nurture the need you have to want that new cell phone. Especially if the phone is new, it will often be offered with a rebate if you buy it in pair with a new plan, so keep an eye out for deals and rebates.

The other major thing you can do to save money on cell phone plans initially is to ask in-store representatives about special offers and deals. They make commission on sales, not monthly payment plans, so they are usually ready to help you find ways you can get discounts on your monthly cell phone plans.

The true cell phone strategist will make sure to stay in tune with both of these things - cell phone sales and rebates, and cell phone plan discounts. You can save a lot of money on the front end and every month after that, if you ask questions, compare costs and see what types of plans fit your needs best. A business is only as good as its customers, so take advantage of your deals and don't let yourself be duped.

Cleveland's Cooking Kingdom: From Iron Chefs to Public Markets

Cleveland is a city known for its music, sports teams, and bizarre weather. One thing it has qualified for but that no one seems to recognize is its amazing food. Somehow this city has flown beneath the radar for all the great food adventurers around the globe. Despite this, anyone following their culinary senses should end up in Cleveland sooner or later.

Among other chefs, Cleveland is home to Michael Symon, famous as one of the Food Network's mighty Iron Chefs. His high class restaurant is just one of the many in the region. The Greenhouse Tavern, run by Jonathan Sawyer, is among the top-ranked restaurants in the nation. The Crop Bistro and Bar has shown Steve Schimoler's creative approach to fruit and vegetables. Whether he's using a food dehydrator to experiment with textures or surprising guests with his "mystery salad and desert" Sunday fare, Schimoler's restaurant is a sure hit.

But it's not just the classy restaurants and world-class chefs that make Cleveland a food lover's paradise. The West Side Market is recognized by those in the know to be one of the best public markets in North America. The market itself has been running for nearly two hundred years, and even today the market hall is filled to brimming with merchants. If you want newly butchered meat, prepared foods, fresh cheese, or basically anything else your heart could desire, this market is a great place to spend a vacation.

If you're not ready for four-star expense and don't just want to browse a market, feel free to check out one of the various other delightful culinary stops. From crepe cafes to regional pubs, you'll find something that meets both your current mood and your budget. Truly, Cleveland will rock your taste buds.

What Our Kids Need to Know...

I came across this nice article recommended through twitter by Kelly. It's such a nice read. But this one hits me...

That our children need more of us. We have become so good at saying that we need to take care of ourselves that some of us have used it as an excuse to have the rest of the world take care of our kids. Yes, we all need undisturbed baths, time with friends, sanity breaks and an occasional life outside of parenthood. But we live in a time when parenting magazines recommend trying to commit to 10 minutes a day with each child and scheduling one Saturday a month as family day. That’s not okay! Our children don’t need Nintendos, computers, after school activities, ballet lessons, play groups and soccer practice nearly as much as they need US. They need fathers who sit and listen to their days, mothers who join in and make crafts with them, parents who take the time to read them stories and act like idiots with them. They need us to take walks with them and not mind the .1 MPH pace of a toddler on a spring night. They deserve to help us make supper even though it takes twice as long and makes it twice as much work. They deserve to know that they’re a priority for us and that we truly love to be with them.

Isn't it something? There are times that I'm guilty of just letting the kids watch television while I'm on my "ME" time like reading my favorite books or watch my favorite series. There are times that I don't even listen to them anymore. :( This is a wake up call for me. I'm thankful for articles such as this. Something to remind me of my priorities.

Click here for the entire article.


Swimming Time at Amorita's Infinity Pool and More on our Last Day

If we were with the kids, we could have done this on our very first day! But since Hubby and I are both beach lovers, we preferred the beach than the pool. Thus, we were able to try the infinity pool only on our last day.



The view was sooo beautiful! The pool was so clean and the temperature was not too cold. You see, I hate cold pools so much! So Amorita's infinity pool was my kind of pool. After an hour, we went back to the villa to prepare for lunch and then checked out at 12 noon.

The highlight of our lunch? Amorita's Turon de Bohol.


This one was so yummy, I wanted to bring some home. Having this as our dessert was the perfect way to end our vacation in Bohol.

My Girls.

Even if Alex and Andie have a 2 years and 9 month gap, I can see that Andie will keep up with Alex. She's growing too fast, she's so tall now. There are times that I want to freeze time and just savor the moment that she is still a baby.

Lately I've been looking at old photos when I came across these two photos of the girls both taken at the Bicol house...


Alex was 3 years old here taken last April 2009


Andie here was 1 year and 5 months old taken this year (April, 2010)

It was the Dada who thought of taking their photos with this flower. (*grin*) It feels so good to look at their baby photos, how much they've grown. Will post more next time.

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. Hearing Christmas songs to start off my Wednesday :)
2. Coffee!
3. God fixing our schedules for the one-to-ones
4. Potential Yaya for interview
5. The little girls get excited every time we go home :)
6. Relaxing "working" weekend. Very thankful!
7. Preparing for Andie's 2nd birthday party in the province
8. Flowers and Butterflies
9. Reminiscing on our Bohol trip
10. Positive thoughts!

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On Web Development and Web Hosting.

I've been in web development for almost 10 years now. I started attending a training for internet banking systems last 2000. We discussed everything about web development from webhosting to setting up a website in IIS, to HTML & web designing. It was a training that started it all. A training that opened up opportunities and somehow made up my future. Amazing how much I've grown career wise and can't believe where I am now.

I've moved on from web development to blogging after 3 years. I've been blogging for yes, 3 years now. It has now become a habit. It's like my day is not complete if I don't blog. But somehow even if I'm in a different field, I'm still dealing with web hosting so I checked out a few web hosting companies from's web hosting reviews. There are options there that I can consider. See which one offers a nice package. Since my blog sites don't entail a lot of files, I can settle with the basic package. Although I usually upload a lot of photos but still, this would do I guess. I'm happy with my current web hosting company but it doesn't hurt to consider other options, right?

Love at First Sight with Alona Beach, Panglao

It was my first time in Alona Beach since the last time I was in Bohol, we didn't get to check this place out. Hubby and I both loved it! It was like a mini boracay less the very big crowd, the annoying vendors, and the party people.




I was surprised that there were even Manangs there who offers an hour of massage along the shore. Since I haven't had a body massage for months, I grabbed the opportunity. It was still early for dinner anyway. It was only 5PM! It was the typical body massage but I loved it. I was able to relax considering that it was along the shore.

After my massage, off we went to check out the restaurants and see what they had to offer. We started eating dinner at 7PM but before that, Hubby and I had a few discussions about what we are going to invest in the next couple of months. I suggested we buy gold coin because it's value continues to go up. The trend of gold is actually good because over the years the value did not decrease. US Gold Bureau can attest to this since they've been in the market and serving clients for years now. Hubby slightly agreed with me. But will have to schedule another one on one about this issue and then we will decide from there.

Buffet dinner at Roderick and Vivien's was just ok. At P300 each we were full. They had seafoods, chicken, lechon, fruits, and dessert. The buffet comes with a drink too.


We planned on having drinks after but decided to go back to the hotel instead and watched a DVD then finally called it a night.

I Will See you Very Soon...

I'm actually pertaining to the LC's limited Asian edition - Great Wall of China.

It's going to be mine pretty, pretty soon. I've been controlling myself not to shop for MONTHS actually. But when I saw the black medium short handle, I can't help it. I just had to buy it. After all, it's a limited edition and looks like it's only available in Hongkong and Shanghai (as of now). I love it's uniqueness and hey, I'm Asian so I just have to have this. Right? (*grin*)

My Little Girl

Ate Alex has grown a lot in a few months. She has been patient with Andie especially when Andie grabs her toys while playing. She has been teaching Andie with words and funny how they exchanged a few words one day. I couldn't believed how tall she is now and she would usually say, "I like school and I don't like school".

What!? I'm sure you will ask. It actually means she likes school very much but she also likes weekends when we get to spend time together as a family. :)


Just a few minutes ago, after watching her favorite, Tinkerbell, she asked me,

"Mama, when I grow up, can I stay here in the house?"

Well, of course I said "Definitely!". LOL! She asks questions a lot these days. Sometimes it gets really annoying but I had to remind myself that, it's actually a good thing :)

And you know what happened these days that it made me really happy? She loves sleeping with me at night again! (*grin*)

Choosing a Reputable Gold Dealer

I admit, I'm now hooked in United States Gold Bureau's website and reading articles about their gold coins. I've never been this interested in something before. I've been thinking of investing for months now but I still can't decide in which way. So far buying gold, silver, and other precious metals is one way that I'm considering. I like the fact that it's safe to buy from US Gold Bureau offering gold for years now. I also like the fact that they can arrange a safety deposit storage for you. They made everything easy for you. Will think about this more and see. Hopefully within the year, I would be able to make a decision already.

Loving her New Bathing Suit

I was a bit hesitant that day when I ordered a bathing suit from I was not sure of the sizing and besides, online shopping is like trial and error. You really don't know how the item would look like in real life. But I still ordered anyway and took the risk. Here's what Andie got.


A bathing suit! She was ecstatic when she saw it and wanted to wear it immediately. Would you believe that she even slept on it? Oh, yes, she slept on it and didn't want us to remove it. Sooo funny! I'm sure she will have a blast when we go to the beach someday. (*grin*)

What's your Personality Type?

You Are An ESTJ

The Guardian

You're a natural leader and a quick, logical decision maker.

Goals are important in your life, and you take many steps to achieve them.

You enjoy interacting with others, mostly through work related activities.

Your high energy level means that you are great at getting things done!

In love, you tend to bring stability to relationships.

You feel comfortable being in charge, and you enjoy being a provider.

At work, you take charge. You thrive in structured environments and don't mind enforcing the rules.

You would make a great teacher, judge, or police detective.

How you see yourself: Realistic, stable, and pragmatic

When other people don't get you, they see you as: Rigid, bound to rules, and a bad listener

Hey, this is something to think about. I remember I took this test when I was in highschool. And surprisingly now that I got a little older, my answers are different. But I like the results of this test though. It's so ME!

The Days when Ally McBeal was so Popular.

I remember those days when I used to watch Ally Mc Beal. It was a series that made me appreciate court trials and lawyers. It was a funny yet somehow realistic show. Although some scenes were a little bit exaggerated but there are law suits that I think were true to life.

Because of this, I used to want to be a Lawyer. Although I didn't take up Political Science and then Law after College but somehow being a lawyer is one of the things that I want to be. Now that I came across Accutane Lawsuit Firm, it made me more curious about lawsuits and the accutane disease. I've never heard of it until now. I didn't know that there is a company that actually handles these type of diseases. They actually take care of the people who have concerns in the dangerous side effects of Accutane and the injuries it caused.

Wow. This made law all the more interesting. I wonder if it's not yet too late to take up law now.

Our Two Nights Stay in Amorita Resort

Our 4 days and 3 nights stay in Bohol was memorable but our stay in Amorita Resort was somehow the MOST memorable. I had to think not only twice but 10 times if we deserve a 2-nights stay here. After thinking about it, in one stressful day, I finally realized that, yes, we do deserved it. (*grin*)

After dolphin watching and island hopping, we called Amorita Resort for a transfer. They came on time and off we went to the resort and arrived there after 10 minutes. We fell in love with the place immediately and took photos while the room was not yet a mess. Ha!



Our villa was just heavenly. The bed was huuuge! And the pillows were definitely LOVE! But this one made Hubby loved the place...


Our very own pool! The water was sooo cool, it makes you want to take a dip after a stroll at the beach or after a long day in Panglao.

When we went outside, we noticed that it was quiet. We even wondered where the people were.


I guess that's how the resort really is, something that we needed! The view was spectacular by the way, and the infinity pool was something that makes you want to stay there forever!



It was sooo clean, you won't get scared of getting body acne. Just make sure you take a shower before and after taking a dip into the pool though. I'm always concern with these things. Especially when we bring the kids, I want to make sure that everything is clean. Body acnes are something that is hard to get rid of and I bet, medicines are also expensive. So better go for the preventive measures!

I will end this post with my photo taken at Amorita Resort on our last day.


If the kids were with us, I wouldn't want to go home anymore. Our stay in Amorita Resort was beyond perfect. Food and service were also great. I would say, it was worth every penny. I LOVE Amorita. I hope I could stay there again soon. (*wink*)

Breastfeeding is still Best for Babies!

No matter how painful I'd say breastfeeding was, I would still say that breastfeeding is still the best for babies! Both of my little girls were breastfed. Alex was purely breastfed for 2 months and then she had mixed feeding for another 2 months when I started working again. Andie on the other hand was purely breastfed for 5.5 months and then had mixed feedings until she was 8 months old. I can't say it was pure bliss. It was totally the opposite. But I can say that they were healthier than I can imagine. I was surprised that Andie was not yet hospitalized ever since I gave birth to her. I guess the challenge is to increase breast milk everyday. I've known Moms who can't produce milk no matter what they do. Maybe I'm blessed to have just enough milk for my babies. And my secret? I made it a routine. Everyday I would pump milk for Andie every 2 to 3 hours. I noticed that if I missed 1 "session", my milk decreases the next day. So that's how I maintained it for 8 months. I was planning to stop on the 6th month but I realized that I just couldn't stop it abruptly. So I had to lessen sessions everyday until I reached the 8th month.

The White Sand and Crystal Clear Water of Panglao Island

After our day tour in Bohol, off we went to Panglao Island to look for a place for the night and enjoy the beach!


Good thing Hubby and I were beach lovers because both of us enjoyed Panglao's beach so much. We checked out the sand if it is really white, yes it was, but both of us concluded that the sand of Boracay is whiter and finer. But as everybody would say, Bohol is quieter and more peaceful. You get Boracay's beach less the crowd.

Love it!

We spent more than an hour at the beach. The water was just right and it was already 4PM so we didn't have to worry about sun burn. That afternoon was one of the memorable days in Bohol. We missed the kids though and promised to bring them there probaly in the next few years.

Aaaargh, Pimples!

I woke up this morning with a pimple on my chin. Now I'm reading stuff on how to remove pimples! Ever since I never have huuuuge pimples on my face. I have a different case. My face is dry and not oily so I end up having black heads and milia before my period starts every month. Yes, having pimples on my face is not an ordinary thing for me so I kind of don't know what to do. Should I just let it be? Wash it off with water and soap every hour? (I know, just exaggerating!) Apply a face cream to make it, ugh, pop!? I really don't know. Care to share any tips, perhaps?

Hubby is on a Diet.

Yes, I'm announcing it to make it official. LOL!

The results of his medical exam didn't end up really well. Of course he wouldn't admit it but yes, the results were waaay over the normal especially his cholesterol and uric acid tests. Before the medical exam, I just let him be. He eats anything he wants - hamburger, fries, cakes, chips, pizza, beer, crispy pata, and all the meat in the world. I was thinking, he's too old to be "trained". Would you believe that even if I serve vegetables on the table, he wouldn't make an effort to get veggies for himself? I will have to put it on his plate.

Now after the medical exam, I have to do something about it. I've given him a chance last year and the results increased. So will have to do his dieting seriously. If everything comes to worst, will have to consider options from alli reviews. He needs to lose weight badly because this is a way to lose those fats and bad cholesterol. So here's what I will do for now - start eating right, avoid junk foods, and convince him to do his exercises. I need to do these things too! I hope it will work and we'll see the results again after 2 months.

Alex is Jessie from Toy Story!

I realized the other day that halloween is just a few months away! Good thing I already ordered a costume for Alex. I wasn't actually confused. I didn't have to check out vampire costumes, scary costumes, or even fairy costumes. Because she just wanted one since last year.

She wants to be Jessie from Toy Story! She loved her to bits. We even bought her a Jessie toy and she sleeps with her well, every other night (because she sleeps with tinkerbell on the other nights). Thanks to my friend, Faye, I had it shipped to her place then she will send it to my house. My little girl will be ecstatic! I can't wait!

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. Pouring online tasks! Thank you Lord :)
2. Planning for our SG trip with my family
3. Positive vibes...
4. Challenges with Programming in Crystal Report
5. Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins
6. Coffee!
7. We will celebrate Yaya's birthday later :) It's her 3rd birthday with us already. Thank God for her!
8. Lorie, our reliever
9. Friends online and offline
10. Looking forward to sleep over the weekend

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Thinking of What to Give Hubby for Christmas

As early as now I'm thinking of what I will give Hubby for Christmas. It's really hard since he doesn't even know what he wants. I would usually plan a trip for the both of us for his birthday. I remember last year we went to Boracay for his birthday.


Then this year, we went to Tagaytay and stayed at The Boutique. We ate at different restaurants during this weekend. Both of us were able relax and unwind.


But for Christmas, I want to give him something that he can keep for years. Something like the watch I gave him for Father's Day. He loved it to bits and he's been wearing it ever since. I'm thinking of giving him Triton rings.

I'm thinking of getting him Triton tungsten rings or Triton titanium rings since both have really nice designs. But I admit, it's way over my budget. Good thing I've decided for this early on so I could at least save up. He's not into accessories though but with the designs such as the above rings, I'm definitely sure he will love it.

And guess what made me decide? is offering an additional $50.00 off all "Clearance Rings" for a limited time only. Such a good deal considering they have rings of great quality and designs that would last a lifetime. If we will have a little boy, I'm sure he can even pass this on from generations to generations. With a great deal and finest collection? I'm definitely sure I would go for Catering clients for years now, they are pretty reliable and guess what again, I can also pay through PAYPAL!