Another Must-See Show - Phuket Fantasea

Phuket Fantasea is a bit pricey so we had second thoughts if we will watch it or not. But since the kids were with us, I guess it would be worth it. And I was right. Watching Phuket Fantasea and going to the themepark was indeed worth it!

There were problems with our ticket since the agency booked us in the early show. Good thing we still had time to run and catch the show. Cameras were not allowed inside so we had to check it in. It looks safe, so don't worry about leaving your cameras with them.

The show was really nice. Too bad we weren't able to capture it. But it will always be in our memories. The kids loved it too.

As soon as the show was finished we finally had time to take photos of the park.

Everything was so beautiful! It truly is the amazing Thailand! (*wink*)

Happy 7th Anniversary to Us!

How time flies! It feels like it was only yesterday when Hubby and I got married in Paco Park. It was the best day of our lives!




Now that we have two beautiful kids, we can't help but feel MORE thankful for the blessings.

I guess, time flies so fast when you are having FUN!!!


Discovering Kata Beach, Phuket

I've posted here that on our 3rd day in Phuket, we transferred to Kata. Kata, for me, has its own charm compared to Patong. I guess mainly because it was more laid back and not crowded. The beach was cleaner and the sand was finer. I definitely love Kata more than Patong.

We just brought a blanket, placed it under the tree, bought food from a street vendor and look we had the best lunch in Kata.

I love how the beach was not too crowded. There were tourists everywhere but I was still able to appreciate it.

The waves in Kata beach were sooo huge! It made it even more fun! (*grin*)

The most amazing and unforgettable moment we had in Kata was the sunset. It was the best sunset I've ever seen in Phuket.

I felt so thankful for having the opportunity to see God's beautiful creation. I will never forget this moment. ♥♥♥

Pregnant Pause 2: A Talk for Modern Moms-to-Be

Pregnant Mommies, you might want to check this out!

PREGNANT PAUSE 2: A TALK FOR MODERN MOMS-TO-BE at UCC Rockwell this February 4, 2012, Saturday starting 1pm.

These pocket events, produced by Urban Mom, the only lifestyle freezine for moms,
and Mommy Mundo, is a popular activity we have been staging since last year and has attracted quite a following among young, modern, parents-to-be who are interested in the latest trends in parenting and baby care as well as traditional practices that all expectant moms should know about.

Topics for PREGNANT PAUSE 2 are:

- Baby Sign Language by US certified instructor Jaymie Pizarro (Baby Signs *as seen on Oprah)

- Positive Pregnancy by childbirth educator Rome Kanapi

- Breastfeeding Basics for Modern moms-to-be:)

Registration to the event is free of charge but pre-registration is a must. We have very limited slots available so please call 5707827 or text 09178162524 to reserve a slot now.

We Fell in Love with Sugar Palm Resort

Who wouldn't? Just look at what we first saw as soon as we arrived at Sugar Palm Resort.

It looks heavenly, right? Look at our rooms!

With a fully setup computer, my brother didn't want to go out of the room anymore. LOL!

Sugar Palm Resort is small compared to Hotel Ibis Patong but it has a lot of charm that we didn't see in Hotel Ibis. I think what also made it more special is the location which is just a 5-minute walk (or even less) to the beach!

Transferred to Kata Beach on our 3rd Day in Phuket

After staying in Patong Beach for 2 nights, we transferred to Kata Beach to see what's in store for us! Kata Beach is 30 minutes away from Patong Beach so we had a long travel via a van. When we saw Kata Beach, we immediately felt how different Kata is from Patong. It was way better! Well, for me, that is!


It was more laid back, relaxed and nice for families with kids. I fell in love with Kata Beach the moment I saw the place.


We had lunch as soon as were settled.

Lunch was good at Sugar Palm Restaurant, this is the resort where we will be staying in the next 3 days and 2 nights.

Everyone was giddy after we saw Sugar Palm Resort. This resort sure has a lot to offer us.

Watch out for my post about it, SOON! (*wink*)

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. Busy day at work today!
2. Planning our summer getaways, yey!
3. Super fun CNY in Binondo last Monday
4. Lunch at President's
5. Eng Bee Tin Hopia, Taipao and Siomao for take out :)
6. How to Train Your Dragon Movie
7. Mole's World
8. Meeting up friends
9. Mom is coming home soon
10. Simple things that make me smile

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Explored the Ever Vibrant Bangla Road on our 2nd Night in Phuket

Well, with 2 kids in tow after a long day, we haven't really explored Bangla Road. We just passed by on our way back to our hotel. But still, we were able to see how vibrant Bangla Road in Patong Beach was! It was amazing!

This one caught my eye...

Husband Day Care Center. Would you leave your husbands here!? Me, I don't think so! LOL!

Bangla Road is the most popular road in Phuket! Simply because of the bars, restaurants and the parties happening in this place. It's a must see in Phuket but remember, this place is only for adults! (*wink*)

We ♥ Hotel Ibis Patong!

Hotel Ibis, Patong is a budget hotel, but we didn't notice it. Except for the fact that nobody assisted my sister to bring our luggages to our room, everything was great, from the airy and nice lobby, clean rooms to the inviting pool, we all loved Hotel Ibis Patong.

The rooms were small but the bed was huge and I like the veranda that we would open every morning. The lobby and the hallway weren't air conditioned but we didn't mind because air was flowing nicely.

The pool compensated everything!

Don't you love the pool too? I asked the maintenance guy about the maintenance of their nice pool. He said that they really invest in the pool maintenance. They have good equipment to use in cleaning their pools. They also get discount pool parts if it goes on sale. Pool parts I've read are a bit expensive, good thing the Pool Supply Unlimited go on sale every now and then.

I also love the location of Hotel Ibis, Patong. It is just a 10-minute walk to the beach and Bangla Road. Everything is so convenient. Restaurants and Convenient stores are very near the hotel.

For the food, I cannot comment because we didn't try the food at the hotel. But, I would highly recommend it if you plan to stay in Patong Beach, Phuket.

Took the Day Tour at the Famous Phi-Phi Island on our 2nd Day in Phuket

While my sister and I were planning our itinerary in Phuket, we found out that there were a lot of things that you do and explore there. But since we wanted it to be a relax trip as much as possible, we decided to avail only 1 tour and explore Patong Beach more.

Our Final Choice: Phi-phi Islands for the day!

A van fetched us as early as 8AM. It was really hard to wake up that early but since we knew that there were a lot of beautiful things in store for us, we made sure that we woke up on time. And also, we didn't want to be left behind by our driver. LOL!

After an hour travel time, we arrived finally at the dock. You see, Phuket is a huge town so traveling time usually takes more than an hour. This is not considering the traffic.

We immediately boarded the boat and finally the tour has officially started.

I felt that the boat was full, but it seems like it was not, because everyone was outside trying to get a tan!

But I'm sure you won't be surprised if we chose the seats inside to avoid Mr. Sun. Haha!

Our first stop was at Phi phi Don for snorkeling and picture taking.

I was so glad the water wasn't too cold!

Our next stop, finally, lunch buffet at the Phiphi Island.

After lunch we had a couple of minutes to swim. This is probably the kids' highlight of the tour. They had a grand time.

Time flew by so quickly, we were surprise that it was time to go back to the boat. Then we arrived at the dock, then went to our van which brought us back to the hotel.

It was a beautiful day for all of us!

Our First Agenda in Phuket: Checked Out Patong Beach!

WE arrived in Phuket at around 7PM and we took the shuttle bus (..for FREE! Because during December they have a promo for us Filipinos) and took us another hour to arrive in Patong Beach. We had dinner after we checked in at Hotel Ibis then went back to the room to rest.

So, on our first day, we immediately hit the beach because the kids were soo excited to swim!

Photo Ops first at the Lobby before Hitting the Beach

I found Patong Beach a bit crowded. There was no spot to just lay your sarong and lie down for a few hours. We had to RENT a chair, which costs around 100 BAHT which was PHP200.00! I know, too expensive!

I didn't swim on the first day but the kids and Hubby did (of course!). And even if the water was really cold, they didn't mind. They liked it so much!

Patong Beach is so similar to other beaches we tried, the difference is the crowd. What I like though with Patong Beach is that there are a lot of vendors selling food like spring rolls, nuts, drinks and fruits. So while Hubby and the kids were swimming, I was enjoying Thai pica-pica! I ♥ it!

After an hour or so, the kids were already convincing us to go back to the hotel to swim in the pool. We finally agreed and did a long walk passing by Bangla Road. It was still quiet and not yet crowded. We bought snacks (again!) grilled corn which was oh so sweet!

And, I would say, this is the LIFE!