August 2016 Monthly Roundup

What books and/or magazines did I read this month?
- Champion (Legend Series Book 3) by Marie Lu
- First Comes Love by Emily Giffin
- Fracture by Megan Miranda
- The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah
- The Truth about Forever by Sarah Dessen
- The More of Less by Joshua Becker
- Across the Universe Series (Book 1) by Beth Revis
- Birthmarked (Book 1 of Birthmarked Series) by Caragh M. O'Brien
- Tortured (Book 1.5 of Birthmarked Series) by Caragh M. O'Brien

What movies and/or TV shows did I watch this month?
- Love Me Tomorrow
- Batman vs. Superman
- Antman
- Once Upon a Time Season 4
- ME Before You. Beautiful, beautiful movie ♥♥♥

What special days did I celebrate and how?
- MIL's Birthday

What illnesses or health concerns did I have?
- None for this month. We are very thankful for this. ♥

What fun things did I do with my friends and/or family?
- We went to Duty Free to celebrate MIL's birthday
- Went to RealSurf Quezon for a day

What new foods, recipes or restaurants did I try this month?
- Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf's Breakfast Platter. YUM!
- Ippudo Ramen
- Starbucks' Cafe Latte and Sandwiches for Breakfast
- RealSurf, Quezon

What special or unusual purchases did I make?
- None for this month. Woot!

What have you learned this month?
- "If you don't want to be a PREY, P.R.A.Y." - Dr. Caroline Leaf
- When you start to be irritated, tell yourself, "You have a choice to ACT UP on that ANGER or just simply IGNORE." Those people are just NOT WORTH IT.

My 2016 Birthday Wish List

My birthday is coming up soon and I can't believe I was so busy that I haven't written my birthday wish list YET. So here it is...

1. Onitsuka White Sneakers
2. Beige/Cream Flat Shoes
3. Cash (*grin*)

So, there.

I just realized that my birthday wish list this year is VERY SHORT. I've learned a lot these past few months and I realized that experiences are better than things. Don't you agree?

BUT if that something will make you a better person, why not?

Since, I'm also planning of learning a new instrument. I would love to get something like soprano ukulele at which I found online a couple of weeks ago. I want something like this one...

The easy-playing Mitchell MU40 Soprano Ukulele puts fun in everyone' hands. The MU40 is designed around a bound Lindenwood body for exceptional sound and outstanding looks, and a bound rosewood fingerboard for comfortable playability. Features include classic, open-key tuning machines and a rosewood bridge for authentic ukulele tone. Plus, the included instructional booklet allows beginners to start playing right out of the box. As you can see, this MU40 has a gorgeous natural finish.

I haven't been so lucky with musical instrument when I was a kid. I would try and then give up after trying for a couple of weeks. This time, I've matured (I hope!) So hopefully I would be able to stick to learning and playing it afterwards. So yes, this is by far in my number 1 spot for my birthday wish list. (*wink*) (*wink*)

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. Happy Long Weekend!
2. Quick getaway to the beach. Woot! Woot!
3. Family Bonding
4. Fresh air + Beach = Perfect Day!
5. Freshly Brewed Coffee on a Weekend
6. Kids' Laughters while Conquering the Waves ♥
7. Sunny Weather
8. A couple of kilos of Rambutan. YUM!
9. Minimalism and Realizing what's important
10. Happy Life

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2015 Singapore/Batam Trip: Sentosa's Sunset

After a couple of 4D rides, it was time to leave Sentosa Island.

BUT before we left, we were blessed to have seen the beautiful sunset while we were at the cable car ride. ♥

What do you think? (*grin*)


Sharing a Song this SUNDAY: Good Life by OneRepublic

2015 Singapore/Batam Trip: Sentosa's 4D Adventureland was Awesome!

The highlight of our day in Sentosa island was when we tried two of the 4D rides there. It was awesome, indeed!

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island The 4-D Experience

Now you can live the adventures of the thrilling Journey 2: The Mysterious Island in stunning 4D only at Sentosa, Singapore. If you are looking forward to an adventure packed screening session then make sure to get the tickets of this family adventure drama in 4D. A sequel to the super hit movie Journey to the Centre of the Earth, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island is a film which is suitable for young and adults alike. This science fiction comedy was an instant success when it was first released in 3D in 2012. The film casts The Rock (of Scorpion King Fame), Michael Caine, Vanessa Hudgens, Kristin Davis, Josh Hutcherson and Luis Guzman. Directed by Brad Peyton this movie is based on an adventure novel by Jules Verne – The Mysterious Island. Soon after its release; this movie became a huge box office hit with a worldwide gross of over $335 million.

Watching the movie in 3D was fun back in 2012 but now you can be a part of the movie by watching it in 4D. Give your senses a treat by participating in an incredible adventure in a Pacific Island. Watch the elephants and butterflies glide past you and feel the splash of the stream as you try to cross it with your favourite stars. For just a few dollars ticket you can get an experience of a life time. A one day adventure pass would allow you to watch 3 stunning movies- all in 4D. A movie show at Sentosa 4D isn’t just about watching a movie, it is more about an interactive experience where you get to experience the same thrills as that of the characters. A visual treat for any kids, the 4D experience is even going to make the adults scream insanely. The 20 minutes show would feature some of the most exciting parts of the movie where you get to experience the state of art videos combines with the life like sounds and feel of the wind, air, water and other natural elements.

Extreme Log Ride

This 4D motion simulated ride will transport you to Himalamazon. Follow a Super-Tree log as it embarks on a spectacular journey. Weave through ravines and down valleys. Experience the thrill of your life as you dive into crocodile-infested water in this virtual rollercoaster ride. Hang on tight!

The duration of this experience is 10 minutes. Special sensory effects include wind and motion. Using a high-­definition and widescreen projection with a state-­of-­the-­art 6-­axis motion system. The seats are made up of 9 Cyclone capsules of 6 seats each and are equipped with automatic pocket doors and safety monitored seat belts.

This area in Sentosa Island is open from 10.00am – 9.00pm Daily. Take note that the last Admission at 8.15pm. Simply visit this website for ticket details and more infor:

Have fuuuuuun!

10 Most Beautiful Islands in the World


All the more reason to explore the islands of the Pihlippines. We are so blessed! ♥

2015 Singapore/Batam Trip: Candylicious

Look, how cute are these "Candylicious" decors...

Another popular stop in Sentosa Island. Make sure that you drop by here too!

Candylicious is located at Resorts World Sentosa. It is at 26 Sentosa Gateway. For more details you can call, +65 6686 2100. This beautiful store is open from 10AM to 10PM.

Now, where to, next!?

4 Tips for a Smarter, Smoother Renovation

Did you know that the average renovation almost always costs more than the homeowners intended? They underestimate costs; they overestimate the amount of work their contractors are going to put in; they aren't prepared for delays, accidents and unexpected expenses. If you don't want to join this troubling trend of homeowners getting in over their heads, here are just a few tips for making changes to your home without breaking the bank.

1. Plan Ahead

It may sound obvious, but you'd be surprised by how many people go into their remodeling projects with only a vague idea of what they'd like to accomplish. This is one of the biggest reasons why they're left stunned when the final bill is delivered to their hands. If you're serious about saving money with your renovations, put your plans on paper first.

2. Figure Out Your Budget

Don't start knocking out walls until you're sure about what it's going to cost you. If possible, be specific about your expenses. If you're calculating one big attic remodel cost, for example, don't just work out a budget for "materials" and "labor." Dig into the details and come up with separate quotes for plumbing, carpeting, insulating and wallpapering.

3. Talk to Different Contractors

This is another mistake that many first-time renovators make: They think the word of their contractor is gospel. The truth is that contractors are human, and they may have different tastes, methods and motives that influence the opinions they give you. Try to get several professional evaluations for your remodel before you commit to any one contractor in particular.

4. Draft Your Own Contract

Don't listen to anyone who says that there's a "standard" contract for remodeling projects. Builders, stagers and realtors make their own contracts, and these documents are often written to favor their own interests over the customer's. Don't be afraid to ask for changes or revisions if you feel like your contract isn't serving your needs properly. There are websites that will help you figure out what a fair agreement looks like.

These are just a few things to keep in mind as you plan your home renovation. Changing things up can be a really fun, exciting experience, but make sure you cross your "t"s and dot your "i"s if you don't want to be left holding a massive bill afterwards.

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. Happy Long Weekend
2. Quick Shopping and Lunch Date with the Hubby ♥
3. Gift of Family and Kids
4. Blogging and Online Tasks
5. Starbucks' Cafe Latte
6. Households and Prayer Meetings
7. New Friends from CFC Community
8. Another week to work! I'm grateful!
9. Looking forward to another long weekend next week
10. God's L.O.V.E.

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2015 Singapore/Batam Trip: Merlion

Our next stop in Sentosa, to check out the famous Merlion.

And look, the Christmas decors were so beautiful!

If you are visiting Sentosa in Singapore, make sure that you drop by this area. It is one of the most popular and known in the city. (*wink*)

Unless you are Prepared to Give Up Something Valuable...

Sharing a Song this SUNDAY: On Top of the World by Imagine Dragons

Today is a great day to daaaaaaance....

2015 Singapore/Batam Trip: Lake of Dreams.

As soon as we arrived Sentosa Island (after the exciting cable car), we went straight to Lake of Dreams. We wandered actually until we came across the Lake of Dreams. ♥

I can't believe that this particular fountain can be transformed into a show at night. Too bad we weren't able to watch it. Maybe next time!

For now, we enjoyed the beauty of the "lake" and took more photos.

Now, off to our next stop. ♥

2015 Singapore/Batam Trip: Off to Sentosa for our 2nd Day in Singapore

We had a long day during our first day but since we were only staying in Singapore for a few days, we made the most out of it. We are planning to have another long day in Sentosa.

Since its was our Aunt's first time in Singapore, we decided to ride the Jewel Cable Car.

I'm glad we did because I realized that it was basically the kids' first time too (now that they are little bit bigger). They enjoyed the ride so much!

The view was spectacular! And definitely unforgettable!

But this is only the beginning. We can't wait to explore the entire Sentosa! Will post more photos soon! (*wink*)

Your Young Adult Friends will Love Wisdomantics.

Have you ever been in a position where you are meeting young adult friends and you feel like you are too old to "mingle". Didn't know what to talk about, didn't know what to discuss nor do during that meetup?

I know the feeling, and here's a suggestion. Why don't you introduce my favorite game now (for all ages!) - Wisdomantics.

Yes, as I've said it is for all ages. I've discussed from my previous blog posts that it is also for children, to your friends, or even to youth or teenagers. Now, I'm recommending it to your young adult friends who are working, stressed out with their daily routines, those who wanted to relax and unwind, and to those who just simply wants to have a good time.

This game which combines 400 multiple choice quotes from the book of Proverbs is perfect for the group games that you've been looking for during your get togethers and parties. It is a state-of-the-art interactive board game after all. And everybody appreciates that, right?

So, basically this game is available in the APP Store for only $2.99.

LOOK, this is how it looks in your iPhone6 screen...

A very simple and straightforward game that young adults would appreciate. I know because after all, I'm one of those generations who love to get together and spend time with friends. (*wink*)

2015 Singapore/Batam Trip: The Beautiful Gardens by the Bay

Visiting the Gardens by the Bay is always a good idea especially during holidays. So after spending a couple of hours in Orchard Road, off we went to Gardens by the Bay.

Gardens by the Bay is a nature park spanning 101 hectares (250 acres) of reclaimed land in central Singapore, adjacent to the Marina Reservoir. The park consists of three waterfront gardens: Bay South Garden, Bay East Garden and Bay Central Garden. The largest of the gardens is Bay South Garden at 54 hectares (130 acres). SOURCE.

Gardens by the Bay is part of a strategy by the Singapore government to transform Singapore from a "Garden City" to a "City in a Garden". The stated aim is to raise the quality of life by enhancing greenery and flora in the city.SOURCE.

This is by far my favorite and it made us appreciate Christmas more.

And the best way to visit it is with family! (*wink*)

Address: 18 Marina Gardens Dr, Singapore 018953
Hours: Open today · 5AM–2AM
Public transit access: Bayfront MRT Station
Phone: +65 6420 6848

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. Fun weekend!
2. Shopping at Duty Free with the whole family ♥
3. Friends
4. Classmates
5. Blogging and Preserving Memories
6. Hugs and kisses
7. Quick trip to the Cafe and Bonding Moments
8. Soccer Practices and Games
9. God's Love
10. Couples for Christ Community

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2015 Singapore/Batam Trip: Orchard Road

Our first stop for our first day in Singapore was Orchard Road. The shopaholics are on the lose once agian and this time in Singapore...

And, look at my groovy Dad enjoying his shopping in Singapore. This photo was taken in Tang's.

Orchard Road was really something. This is not our first time in the area but boy, everytime we go back, we would always have the same reaction - WOW! The shops are everywhere, restaurants are both left and right. You can buy almost all the things that you have thought of. This road has all the amazing shops!

If you love to SHOP, this is a place that you should go, Orchard Road!

Voluntary Simplicity Means...

...and I couldn't agree more! ♥

Sharing a Song this SUNDAY: Paradise

2015 Singapore/Batam Trip: SOTA - School of the Arts Singapore

On our way to our first stop on our first day in Singapore, we came across this colorful building.

It's the SOTA or the School of the Arts Singapore. We took a few photos and it made my Aunt love Singapore so much.

I'm glad we came across this building.

It somehow made our first day a "coloful" one. So watch out for more posts soon! (*wink*)

The Perfect Earphones for the Perfect Husband

Aaah, finally, after a couple of months of looking for the PERFECT gift for my Hubby, I finally found precision drum.

He's been looking for a pair of earphones for months now and it looks like he will happy getting it. My birthday gift.

Pearl's Precision Drum Monitors are a closed dynamic headphone of exceptional quality suitable for the most demanding professional applications. Based on the highly acclaimed Beyer Dynamic DT770 Pro, Pearl's PDM250 has been custom engineered as the ultimate drum monitoring headphone for recording studios, post production, or broadcasting situations.

The low mass coil and diaphram assembly produce a transient performance in combination with a carefully tailored frequency response offering a completely natural and balanced sound. Soft earpads and adjustable, sliding, earpieces together with a single sided connecting cable ensure long term listening comfort during extended periods of use.

Pearl Precision Drum Monitors feature 250 ohm drivers with a gold plated 3.5 mm stereo jack and 1/4" inch adapter, making them suitable for use with almost all headphone amplifiers.

When he is playing his drumset, he wanted to make it as quiet as much as possible. After all, he is just practicing. So he wanted the earphones for months now. With these features, I think I will make him a happy boy...

- Closed, diffuse-field studio headphone
- Bass reflex technology for improved bass response
- Up to 35db of ambient noise isolation
- Impedance 250 ohms
- Frequency Response 5 - 35.000Hz
- Sound pressure level 96db
- Net weight 270g

So, what do you think? Should I get it for him? I think so!

2015 Singapore/Batam Trip: Preparing for our First Day in Singapore.

We all slept around 3AM already since we opened gifts and pasalubongs as soon as we got to our hotel rooms. But we still managed to wake up early for breakfast!

I was too excited to eat and bond with my family that I wasn't able to take photos. Oh well. The breakfast food was nothing special though. They just had the basics - bread, butter and jam, coffee and cereals.

After a quick breakfast, we went back to our rooms to prepare for the day!

And look, we were all ready to explore Singapore...

Ready and excited for our first whole day!

Watch out for that adventure soon! (*wink*)

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. Relaxing weekend
2. Family Bonding over Movie, Wine and Cheese
3. Batman vs. Superman
4. Freshly Brewed Coffee on a Sunday morning
5. Long lunches
6. Naps
7. Hugs & Kisses
8. Blogging and Keeping Memories ♥
9. Birthday Celebrations!
10. Photos

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2015 Singapore/Batam Trip: Our Flight to Singapore.

It was a late flight and traffic was bad in Manila (as always) so we made sure to arrive at the airport as early as we could.

Good thing, our short ride to the airport was uneventful. Thank you God!

We arrived at the airport super early so we had time to slow things down, sit for a while and guess what? We were the first ones in line at the check-in counter.

The nice thing about Singapore is that the weather is humid (yes, that's a plus FOR ME!). So we didn't pack that much clothes. We only brought 1 luggage for Hubby and I and another small sized luggage for the kids. See, I'm already improving in packing light! I was so proud of myself. (*wink*)

Naturally, checking in with a few luggages was a breeze. Now I know why they would always say that "packing light" is the way to go. WOOT!

After checking in, we went straight to the immigration and then had our quick dinner at the cafe.

All is well. And that includes our 3-hour flight to Singapore.

Thank you God!

Our Spiritual Path...

Sharing a Song this SUNDAY: Up and Up by ColdPlay


Yes, here's a preview of my next posts ... I'm sure you would know where this was taken ...

Yes, my family and I went to Singapore last December and watch out for my next posts about it! (*wink*)

A Game that is Perfect for Get Together with Friends

Last weekend was one of the best because I got to see some close friends whom I haven't seen for months. It was a perfect day to bond, talk, play, eat and drink!

Everyone was excited to see each other. But after updating each other for hours, we still had more time to spare. Yes, we were spending time for the whole day! We brought our kids with us too. And they were sooo bored.

So what did we do?

We played Wisdomantics!

Since everyone had nothing to do, we took our drinks outside, got a table a couple of chairs and started playing this amazing game. Everyone had their focus on the game trying to build the first temple of Solomon. What we did was we grouped ourselves per family. So it's me, my husband and kids, against my friends who were also there with their kids.

It was so much F.U.N.! Not only we enjoyed but we also learned a lot about the Bible quotes of King Solomon. My friends were actually amazed so I told them to look for it in the APP store. Here are the details in case YOU are also interested...

 They love, love it and said that they will purchase it soon. They were even surprised to find out that it was not that expensive considering that the game was so much fun.

How about you? Are you curious? Go ahead and download it now! (*wink*)

Don't Blame Your Circumstances by Bo Sanchez

Here's another nice article I wanted to share by BO Sanchez.

Don't Blame Your Circumstances

Mang Felix is a man who sits on his wooden bench all day.

When I leave the house in the morning, he's already there—sitting outside his home. When I return home in the afternoon, he'd still be on the same spot.

One day, I stopped to chat with him. I found out that he was only 38. I asked him, "Mang Felix, if you don't mind me asking, why do you sit here all day? Why don't you work?”

"You know, Brother Bo,” he said, "to succeed in life, you need five C's. I only have one.”

I asked, "And what are the four C's that you don't have?”

"First, I don't have a college degree. I only finished high school. Second, I don't have capital. So I can't start a business. The third C is connections. I don't have any. The fourth C is chance. It's just my destiny to be poor.”

I asked, "And what is the one C that you have?”

"I'm cute.”

I laughed. "How about confused?”

"Bo, this is my destiny. But it's OK. I get by. My wife earns a little and we have relatives who help us.”

I told Felix, "Do you know Henry Sy, Lucio Tan and John Gokongwei?

He nodded. "Of course, I know them. Who doesn't?”

I took a deep breath and began my lecture. "Henry Sy came to the Philippines from China as a young 12-year-old boy with no wealth to speak of except the shirt on his back and the slippers on his feet. At that young age, he worked in a sari-sari store 12 hours a day. Today, he owns 50+ SM malls all over the country.”

"Wow,” Felix muttered.

"John Gokongwei, at the age of 15, was a simple market vendor. He was the youngest market vendor at that time, riding his bicycle, carrying soap, candles and thread. He'd sell them to one customer at a time, face-to-face, belly to belly. He never graduated from college. Today, John Gokongwei is a multi-billionaire and owns Cebu Pacific, Robinson's and a host of other businesses.”

"Incredible,” he shook his head.

"Lucio Tan? Same story. Arrived from China absolutely poor. Never finished college too. But look at him now. He owns PAL, PNB, Eton Properties, etcetera.”

"That's great,” he said.

"Do you understand?” I asked.

"Understand what?” he asked, his face a total blank.

"They started just like you! Without the C's that you mentioned. The only difference is that they didn't sit on a wooden bench the whole day.”

"But I like my wooden bench!” he roared.

"It's never one's destiny to be poor. You may have been born poor but you don't have to stay poor.”

"But this is my bad luck!” he said, his hand pounding his bench.

"I don't believe in bad luck,” I said, as I turned to leave.

"What do you believe in?” he asked.

"I create my luck,” I said.

May your dreams come true,
Bo Sanchez

Celebrating Favorite Athletic Teams

If you are a sports enthusiast, then there are plenty of ways you can celebrate your hobby. Watching a favorite team win a championship game can be an incredible experience. Having a themed room decorated with sports memorabilia can be a fun place to host an indoor tailgate. Here are some ideas for hosting a party to watch your favorite team.

Plan Ahead
Try to get an idea of how many guests will be attending your party. This will help you make certain that you have enough snacks and beverages. You can also find out if any children will be attending and plan activities for them in a separate space. When the guest list is confirmed, then you can begin planning the menu.

Have Enough Food
Many people enjoy snacking throughout the game. You may want to offer a variety of chips, dips and other snacks for your guests to enjoy. If the game comes on at a later time in the evening, then guests may want to eat their main course as soon as they arrive. Ordering pizza is an easy option for pleasing a crowd of guests. If you prefer to cook, then chili can be a great option if the weather is cold. You can also offer a variety of appetizers instead of serving a main entree. Be sure to offer a variety of beverages for your guests. If children are attending, then be sure to have options for them as well. For example, fruit punch and mini corn dogs are popular food options for children.

Create an Atmosphere
Choosing decorations that match the colors of your favorite team can be a great way to get guests involved in the game. Encourage guests to wear team colors, and choose tableware that matches. Autographed football jerseys can be framed and used as intriguing table centerpieces. Guests will be impressed with your attention to detail.

Being able to spend time with friends watching a favorite team is a fun hobby, and there is no need to become overwhelmed when planning a party. If you don’t want to bother with a menu, then you can ask each friend to bring a food or drink item.

More Loots for the Kids...

...this time from Tita Trish!

And look, we got cute and matching longchamp bags!

We all love, love, love these uber cute bags. Perfect to bring for impromptu dates and a trip to the mall.

Thanks again Tita Trish for these Longchamp Bags fresh from Paris! ♥♥♥

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. Quick Getaway and Get Together with Friends in Tagaytay
2. Kids are feeling better now
3. Family Bonding every weekends
4. Christmas season is almost here!
5. Friends from CFC community
6. Highschool Friends
7. Online Friends
8. Freshly Brewed Coffee
9. Loots from my Ninang ♥
10. Hardworking Kids

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My Kids' New Backpacks

The moment the kids got this plastic bag, imagine their reactions...

Oh yes, they were ecstatic! Especially when they saw whats inside...Even me, myself felt so excited when I saw these cuties.

Backpacks for the kids. Thank you so much Tito Dandy for these loots from Singapore! Woot! Woot! ♥♥♥