Greeting you a Happy New Year!

Well, I can't believe that Christmas day is finally over! Gifts have been opened, so many food have been eaten (this explains why I still got my pregnancy weight! Aaargh!), and so many sleepless nights that we need to make up. But after all those, the little girl is happy and embracing the holidays very much.

Hubby and I on the other hand is getting sick ALL the time. I was the first who catched fever and colds. Hubby now got a stomachache and backache. This is probably because of tiredness. Did I mention that Alex's Yaya went on a vacation since the 21st? SO Hubby and I were so hands-on with both Alex and Andie. This was probably our most tiring Christmas holiday EVER. That is why I had to put off some work about snow chains for now and will probably deal with it after the holidays.

But after all those stress of making her eat, take a bath, brush her teeth, it still feels good to be with her all the time. I realized that even if I work from home, I still don't spend time with her 100%. I also realized that I don't even play with her when we were home.

Anyway, I haven't mentioned here about Andie's baptism last December 21, 2008 was a success. It was a simple celebration with family and friends. I wanted her to be baptized before Christmas but was too tired to plan it well that's why I was able to finalize everything a week before the said date. Bad Mama! LOL!

Anyway, will post more photos about it after the holidays. But for the meantime will leave you with Andie's photo during the baptism. She was sleeping the whole time! From the church to the reception she just slept and slept!

Since we are going to be busy in the next few days, will just greet everyone now and hope that you will have a prosperous New Year! There are so many things to look forward to next year and I can't wait for 2009 to start! (*wink*)

A Blessed Christmas to All!

Hello, hello, everybody!

Finally after so long I was able to get online and post here. I got sick for a couple of days - high fever, colds, back pain, and more. I thought I would be staying in bed on Christmas day but fortunately, I was healed in no time. Thanks to Hubby for taking good care of the kids while I was sick.

I have so many updates! One thing is my "huge" purchase of a bag that I've been dreaming about for months! Whew! I finally gave in...Will post about that more soon.

Our Christmas eve was a blast! Well at least for the little girl. She was awake last night until 2 in the morning. She was just playing with her cousins and never thought of sleeping. She loved our gift too (the wooden dollhouse and the city blocks). I haven't checked our camera yet if Hubby was able to take a lot of photos (yes I was THAT tired) but will definitely get back on that.

Anyway, will cut this short since I need to do a little bit of reading about some textbooks for the little girl. And of course, need to spend some quality time with my family. (*wink*)

Have a blessed Christmas everyone!

Still a Struggling Breastfeeding Mom!

I was about to change the "struggling" term into "trying hard". LOL!

Anyway, as hard as it sounds, after almost a month of giving birth I feel better and somehow recovered now. Thank God!

I still struggle to breastfeed but I have found a better way (and routine too). I don't breastfeed directly anymore since Andie is not happy with my "output" (LOL!) so what I do is I just pump every 2 to 3 hours, which is way better for her. After a few minutes of feed (now 3 ounces every feeding), she sleeps soundly. At night time she only wakes up twice or thrice and Hubby has been helping me all along.

(I love Hubby even more now! LOL!)

As for Ate Alex, she has adjusted pretty well too. Still craving for attention every now and then but I make it a point to make her "help" me with her baby sister (thanks to your advices ladies! ;) ). I also make time to watch cartoons with her while I blog. Haha. So as of the moment, she is sitting with me watching leapfrog while I post this.

I'm glad that things are turning out pretty well. The solution - SLEEP, PRAYERS and a LOVING husband. :D

So will cut this short for now. Still finding time to visit your blogs, but will do it very, very soon!

For updates, you can visit My Colorful World blog about my shopping sprees and my travel blog for our loots to give out this Christmas.

Have a nice Tuesday everyone!

Parties and Updates!

My giving birth to Andie didn't stop The Dada and the little girl to attend parties. In short, their weekends were still booked! It's a good thing because it keeps the little girl occupied, now that she begins to appreciate parties. Too bad she gets really quiet when she gets to the party and doesn't talk at all! All she does in the parties is observe and when she gets home, that's when she sings, dances, and greets the celebrant!

Last December 1st, Ate Alex attended Stephen's Jollibee party. As usual, she had a blast!

IMG_4406 2
IMG_4391 2 IMG_4397 2
IMG_4404 2 IMG_4407 2

Last weekend (December 6), she attended Bela's party at Fun Ranch Tiendesitas. And even if the party was early (around 9AM to 12NN), she still had fun as well.

IMG_4539 2 IMG_4444 2
IMG_4529 2 IMG_4505 2

The day after that (dec 7) we spent our day at the in-laws to watch the "dream match" of Hubby's idol - Pacquiao. Check out my post about it here.

On Andie's Update: She is now almost three weeks old! How time flies. She has been good and been sleeping for two to three hours straight. I'm happy to say that I only wake up twice or thrice every night. Yes, she is still "an eating machine". She can finish almost 3 ounces of milk in one feed now! But at least her face is getting rounder and her legs are getting bigger too. I can't wait for her to wear dresses and nice shoes!

For now, will leave you with these photos. (Please don't mind my eye bags!!)


IMG_4354 2

IMG_4438 2

'Til my next update! ;)

The Wonder Woman Badge

Thanks Jody for this wonder woman badge!

I love it! ;)

The First Night and the First Meeting

Hubby and I decided to room-in Baby Andie on our second night at the hospital. We really didn't plan of rooming her in but she haven't nursed for more than 24 hours already so that kept us a bit worried. After I tried to nursed her, the nursery staff prepared her to room-in then after a few minutes, she was sent to our room.

At around 9PM, Baby Andie finally latched on, and guess what happened? She tried to latched on from 9PM to 8 in the morning! Yes, that long. I guess she was that hungry huh? Hubby and I weren't able to get some sleep! It was our first sleepless (literally) night with our second baby girl.

When it was morning, Hubby arranged everything from billing to Doctor's fees until we were able to check out the hospital at around 12NN. We were missing the little girl so much that we wanted to go straight to my Mom's (she was staying there while we were at the hospital). We were excited too since we promised her that Baby Andie will give her a gift when she comes out of Mama's tummy.

So, we fetched her at my Mom's place before heading home. I was carrying Andie. When she entered the car, we immediately showed her Andie, and when she saw her baby sister, she was ecstatic! She became so hyper, she doesn't want to leave Andie. She would say, "My Baby Andie! My Baby Andie!" when we try to bring her down to eat. That day (and night) was really memorable. I can feel the joy and excitement from Ate Alex.

Lately she would look at my tummy and say "No more Baby Andie." Then she would point Baby Andie, and say, "There's baby Andie!".

At first, I couldn't find any jealousy or something from her, but lately, I realized that she's getting hyper everyday, trying to seek some attention. Probably because there came a point that I was nursing for almost every hour! And I couldn't join them (Alex and Dada) during meal times because I'm not allowed to use the stairs yet.

Our nights are getting harder too. Alex would not listen to everything I say. She would look for her Yaya everytime. She would cry suddenly. And this would happen while Andie is hungry again and needs to nurse!

Yes, it is HARD.

So, instead of taking a nap while the two girls are taking a nap, I try to be online to keep me sane. I try to wrap some Christmas gifts just to make me occupied. I read a lot of fashion magazines just to get my mind off where I currently am even for just a few minutes.

I just hope that the adjustment period will end and that everything will go back to normal. Well, our normal routine plus the baby girl of course.

But, for the meantime, all I can do is PRAY.

All About Debts.

Since I've been nursing for every two hours, all I did while nursing is read. I had all the time in my hands to catch up on my reading. I have noticed that most of the articles over the web and in magazines focus mainly on how to get out of debt.

I wonder why. Is it probably because most people are in debt now? Are most people cannot handle their finances anymore? Are most people living beyond their means? It's a good thing that there are already companies out there that help in getting people out of debt. The Debt Solutions' exclusive debt elimination and wealth building system will allow you to finally get out from personal debt. They will also help you start become financially independent.

November Monthly Roundup

What books and/or magazines did I read this month?
- Marie Claire Magazine
- The Hammer of Eden by Ken Follet (still have to finish this!)

What movies and/or tv shows did I watch this month?
- Quantum of Solace

What special days did I celebrate and how?
- Baby Shower with CFC household
- My giving birth to Baby Andie!

What gifts did I give and/or receive?
- Flowers and Estrel's cake from Hubby. (thanks sweetie!)

What illnesses or health concerns did I have?
- Headache and Back Pain

What fun things did I do with my friends and/or family?
- Girls night out with YFC friends
- Movie and dinner date with Hubby
- Hubby attended the CFC's Chapter Christmas Party

What new foods, recipes or restaurants did I try this month?
- Masas
- Pepato
- Peri-peri Grill house

What special or unusual purchases did I make?
- check out my other blog for my latest loots I got through online shopping. :D

What were this month's disappointments?
- Nothing in particular

What were my accomplishments this month?
- I finally gave birth to Baby Andie and it took only 7 hours of labor in the hospital

Need some Baskets!

While Andie was taking a nap, I was fixing her stuff and realized that I need a lot of storage baskets for her clothes. I also need some laundry baskets or a simple hamper for her dirty clothes just to make things organized.

I realized that a newborn's stuff can be a LOT from diapers, clothes, mittens, booties, socks, towels, wash cloths, and more that log baskets can definitely do wonders.

But the thing is I want hampers or baskets that would fit the design of our house so that even if the kids will grow up, they would still be able to use it. The hampers would not depend on their ages. I found LOMBOK. It offers stylish Eastern inspired baskets or hampers that would be perfect for our home. What I like about these baskets is that they are functional and at the same time decorative. It is stylish and clears away the clutter of our little girl and baby girl.

They also offer more stylish furniture, like the wooden beds, dining tables, wooden bookcases, chests of drawers, and coffee tables.

This is very timely since we are also looking for stylish, yet useful furniture for Andie's room. You see, we haven't made the carpenter build a bed yet for her room because we never thought that we will conceive immediately. So here we are now, cramming and are press for time in trying to fix her room. Good thing we can still use Ate Alex's crib as of the moment.

Will definitely checkout more stuff from Lombok.