Classic Evening Dresses, Anyone?

I'm the person who hasn't really bought a lot of evening dresses for special occasions. Probably because I prefer parties which are informal and I guess there weren't just any formal occasions that I had to attend to. But I believe that evening dresses or any other formal dresses are an investment. There's this one online shop in Australia that offers these and it's called The Red Carpet. It is the Australia's newest online shop offering a glamorous range of quality evening dresses, bridesmaids dresses and wedding gowns as well as accessories. Each gown is made specifically for each client in the style, colour and size desired. The entire range of 300 plus gowns is available in up to 36 fabulous colours and in US sizes 2 - 28. The entire range of gowns are beautifully crafted, made of gorgeous fabrics and many with exceptional hand beading. Cool huh? And you can just order it online.

Love your Skin

Ok, ok, I told you already that I'm not THAT vain. But I really do take care of my skin. And my personal favorite is moisturizer and sunblock. And there are various skin care products out there that I should try too. Lavandou has tons of products, from sun protection products to anti-aging and they also have products with powerful anti-oxidants. I just love going to their website because they don't only sell their products there but also offer some information about how to take care of our skin, what are the common skin problems, and more. In short, they just teach you how to love your skin. :)

Global Sports Warehouse

I remember when I was still in College and when I was still part of the block, we were forced to enroll in martial arts as our P.E. class. Of course, I got excited because finally I'd be able to learn how to defend myself. Unfortunately after that class, I didn't improve on the skills that I've learned and eventually forgot about it. But, lately, Hubby and I were thinking that it would really be good for us if we will do some exercises for at least twice a week. Although, I usually get bored carrying weights and everything, I would probably suggest that we do martial arts again. And oh, I would also suggest that we have martial arts supplies & weapons . How coincidental since Global Warehouse is now offering an introductory price of 10% of some featured products that they have. Oh, and they don't only offer martial arts supplies including traditional weapons used in training or self defense but also offers weapons for kickboxing ,boxing, muay thai, kali escrima, and kendo. Cool huh?

Me? Vain?

You Are 59% Vain

You're a little vain, but more than anything you have a healthy amount of confidence.
Thinking the world of yourself is great. Just don't think less of those who aren't as pretty as you!

I tagged myself from era here. Thanks era! :)

Well, I've never imagined myself as vain (promise!). Here are some random beauty/fashion/shopping facts about me:

  • I'm not into jewelries. For several years now, I'm still using these plain pearls that I bought in greenhills for I think 200 bucks. LOL!

  • I started using moisturizer when I was in US because it was too cold and my skin was breaking out. If not for that, I wouldn't use moisturizer at all.

  • I started using an anti-stretch mark lotion when I was 1 month pregnant (vain?)

  • I usually have/want 2 massages every month.

  • I have pedicure at least once/twice a month. Tamad ako to go there every week.

  • I just recently tried threading (for my eyebrows) and it hurt like hell! But, I want it done again maybe next month. :)

  • I love to shop! Clothes, bags, shoes, everything!

  • I used any shampoo that's available (now that I have short hair). But before, I can't live without a conditioner. And then I would go to the parlor at least once a week for hotoil. (boy, I was magastos!)

  • When I had time (and that means I was still single) I would put oatmeal all over my body (something like a mud pack). Then rinse it off with milk. (oh, how i miss those times when I still have the time to do it!)

  • I drink lots and lots of water everyday.

  • Sometimes, when Hubby and I went out on a date, I would change for like 3 times before I would end up with an outfit that I like. LOL!

So, what do you think? Am I vain?

Well, I just realized that I've changed so much right after I gave birth. There were things that I don't do anymore for myself. I'll just probably wait for Alex to grow up. And then when that time comes, i'll bring her to all the "kakikayan" places and we'll definitely have a blast!!!

I Made my Decision

After all these "yaya" problems that we are having, I made my decision on how to face it.

I will be facing it with COMPLETE trust to GOD that HE is planning on something BIG for us.

I will be expecting that there will be a miracle, that in one week, HE will be sending a great yaya for Alex. Who is willing to work and who actually cares.

And I BELIEVE that God will not fail us on this one.


I know GOD is someone who is bigger than this.

ONE WEEK is all it takes for HIM to do that MIRACLE.


And all of you will be witnesses of how GREAT GOD is and how HE does wonders in our lives.



Well, Alex's Yaya suddenly came up to me this morning (while I was taking Alex a bath) and said that she will be going to school. Well, yes, it means she's leaving. She's been with us for four months now. I realized that she saved us last March because we didn't have yaya/househelp for almost 2 weeks and Hubby and I did everything in the house.

Then she came. And we were happy with her because she makes Alex smile. She plays with her. She was a good cook too. But she texted a lot!

Anyway, so now, we're back to looking for the right yaya again. And it made me wonder, what am I doing wrong? Is Alex really a handful?

But I guess I have to keep in mind that it's not our fault. And I guess it's just meant to be.

Soms Noodle House and Everything At Steak

When I was pregnant I've been craving for bagoong rice! I don't know why, good thing Alex didn't look like bagoong. Hehe! Last Friday night it was a no-household-night so Hubby and I decided to go out on a date. We had dinner at Som's Noodle House in Makati. It was an "authentic" thai food. I heard it from Anton's blog and people were just raving about it.

When we went in the restaurant, the ambiance was not so good. It was more of a carinderia/bar type of resto. But it was what I've expected since Anton warned his readers that it wasn't the formal dining place that we should look forward to.

Anyway, Hubby and I ordered the bagoong rice (of course!), red curry tofu, and phad thai. Sayang, they didn't have thai iced tea anymore. I heard this one is really good.

Bagoong Rice and Red Curry Tofu
Yummy Bagoong rice and Red Curry Tofu!

Verdict of Soms Noodle House: We love the food! If you don't care about the ambiance and etc and would just like to eat thai food, then try it! ;)

After dinner Hubby and I went to Landmark to check out some furnitures and went to Greenbelt to have dessert. We just looooove to eat nowadays! I think eating has been our thing after being too much stressed out with work and the construction of our house. We had strawberry short crepe at Cafe Breton. It was yummy! Sorry, we weren't able to take some pictures because we just can't wait to eat it! :)


Sunday was a busy day for us as well. After lunch, we went to check out Aristocrat Lamps but it was closed. Then we went to E.Rod to checkout some furnitures there, but, again it was closed. So, we went straight to Play & Display. They had a few nice items there and will probably go back within the week (before the sales ends). After that we heard mass then had dinner with my family at Everything At Steak in San Juan. This one I heard from ShopCrazy. We ordered for T-Bone Steak, Potato Skins, Chicken Wings, Fish and Chips and Pasta.

Chicken Wings
Chicken Wings

T-Bone Steak
T-Bone Steak

Our verdict: Well, their steaks are huge but thin. They weren't good (or nothing special) but really, really cheap. T-bone steaks are only p120 each! Imagine! But I love mostly their appetizers - Potato skins (p90), Chicken Wings (p90), and Fish & Chips (p90).

I wonder where we will eat next week? (*grin*)

How's our Weekend Going?

Well, since Alex got sick (since Wednesday), we couldn't plan to go out with her this weekend. So, yesterday, Hubby and I left her with my Mom whose more than happy to stay with her, and went out on a date. We were supposed to watch The Transformers but we found out that it wasn't shown in the movies yet (not until next week). So, we ended up having dinner at Som's Noodle House (thanks to Anton of Our Awesome Planet for featuring it in his blog), window shopping at Landmark and had our dessert at Cafe Breton.

And we have more plans for today and tomorrow, so Abangan...

What about you? How's your weekend going? :)

The Packing Begins...

One or two more weeks to go and we will be transferring to our new home. Although it won't be that far from where we are staying right now but, we still need to pack our things and we will be needing a lot of cardboard boxes. Alex's stuff particularly her toys are just a lot to pack for. We couldn't believe that she already got almost three boxes of toys, not to mention her clothes. I'm planning to get the cardboard boxes from The Packing Station. They offer different types of boxes and you can choose according to your stuff. And I can see that the boxes and cartons that they're offering are durable and heavy duty that you can be assured that your stuff will be safe. They don't only offer cardboard boxes, but they also offer Brown Kraft Paper, Bubble Wrap, Corrugated Paper, Polythene Bags, Strapping & Twines, Stretchwrap, Tape & Dispensers, and a lot more. I better order now since they have a 10% discount on all products!

Reliable Real Estate Brokers

Ever since, Hubby and I would really want to sell the other unit of our house. It's not easy to decide about it, but it's just much more practical and these days maintaining two units would be really expensive. What if nobody would rent it for like a year? So, in line with our decision we would be needing a reliable real estate broker. Just like GMAC Real Estate. Their Agents and brokers are there to provide you with the service, expertise and advice you need, and deserve. They can help you with all your residential real estate needs, whether you’re hoping to buy or sell a new home, condo, townhouse, second home, luxury home or any other type of real estate property, and you can expect Premier Service from GMAC Real Estate. In addition, their real estate agents can provide expertise for First Time Home Buyers, Employee Relocation, Military Relocation, Vacation Homes, Retirement Homes, New Construction Homes and much more. Oh, I can't wait to talk to them.

Blues Cruise Sounds like Fun!

I was thinking lately that Alex's love for dancing and music must have gotten from me. Oh yes, I love to dance (but cannot sing) and listen to different kinds of music. I just love the feeling of being able to "escape" from reality and feel the rhythm and message of the song. And then when I found out about this music cruise of Blues Cruise, I was ecstatic! Hubby and I were originally planning to have a cruise for our honeymoon but due to time constraints, we just went to the beach and spend one week there. But the music cruise is just amazing! I just can imagine being in that cruise and being able to listen to jazz and rhythm & blues. Haaay, sounds like really, really fun. I better convince Hubby to save right now and convince him that we check it out sometime next year. Wish me luck my friends! ;)

Happy Father's Day

To all the DADS out there, my Hubby (Alex's Dada), my Dad, my father-in-law, and to all my friends who are great fathers:



Got a dollar?

I was thinking lately that Alex is growing up fast and I was thinking of buying an insurance. I know, i know, it doesn't connect to anything but I just felt like I need to be protected and Hubby and Alex too! As I was browsing through globe life insurance a couple of days ago, I just couldn't believe it! It's only a dollar for adult or children and you get to be protected! Yes, it's true and they only have 3 steps to do it: 1 - No Medical exam and just few Yes/No health questions. 2 - No waiting period and full coverage on the first day! 3 - And you can buy direct by calling them and they guaranteed that no agent will call you. What's good about Globe life is they've been in the business since 1951. Hmmm...I better talk to Hubby later and convince him about this. :)

Planning to go to Disney?

We are planning to go to DisneyWorld Orlando when Alex turns 3 or 4. Although I've been there already when I was still single, and so is Hubby. But, it's just a lot different if Alex is with us. After all, DisneyWorld is for kids right? :) When we get there, we wanted to stay in a very nice, clean and cozy place. And I'm pretty sure that Disney vacation home of VillaDirect would be it. It's a lot cheaper than hotel suites and kid-friendly too. Over 70% of vacation homes are within 3 miles of Mickey, Minnie and their friends - and each of these Disney area homes is perfectly located to make sure that we can enjoy more of the fun that the theme parks and attractions have to offer - by getting there quicker! Oh, sounds like my dream vacation. I should probably plan my itinerary now!

Imprinted Pens Anyone?

Have you ever been in that moment were pens like parkers and cross were such a fad that you want these engraved? Yeah, I love it! But most of my pens were a gift from friends and relatives because I couldn't affort it at that time. While browsing to the internet I came across pensrus that do imprinted pens. They can actually imprint company logos, names, and any other design that you can think of for your pens. And they have the Expressions Collection which is new for 2007 which composed of a group of fresh styles and colors, with a flair for the edgy. And the nice thing about this is that any pens can be used! So, you can even order for your kids' pens! There are three ways to order. One is fax your order by downloading the form through their website, second is through mail by also downloading the form through their website, and by calling them at 1-800-PENSRUS.

Alex Update!

I've realized that I haven't given you update about Alex for quite sometime now. Thanks to Joy for reminding me about it. ;)

Alex has been very busy watching Barney these days. She got a "dino dance" from Barney and she just looks so cute! So, how can I resist and not let her watch TV? So, what I'd do is let her watch once in the morning and once in the afternoon. If backyardigans were shown on TV at Nick Jr. I would let her watch too.

This is how she looks like while watching Barney or Backyardigans...




Oh yeah, she can't just sit there and watch, she has to dance too! :)


This is my favorite picture of my Alex taken by her Dada while they were playing.


How do you handle electronic check processing?

My thesis during my graduate school was about B2B system of a food and beverage system. During that time (well, it was just last year), payment was an issue since the system was built mainly for products that were for export. Clients may not be able to pay etc, since they were like a thousand miles away from the company. So, electronic checks came in handy. But, how are they going to manage all the electronic checks that they issue or release? Then, came the electronic check processing of CheckVantage. They provide an innovative electronic check processing solution for online and offline merchants, B2B companies, or for any business that takes or sends checks. They would cater payments in credit cards, phone payments, accounts receivables, point of purchases, internet checks, and a lot more. If you a have business that handles electronic checks, then, go for CheckVantage! They have free demo too, just call 877-253-2501 for details.

Business Cards

When I was in highschool, my only dream was to have my own business cards. I was wondering before how would it feel like to have my name in a business card and I would give it out to people. :) I would ask my friends to make one for me and I would really get excited for it! But of course, now that I'm a professional, I would need a business card that would make a statement. A business card that look nice and yet very professional. And then I came across GreatFX business cards. What they actually do in their website is that they allow you to design your own. Although they have also custom designs to choose from but it's also good to be able to create it with your own style. After the design part, they would print it out for you at a reasonable price - $28.00 for 250. And is delivered right at your doorstep in 3 days! Neat huh? If you want one, go check out their website now!

Tagged by Dangkin

I've been tagged by Dangkin. She wants to know what sites do I usually visit when I'm online. So, here goes...

~Start copying here~

The rules are, list out 6 Web sites that you often surf upon opening your Web browser. Change the Web title and the purpose. Tag 4 people.

Okay, let’s start:

gmail - I would open my email first before visiting other sites.

yahoo mail - Some emails were sent to my old yahoo email address so, I would also open it everyday.

my blog - of course, I would visit my own blog (lol!) to check if my online friends left some messages. :)

bpi express online - This site has been really helpful. I would do online transactions here to transfer funds, check balance, etc...

friendster - Yeah, I love to check out what's happening to my friends' lives and how they are doing so I check out friendster. :)

php digiscrappers - to check out some latest chika (haha!) and some LOs to look out, freebies, and just chats, I would always check out this site.

Anyone can do the tag if you like. :)

~End copying here~

May Monthly Roundup

What books and/or magazines did I read this month?
- Sam's Letters to Jeniffer by James Patterson
- A Power of a Positive Mom

What movies and/or tv shows did I watch this month?
- Spiderman 3
- Grey's Anatomy (Season 2)

What special days did I celebrate and how?
- Mother's day celebration at my in-law's house
- Parents-in-Law's 38th Anniversary at Hotel Sofitel
- Amber and Rudolph's Wedding in Tagaytay

What gifts did I give and/or receive?
- I got the book, "The Power of the Positive Mom" from Hubby as a Mother's day gift. :)

What illnesses or health concerns did I have?
- I had LBM from Baguio
- Headache, headache and headache :(

What fun things did I do with my friends and/or family?
- I went out for dinner and coffee with MM
- Hubby and I attended the Hope Weekend in Baguio with our CFC Household head

What new foods, recipes or restaurants did I try this month?
- Cafe by the Ruins
- Pizza Volante
- Palizata
- Baguio Country Club

What special or unusual purchases did I make?
- I can't think of any except for some stuff for the house.

What were this month's disappointments?
- None.

What were my accomplishments this month?
- I'm now an official "Call Girl" --> Tele-sales for the same Company ;) my accomplishment was that I was able to still work at home and loving what I'm doing. :)