Look at Her!

Andie that is!




Andie is becoming a darling these days. She is posing like her Ate. Giggles like there is no tomorrow. And smiles like an angel. I know I'm exagerating but I'm her Mama after all. (*grin*)

She is now 1 year and 4 months. But for me, she is still a baby. She has lessen her solids in-take though because her two molars are coming out. Good thing she is not fussy. What a brave baby! She loves to run these days and plays with her Ate. All the while I thought that it would take years for both of them to start playing together but I guess I was wrong. Since the Ate plays different kinds of games, Andie would really enjoy playing with her. This morning I saw them playing under an umbrella. They were pretending to be traveling and gives some roadside assistance to the passersby. I know, what a weird game! The Ate invents different kinds of games. She would sing and dance by herself which makes Andie do the same.

I hope they would be like that in the next few years. Bestfriends for life. Even if they grab each other's toys (well particularly Andie grabbing Ate's toys), I hope and pray that they would support each other no matter what.

Bong & Jia's Wedding

It's been awhile since we last attended a wedding. So we are so looking forward to Bong and Jia's wedding. Bong is Hubby's college friend. Aside from Alex being their flower girl, we also look forward to see Bong get married.



Surprisingly, Bong wasn't that nervous compared to the other grooms out there. LOL! He was so relaxed. It just proved that they were very well prepared. As far as I can remember they were preparing for their big day for MONTHS!

The ceremony was held at St. Francis of Asisi Church. Nice, isn't it?

The wedding started at 4:30PM although the invite said that it would start at 3:30PM. The wedding turned out to be a mini reunion for Hubby and his friends. Some friends came after not seeing each other for 5 (or more) years. Everybody had a blast especially at the reception which was held at Valle Verde 6 clubhouse.

Look at that pose!




Again, congratulations to the bride and groom! May you have lots of babies and lots of happy, happy years together! (*wink*)

God Whispers Today

LOVE this!

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. Great day today!
2. Nescafe's 3-in-1 coffee
3. New books to read!
4. Steady Days by Jamie Martin - a really nice read.
5. Online friends
6. Bong and Jia's wedding last Saturday
7. Blogging
9. Looking at old travel photos :)
10. Got my PC sound back. YEY!

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"Princess Flower Girl" for a Day.

Alex that is! That was what she fondly calls herself last Saturday. We've been looking forward to this day for months! Alex's first time to be a flower girl at Bong and Jia's wedding. Check out a few photos of the "Princess Flower Girl"...


IMG_1996 2



Alex had the time of her life! She walked very slowly while walking towards the altar. Not to mention, she was smiling too! She was so well-behaved the entire mass! I couldn't believed that she only went to us right after the mass. We were so proud of her. (*grin*)

Will post more photos of the wedding soon! Watch out for it!

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. Shopping Online
2. A new job offer
3. A new loot! (woot!)
4. Sold almost all the coach bags
5. Magic Jack - a way to talk to my Mom for hours!
6. Red Mango's frozen yoghurt
7. The weather is getting better...
8. More online assignments
9. Supportive Hubby
10. Twitter!

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Celebrating Alex's 4th Birthday in Friday's

It was a blast! It was just only me, Hubby, the kids, and the Yayas. Plus we invited my sister too. We loved Friday's so much so we decided to have dinner there to celebrate Alex's 4th birthday. I also want people to sing for her just to surprise her. :)

At first, I thought we ordered so much that we wouldn't be able to finish everything but surprisingly there was only half dish left. We were that hungry I guess! Alex opened her gifts (from us and her Tita Trish). She was ecstatic to know that we gave her a jumping rope and a hulahoop.


Ever since last Christmas, Hubby and I vowed to give her simpler and cheaper gifts. Since she receives a bunch from relatives, she wouldn't be able to appreciate expensive gifts anyway. The point is that we just have to give her what she really wants (as long as it's affordable and suits her age).

Her Tita Trish gave her...



...a NICE pink bag, which Mama likes so much and might use it one of these days too! LOL!

It was a fun dinner. We ordered A LOT (thanks to Hubby's suggestions) and I felt so guilty eating a whole bunch. After dessert, I was already thinking of the fastest way to burn fat. Here are the culprits...

- Asian Salad
- Fried Mozarella
- Chicken Fajitas
- Sizzling Chicken and Shrimp
- Bacon Cheeseburger
- Pasta

That's a lot, right? It's like we had one meal each! And surprisingly the bill was just enough for the budget. With that, I was glad. :) Check out more photos...





Alex's Moving Up Day

Last Saturday was the little girl's moving up day. I can't believe that the schoolyear was finished already. It seems like we just enrolled her and here we were watching her march for her moving up day.

I was so proud of her. She has improved a lot and now she can talk to people already unlike before. She has overcome her shyness a bit too but needs more improvement. Of course she learned a lot from school but the most important thing is that she had so much fun!

Alex got an award as the "MOST DILIGENT". Teacher said that she learns fast, listens to class all the time and is very attentive.

Boy, I'm so PROUD.

Congratulations my little Alex! You made Mama and Dada PROUD.

New Blogger and New Template

Finally after several months of putting off this task, I finally upgraded to a new version of blogger and was able to change my template!


I can't believe how easy it was to change the template with the new version of blogger. You can also drag and drop "gadgets" wherein before I needed to code the HTML codes.

I'm glad I upgraded to a higher version. How do you like my new template? (*grin*)

The BIG Fight.

We haven't booked a ticket to watch the Pacquiao-Clottey fight LIVE. So now our radio is turned on and here I am looking for some live streaming. I would say this is the first time we haven't booked anything. I guess Hubby is not that interested about this fight as much as Pacquiao's previous fights. He said he was too lazy and don't want to go out today.

Any suggestions were we can watch the fight online?

Summer is Definitely Here!

After so many days of denying that it's not summer YET, I finally gave up and accepted the fact that it is really SUMMER. After being so HOT these days, I had to accept and probably plan on the kids' activities in the next two months! I'm going to work a lot of hours for March and April so I was hoping that Alex would have an activity that she can do while I work. Although she doesn't get bored easily but I don't want her to end up watching TV the whole summer! Andie on the other hand is fine with our routine as of the moment.

Well at least we have one trip to look forward to. Hubby, myself and the kids again but we will meet the Yayas when we get there. So at least we won't get that tired unlike our HK trip. I promised Hubby that we won't bring so many stuff in the plane this time. Although I was insisting on bringing an umbroller like uppababy vista but he still wants to think about it. The question is are the kids going to use it? We won't walk that long anyway and we'll just use it in the airport. So, I'm still deciding on that one.

How about you? What are your summer plans?

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

I'm a bit late again. A day late is not too bad anyway. I keep on forgetting that I passed the Wednesday again. I'm just so busy lately and yesterday I was so engrossed in looking for exterior shutters that I forgot about posting this. Well at least I got to learn that there are companies that offer ready-made shutters for our future house. Who knows, we might get them in the future. :)

Happiness is...

1. Alex's 4th birthday!
2. Dinner at T.G.I. Friday's
3. Enjoying programming again :)
4. Stephenie Meyer's THE HOST
5. Booked our flight for the Holy Week
6. A new Yaya by the 21st
7. Not too hot weather today
8. More sleep this morning
9. 3 kilos of lanzones (My!)
10. The kids getting better from cough and colds

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Alex's Birthday Celebrations.

Well we decided to keep it simple this year and had two celebrations for the little girl. One is celebrating with her classmates in school by just bringing Jollibee foods - Chicken, Spag, Burger, and drinks. And the other one was celebrating it by having dinner in Friday's.

Her party in school was so simple. Since they were practicing for their Moving Up Day on Saturday, they can't stay too long. So I only asked for their eating time for Alex to blow the candle and then eat their food. We had plenty of time to setup. I even got to talk to one of the mothers there about credit repair services. A nice idea these days if you need help in your credit line. I will probably check it out one of these days.

Her Dream Cake (as of the moment)

Very Simple party for the Little Girl

Last night was a blast! Since her birthday was really yesterday, we decided to just have dinner at Friday's and ate a LOT. HA! I couldn't believe we finished all of it. Well, we had take out food but it wasn't a lot so it means that we were able to finish around 5 to 6 dishes. It was fun. Will post more on that later.

Happy Birthday Ate Alex!


Even though we quarrel everyday, I still think she's the sweetest girl in the whole wide world. (*grin*) The best Ate to her baby sister, the most obedient student, and most of all the most loving daughter who idolizes her Dada so much! LOL!


Mama, Dada, and Andie LOVE YOU SO MUCH!


I've posted a couple of days ago that I went on a trip with my Dad to the province, my home town. Surprisingly I didn't get bored or anything. We talked about all sorts of stuff from shopping to hgh sprays that he used in the farm to clothes, shoes, and phones. I tell you, we talk about anything! And it's amazing how he looked so young in spite of his age. Look at him with his apos...


Yes, that's my Dad! And he's already almost 60. Would you believe that? I can't either! When I was younger, I look up to him as my Dad. He never failed to support the family. And now that we are all grown up, he is still like that. He never changed. And he even gave me a job when I needed one! LOL! I love my Dad to bits! (*grin*)

4 more Days to go...

...and it's Alex's 4th birthday already! I know, I can't believe it either! I feel like it's only yesterday that she had her 3rd birthday party in Jollibee with the cancer patients in UST. We decided not to have a party this year but instead, we just bring food and cake in her school so her classmates can celebrate with her. We brought a couple of give-aways too at Toy Kingdom but it was just a little something so the kids will be happy.

Anyway, will post a couple of updates about Alex as she turns 4 in the next few days. For now, here are some recent photos. Not much because unfortunately our hard drives crashed and ALL of my files are there. It's in the repair shop as of the moment and I'm hoping to get ALL of these files again. Ugh!




Some Things Never Change.

Well, I'm talking about my friend, MM and I yesterday as we met in Trinoma. When we were in College, we used to eat a LOT. That's what we do. Of course we would talk about anything under sun (mostly about God). But the most common thing that we like is to EAT.

Yesterday we decided to eat at Gerry's Grill because I was too hungry to settle for coffee or desserts. Funny, we had rice, pusit ala pobre, and beef adobo for snacks! LOL! We even had to order extra rice. We finished it all and we left Gerry's Grill full and happy.

I guess that's how true friendships are (not about our eating habits). After not seeing each other for 3 months, we still managed to catch up with what's happened with our lives. Same conversations as before, although of course we had newer topics about health concerns (which is good because it means that we've grown after all those years), hemorrhoids treatment for the Mom of her friend, diabetes, our eating habits, and of course, we wouldn't fail to reminisce on the good old days. (*grin*)

It was fun. Especially capping off the night with a blizzard ice cream before going home. YUMMY!

My New Project

I'm not blogging about my new project in detail because I'm sure it will bore you. I know I've mentioned here that I used to be a programmer and was transferred to the sales team. But ever since I left the company last December, I was thinking of going back to the IT world. The fun of web programming, the discussions about internet and KVM switches that will be used for network setup, the sleepless nights thinking of a solution to one exciting error. Yes, it sounds exciting so I decided to have a deal with my Dad and provide him a system for his business. I know I've missed a lot while 3 years of not doing programming but I'm getting there and surprisingly I've missed this. I've miss the job that I've been doing for 7 years.

Could this really be my calling!?

Honestly, I'm still not sure about that. But at least, I have something to look forward to again every time I wake up in the morning. (*wink*)

My Dear Andie is Sick...

...for a few days already. We brought her to the Pedia yesterday and good thing she said that she's not admittable yet and can stay at home. When I saw that she wasn't herself the other day, I was deciding on whether I bring her to the ER. It was the first time that she lost her energy. She was way different from this.


NO wonder because when we checked her weight yesterday, she lost 0.5 kilos already for 3 days! Yes, that fast! Seems like she drank the top rated diet pill for losing weight that fast right? Well, that's what happens after NOT eating, NOT drinking milk and not being able to sleep straight. :(

At least now she's a bit ok already. She eats a little bit of rice and soup and drinks milk too. Not that much compared to her old eating capacity but at least she's gearing towards that. I can't wait for her to get well!

My Face.

Since I've been very busy lately, I don't have time to take care of my face anymore :( Although I try to put eye cream and moisturizer everyday but I don't have time to go to the salon for a facial. If only I can buy blackhead extractor so I can do it on my own. I can probably set a day, dedicated for myself. Oh yeah, I haven't had my ME time for awhile now. I was on a trip yes, but also that trip was more of work and when I had free time I would be in an internet cafe chatting with the Hubby. Maybe I should set a SPA day one of these days. After all, I deserve it, right!?


"I'm very busy" is an understatement.

There are so many things that I need to do. Especially now that both kids are sick. Alex had cough and colds but now feeling better already. Andie is having her worst cough and colds too. :( So now I'm not only busy with the project that I'm working on, but I'm also busy checking on them every now and then and making sure they drank their medicines.


The good news is that I'm losing weight. At least I don't have to drink xenadrine rfa x - a new discovery the other day. Even if it's really effective, for now, I won't be needing it.

Because of sleepless nights and lack of appetite, I really HOPE I will be getting my pre-pregnancy weight again!

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. Alex getting better from her coughs
2. Andie's energy after seeing her cry the whole night because of cough and colds
3. Pancakes and tacos from Pancake House
4. 2-hour nap
5. Going back to programming after 3 years :D
6. Possible trip during Holy Week
7. Aircon
8. Bag sales! :D
9. Dinner tomorrow with my good friend MM
10. Eating halo-halo during this very hot weather! Aaaaah!

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February Monthly Roundup

What books and/or magazines did I read this month?
- The Host by Stephenie Meyer
- A Dangerous Fortune by Ken Follet

What movies and/or TV shows did I watch this month?
- None :( Didn't have time to watch this month!

What special days did I celebrate and how?
- We celebrated the V DAY! :D

What gifts did I give and/or receive?
- Hubby and I agreed that our recent trip to Hongkong was both our anniversary and VDAY gift for each other and the whole family.

What illnesses or health concerns did I have?
- Colds. As usual.

What fun things did I do with my friends and/or family?
- Had dinner with Farrah and Erik at Isabelo's Garden
- Grand EB with my good (online and offline) friends! It was a blast!
- Jollibee party with bebots and our families
- I had a quick business trip to Bukidnon. It was all work and tiring but fun too seeing my cousins, Titos, and Titas.

What new foods, recipes or restaurants did I try this month?
- Rey's Grill, Tito Tony's, Amadeo Restaurant (Malaybalay)

What special or unusual purchases did I make?
- I had VERY unusual purchases this month. HAHA!
- I also booked one trip for me and Hubby and one trip for the whole family.

What were this month's disappointments?
- The kids were sick when I got home from my business trip :(

What were my accomplishments this month?
- Beeing able to get a project c/o my DAD ;)

I can feel SUMMER already! The heat is killing me! And I want to go to the beach! I just hope I get to book by this time. Who knows, maybe someone might change their mind and give-up their booking last minute?