April Monthly Roundup

What books and/or magazines did I read this month?
- Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger

What movies and/or TV shows did I watch this month?
- None for this month

What special days did I celebrate and how?
- FIL's birthday
- Bovic and Amor's wedding
- SIL's birthday

What gifts did I give and/or receive?
- My Dad gave my cousin cash :D

What illnesses or health concerns did I have?
- The kids had cough and colds AGAIN this month :(

What fun things did I do with my friends and/or family?
- Went to EK for SMART Family day
- Went to Bukidnon to attent my cousin's wedding
- Went to Tagaytay with CFC Household
- House blessing of in-laws
- Dinner with YFC girlfriends - MM, Lala, and Claire

What new foods, recipes or restaurants did I try this month?
- Roadhouse in Valencia, Bukidnon
- Via Mare's Kare-kare, sinigang sa miso, pork binagoongan, baked oysters and buko pandan

What special or unusual purchases did I make?
- No unusual purchases this month. Weeeeee!

What were this month's disappointments?
- Same. Same! - Kids's cough and colds :(

What were my accomplishments this month?
- Started with my project last week (*grin*)

Should I get One?

A pronexin that is. I've been having acnes lately probably because of lack of sleep. Everyday I wake up at 6:30AM but I still wake up in the middle of the night because of Andie. So that explains my acne break-outs. I also didn't like the white heads that were forming in my face. I've been meaning to get a facial soon but just can't find time. I should probably talk to a Dermatologist before doing this. Just to be sure.

Preparing for my Cousin's Wedding.

The reason why we went home to the province is because of my cousin's wedding. Alex and I were part of the entourage. We had a grand time!

We went to the bride's hotel room at around 10AM for Alex's make-up, dressing up and picture taking. While I was watching her, I was so proud of her for being so well-behaved and even enjoying the moment.

She made this bouquet!She picked out these flowers and then I tied it for her.


I specifically told the make-up artist to just put on super light make-up. She just put a little bit of blush on and lipstick.

She was really having fun!

At around 11AM both of us are already hungry. Since the rest of the entourage were still dressing up including the bride, we decided to go home first and ate our lunch. After lunch, their pictures were taken. Since I had to prepare myself for the wedding too, I just asked the Lolo to bring Alex to the hotel room again. Thanks Lolo!


And then off we went to the Church! Watch out for more photos soon!

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

I can't believe it's a Wednesday once again! Time is running by so fast lately. I was supposed to find some Minka Aire fans for the house when I realized that I should be posting my Wednesday Happy Thoughts first. Perfect way to start the day. So here it is...

Happiness is...

1. Great day today!
2. Facebook
3. Long chat with Mamu (almost everyday?)
4. Fun getaway with family and friends last weekend
5. Work, work, work!
6. Extra assignments for extra income :)
7. Blogging - makes me sane!
8. Bag business
9. Internet!
10. Going to work everyday with Hubby :D

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As of the ceiling fans, I can probably look for something online and see if I can purchase immediately. Our fans are busted and we need to replace these fans ASAP!

Cherry Blossoms!?


I'm not really sure! LOL! I saw this nice tree on our way to Cagayan De Oro. Such a lovely tree! Now I'm missing Malaybalay. I just love the eat-and-sleep-life when we usually spend our vacation there. How I wish I can go back again very, very soon!

Getting Medical Supplies Online

When my Lola was still alive and was admitted to the hospital, we were trying to get some medical supplies but we had a hard time finding one because she has a unique condition when she was sick. Now I found ALRI CR2 from JazzMedical.com and wished that I found this website sooner. They offer a whole range of medical supplies and you can order these online. No hassle on my end since I can pay using my credit card. Of course the most important thing is that at least I can now feel confident that hard to find medical supplies are just one click away.

Our Weekend.

We had another fun filled weekend with our friends in Tagaytay. The kids had fun. The adults (we) had fun eating and chatting. The kids were able to play at the playground, they did horseback riding, and played all day long. It was definitely a fun weekend. All though I admit, I ate too much for two days. I haven't even eaten a bunch of vegetables. Check out our menu over the weekend.

BREAKFAST (Bag O'Beans):
LUNCH (LZM): Bulalo, Crispy Pata, and Bangus
DINNER: Spaghetti, Hotdog Sandwich and Ice Cream

BREAKFAST: Beef Tapa, Tocino, Hotdogs, Eggs, and Rice
LUNCH: Left Over bulalo
DINNER (In-laws' party): Pasta, Fish with Tomato and Basil, Pork with Mushroom, Lechon, and Coffee Jelly Dessert

It was a fun-filled weekend not mention the eating spree! Now I need the weight loss products that I found online a couple of days ago. This would definitely come in handy.

As for the photos, will post soon! (*wink*)

God Whispers Today

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. First day at work today :D
2. So that means I was in an airconditioned room for the whole day!
3. Andie waving good-bye when I was leaving the house. She's definitely ready now!
4. Alex was a good girl while I was at work
5. Coffee! I needed it!
6. Fun trip to Mindanao over the weekend
7. Del Monte's famous roastbeef
8. Online assignments
9. Ate La Paz Batchoy last Friday
10. Online window shopping

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Friends with the Dogs

I think this was Alex's one of the best moments of her lives. The time when she played with the dogs in the province. She had the luxury to run across the lawn and play with the dogs. She was FREE!





Can you see her very happy face? I'm not a dog-person so I didn't really enjoy holding the dogs. She was so ecstatic when I said yes to her request if she can hold them. I couldn't believe how dogs can make a kids happy plus a huge lawn and a great weather! Definitely perfect for the little girl.

I tried avoiding going out before our trip because I was trying to hide some acnes. Good thing I was able to buy the best acne treatment before the wedding last Saturday and I was automatically zit-free in a few days! Loved it!

On Men and Health.

I don't know with your Men but I noticed that men doesn't actually into health and medical stuff. My Hubby don't even remember to drink vitamins. They just don't care! That's why I found this website that is very useful for men. Information is all over this website and there are even extenze reviews that might help. All the products for men are there and all the details that you need. I love it when people also rate the product so at least you have an idea what to get. I should suggest this site to Hubby. I'm sure he will find it quite useful.

Our Lunch at Del Monte Clubhouse

It has been years since I last had a meal at Del Monte Clubhouse. I loved their steaks but we just didn't have time to eat at this place. When my Dad finally said we will be having lunch at the Clubhouse last Friday, I jumped for joy!


My Dad and I had Roast Beef while my sister and brother both had sirloin steaks. It was the most sumptious meals I had during our trip! I just love Del Monte Clubhouse and hopefully we get to eat there again, this time with Hubby and Andie.

Time for our Favorite Batchoy.

Of course after our flight, as a family tradition, we went to D' Original La Paz Batchoy. It's the family's favorite after all those years. We usually come here when we visit CDO when we were kids. I love their batchoy. I haven't found something like their Batchoy here in Manila. The little girl loved it too and was able to eat a lot.

We had a few photos taken at the restaurant.

Alex and Tita Trish

I was surprised I was able to finish the whole bowl! The whole trip was actually about eating. I could have brought natural weight loss supplements because I badly need one. I gained a lot when we were there.

I miss my home town. Hopefully I get to taste the Batchoy again in the next couple of months.

Our Flight to Cagayan de Oro

...was a breeze! For the first time the pilot didn't have a hard time during landing and didn't have to try thrice to land. He did it the first time!

Alex and I took the 815AM flight. I didn't want a very early flight because I know that the little girl would be sleepy. At least with this flight I didn't have to bring extra wrinkle eye cream and cream for puffy eyes. I was expecting a tiring flight but I was wrong. We got to the Terminal 3 around 6AM, the line was not so bad but I was surprise that there were so many travellers. I guess I was used to the 4AM flight when the airport is almost empty.

After checking in, I bought coffee and we had breakfast at the foodcourt. All along the little girl was so behaved and excited. By the time I'm almost done with my coffee, the little girl was already pulling me to go to the boarding gate. So off we went!

We waited for a few minutes then we boarded the plane. The Alaska and Purefoods Basketball Team were there with us, so I was starstruck! LOL! I wanted to take photos of them but I suddenly felt shy! But when we arrived CDO, I changed my mind, gathered my guts, and finally had photos with them... Check this out...

Purefoods Team

With "Lolo Alvin" LOL!

Alvin Patrinomonio was really a nice guy. He even carried Alex while I took their photo. :)

The flight was definitely a breeze! I so love traveling with Alex now. She just slept the entire flight, woke up when we landed, and just stood there beside me while I took our bags. Such a behaved little girl! :)

Currently on Vacation.

I know my family and I just spent our vacation in Bicol. But this time I had to go back to the province again to attend my cousin's wedding. I'm with my little girl because she was the flower girl of the Bride and Groom. I'm so having fun right now with my Dad, sister, brother and Aunt. It's nice to be home. Although I needed to check out cosmetology school in Florida because I have a friend who is planning to take up cosmetology there. She's into makeup and hair so now she asked me the available schools in Florida. I had to stop what I've been doing and check out the schools. I found one - RegencyBeauty.com and seems like promising. Will check out more info and will let my friend know.

Future Models!?



I guess so!

They've been posing for the camera the past few days and I just love looking at them! Andie have this "serious look" in front of the camera. After taking her picture she would giggle and go straight to look at herself. Such an Angel! As for the Ate, she got all those poses from Tinkerbell!

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. Busy days...
2. More online assignments
3. Upcoming trip to Malaybalay with the little girl
4. Loots from Faye!
5. My cousin's wedding
6. Loving God
7. New corporate clothes ;)
8. Choco and Mocha Overload by Magnolia
9. Watched one episode of One Tree Hill last night! (Where is Lucas!?)
10. Friends and Facebook

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Our Future Getaway

I have a couple of lists that I prepared for our future getaway. This is a list only for Hubby and I, and I have another list for the family getaway. You see, when we bring the kids, it's very different. From the initial preparation to the final itinerary, kids are the priority. When it's just Hubby and I, we go places wherever and whenever we feel like it! All the adventures in the world, we would want to try! Now that I'm thinking about Breezes Resorts, it really makes me want to go there NOW! Their all inclusive vacation packages are one of the reasons why. It is all inclusive meaning you will experience all the services and facilities that you can imagine, on this vacation.

I want to check out the Runaway Bay Jamaica which has been rated as "excellent" by 467 travelers! Can you believe that? Based on the descriptions from their website, it is the ultimate vacation that I want (and probably need). The quiet coves, endless beaches and shady hammocks around every corner of the resort. Bliss! When you are at this resort, you are going to be stress free and you will experience the vacation that you've always wanted. I also would want to check out Negril Jamaica. As it has the rugged mountains and sundrenched beaches, emerald jungles and those blue Caribbean waters, the island of Jamaica is to die for! I'm definitely a beach-lover and this is definitely on the top of my list.

Our Short Trip to Camsur Watersports Complex (CWC)

We were here last Holy Monday to swim. We didn't really have plans on wakeboarding (since the last we did this, our whole body hurts for 3 long days) so we just took our time at the pool and had our brunch there. Check out a few of our photos.




At the very, very dirty kiddie pool. Ugh!

The weather was not too good. It was windy actually and the pool was oh so cold! I didn't have a great time but the kids seem happy afterwards. That explains why we didn't have much photos at CWC. It's because the sky was dark and there was no sun! :(

I was actually talking to my MOM while I uploaded those photos. She was doing the Diversity job search now in the US. According to her, it's quite hard to find a job as of the moment. So now she's looking for other options and would try to diversify. I hope she gets a job soon.

My Mom's Big Move.

I miss my Mom. Even if we fight all the time when she was here, I would say that I still miss her. We were talking yesterday over the internet and we talked for hours. Of course I had to let her hold for a few minutes because I was also taking good care of the kids while talking to her. We talked about her big move from Manila to the US. You see, she (and my Dad) were petitioned by my Aunt last 1985 and after so many years of waiting, she and my Dad were finally called and their petition was approved.

She has been in the US since December. She said that she's having a hard time looking for work and if ever that she won't find work in the next few months, she would probably move to another State! I know that's quite hard, after moving from one country to another. Moving again should not be her option. But I guess she doesn't have that much choice.

So I suggested she check out New York movers. She is planning to move to New York since almost all of my Dad's relatives are there. CityMove.com would be able to help her since it has a reverse-auction moving website that matches users with movers using a mover blind-bid system. This would save my Mom hours and lots of money to find the perfect mover for her. I know that she won't have time to find a mover herself because she is also busy helping out her Aunts there. While she looks for work, at least somebody like CityMove.com is working out her BIG move. With this she doesn't need to dedicate all her time for this. All she has to do is register to CityMove.com and everything will fall into place.

This is a major decision that my Mom has to do. So she better be sure and hopefully things will turn out for the best.

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happiness is...

1. Alex's Urinalysis having normal results
2. Clash of the Titans
3. Starbucks!
4. The Lovely Bones
5. Yahoo Messenger
6. San Mig Sugarfree Coffee
7. LIFEHOUSE songs
8. eBooks
9. MobiReader
10. Seeing my friend MM unexpectedly yesterday :)

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March Monthly Roundup

What books and/or magazines did I read this month?
- The Lovely Bones
- Evermore by Alyson Noel

What movies and/or TV shows did I watch this month?
- Sherlock Holmes.
- The Ugly Truth.
- Tooth Fairy

What special days did I celebrate and how?
- Alex's 4th birthday! (she had a simple party in school)
- Alex's Moving Up Day
- Bong and Jia's Wedding

What gifts did I give and/or receive?
- We gave Alex a hulahoop and a jumping rope for her birthday :)

What illnesses or health concerns did I have?
- The kids had cough and colds this month :(

What fun things did I do with my friends and/or family?
- Had dinner and dessert with my friend MM
- Went swimming at Cam Sur Watersports Complex (Bicol)
- Went to Bicol to spend the Holyweek

What new foods, recipes or restaurants did I try this month?
- We ate halo-halo at DJC in Legazpi
- Lunch at CWC!

What special or unusual purchases did I make?
- I bought a watch online! (*grin*)

What were this month's disappointments?
- The kids' cough and colds are really getting on my nerves already :(

What were my accomplishments this month?
- Will start working again SOON!

We're Back!

...from our vacation, that is! It was the most unproductive vacation we ever had. We didn't do anything except to EAT and SLEEP. LOL! But I can say that we were able to relax and rest BIG time. We left Manila by plane, Monday at 6AM. When we arrived Legazpi City, we went straight to Camsur. It was a long trip but at least we (including the kids) were able to swim. After that we had a couple of trip to the beach in Sorsogon and then that's it!

I'm glad though that I was able to connect to the internet to be able to read about stuff on how to buy gold bullion. I didn't have anything to do so free time was actually a welcome treat to read a lot of stuff. I was so excited to read that Gold's value is actually rising. Gold is set for an April delivery and rose $5.10 or 0.5% and settling at $1,142.70 an ounce. Isn't it exciting? To those who invested, I'm sure they are excited and happy know that the value of the gold has rose at a high level.

Anyway, now that it's Easter, I better go back to Hubby and kids and enjoy the last day of vacation! Later!

God Whispers Today