..he went away sad, for he had many possessions." – Matthew 19:22

My husband and I almost didn't get married. Oh, he loved me wellenough, and he was adamant that he wanted to spend the rest of hislife with me. He simply felt he wasn't ready.I couldn't wait indefinitely, so despite his reservations, weprepared for marriage. But the nearer our wedding date, the moremorose he became. Finally, three days before the wedding, I sought thehelp of his brother.His brother said that the real concern is money. He needed 10more years as a surgeon in training before he could earn a decentliving. He was desperately afraid of letting me down.The concept of postponing our happiness in favor of earning moremoney was totally foreign to me. We had a good talk and decided thatis was right for us to marry.After five years of marriage, we've endured his parents'bankruptcy, closing down my own business, and his meager salary afterwith endless hours in the hospital. And yet he'll vouch that he'snever been happier. by: Cez L.

REFLECTION:Are your financial concerns holding you back from true happiness? Lord Jesus, teach me the true meaning of happiness.

GOD truly works in mysterious ways.

When I was at this multi-national company, I never imagined myself leaving. I imagined myself working for it for my whole life, enduring the stress, forgetting about my priorities, and climb up the corporate ladder as high as I can imagine. I never thought GOD had far more better plans for me.

I was pregnant when I joined this company. With the permission of my husband (of course), I tried my best to fit in the culture and worked as hell just to prove myself that I'm worth the job. I was proud of myself for this because my dream was beyond reach already. Everyone was proud of me.

But when I gave birth, God was suddenly telling me something...

God was telling me to quit the job and take care of our baby. But, I can't because I was worried (yes, I worry all the time) of the financial stability of our family. I can't, because of my dreams...I can't forget about my dreams (i've worked so hard for it!)! I can't because, because, because.

But, GOD was persistent. When I tried to look for a part-time job, he gave me a full-time job from home. When I had problems with the setup with the company, HE fixed it and assured me that it's going to be fine. Then came the re-deployment. When the news came that there are lots of people who will be re-deployed, I just realized that GOD must be shouting at me!

Finally, I listened and let GOD do HIS thing. I accepted the job offer, stayed at home, and never been happier!

I can't believe I've been holding back my happiness just for my career. I can't believe that I've been this "pasaway" that all along, God is offerring me the best opportunity ever!

God TRULY works in mysterious ways.

I Love You, LORD. And, I Thank You.

Creating a New Class

Creating a new class in VB.NET is supposed to be easy. But, when I tried to use the class in the vb file, there was error - "Object Reference not set.". I didn't know why. Some of the things that I tried:

I removed the txtDesc.txt object since the error is pointing to this. But, this one didn't work and the error suddenly points to a new object.

I tried to use another procedure from this class. And same error appeared.

I tried to re-create the procedure btnAdd_click. I figured maybe, I wasn't able to copy the exact procedure.

Everything didn't work.

But, when I tried to check the declaration of my class:

Dim clsModule as LMAdmin_Module
I suddenly realized that ooopppps...I must have forgot something. And I was right. The declaration of the class was not right. It should be:
Dim clsModule as New LMAdmin_Module
With just one missing word, and the entire procedure is in jeopardy. That is how declarations are very important in VB.NET.
I hope you learned something in my little bug. :)

Just My Luck

Marlon and I had lots of time yesterday (after hearing mass at ABS-CBN at 7am -- yes, we were on TV!). So, we've decided to spend our early evening to watch dvd (and eat popcorn!).

I wanted to watch a feel-good movie that will help us relax after a busy week. So, I chosed, Just My Luck.

Lindsay Lohan did a great job in Freaky Friday and this one is also one of her best! The movie was funny and hilarious. It was about this girl who lost her luck to the (cute) guy after they kissed in a masquerade party.

Yeah, impossible! But, who cares, it was definitely a feel-good movie!

A Weekend to Remember (Part II)

The most awaited part of the weekend...My Graduation.

I wasn't really planning of going. But, according to Marlon, it'llbe worth it!

Henry Lee Irwin, S.J. Theatre, Grade School, Ateneo de Manila University

We were allowed to invite only 2 guests. Of course, aside from my sweetie, Ma was able to go and I'm glad she was able to witness the most memorable event of my life (well, at least one of the most memorable, giving birth is still # 1!).

my one and only sweetie, who supported me all the way! :)

with Ma, my prayer warrior... :)

It started with the baccalaureate mass then followed by the graduation rites. It was pretty short. Speeches were made by Hon. Teddy Locsin, Jr. and Rev. Fr. Bienvenido F. Nebres, S.J.

Now, I know the difference of graduations of college and professional schools -- college grads are loooooong! This one is short and I can say very memorable. Probably, because I've placed a lot of hard work here - not to mention the effort of going to school after dealing with stress the whole day at work!

One more memorable moment is having my thesis defense while I was pregnant or should I say, a few weeks before my due date! Haha! Would I ever do that again!? Probably...Probably NOT! Who knows!? :)

There were only 9 who graduated from IM/IT. But, mind you, IM peeps were complete! Galing namin!

from l-r: Andy, Sherly, ME!, Nina, Edna, Bags, and John Paul

I'm gonna miss going to school. It was fun. I've learned a lot. I've gained lots of friends.

(Hi to Sol, Odette, Steve, Bags, Rod, Roy, Grace, Geo, Mark, Derry, Weng, Nina, Sherly, Juliette, Jun, Andy, Edna, RC, Shey, and more...)

(Thanks to my teachers: Maam Mida, Sir Boogie, Sir Mimic, Maam Lulu)

Marlon was right. Going to the graduation was worth it! I had so much fun! :D

A Weekend to Remember

Our weekend was packed. It was a weekend really worth remembering...


Nope. I don't have groundbreaking news. We started the groundbreaking (of our lot) last Saturday and we invited a Priest to bless the construction. It was Father Val who blessed the lot and the ongoing construction. It was Marlon who organized the whole "event" and I love him more for that (since, I'm very, very busy adjusting to my new work and at the same time taking good care of our bebe Alex)! Thanks, sweetie!

My friend, Mage was able to join us too! Since she visited Baby Alex, we invited her na din to our simple blessing of the construction. Mommy, Daddy, and Kuya Mike also joined us.

with our good friend Mage

Father Val started with a prayer and then continued on with reading the Gospel. After that he blessed the lot.

starting the blessing

sweetie with Father Val

with Architect Terence ang Mage

After the blessing, we did some traditions... like "padugo" and throwing of coins...

poor chicken...

oh no!

Well, this is only the beginning. My graduation at Ateneo last Sunday to follow...

Seafoods Galore

The family day last weekend was a blast!
It was seafoods day!

Anticipating lunch with Mommy and Kuya Mike


After not celebrating family day for quite some time already, we, the Magbags finally blocked off our whole Sunday and spent the rainy day EATING and catching up.

Mommy and Daddy were the ones who prepared the food (Does this mean that all my comments HAVE to be good!? hehe!). There were seven sumptuous and delicous dishes prepared for us.


I love sinigang sa Miso, cooking it with a fresh maya-maya makes it perfect! It was cooked in a basic sinigang with miso and pechay. It was good.


The usual recipe of Manang Elvie (our favorite ever since!). Chicken sprinkled with salt and pepper then added bread mix (of Ajinomoto)


This one is the best. Prawns cooked in schezuan sauce, not too sweet and not too spicy.


A little different from the crabs that I've tasted. It was dipped in flour then fried. I would still prefer the steamed crabs (tastes better and even a healthier choice).


This one is my favorite! Oyster baked with cheese (I mean, lots and lots of cheese!) and garlic. I love, love, love it!


Not too sour and not too sweet. That's indian mango!


I didn't like how it was cooked. It was way over cooked! The veggies were kind of saggy. I only ate the cauliflowers...

Well, family days at Valle Verde has always been a wonderful experience. That would be forgetting that we are on a diet and just allow ourselves to be swayed by the temptations... of sugar, fats, and over-eating! :) But, what harm would this do anyway if it's only once a month!?

Missing Baby Alex...with Lola, Tito Randy and Tita Mary Anne

Playing with Lola and Lolo

First Day Funk

Well. I just had a taste of my first day (of working from home) yesterday. It was not that great. I guess I should say, I wasn't prepared for it.

My internet connection was bad..really bad.

My schedule and baby Alex' was not fixed yet. I didn't know if I should take a bath first or maybe she should!? Not to mention, she was crying almost the whole time she was awake!

And most especially, I didn't know how to start.

This made me think....Did I make the right decision!? I had to ask Marlon all over and over again...

But at the end of the day...when we were all together at home ... Marlon smiled. Alex smiled. And boy, it's worth it!