Nice Article: Let Small Problems Remain Small by BO Sanchez

I came across this very nice and touching article by BO Sanchez. Very timely since I've been dealing with a lot of people who tend to make a big deal out of small problems. I love this article!

Let Small Problems Remain Small

Benjamin Disraeli said, Little things affect little minds.

I know of people who treat every little conflict, every little irritation, every little obstacle as a life-and-death emergency. I pity them. Because if we want to win in life, a master skill that we need to learn is the ability to let small problems remain small—and believe me, most of our problems are small.

Wisdom is knowing what to overlook.

Many years ago, before I became a personal finance teacher, a friend of mine asked for help. He was working for a credit organization and wanted me to invest there so that he could earn a little from the commission of my investment. So I liked the interest rates he was giving me and dumped half of my life savings in his company (I repeat: At that time, I still had zero financial literacy.)

One morning, I learned that his whole company collapsed and I saw all my money disappear in a wink of an eye…

That was half of my net worth. Zapped to oblivion.

But I was amazed at my reaction. I sighed and shook my head and said, “Oh well, that’s just money anyway. I’ll earn it back.” I then prayed, “Lord, can I ask a favor? Can you give back to me the same amount sevenfold?” After that, I walked home with peace in my heart and continued to live my happy life.

I could have reacted differently. I could have blown up, focused on the negative, and gone to depression. I could have panicked about my future, punished myself eternally with regret for not being more careful, or stirred up resentment for that darn company. But I chose not to because life is beautiful. There were still so many things to be thankful for!

Has someone criticized you unfairly?

Did it rain during your out-door party?

Has a friend taken you for granted?

Is the office air conditioner conking out again?

Has another car just cut you in traffic?

Did your husband forget to fix the faucet?

Did the washing machine rip your favorite shirt?

You could decide to make a big issue out of it, use it to destroy your day, make it an excuse to be bitchy towards your family, and allow it to complicate your life.

Or you could choose the simple path.

The choice is really yours.

Question: How do you react to problems? Try to think of a current problem now and then look at the bigger picture of life. Ask yourself: Will this problem matter twenty years from now?

Let small problems remain small.

May your dreams come true,
Bo Sanchez

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