Complicate your Life by BO Sanchez

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Complicate Your Life

My title sounds shocking, especially coming from someone whose known by everyone as Mr. Simple—a guy who doesn’t even comb his hair and doesn’t wear a watch and who dons a 70’s outfit not because its faddish but because he’s trapped in that era.

But you see, I don’t believe that simplicity is the greatest thing in the world.

Take my life for example. I’ve deliberately complicated it.

When I was a single man some time ago, I didn’t even know what “savings” meant. Today, I have to deal with educational plans, health insurance, and sound investments. And even if the thief-in-diapers is still toothless as of this writing, I’m seriously saving for his teeth braces, which I hear, costs more than my car.

During my single days, I recall sauntering off by myself to a lonely mountain to pray for a day or two—whenever I so desired. I’d bring a guitar, a bible, and a tiny picnic basket. All by my quiet self.

That will never happen again in my present life. Because now, I’d have to bring a guitar, a bible, a picnic basket, my wife, my two kids, and 12 huge bags…

And in that mountain, I can only pray in short spurts every once in awhile—when my wife and kids are doing other things.

When I was newly married, there were days when a thought crosses my mind: What insanity came over me? Why did I complicate my very simple, happy, single life?

But immediately, the answer came forcefully when I saw my wife playing with our smiling baby in her arms. Peace overflowed my heart as I realize that I’ve exchanged my very simple, happy single life for a very complicated, happy married life.

Today, after 15 years of marriage, I’m so happy that I complicated my life. The two biggest reasons are my two boys—now 9 and 14.

Why have I complicated my life?

Because I have decided to love.

And here’s the lesson I’ve learned: As long as you complicate your life because of love, then it’s glorious.

Congratulate yourself.

Because simplicity isn’t the greatest thing in the world, but love.

Let me give you two other examples:

If you’re going to join a spiritual community, believe me when I say this: your life will get complicated. (Take it from one who’s been part of community for 30+ years.) Why complicate your life with weekly meetings, ministry responsibilities, and queer personalities?

A more basic example:

Why will you commit your entire life to God? I mean, won’t it be easier just to be a nominal Mass-goer? All you have to do is go to Mass on Sundays and presto—you’re guilt-free. You can do what you want to do the rest of the week. You don’t have to think about serving Him every moment of your life. You don’t have to love Him in your every word, thought, and deed. That’s just too complicated!

So make your life simple? (Simply meaningless.)

I urge you to take the other direction.

For the sake of your Divine purpose, complicate your life.

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