Want to Know how People are so Loving Wisdomantics?

I've always mentioned here that my favorite Wisdomantics has now an improved (and cheaper version!) so now is the perfect time to download it. And guess what, I'm not the only one using and enjoying this game / app immensely. There are so many people hooked on this one too. Check out their testimonials.

9.5 out of 10 as his rating! He definitely is enjoying the game!

Perfect game for all ages. I can totally agree. Yes, perfect to recommend to school and Sunday schools too!

Once you start you will never stop, yes, that is so, so true with Wisdomantics!

She got the "magic word" that I always describe this favorite game of mine - Easy to Navigate!

Yes, please! New releases again soon!

I'm sure you are now quite convinced after reading several testimonials. My 11-yr old kid is totally enjoying this game and have been playing on weekends. My kids are now hooked but the good thing is that they are learning a whole lot about the Book of Proverbs! Definitely my best game ever!

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