A Game that Gives you a Chance to Learn about the Bible...

So here's another wonderful testimonial by one of the players of my favorite game, Wisdomantics.

Oh, look, here is another wonderful feedback from a player of Wisdomantics - Ms. Shirley Ann Knuckles. I love the features that she mentioned here:

- Based on the Book of Proverbs
- A wonderful game because it gives you a chance to learn about the Bible (where will you find a game that can beat that!?)
- You can play the game by yourself as a single player (and I must add, you can play it with your friends!)
- It is a great game and she highly recommends it

I've been recommending this game for several months now. It is truly a great game to play with friends, with your young and not-so-young kids, with your family. It helps with family bondings.

And now that long weekend is coming very, very soon, I know you would want to try it yourself too!

So, download my favorite game, Wisdomantics, NOW... And don't forget to spread the word, peeps!

For iphone users...

For Android users...

Enjoy the game and let me know what you think! (*wink*)(*wink*)

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