5 Reasons Why We Travel with Our Kids

I came across this article about Traveling the World with Kids and it really is inspiring. It just gave me an assurance that bringing my kids wherever Hubby and I go is definitely the right way to go.

You see, my kid #1 started traveling with us when she was 9 months old. And take note that this is an international trip. We all went to Macau with my Mom, Dad and siblings. I'm also proud to say that it was during Winter. So of course we had to bring all the warm coats and jackets to protect our baby. But it was well worth it!

Just like what is in the article, the things that you bring with a baby or a toddler or a preschooler, wow, you won't imagine! And take note, we have two kids!

Yes, ALL those luggages we brought for a 7 day trip in Vietnam! But now that they are a little older I learned my lesson plus they don't need that much stuff anymore. Our luggages are lesser now, we pack lighter compared to the "old days" when they were still babies.

Yes we now bring one luggage each and considering we went to Japan during the Spring Season, these luggages were not bad at all! (*wink*)

So, back to the topic that I wanted to share here. Why do I bring my kids during our travels? Because as the article said, there are a whole lot of reasons and every reason that I think of is good for the whole family.

1. Kids learn to adjust to their surroundings. They don't expect people to adjust for them. They become flexible when they travel.

2. Kids feel that there are bigger things happening in the world other than their problems.

3. Kids get to try new food, new restaurants, and new cuisines. When they continuously try new food/dishes, they won't be picky when it comes to food

4. Kids become strong in carrying their own bags. (*wink*)

5. They learn to appreciate God's creations - nature, the beach, even the tall skyscrapers, the cherry blossoms, the cold, cold weather, temples, and more!

And of course when we travel we get to BOND with each other, talk and build memories. I believe that this is the most important. At least when they grow up, we would all reminisce on the travels that we made together and HOPEFULLY even if they are already adults, all grownup and have their own family, they would still LOVE to travel with us no matter what.

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