2016 Roadtrip to La Union: On our Way to La Union!

A couple of months ago we decided to spend the rest of our Christmas holidays at the beach. We didn't want to go that far considering our budget but we wanted a clean beach, good food and not-so-expensive accomodations.

We decided to go on a roadtrip to La Union!

I expected an uber loooong drive, but hey, the highways were already fixed so basically it only took us not more than 6 hours on the road. Not bad!

It was a smooth ride (thank God!) but tiring. Good thing our accomodations are already ready when we arrived San Juan, La Union.

And look there was even a Christmas parade...

Cool, huh!?

The next day, we went straight to the beach! (of course!)

It was veeery windy but good thing we were still allowed to swim. Big Sigh!

More photos and stories tomorrow! (*wink*)

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