♪ The Phantom of the Opera is Heeeere... ♪

Yes! After praying really, really hard for it, after the season was extended and a blessing came our way, we were finally able to watch the Phantom of the Opera.

And the Hubby was with me! It was the first time that we watched a musical play since I would always go with my sister. Since my sister watched it already during the first week of the show, I asked the Hubby to go with me. I don't mind watching it alone, really, but I would like him to experience this one. I know it would be unforgettable because I was able to watch it in Broadway, New York, 11 years ago, and until now I can still remember the feeling after watching it.

True enough, he enjoyed the show very much!

The props, the lights, the stage, nothing can beat Phantom of the Opera. I can imagine the railings built in the stage, everything was gliding smoothly. If only I can ask where they got the bearings, turntables, slides and the positioner units, these would be perfect for the real linear rail systems. Yes, it was that smooth and it glided nicely I was very impressed.

How I wish I was able to capture it, but of course cameras were not allowed inside the theatre and photos should not be taken. So every scene and every music was captured hopefully in my mind. And I'm definitely sure I will remember it for years and years to come.

If you haven't watch it, get a ticket now and don't ever miss it especially if you love classic musical plays!

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