Surviving the 272 Steps of Batu Caves.

Now, it's time to go up the cave!

Knowing that we were going to conquer 272 steps in Batu Caves, I prepared myself for this and made sure that we ate first, drank water and even went to the bathroom.

...and after less than half an hour, we were finally up there!

The view was great but as they usually say, the journey was even more interesting. Well, who wouldn't enjoy the journey when you see these monkeys on the way up?

The kids were so happy to see them. I just have to warn you that you have to be careful with your food, they just grab it without you knowing it! So watch out!

The cave on top was really interesting. There were little temples inside which made it more special. I was glad I was able to witness a couple of rituals there.

Aaaah, Batu Caves is one of the beautiful places in KL that we will never forget! If you are planning to go there and not planning to go up the 272 steps, then you will miss a lot!

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