The Reasons for Turning to Addiction Can Be Disturbing

Addiction is a hard thing to overcome. There are many reasons why people get addicted to things, and all of them are disturbing if you think about them too hard. Fortunately, there are places like where people can get help to treat addiction. These programs give people the tools to change their lives for the better as long as the person actually wants to change.


Probably the least disturbing reason for a person’s addiction is genetics. If you had a parent who was addicted to a substance, you are more likely to become addicted to that substance. The question about nature versus nurture is central to any argument when it comes to growing up, so in some families it is difficult to know when the behavior was learned and how much of the actual addiction is due to a
genetic predisposition. Just know that those who had an alcoholic parent or parents are more likely to face alcoholism.


When someone picks up an addiction because the only thing that he or she can control his what goes into his or her body, it means that there is something not right at home or elsewhere in life. It is disturbing to think of a person who has been sexually abused and has picked up an addiction to cutting or some sort of food addiction because of that abuse. Not only will the person have to deal with the psychology and physical effects of the abuse itself, but he or she will also have to deal with the psychological and physical effects of the behavior that has become a harmful comfort.

A Safe Place

Not everyone has a safe place to go at night when the world gets too tough to handle. Those people have to create their own safe places, and sometimes the worst choices come out of that need for safety. Drugs, alcohol, and food addiction may not seem like safe places to most of us, but when a person chooses them, they will eventually need to find a place like to make everything come out right.

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