5 Time-Saving Apps for Busy Moms by Mariel Uyquiengco of Mumcentre

To all the busy Moms, I came across an article HERE about apps that we might be of use. It was very interesting so I thought of sharing it here.

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Women have to juggle so many things on a day-to-day basis: their kids’ schedules, their family’s groceries, household budget, their own work schedule, and other things that need their attention in minute detail. Everything needs to be managed smoothly. If you are one of those women who needs a little bit of outside help to stay organized, check out these five time-saving apps for busy moms.

Mighty Grocery (Android)

Julia Sta Romana, a mom rocking the work-at-home lifestyle as a virtual assistant and freelance writer, uses Mighty Grocery to help her keep track of groceries and household supplies. Though the app does not allow users to change the currency, Julia likes it because it allows her to keep track of her pantry’s contents. It also automatically adds to the grocery list based on recipes.

A similar app for iPhone users would be the free app Grocery Gadget Shopping List, which has the additional feature of syncing your shopping list with a member of your family’s own list.

Expense Manager (Android)

Rizza Francisco, author of the blog Home Life Journey and a financial advisor, finds the Android app helpful in tracking her family’s household expenses. She especially likes the fact that the income and expenses categories are completely customizable. For iOS users, you can check out Expense Manager Free and Pocket Expense Personal Finance.

iCal Lite (iOS)

For those juggling several jobs and concerns, keeping multiple calendars can be a headache. This is where iCal Lite comes in. Sanne Unson, who runs an online bookshop and a catering service while working a part-time I.T. job and homeschooling her daughter, likes iCal Lite as it synchronizes multiple Google calendars. This is a great help for all multi-tasking moms out there! For Android users, check out Jorte, which has similar features.

My Homework (iOS, Android)

Sometimes, keeping track of a young child’s homework and other activities can be daunting. My Homework can be used to put all of your child’s homework in just one place, helping you keep an eye on classes, due dates, and priority.

Wunderlust – To Do & Task List (iOS, Android)

Everyone can benefit from a to-do list! Wunderlust is a highly rated app in all platforms and is not just an ordinary to-do list app. It allows you to sync your data across all your devices and share with family and colleagues too. Use it to manage your day-to-day errands, work activities, and shopping list!

Being a super mom these days is as easy as having tools that help you manage everything that you need to do. Schedules, errands, budgets… say bring it on, with the handy apps tailored for busy moms!

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