In Need of Home Renovation after #GlendaPH

After the uber scary storm/typhoon yesterday, we checked the whole house and found out that it needs a major renovation. There were leaks almost althroughout the house and it badly needs a major repair. We really need to set aside a budget for this. Since there are more storms coming in the next few months (since rainy season is here), we need to make our home as ready as much as possible.

Staying at home also allowed us to check the entire house and see which ones to change. Door handles, tower bars, even the shower heads. Of course there are also 48" Drawer slides that need to be replaced after 7 years of use. I'm so happy I found Ovis online. I found that they have so many kinds of drawer slides to choose from. This particular Hettich KA3320 48" drawer slides are a heavy duty, telescoping, precision, full extension drawer slides for high loads, up to 500 lb. capacity, with cushioned in and out stops. And, guess what? It is a chromated steel. This should last for a lifetime!

There are more things that we need to renovate but it can actually wait until next year. Sigh. I just hope and pray that there are no more super typhoon coming soon.

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