Our Rainy yet Restful Holy Week in Bicol

Our holy week this year was very well spent. Inspite of the bad weather in Bicol, we were able to relax and unwind and bond with the whole family.

Off to the airport with my comfortable skirt and flipflops.

But even if the weather was rainy, we still managed to head to the famous tourist spots of Bicol.

The dirty yet windy beach of Tolongapo

On our second day, we managed to visit Tolongapo and was able to get a couple of fresh air. It was refreshing. I just hope they do something about the trash. Sigh.

Thanks to my inlaws they were able to pull off an impromptu picnic at the hot springs. It was so nice to dip our bodies in a hot spring especially when the weather got so cold and windy.

On the same day, we were able to go to Bulusan Lake as well! So happy to see that the lake was still as clean as ever. Been here 7 years ago and it was well maintained.

For our last stop, on Holy Thursday, we visited Rizal Beach for a quick swim.

Thankful that Mr. Sun showed himself for a couple of minutes. We enjoyed him so much!

We didn't get to visit that much but still, we had a grand time spending time with the family, and the food, my oh my. we indeed enjoyed the food so much. ♥

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